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Wheaton Precious Metals was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The corporation is involved in precious metals and mining. Prior to 2017, Wheaton Precious Metals Corp was known as Silver Wheaton.

Wheaton Precious Metals is divided into two subsidiary companies: Silver Wheaton Ltd. and Silverstone Resources. This precious metals streaming corporation established in Canada has been mining around the globe as well as selling metals from other mines, including Barrick Gold and Goldcorp.

Wheaton Precious Metals was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The corporation is involved in precious metals and mining. Prior to 2017, Wheaton was known as Silver Wheaton.

Wheaton Precious Metals Corp is divided into two subsidiary companies for trades: Silver Wheaton Ltd. and Silverstone Resources. These precious metals streaming corporation established in Canada has been mining as well as selling metals from other mines, including Barrick Gold and Goldcorp.

Wheaton Precious Metals focuses on mines and precious metals streaming, which includes Salabo, Peasquito, Antamania, Constancia, Stillwater, San Dimas, Sudbury, Zinkgruvan, Yauliyacu, Neves Corvo, Pascual Lama, Rosemont, Voisey’s Bay, etc.

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Streaming by Wheaton Precious Metals Corp

streaming from mines

Streaming metals enables Wheaton to purchase all but products directly from mines, including cobalt and other metals. Wheaton’s present mines have a seller service, so they sell them to Wheaton Precious Metals for an upfront payment option that is calculated beforehand. Wheaton pays the miners an extra price for each ounce or pound of metal delivered.

An agreement establishes the operational and supplementary charges. However, there is a provision for inflationary adjustment.

Wheaton’s payments to their partner mines offset their silver, gold, palladium, and cobalt production costs. If the cost is predictable, the shareholder has less risk, and the price of metal and cobalt rises.

Again, Wheaton agreed not to participate in future mine exploration, so they will suffer no costs if the mining firms opt to investigate the mines, and the benefits of the mines will ultimately be theirs. As a result, Wheaton developed an investment and streaming portfolio with eight development stage projects that are particularly relevant to the company’s stockholders.

Mineral Streaming by Wheaton Precious Metals

The corporation has contracted to sell precious metal from a number of mines for silver and gold streams, the bulk of which are spread around the world. The company primarily engaged in mines paying the corporation per pound and ounce for gold, silver, palladium, and cobalt. The period of the agreement with the company varies for every mine, although most mines have life-long or LOM (life of mine) deals.

The Sudbury mine had a 20-year contract period, whereas the Los Filos mine had a 25-year contract term. The Corvo and Aljustrel mines in Portugal have a 50-year agreement, and all of the other mineral stream mines have long-term contracts.

The products purchased from the mine include gold, silver, and others. Mines can be found in Canada, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Greece, Portugal, Chile, and other countries for the company.

History of Wheaton Precious Metals

Goldcorp once controlled Silver Wheaton. However, it cut its stake to 48% in 2007. Goldcorp later sold assets worth around 108 million Canadian dollars for one billion dollars. Currently, the firm is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

  • Before 2012, all the metals and gold sold by the company came from Minto Mine in Yukon.
  • In 2012, Wheaton Precious Metals added the Hudbay’s polymetallic mine in Manitoba to the list.
  • In 2013, Sudbury, Salado, and Constancia will be added to the company’s mining list.
  • In 2011, Peñasquito was added to the list, one of the world’s largest deposits, and Wheaton owns around 25% of these mines.

Executive Leadership of Wheaton Precious Metals Corp


The chairman of the designated board is presently George Leslie Brack as the company primarily engaged in streaming metals. Wheaton’s president, chief executive officer, and director is Randy V. J. Smallwood. Gary D. Brown is the company’s chief financial officer and senior vice president. Patrick Eugene Drouin is the senior vice president and chief sustainability officer.

