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Old Coins Value Chart 2024

Coins are the revelation of history. It is related to metal, but different coins come along as when it was made and how it survived that epoch. If you have 5 cents right now, it’ll only be coin values of 5 cents in trade. But if we consider a cent from the 1800s, the price will most definitely be worth much more!  

This is why most of the old coins hold such a precious bargain and coin values. There’s another thing around coins which are made for particular occasions. So many coins were made under the rule of a sovereign to state the importance of a particular year, and it was a few pieces. These coins also work as rare and old coins or bullion coins like the bust half dollars.

Coins can be collectible, and more then a lot of old coins have exceptionally high value than their legal tender value. This makes it much more valuable.

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Gold Coins value

There are many factors that come into play when determining old coin values.  I wish there was something as simple as a coins worth money chart where you could simply view the prices like they were stocks!  An old coins value chart would be very helpful to many people, and take a lot of the guesswork out of finding out the value of the old coin. 

When determining old coins value, here are some of the factors that come into play.

The Population of the Coins


This is not a complex number but rather an approximation of how many coins were existed or minted. Population assessment includes how many coins were made and how many surfaced around the market at that moment. In most cases, Population is much more consequential than the coin price.

For example, if we consider the Morgan Dollars, the Numismatic Guarantee corporation graded almost 3.5 million coins in the years 1981 and 1982. But only a few of those coins still exist. This can be since the coins were melted or burnt, or gone. For example, the Walking Liberty Half-dollar is one of them. The half dollar values in the mint state can go up to twelve hundred dollars.

In the year 1980, grading started from a third party. They produced pop reports on the Population of thee coins. They are much more specific on how many coins were released. These reports show much more accuracy and are also studied to determine the rate of old coins.

Mintage of the Coins


Another important fact to determine an old coin’s rate is the mintage or mint mark of the coin. Mintage is connected to the United States Mint, and it represents how many were made of a particular coin. If the Mintage number is low, then there’ll be less coin than the interested people.

This also gives us an explanation of how many coins actually might exist. And the lower the number, the more value the silver or gold coin holds. For collectors, the mintage number is pretty substantial.

Condition of the Coins


The age of the coin is not everything when we are deciding the coin values of an old coin. There is more to this. Old coins might or might not be valuable because most of the old coins seem to wear out and face severe damage.

No matter how many coins were minted, the condition of a coin is equally important for its coin values. The state of a coin doesn’t refer to its grade but rather to the countenance of the coin. To determine the condition of an old and rare coin, signs of damage, the color of the coin, tone of the coin, marks on the coins, etc., are examined.

The condition of a coin is critical as it illustrates how the piece was preserved. But most coins were not maintained well, and thus they might lose their actual value. Third parties like the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) are the best places to determine the condition of a coin.   

Age of the Coins


The age of the coin is not everything when we are deciding the coin values of an old coin. There is more to this. Old coins might or might not be valuable because most of the old coins seem to wear out and face severe damage.

Thus it loses its actual rate and potential as half dime values can also differ with age as both the seated and bust half dimes are made at different times.

Another fact to consider with old coins is that they can not be purchased from a mint as the circulation of the coins has stopped. And with age, the Population of the coins shrinks. Though not every old coin is valuable, the price of the coin is related to the age of the coins. Most coin collectors focus on specific dates to determine the old coin’s value.

Design of the Coins


As we mentioned earlier, coins depict a part of a historical movement. As such, the design of the coins also sought out the cultural, political, and historical parts of that country or province of that time. 

The design of coins changes with time and with new political parties or monarchs. If we consider the standing liberty quarter of 1916, both the minted and fine coins are regarded rare.

With that, the new coins start surfacing, old ones lose their place, and they eventually become old coins. Some of the designs on the coins are so precise and eye-catching that collectors, even regular people, seem to concede them. Some coins were circled in the market as a definitive statement and came with an expiration date. These coins are limited editions and collectible editions.

