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Yamana Gold is a gold producer based in Canada and a mining company with several assets on a global scale. The company works on production mines for mining silver and gold and is working on advanced projects and strategic acquisitions. Mineral reserves and mineral resources are among the facts for Yamana Gold Inc. The company has listed two different sorts of projects,

  1. Development stage properties
  1. Exploration properties

The mines of Yamana Gold are stated in America, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Colombia. Yamana Gold was founded in 1994 and is a renowned brand for diversified metals and mining companies.

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Yamana Gold

Yamana Gold logo

Yamana Gold is a mining business based in Canada that was created in 1994. Yamana Gold was eventually listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but investors couldn’t buy the stock until 2007. By 2020, the business has begun trading on the London Stock Exchange.

Yamana Gold was reformed and merged with a new firm in 2003. The same can be stated for 2022 when Yamana Gold Inc. sold its outstanding ordinary shares to Johannesburg-based Gold Fields Limited. The Yamana gold shares will be offered as Gold Fields shares with a 0.6 ratio, giving the business a current market capitalization of 6.7 billion dollars.

If you’re to buy the outstanding common shares or the Gold Fields ADS or even the Gold Fields Shares, you’ll own 61% of Gold Fields and 39% of Yamana Gold Inc. In 2012 the company acquired Extorre Gold Mines Limited.

The two groups combined their shares to get the best possible results and bring out the best of two different companies. Both Yamana Gold Inc and Gold Fields Limited will bestow on the aspects of:

  • Minimizing asset potential
  • ESG commitment advancement
  • Increasing the value and potential of the asset, etc.

Both groups will aim to produce long-term value and the opportunity for shareholders to benefit from opportunities. Yamana Gold is attempting to develop an asset for industry-leading prospects, which will feature a production profile with considerable growth, operational and geological synergies, and hence a diversified and reinforced future growth profile.

Board of Directors and Management Team of Yamana Gold

Board of Directors

Yamana Golds’ board of directors is the backbone of all manufacturing and business operations, and they strive to get the greatest results for all Yamana shareholders and stakeholders. The board of directors is determined to instill corporate ethics and class in its choices.

  • Peter Marrone, Executive Chairman
  • John Begeman, Director
  • Christiane Bergevin, Director
  • Alexander Davidson, Director
  • Richard Graff, Director
  • Kimberley Keating, Director
  • Daniel Racine, President, Chief Executive Officer, And Director
  • Jane Sadowsky, Director
  • Dino Titaro, Director
  • Jason Leblanc, Senior Vice President, Finance, And Chief Financial Officer
  • Yohann Bouchard, Senior Vice President, And Operating Officer
  • Richard Campbell, Senior Vice President, HR
  • Gerardo Fernández, Senior Vice President,  Corporate Development And Investor Relations
  • Graig For, Senior Vice President, Health, Safety, And Sustainability
  • Sofia Tsakos, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, And Corporate Secretary.

Yamana Gold Inc., with Gold Fields Limited

Yamana Gold Inc. has reached an agreement with Gold Fields Limited, under which Yamana shares will be traded on US markets as Gold Fields shares. The agreement was reached on May 31, 2022. Due to this partnership, Yamana Gold Inc. is currently valued at 6.7 billion dollars. Yamana Gold shares will be traded as 0.6 Gold Fields shares as the business partners
And Yamana stocks will close with a 41.6 percent premium and $7.23 per share the following Friday. By the second part of this year, both Yamana Gold and Gold Fields estimate 40 million dollars in synergies.

The result:

Yamana Gold’s stock has risen by around 12%, while Gold Fields’ stock has dropped by almost 23%. Both companies have suffered difficulties, but their deal binds them. Gold Fields purchased peer Yamana Gold, and Yamana’s stock values are linked to it.

Gold Fields shareholders would control 61 percent of the combined entity, while Yamana Gold stockholders will possess 39 percent. Because Gold Fields stock will issue 0.6 Gold Field shares, the remaining Gold Fields shares will be diluted, causing the stock’s price to decline.

Yamana Gold premium, stocks, and stock prices are all being paid for by Gold Fields. The combined company is a major player than both the companies alone, and they are predicted to grow on a solid scale thereafter even with the Yamana share. And it won’t be a bad thing if you’re to invest in the Barbarous metals.

Gold Fields

Global Gold Major Portfolios

Yamana Gold owns producers and development mines globally for gold production, which sorely focuses on America. The company currently works on five different segments to create long-term value creation and land positions, including exploration pipeline, development, and land positioning.