Wheaton’s senior vice president and the legal corporate secretary is Curt D. Bernardi, and its senior vice president and officer at corporate development are Haytham Henry Hodaly. Wheaton’s director is Jaimie Donovan. List of engaged independent directors:

  • John A. Brough
  • R. Peter Gillin
  • Chantal Gosselin
  • Glenn A. Ives
  • Charles A. Jeannes
  • Eduardo Luna
  • Marilyn Schonberger

Mines of Wheaton Precious Metals

Gold Mines

The company has around 23 ongoing mine projects for metals streaming, and the company is primarily engaged in several mines with exchange requirements and agreements. We include some of them in our list of Wheaton company’s production profile, so you’ll get a fair idea of its approach and finances regarding metals like gold, silver, palladium and copper.

Salabo, Brazil

The mine operator is Vale, and the term of streaming for Wheaton is till the life of the mine. The mainstream metal from Salabo is gold, and primary metals include copper. Salabo is the largest copper deposit in Brazil, and the capacity of the mine is 12 Mtpa in data. Vale’s salobo resembles the operation of open-pit mining. The deposit from Vale’s salobo is an example of iron oxide copper-gold, and Vale, as the owner, has announced the number three mining expansion.

Peñasquito, Mexico

Newmont mining companies operate in Peñasquito, which is located in Mexico. The stream time of the mine is still the life of the Newmont’s Penasquito, and the stream metal is silver. But the primary metal of this mine is gold. Peñasquito is the largest gold producer and second-largest silver stream producer in Mexico data. And Newmont’s Penasquito is also the country’s largest zinc and lead producer. A high-pressure grinding circuit has the capacity to produce 130,000 tonnes of metals per day in the metal market. It is also a place for getting sulfide ore with a crushing and milling process. Gold-silver-zinc-leas mineralization is the primary host for the metals.

Antamania, Peru

This mine is owned by Glencore Via CMA (Compania Minera Antamania), and the primary metal for this mine includes copper. The stream metal for Wheaton is silver here. The upfront consideration for the money is around nine hundred million dollars in data. Antamania is located in the Andes Mountain Range and is one of the world’s largest and lowest-cost copper mines as to the company’s production profile. The mine started producing in 2001 and is a polymetallic mine that includes copper, zinc, molybdenum, and silver in real-time.

Constancia, Peru

Hudbay Minerals company currently operates this mine, and Wheaton has signed an agreement to stream metals for the mine’s life in the market. Upfront consideration of the mine is four hundred and thirty million dollars company, and steam metals are gold and silver stream. And the primary metal for Constancia is copper. The mole first started production in 2014, and the list of metals also includes molybdenum. The processing capacity for the mine is 81,900 tonnes a day, and the average annual amount is 29 million tonnes per year.

Stillwater, USA

Thus, US-based mines are the largest producers of platinum group metals, or PGM, outside Africa and Russia. The primary metals of the mine are platinum and gold, and silver. The Stillwater operation includes Stillwater Mine and East Boulder Mine, and they have been in operation since 1986 and 2002 as a gold stream. Sibanye-Stillwater company is the operator of the mines in the market, and the upfront consideration is around five hundred million dollars. The Columbus Metallurgical Complex is used for smelting and refining processes in these mines.

San Dimas, Mexico

The mint is operated by First Majestic and consists of five ore zones: central, Sinaloa Graben, Tayoltita, Arana Hangingwall, and San Antonio west. Cut and fill mining and long hole stop mining are used to mine the gold and silver veins. Wheaton Gold is the primary and Stream product for Wheaton. San Dimas is one of the largest producers of deposited metals like gold in Mexico and consists of 100 varieties of epithermal minerals.

Sudbury, Canada

Vale operates this mine, and the term of the Stream for the mine is around 20 years. The stream metal is gold, with 70% of the stream parameters in the metal. Nickel is the primary metal for Sudbury, with six hundred and twenty-four million dollars of upfront consideration. The Sudbury mines are located in Ontario and have been operating since 1885. This mine is one of the largest nickel-producing companies and covers five producing mines: Coleman, Copper Cliff, Creighton, Garson, and Totten Mines.

