What is Bidenflation?

Depending on which news channels you watch, you’ll  hear stories about how the Democrats have attempted to toss aside the massive inflation numbers by stating that it’s “transitory,” but the fact is, many American’s aren’ buying into that narrative.  Prices in every industry are skyrocketing, and nearly three years of wage gains have recently been lost by workers.  No matter which side you voted for, the facts speak for themselves, and inflation is a REAL PROBLEM.

A new poll by the Winston Group discovered that nearly 3/4 of Americans fear inflation and acknowledge that it’s a real problem.

The fact that more than 3 in 1 American’s in this poll thought it was a problem, by a 72-20 vote, speaks volumes.  Further, another key takeaway is that even Democrats voted 59-33 in this poll stating that inflation is indeed here and posing serious issues.

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In fact, Google search trends are showing that people are indeed looking into these topics more than ever and trying to understand what they can do to keep their purchasing power intact.

Google Searches for Bidenflation chart

bidenflation google trends

Here’s a breakdown by State:

You can see that the Desantis-led state of Florida, followed by another Republican state, Texas, are keen on this topic.  However, the two other largest states, both Democratic states New York and California, show the same interest in looking into this serious problem.

bidenflation by state

So What Can You Do to Hedge Against Bidenflation?

Our best recommendation is to diversify your portfolio.  Precious metals, like gold and silver, have long been used as a perceived store value.  Investing in gold and silver is not as complicated as consumers think, thanks in part to a closing soon IRS loophole that allows Americans to invest in precious metals in their retirement portfolio by utilizing what’s called a gold IRA or 401(k) rollover.

Gold Precious MetalThis process allows you to legally allocate some of your retirement savings to precious metals that are stored by authorized service providers.  It’s been around for many years, but it’s been something savvy investors nearing retirement age have been aggressively taking advantage of before the economy dives further south.

Are you fearing a stock market pullback of 20, 30, or even 40% in coming years?  Do you fear we could have a repeat of the 2008 economic crisis, which took many years to recover from?  If you are in retirement, or nearing retirement, you need to be worried about what you’ve worked your whole life to save for -RETIREMENT.

We’ve been analyzing precious metals IRS companies for many years, and everyone from Sean Hannity, to Jay Schapiro, to many others have been active supporters of investing in precious metals in order to make an inflation-hedged, diversified portfolio.  This page shows an example of a diversified portfolio.

Our full list of recommended companies is on this page, but if you want to accelerate your investigative efforts, we urge you to get a free gold investing kit, courtesy of GoldCo.

For a limited time, they are even offering $10,000 in free silver with qualified investments.

open a silver ira

Inflation is costing the average American household $250 per month.  What will that number increase to this year?  Next year?  In 2030, if nothing is done about inflation?

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