The Demand of the Coins

Gold Coins

Even if it is age or Population, not every coin is in demand with its coin values. Some of the coins had a large population, but with time only a few survived, and these coins are in demand for a collector; this is how demand works for rare and old coins. The Standing Liberty quarter is one of the good examples here. Foreign coins also hold their value because only a few of these coins remain till now.

Bullion Coins

coin to buy

This refers to the facts with which metal the coin was made. If you own a coin with gold or silver, it will be more expensive and rare than a brass and copper coin. 

This is due to the attribute that gold and silver are much more precious. And melt or eccentric value of gold and silver coins is much more prominent.

Modern Bullion coins are easily identified as they have exact weight and they have purity approximation. But with older coins, the bullion set can only be a gold or silver plating on top of a brass or copper coin. And thus, even old and rare coins have lesser value than the contemporary bullion content coins.

The lineage of the coins


Some of the coins can hold famous holders that reflect the possession value and history of the coin. And if such history is associated with the coin, the price of the coin also heightens.

Old Coin Value Checker - Approximate Prices


Here we include some kinds of old coins with their approximate value starting from cents. There are historical events that can be related to these coins, which will increase the price of the coin. The metals also add to the value of the coin.  We don’t offer a coins worth money chart, but below you’ll see a coins value guide so you can view what various united states coins are potentially worth.

According to JM Bullion, when you determine the value of old coins, there are a few classifications that will either help, or hurt, the value:

  • Uncirculated – by far the highest value
  • Extremely fine
  • Fine
  • Good

Old coin prices will fluctuate depending on their condition, much like baseball cards.  

Half Cents


Half-cent coins are pretty rare coins. Almost seven million coins were ever made, and they are pretty rare at this point. Most of the half cents are one collectible coin. Half cent made between 1793 to 1793, and the state is wonderful, will approximately cost up to seventeen thousand dollars in coin values. And the coins being minted are regarded as rare coins. This was way before one dollar coins began surfacing.

The half-cent coins made in 1800 to 1808 are known as the draped bust variety, and here most of the minted coins are also regarded as rare. An 1802 half-cent, grade fine coin can rate up to two thousand dollars. 1809 to 1835 coins are known as classic head variety coins. Here the portrait of Liberty facing left is presented on one side. The other side is depicted as half a cent and laurel branch encircling it.

The 1811 minted coin is regarded as a rare coin. 1849 to 1857, half cents are known as braided hair variety, and here Liberty has her hair tied with a row of double braids. Only five hundred thousand mintage coins actually were circulated.

Half Cent values range from $65 to $35,000 for an uncirculated 1973 Liberty Cap (Left Facing.)

American Large Cents


Large cents are much more common, and these are approximately worth twenty dollars. 1793 large cents with the minted state are rare coins. And the fine coins are stated as seventeen thousand dollars approximately. 

The 1793 liberty American large cents are also considered to be the rarest one. The coins from 1794 to 1796 and in the minted state are considered rare coins, and if they are graded as extremely fine, then their price will go up to five thousand dollars.

Draped bust variety will be considered to be the coins of 1796 to 1807. Here Liberty is redesigned, and Liberty is in observe state here. Classic head variety coins from 1808 to 1814 have a detailed portrait of Liberty, and only 4.5 million coins were made. The minted state of the Classic Head is rare. Coronet variety from 1816 to 1839, and graded extremely fine can rate up to a thousand dollars. Here the hair of the Liberty is tied on the back, and the face of the Liberty has also changed.

Large cent values range from $30 to $210,000 for the 1799 Drape Bust.

Flying Eagle Pennies


This is one of the most collectible coins in this old coin value charts here, along with its coin values. The demand for this coin is pretty much, and 1856 minted Flying Eagle will cost up to twelve thousand dollars. Even when it’s in a good grade, it will still be four thousand dollars approximately.

The coins were made between 1855 to 1858. An eagle in the Flying state represents the penny, and when there is no wear, this is considered to be in mint state.

