USAGOLD is one of the metal industry’s oldest precious metals traders. The corporation primarily sells gold and silver investment, collectible, and historical bullion for its clientele. They have gold and silver coins and bars that are IRA-eligible once again.

USAGOLD, situated in Denver, Colorado, is a precious metals trader. You’ll discover fractional and historical American coins and US mint coins exchanged in IRAs and other assets.

There is no platinum or palladium on the company’s roster. However, as a precious metals dealer, there is a substantial gold and silver bullion collection with USAGOLD. The organization provides choices for regularly informing its clients about gold and silver metal news. You can find different information on under the tag of gold news.

The Gold News is a feature where you can learn about the latest developments in the precious metals market on the USAGOLD website, which is given as a daily market report. If you sign up with your email address, the firm will send you a complimentary newsletter.

You’ll find all of the current gold and silver economic forecasts, discussions, and analyses right here.

USAGOLD not only sells gold and silver but will also store them for you. During times of economic uncertainty, the company promotes the necessity of investing in precious metals for asset preservation. The organization follows through on its promises, and they appear to be highly thoughtful of its customers.

So many have chosen USAGOLD as their priority, as they are the ones you can completely trust. Gold and silver are unquestionable wealth, and even if the stock market breaks or even your entire business, gold will hold on to its value everywhere.

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USAGOLD was founded in 1973 and is located in Denver, Colorado, 80246, United States, PO Box 460009, Denver. USAGOLD’s current revenue is roughly 1.1 million dollars. This is a family-owned business with a track record of zero complaints and excellent customer feedback.

The Better Business Bureau has received no complaints from the firm, and the BBB accredits it.

Every type of precious metals firm or investor will be able to participate in USAGOLD, and the bullion delivered will be utterly authentic.

They have a competent staff that will provide all required information to their clients and stress assistance tailored to their specific needs. Instead of using high-pressure sales methods, the organization shows customers what is best for them.

The precious metals firm has been active in the industry for over 40 years. USAGOLD has evolved into a major organization, but it has remained grounded to maintain the same level of service to its clients. The firm pledges to provide the finest customer service in the United States.

Clients may expect competitive pricing from USAGOLD as prospective gold owners. The organization has been operational for decades, making it a respected expert in the field of precious metals investing.

They provide a big assortment of bullion coins and bars and offer regular competitive prices on gold and silver. The USAGOLD online order desk can assist you with pricing, and if you purchase a large number of items, you will receive a discount.

USAGOLD has months of practical experience and analytical analysis on precious metals and the most up-to-date market knowledge, and they even cooperate with gold corporation McEwen mining and refineries.

They claim to be the market leader and prospective gold owners in gold-based research and analysis, and they even share their knowledge with their customers.

The company’s website,, has over 600,000 monthly visitors. You’ll be able to regularly examine and order all of the metals featured on their website. The majority of the brokers in USAGOLD have at least ten years of expertise, guaranteeing that they deliver the finest possible service to their clients.

The History of USAGOLD

The company has a humble beginning and is one of the most recognized national precious metals companies and websites. Here we include a short take on the company’s history.

  • In 1973, President Nixon abolished the Bretton Woods System, and thus the relationship between dollars and gold was gone. This started the trend of adding gold to investment portfolios, and therefore an economic shift took place.
  • Despite the change, USAGOLD started its precious metals outlet in Denver named Centennial Precious Metals, and Michael J. Kosares founded the firm.
  • The firm was listed on the local yellow page in the mid-1980s and thus grew into a vast business where it was considered a regional hub for investors to collect bullion.
  • The newsletter of USAGOLD is one of the most informative financial reads enjoyed by people, and they still print those newsletters in digital paper form. They were later added to to do the work and advocate the importance of investing in precious metals for asset preservation purposes.
  • In 1996, Michael J. Kosares published a book titled “How to Protect Your Wealth with Gold,” later translated into three different languages. This was regarded as the ABCs of gold vesting, and then the company expanded over time.
  • USAGOLD was one of the first precious metals companies to access the internet.
  • Jonathan Kosares joined USAGOLD in 2002, and they renamed the company to USAGOLD from Centennial Precious Metals.
  • The company has now established itself as a family-owned business reliving their kindred spirit towards bullion and unquestioned wealth, where generation to generation has seemed to take on a lead.
  • The company’s website is one of the most decorated places and is adorned with analysis and commentary, charts, live and spot prices, a library with information, educational articles, and an online ordering system or E-commerce, live pricing, historical pricing, etc.

The Management Team of USAGOLD

The company has not mentioned how many employees were working with them. Here we are including some of the important figures related to USAGOLD.