  1. Brazil
  • Chapada exploration pipeline
  • Jacobina
  • Fazenda Braseilerio
  1. Chile
  • El Penon
  • Minera Florida
  1. Argentina
  • Gulacamayo
  1. Mexico
  • Mercedes
  1. Canada

Here we include a brief overview of the development mines.

Canadian Malartic

This is Canada’s biggest gold mine, and Yamana Gold Inc. owns 50% of the total mine. The primary metal is gold, and probable mineral reserves are around 1,768,000 ounces of gold. The mine is located in the Abiti region and is Yamana’s biggest producer of gild. The mine is owned by Yamana Gold Inc., and the second half by Agnico Eagle Mines, and Osisko Mining. Mineralized zones:

  • East Gouldie
  • East Malartic
  • Odyssey

Cerro Moro

This is an Argentinian-based open-pit mine where the Yamana Gold Inc. Owns 100% of the mine, and the primary metals for the Cerro Moro are silver and gold. The mine is stated in Santa Cruz, and the mine was acquired by Yamana Gold when they acquired the Extorre Gold Mines in 2012. The mine consists of open pits and underground stops, and almost 1000 tonnes of metals (gold and silver production) are produced every day.

El Penon

Yamana Gold Inc. owns this mine located in the Atacama Desert near El Penon, Chile. Yamana Gold bought Meridian Gold in 2007, and El Penon was listed with it. Silver and gold are the major metals found in this subterranean mine. The mine is also being explored, and many major veins have been located in:

  • Orito
  • Bonanza
  • El Valle
  • Martillo Flat
  • Pampa Campamento


This is a Brazil-based mine and is located in Bahia State of Northeast Brazil. Jacobina Mining Complex has underground stopes, and Yamana Gold Inc. owns 100% of the mines here. The probable gold reserves are around 2,938,000 ounces. Jacobina mine has paleo placer and grain deposits in conglomerate reefs. Jacobina currently produces 270,000 ounces of gold per year.

Minera Florida

Yamana Gold owns 100 percent of this underground mine, and output for 2021 is expected to be roughly 84,768 ounces of gold. This underground Chile mine is located in Central Chile, close to Santiago. Yamana Gold purchased Meridian Gold in 2007, and so owned the mine. Minera Florida has also purchased the nearby region of Las Cenizas in Minera, Florida. Every month, the mine produces a minimum of 74,500 ounces of gold. Yamana Gold anticipates that output will climb to 100,000 ounces per month by 2025.

Mara Project

This is an Argentina-based advancing project for Yamana Gold. The company owns 56.25% of the mine, an open-pit mine. The primary metals for Mara Project are Copper, Gold, Molybdenum, and Silver. According to market data, probable mineral reserves are around 7.4 million ounces of gold. The mine is located in Catamarca Province, and the rest of the percentage is owned by Glencore International, Newmont Corp.

Wasamac Project

This Project is owned 100% by Yamana gold, and the mine is located in Rouyn-Noranda of Quebec, Canada. The Project is located near 100 kilometers of the Canadian Malartic Mine. Probable reserves are around 1910000 ounces of gold.

Choosing Yamana Gold Inc. for Gold Fields shareholders

Yamana Gold Inc. is one of the renowned precious metals miners and has delivered some of the best quality and quantity of gold and silver products in the long term. If you are to choose Yamana’s shares, then here are the facts related to the company:

  • Environment: the company focuses on three different facts for its strong development projects and Yamana shareholders. Renewable energy minimizes the effect of mining and makes their operations energy efficient. Yamana Gold has appointed HSEC professionals in different locations to continue the environmental regulations.
  1. Community Relations and Audience Insights: the company focuses on stakeholder engagement and management impact for every step to increase production. Thus, they have installed the SLO (social license to operate) index to measure the engagement with local communities. The SLO works with perception surveys and data analysis to obtain results.
  1. HSEC Governance: standards of corporate governance have been implied to the company’s work, and every team is enabled in every mine and asset owned by Yamana Gold. The governance team includes health and safety teams, management staff, corporate leaders, and Boards of directors.
Companies similar to Yamana Gold include:


If you’re new to investing in precious metals like gold and silver, you might start by spending your money with a gold mining firm. You must acquire and sell gold mining and production corporation stocks with a stock market. Yamana Gold Inc. is now listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of 4,963.25 million dollars and 961.02 million dollars shares.

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