Zinkgruvan, Sweden

Lundin is the mine operator, and the stream metal for the mine is silver. Zinkgruvan’s primary metal is zinc, and Wheaton’s stream parameters include 100% silver production. This mine is a zinc-lead-silver producer and is one of the low-cost mines. The mine has been in operation since 1857 and is a complete underground mine with processing infrastructure and plant. Overall, the mine capacity is 1.35 Mpa. The ore from the mine is mostly made of sphalerite and galena.

Yauliyacu, Peru

Glencore is the primary operator for this mine, and it is stated in Peru with the term Stream till the life of the mine. Primary metals from Yauliyacu are zinc, and stream metals are silver. Wheaton collects 100% of the silver and 50% of the excess of the total market cap. The mine has been operating for over a hundred years, and the capacity of the mine is around 3,600 tonnes per day. Conventional crushing, grinding, and flotation are the primary processing methods for the mine. The mineralization of the mine is made of hydrothermal polymetallic veins with Cuerpos.

Neves-Corvo, Portugal

Lundin operates this mine and, in terms of Stream, is around 50 years. The primary metal production of the mine is copper, the stream metal is silver, and Wheaton Precious Metals Corp holds 100% of the precious silver. The mine is located near Lisbon, in southern Portugal. This is an active underground mine, and bench and fill, drift and fill methods are produced to mine Neves Corvo. There are two processing plants for copper. The Zinc Expansion Project has been in development by the mine since 2017.

Rosemont, USA

The operator of the firm is Hudbay, and the term of Stream is till the life of the mine. Stream metals are gold and silver, and Rosemont’s primary metal is copper. The Rosemont copper project has been under construction in Arizona and is currently run by the Augusta Resources Corporation. The deposit from the mine consists of copper-silver-molybdenum mineralization.

Voisey’s Bay, Canada

The stream metal for this mine is cobalt. And the primary metal is nickel. Vale of Canada operates Voisey’s Bay, and Wheaton made a deal with the mining group until the delivery of 31 million pounds of cobalt is supplied. The mine is pretty close to Labrador and Newfoundland. The mine production began in 2005 and is an open-pit mining place so the mining time might be extended till 2025. But underground mining also took place and will probably last till 2034. The mine can produce 45,000 tonnes of nickel per year.

Other Mines and Streams

Cozamin, Pascua Lama, Aljustrel, Cotabambas, Keno Hill, kutcho, Los Filos, etc., are some of the mines that don’t significantly impact Wheaton Precious Metals mines, rather unexplored sites which will impact once they are entirely in the term with market cap.

Why Choose Wheaton Precious Metals Corp?

Wheaton is a significant metal streaming company with a high-quality portfolio of long-lived and low-cost assets. Wheaton Precious Metals will be able to produce long-term wealth through streaming and has largely outperformed gold and silver in the market cap, but it also contains other metals. Wheaton’s low-risk profile is the most acceptable move they’ve made for investors, and they also provide competitive dividends and growth.

1. High-Quality Assets

90% of Wheaton’s Current production comes from the high-quality mines that are operating at the lowest possible cost. Their official website with any modern browser on your computer, and you can operate it. This leaves the mines operating with half of their lowest curves.

2. Price Leverage

Investors and shareholders will be able to leverage the company’s underlying assets, and the term delivery payment per ounce is one of the beneficial terms for Wheaton Precious Metals Corp.

3. Predictable Costs

The company determines the cost per ounce before a mine signs an agreement with a market cap, so inflationary costs are ideal for gains and distributions.

4. Exploration Upside

Exploration and expansion activities are typically involved with no additional cost on stock quotes, and the mines receive the benefits.

5. Dividends

The dividend policy is the best way to provide shareholders with a floor payment, and thus, they can also participate in Wheaton’s growth annually.

6. Optionality

Eight development stage projects can play a part in including the company in its potential guidance and growth.


The firm intends to be the world’s leading precious metal streaming provider, and they provide value through streaming. Wheaton Precious Metals Corp provides its stockholders with low-risk, diversified exposure, average price, high quality, and growth prospects on stock quotes. On the other hand, Wheaton’s partners have a long and deep relationship with every precious metal that is still to be created or has already been produced. Wheaton is committed to conserving the environment using current and green technology, allowing them to help its communities.

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