The minted eagle will have precise pictures of the feathers. There are crops like cotton, wheat, and corn on the backside, which portrays agricultural materials of wreath surrounding the note One Cent. Only the central element, such as the eagle, is only seen with a good grade coin. The date has to be clear as well. Other details of the coin are faded.

Flying Eagle Pennies range in value from $30 to $14,500 for an 1856 Edition.

Two Cent Coins


This coin was first minted in the year 1864 with approximately 20 million pieces. The 1864 SM Motto with mintage is considered to be a thousand dollars. Two cents has been circulated to the year 1872

These coins symbolized peace and war on each side of the coins. The shield here represents war, and the olive branches with 2 Cents encircling represent peace. There is no sign of wear with the minted two-cent, and there is a WE sign above the shield.

Both of the arrow signs are also visible clearly. For the reverse side, the tie in the bottom of the two strands of wheat is pretty visible, and you can separate the grains of the wheat. For a good grade, two-cent heavy wear can be noticed, and the details of the marks of shield and arrows are invisible. And on the reverse side, only the 2 Cent part is only visible.

Two Cent Coin values range from $19 to $1650.

Three Cent Nickels


Three-cent nickel was produced from 1865 to 1889, and approximately seventeen million nickels were produced. The nickels from 1882 to 1887, only a few of the nickels survived, for which they were considered to be rare coins.

Three nickel and minted coins can go up to two hundred dollars approximately. The mint state three-cent nickel has fewer wear effects.

The Liberty’s face is pretty visible, and you can easily identify the cheek and mouth area. The hair is seen to be tied in a delicate ribbon, and the crown of the Liberty reads LIBERTY. The reverse side has leaves with no structure, and the roman word 3 is also prominent. The bow at the bottom of the leaves is also visible. A good grade three-cent nickel has heavy wear with the blended structure of the face of Liberty. Her face is blended with her hair, and the separation line is also faded. On the reverse side, the details of the leaves are also gone.

Three Cent Nickels range in value from $15 to $650.

Liberty or V Nickels


These are also levered as a collectors edition, and these nickels were produced between 1883 to 19131885 minted V nickel will rate up to fifteen hundred dollars. Here the Liberty is surrounded by 13 stars, and the back of the nickel has a V representation of the roman letter 5.

The slogan of the United States, “E Pluribus Unum,” is also printed on the reverse side. The Liberty V nickel was minted in Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, and there is a “D” and “S” and no mint mark respectively with the coins.

The minted state coins have no wear, and Liberty’s head shows a visible grain of wheat. The cheeks of Liberty are also pretty detailed. The reverse side has fine details of the corn and cotton. For a good grade, V nickel’s definition of Liberty is blurred. And the stars surrounding the Liberty are all bloated. For the reverse side, the motto is pretty faded along with the details of the leaves.

V Nickels value ranges from $2 to $1750.

Seated Liberty Dimes


Here the entire figure of Liberty is shown holding the shield of the United States. Here the shield represents Congress. The liberty cap on top of the shield represents freedom.

The reverse has olive branches with one on them. These coins lasted only a few years, and the mintage of the coins are also pretty rare. From 1837 to 1938, No Stars Observe Type Liberty Dimes were made, and minted coins can go up to fourteen thousand dollars.

They were minted on New Orleans Mint with a 0 mintmark, and Philadelphia Mint had no mark for their mint. Stars Observe Type was made from 1838 to 1860, and thirteen Stars surrounded the Seated Liberty. Almost 64 million of these dimes were circulated in the market. For example, New Orleans Mint with a “0” mintmark, San Francisco mint with “S” mintmark, and Philadelphia mint with no mint mark are considered. The legend Observe Type Dime was made between 1860 and 1891, and the minted version of these coins can be a hundred dollars. This is the longest-running design of the Liberty Dime.

Liberty Dimes range in value from $20 to $48,000 for the 1874 Liberty Seated Dime (CC)!

