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If you’re searching for a long-term investment, precious metals are one of the greatest options. If you’re hoping to accumulate precious metals for a lengthy period, we can assure you that you’ll acquire a good and increased benefit with precious metals storage. In this instance, if you’re seeking rare gold and silver bullion, the Westminster Mint is the place to go.

The firm, founded in 2001, is known for its extensive collection of gold and silver coins and bars. Westminster Mint is a major precious metals company in the United States, with a team of precious metals professionals on board.

Westminster Mint has trained its workers, including a team of professional precious metals specialists, to provide the best services to its clients.

Not only that, but the workers are enthusiastic about the numismatic sector and will go out of their way to assist customers. Each customer will be contacted directly by a Westminster Mint staff.

The Westminster Mint features a Shipwreck coin collection and banknotes, and certified coins from NCG and PCSG.

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About the Westminster Mint

Westminster Mint logo

Westminster Mint was founded in 2001. Thus it’s been over two decades since it’s been selling precious metals.

In 2008, the Better Business Bureau authorized business accreditation. Although the organization is a precious metals dealer for gold and silver bullion, it is also committed to educating its customers. And the company’s website reflects that initiative and sales service.

They’ve incorporated a blog page with frequent updates on the newest developments in the precious metals and numismatic sectors.

The Westminster Mint sells coins and bullion certified by different renowned third-party websites. These are:

  1. The Numismatic Guarantee Corporation
  1. American Association Certification Service
  1. Professional Coin Grading Service

The company has its website, westminstermint.com, and a mobile app eligible for Android and Ios. Here you’ll be able to check charts of spot prices of metals, and you can turn on notifications for precious metals and market trends. The Westminster Mint will allow you to sell precious metals on the website and the app.

Ian Clay is the president of the Westminster Mint and the author of the book “contemporary coin rarities—1986–2016.” Ian Clay identifies 46 distinct silver bullion, platinum coins, collectible gold, and other precious metals in this book.

Ian Clay has thirty years of expertise in the precious metals market, which inspired the book. The Westminster Mint allows customers to personalize their sets with accepted bullion items, and the book encourages them to do so.

This will enhance the appearance of precious metals while also increasing their distinctiveness and collectibility. The forward to “modern coin rarities-1986-2016” was written by Michel Castle, Governor of Delaware and congressman.

Morgan silver dollars with NCG and PCSG certification are among the first-grade silver bullion offered by the Westminster Mint. Kenneth Bressett has autographed these coins.

As a result, the bulk of these coins is regarded by one-of-a-kind collectors and historical coinage. Kenneth Bressett is an established person in the precious metals business and the editor of “A Guide Book of United States Coins.”

The Westminster Mint produces its own branded silver bullion and rounds from silver mined in the United States. This bullion is manufactured of 0.999 pure silver and bears the Westminster Mint’s hallmark. On the bullion, the weight and purity of the metals are printed.

Services Offered by Westminster Mint

Westminster Gold Bullion

Westminster has listed several gold and silver bullions on its online platform along with certain features on services. But these metals will require a vast number of services to deliver the metals properly. These facts are related to the company’s prestige and the good name that they have carried out for all these years with dependable service.

Payment Policy

The Westminster Mint makes their payment procedure and how to place an order for them relatively straightforward. For example, they have set a restriction on the quantity that may be purchased and the payment alternatives available.

The majority of these payment minimums may appear insignificant, but they are included to protect Westminster Mint’s reputation with both the customer and the firm.

The maximum amount you may pay with a credit or debit card is 25,000 dollars. If you’re buying precious metals using a personal or desk check, the minimum purchase quantity is $50,000.

And, if the check does not clear within ten days of the order’s date, the order will be canceled. The payment limit for a bank wire transfer is unlimited. But with a wire transfer, the payment has to be placed within 48 hours.

If the payment policies are not maintained, the orders will be canceled.

Shipping Policy

The order will be fulfilled as quickly as feasible, according to Westminster Mint. Orders paid for with PO Boxes, or credit cards will not be sent.

They’ll make every effort to deliver the bullion in three days with their fast physical delivery. However, the corporation offers a delivery window of fifteen business days. Because most checks take ten days to clear and the corporation will retain the metals for ten days, time is included.

The client will get an email with a tracking number once the package has been sent. Most of the packages will be sent by US Priority Mail, which will need a signature upon delivery for purchases over $100. The packages are fully insured.

Return Policy

The Westminster Mint accepts returns within 30 days of purchase online. If you don’t like a product or there’s a problem with it, you can return it within a month, and Westminster Mint will reimburse your whole purchase price.

The items must be returned in the same condition as they were received from the company, even the accepted bullion items. You must first contact the firm to get a return authorization number before returning the goods. If there is a problem with the product, the firm will deduct 20% of the return cost.

The non-cancelable and no-returnable policy does not apply to bullion and final sale products. Because of the provision, this is done. These are the items:

  • Ungraded silver
  • Ungraded gold
  • Ungraded platinum
  • Legal tender palladium coins
  • Silver, gold, platinum, or palladium bars and rounds
  • Products marketed as bullion.

Product Guarantee

The Westminster Mint offers a variety of antique coins and bullion for collectors with fast physical delivery. If the coins are ungraded, do not blame the company for its dependable service. Westminster Mint isn’t an investment; instead, they have a collection and authenticity to consider. The business assures the items’ quality.

Products Offered by Westminster Mint

Silver Bullion

On its website, the firm sells various items in a wide selection that have been categorized by popularity. Some of the renowned and rare bullion described on the Westminster Mint website are included here.