Michael J. Kosares-Founder

Michael J. Kosares founded USAGOLD in 1973 and later published three editions of the ABCs of Gold Investing: How to Protect and Build Your Wealth with Gold. These books were later translated into several languages, propelling the company to new heights.

Jonathan Kosares

Jonathan Kosares is currently the Chief Operating Officer of USAGOLD, and he is also the co-owner of the company, which his father founded. He joined USAGOLD in 2002 after he graduated from Notre Dame College in Finance.

William Pass

William Pass is the vice president and chief financial officer of USAGOLD. He’s also the treasurer of Denver-based USA Gold Corporation.

Services Offered by USA Gold Corporation

Daily Gold Market Report

The company offers several elaborated services to their regular clients and provides the best possible routes to make things simple.

Daily Gold Market Report

USAGOLD publishes a daily gold market report containing charts and explanations of current metal prices. The corporation notes the PCE index data and the FED minutes in their daily report. The graphic is based on currency, precious metals stocks, and Forex, and live prices of silver, gold, platinum, crude oil, and other commodities are included.

Today’s Gold News and Opinions-Blogs

On its website, USAGOLD features a number of blogs. These are included to aid in people’s comprehension of the happenings. TradingView provides market statistics in this section. “In gold, we trust: of Wolves and Bears,” the most recent blog, was published on May 26, 2022. The blogs are updated regularly.

Live Gold Price

Gold live prices, including prices, charts, news, and opinions, are updated on the USAGOLD website. You’ll be able to check current and historical Gold prices and gold spot prices dating back to 1998 if you go back far enough. The prices of gold, silver, and platinum are displayed here.


The USAGOLD will mark its 47th anniversary in 2022. It will keep track of all company-related news and information on precious metals trading in the section. Every month, a new news piece is added.

Gold and Silver Depository-Storage System

You may create a metal storage account with USAGOLD, keep your physical gold or silver there, and have a portion of it sent to your location with an insurance policy. Because storage systems are more versatile and cost-effective than gold ETFs, they are far more beneficial for asset preservation purposes.

Compared to other ETF service providers, USAGOLD provides reduced storage charges necessary for unquestioned wealth and client’s safekeeping, and it’s as simple as filling out a form. The following storage services are available:

  • Delaware Depository
  • Seal Beach, California
  • Canada
  • Switzerland

There are options for segregated and non-segregated depository options.

Offers on Precious Metals for Financial Advisors and Planners

To offer precious metals like gold and silver coins and bars to its existing clientele, USAGOLD will collaborate with a third party. The firm provides gold and silver delivery as well as a storage facility.

The storage system also facilitates the metals’ liquidation benefits. They have a lengthy history in the gold sector as precious metals traders. These characteristics demonstrate that the firm is well-suited to all of a financial planner’s benefits to its clients.

Buyback Options

The USAGOLD will purchase metals from the general public. The packages will be checked under the camera, and the cash transaction will occur within seven days. Twenty troy ounces of gold or 1000 troy ounces of silver is the minimum requirement. Freight shipping is also included here.

Precious Metals IRA

The USAGOLD offers a gold IRA with a selected custodian who acts as a precious metals dealer with their gold and silver coins and bars. Click here to see if they made our list of reputable companies.

Equity Trust Company, the preeminent IRA custodian.

Storage: Delaware Depository, facilities in Toronto, Canada; and Zurich, Switzerland.

Annual Cost: variable

To open an IRA account, the client has to follow a six-step method, and you can choose between segregated and non-segregated storage. You’ll also be able to select a funding method.

Make sure to view the gold IRA rollover process so you understand how this works.

Precious Metals by USAGOLD

Precious Metal Coins

The company offers gold and silver from American and foreign mints and has a collection of historical coins and bars.

Gold Coins

The mentionable gold coins from chosen USAGOLD are:

Gold Bars

  • Kilo Gold Bars

Silver Coins

There are silver coins from the US Mint and foreign mints on USAGOLD.

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic
  • South African Krugerrand Silver Coins.
  • Pre-1965 Silver Coin Bag
  • United States Silver Morgan Dollars
  • Peace Silver Dollars.

Review of USAGOLD from the Better Business Bureau

USAGOLD has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since January of 1991. There have been no complaints against the company in the last three years, and the BBB has rated USAGOLD with an A+ rating. Currently, 18 customer reviews have been recorded on the Better Business Bureau website for USAGOLD.


Is USAGOLD a scam? They are not a fraud. However, they have a minimal web presence. The firm has no reviews or ratings on any third-party website except for the BBB rating. The firm may be old, but it does not modify its ways of doing business, which might cause its poor growth. As a result, as an investor, we urge that you consider things thoroughly before acquiring metals from USA GOLD Corporation.

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