Bust Quarters


Bust Quarters were made from 1796 to 1838. Draped bust quarter, Capped bust quarter are the redesigned ones before 1831. Bust quarters made from 1796 to 1807 are known as Draped bust quarters, and minted coins can rate up to ten thousand dollars.

Here the Liberty is facing right, and her hair is flowing, and a bit of the hair is tied loosely with a ribbon on the back. Only half a million bust quarters were produced, making it one of the rarest old coins.

Capped bust quarters were made from 1815 to 1828. Here the Liberty is facing on the right side, and she’s wearing the Liberty Cap. Thirteen stars are surrounding the Liberty representing 13 colonies of the USA. The eagle is on the reverse, holding arrows and olive branches, and only 1.2 million of these quarters were made. The minted one will cost up to four thousand dollars. The 1805 bust quarter and in minted grade will rate twelve thousand dollars, and an extremely fine one will rate two thousand dollars.

Bust quarters range from $70 to $100,000 in value!

Liberty 2.5 Dollar Gold Coins


The minimum you can expect from a gold coin is two hundred dollars. The price of the gold coin increases with the rate of the gold itself. But if the coin is worn out a lot, it might lose its value.

Such it loses its bullion coin value. Uncirculated grade gold coins are the most paid coin. An 1887 uncirculated 2.5 gold coin will cost four thousand dollars, and an about circulated gold coin will cost twelve hundred dollars.

The mintmarks of grade good coin also increase the value. For example, North Carolina Uses “C,” and San Francisco Mint uses “S” as a mintmark. And Philadelphia does not use any mintmark. The New Orleans Mint coins are scarce. Here Liberty is facing left with her hair tied in pearls, and the reverse side has an eagle harboring an olive branch and arrows. 1881 uncirculated 2.5 gold coin is rare.

Liberty 2.5 Dollar gold coins are very rare coins, and are worth a few hundred dollars at a minimum and up to $500,000!

Liberty Ten Dollars Gold Coins


You can get at least eight hundred dollars from 10-dollar gold coin prices. Most US coins with minted number 0 or the New Orleans minted coins are rare. These coins are rare and collector’s edition coins.

Here Liberty is facing the left, and 13 stars surround her. The reverse side also had an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch. The “CC” mintmark on the coin represents Carson City in Nevada. This is the rarest minted 10 dollars a gold coin.

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1893 CC fine gold coin will cost eleven hundred dollars, and an extremely fine coin will cost up to five thousand dollars. But the uncirculated 1893 CC coin is rare. Minted mark “D” represents Denver Mint.

Another rare coin with value, these range from $1,000 to $90,000!

Morgan Silver Coins


The good grade Morgan silver dollars value starts with twenty dollars. Here the Liberty has a Liberty cap and a Liberty inscribed band. The grains and leaves are recognized as cotton and cotton leaves and wheat above the band. 

The eagle on the reverse side is flying upright symbolizes national pride. The arrow and the olive branch symbolize peace and the ability to defend.

Five mints were involved in Morgan Silver dollar coins, and they were minted between 1878 to 1921. 1886 Morgan Silver coin and New Orleans minted has 0 mint number on it. This minted coin costs over a thousand dollars. 1889 with mint number “CC” on it is minted in Carson City, and minted coin here is rare.

Sorry we weren’t able to come up with a firm price list of old coins, the market changes quite frequently and an old coin value list would become obsolete fast. We’ll have an update later with pcgs graded coins and hope the ranges given for each old coin value can at least help assist you in the short term.

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Modern bullion coins and silver coins, and gold coins are some of the most valuable coins out there for coin buyers. They are utilized as a source of investment. But if we look up hobbies like coin collecting, collectors find rare coins most valuable. It is not when and how they were made, but the fact that the coin faced a part of history makes it much more valuable. Other people might inherit such coins from their ancestors except for avid coin collectors. For them, it was a manner of legacy as well. Not just funds, some coins even hold an emotional value that is much more endearing.

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