Silver Bullion

Unlike gold and platinum bullion, silver bullion is for individuals who want to invest a small quantity of money. You’ll be able to put a tiny amount of money into this account and yet make a profit from the precious metals.

Silver Bullion Coins

The Westminster Mint has added a few silver coins to start at low prices. Most of these coins are of 99.99% purity and weight, and the American Silver Eagle is listed among them.

  • 30 G Chinese Gold Panda Coin
  • Two ounces OF British Silver Tudor Beasts.
  • 1- ounce American Silver Eagle
  • 1- ounce Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • 1- ounce Silver Britannia
  • 1- ounce Silver Austrian Philharmonic Coin
  • 1- ounce Australian Kangaroo Silver Coins
  • 1 – ounce Silver Koala Coins
  • 1- ounce Silver Kookaburra COINS
  • American Silver Eagle Coin Sets

Silver Bars

Bars are solely made for investments and usually do not have a face value. Most bullion bars have a unique code, weight, and purity printed on their bodies.

  • The 5-ounce Silver Bar
  • 1-ounce Silver Westminster Mint Bar
  • 10-ounce Silver Bullion Ingots
  • 10-ounce Westminster Mint Silver Bars
  • 5-ounce Silver
  • 1-ounce Silver Ingots
  • 1-ounce Silver Bullion Ingots

Silver Ingots

The Westminster Mint presents US-mined silver ingots that come with the company’s hallmark of purity and weight.

  • 10-ounce Silver Bullion Ingots
  • 1-ounce Silver Ingots
  • 1-ounce Silver Bullion Ingots

Silver Rounds

The company offers silver rounds from different mints and refineries. Most of the mint comes with a printed hallmark of weight and purity.

  • 4 Ounce American Buffalo Tribute In Silver
  • 4-ounce Silver Morgan Dollar Tribute
  • Saint Gaudens Silver Bullion Rounds
  • 4-ounce Type 2 Silver Eagle Tribute
  • Silver Bullion Round- Year Of The Tiger
  • 1 Ounce Round Package
  • Indian Head Silver Rounds
  • 100 Silver Bullion
  • Monster Box Of Silver Bullion
  • Silver Rounds Buffalo Design

Silver Coins

Silver coins are primarily for collection purposes rather than investment, requiring low prices. These coins are graded at low prices and often come in plastic or secure packaging.

Morgan Dollars

  • P. Morgan Dollars
  • ‘O Morgan Dollars
  • S Morgan Dollars
  • Morgan Dollars MS70
  • D Morgan Dollars AS
  • D Morgan Dollars NCG MS69
  • O Morgan Dollars NCG MS69
  • Morgan Dollars Set P/D/S, Etc.

Peace Dollars

  • Peace Silver Dollars.
  • Peace Silver Dollars PCSG MS70
  • 1923 Peace Dollar
  • 1923 Peace Dollar PCSG NS62
  • 1923 Peace Dollars NCG MS64
  • 1921 And 1922 Peace Dollars Set
  • AU Condition Peace Dollar
  • VG Peace Dollars, Etc.

Gold Bullion

The Westminster Mint offers different authentic gold bullion products which can be purchased for collection or investment purposes. There are some pre-1933 coins on the list as well.

American Gold Coins

There are nineteen American gold coins on the Westminster Mint list. We are including some of them.

  • PCSG MS70 $10 Gold Eagle PCSG
  • 1-ounce Gold American Buffalo
  • American Liberty High Relief
  • American Liberty High Relief PCSG SP70 $100
  • P70 UCAM $50 American Gold Eagle NCG
  • 20th Anniversary Gold Eagle
  • $10 Betty Ford First Spouse, And So On.

Gold Bullion Coins

These coins are minted by national and foreign mints and are made of 24 and 22-carat gold.

  • American Gold Eagle 1 oz.
  • American Gold Buffalo 1 oz.
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf 1 oz.
  • Philharmonic 1 ounce gold
  • Chinese Panda 30 g gold
  • 1 ounce of South African Krugerrand gold

Gold Bars

The Westminster Mint has listed only one gold bar on their site.

  • PAMP Suisse Gold Bar

Pre-1933 Gold Coin

Most of these coins are deemed rare coins and are certified by NCG and PCSG.

  • St. Gaudens $20
  • $2.5 Liberty PCSG MS62 Gold
  • Liberty $5 Gold
  • PCSG MS62 $5 Gold Indian Head
  • $10 Liberty PCSG MS62 Gold Coin
  • $20 Liberty PCSG MS62 Gold Liberty
  • $29 St. Gaudens PCSG MS62.

Collectible Coins

The Westminster Mint has listed a wide selection of collectible coins. Here we are including some of them.

  • W / Silver Eagle Early Release
  • W First-Ever T2 Burnished Silver Eagle
  • Ms70 W Silver Eagle NCG
  • W Silver Eagle PCSG SP70
  • W $50 Buffalo NGC PF70
  • W $50 Buffalo PR70 Advanced Release, Etc.

Westminster Mint Review

The company has different reviews on third-party websites, and we include them here.

Better Business Bureau

Westminster Mint has been accredited with the BBB since 2008, and the company has an A+ rating from them.


There are almost twelve hundred reviews on this site, and the total score is 4.2/5.


The company has a few reviews here, and most of them are three and two stars. And most of them are before 2017.

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Collectible coins, gold coins, silver coins, silver bullion, and other items are available from the firm, ensuring its wide selection. Westminster Mint is known for its speedy delivery and commitment to product quality.

The firm had amassed many rounds and coins from both current and foreign issues. The firm has a Better Business Bureau accreditation and a Minnesota Commerce Department license, allowing it to operate as a bullion coin dealer.

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