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On January 1st, 1994, Universal Coin & Bullion was established. So the corporation has been in the precious metals sector for the past twenty-eight years. The firm is one of the market’s major precious metals traders, and Dr. Mike Fuljenz is one of their specialists. And with all of the things that the company has added over the years, they have become one of the country’s leaders.

Spending on precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is generally regarded as a haven against inflation. Given the present economic scenario, individuals are increasingly gravitating toward these investments.

Gold and silver bullion are the most valuable commodities valued and sold, whereas platinum and palladium are uncommon metals. Even though they are far more expensive than gold and silver coins, they are still not standard in modern precious metals investing.

Why should you invest in precious metals? The answer is that it would work during times of economic distress. If you have many metals worth the rate, you may face war and political instability. Many individuals are investing in metals because the stock market rate seems to fluctuate with any discomfort, too, in an instant.

Gold and other precious metals, on the other hand, do not have such properties. The gold rate ultimately changes, as seen on the upper screen. Silver is less volatile than gold, and the value of the dollar and currency standards do not affect the price of silver. This is why, for a long time, people have been investing in precious metals.

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Universal Coin and Bullion

Universal Coin & Bullion, LTD (UCB) was created in 1994 and is headquartered in Beaumont. On its website, the corporation sells real metals and provides IRA services.

They also have a large selection of rare coins worth your time. In a word, Universal Coin & Bullion (UCB) provides a vast array of items that can be seen and purchased online through their official website, universalcoin.com. 7410 Phelan Blvd, Beaumont, TX 77706 is the address of the private company.

Universal Coin & Bullion has an extensive collection of rare coins and bullion from the United States Mint. They also have a large collection of Royal Mint coins, most Canadian. Gold coins like type ii, type iii double eagles from the Mexican and Austrian mints with outstanding collecting are also available on the Universal Coin & Bullion site. They also claim to offer different precious metal IRAs.

If you don’t want to buy gold coins, you may buy gold bars and rounds instead. The Universal Coin & Bullion sells same-part silver coins and bars. They also sell silver bullets, which is unusual for a precious metals shop, along with their investment strategies to the account of their clients nationwide.

Universal Coin Bullion also has a variety of special offers with money advertised on their web, which we’ll go over later in this article. Like other metal merchants, Universal Coin focuses on teaching people about coins and billions and offers different appraisal services to justify their purpose. They have various blog pieces on their site that will explain how and why you should invest in gold and other precious metals.

The Team

Michael Fuljenz

Universal Coin & Bullion employs over 500 people at the moment, thus making them a massive company as a gold leader. Michael Fuljenz is the company’s President and Vice President of Operations. Lester Henderson, Tyrell L. Garth, and Robert Verde founded Universal Coin & Bullion. Chris Lyons is the Assistant Director of Management, while Forest Hamilton is the Director of Sales and Business Development. Jamie Talbert is Universal Coin & Bullion’s Assistant Director of Sales, providing clients with different insights and additional information.

About Dr. Michael Fuljenz

Michael Fuljenz has received sixty international accolades for his work with rare coins and consumer education about coins and bullion. The American Numismatic Association, or ANA, has recognized Michael Fuljenz as Dealer of the Year for 2021. He produced many books and essays and appeared on various shows on national television and radio, sparking public interest in coins and bullion. Mike Fuljenz is also regarded as an American Gold Expert and currently serving as the president of Universal Coin Bullion with his proven work.

Michael Fuljenz was a well-known Beaumont community leader who had served as a consultant for the Royal Mint, the United States Mint, the Texas Attorney General, and the Federal Trade Commission. Michael Fuljenz was also a member of the National Coin & Bullion Association’s board of directors. He later remained a member of the Numismatic Guilds’ Accredited Precious Metals Dealer program and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets. Michael Fuljenz was also the vice president of the United States Commemorative Society and the Southeast Louisiana Coin Club president.

Michael Fuljenz has received several honors for his work on rare coins and bullion. The Florida United Numismatic Ambassador Award in 2017 and the PNG Sol Kaplan Award in 2016. From 2000 through 2015, he has received various accolades for the coin books he published, including the NLG investment book of the year award in 2010. Michael Fuljenz also received recognition in the numismatic contribution category, as he was named NLG magazine Columnist of the Year in 1986. Michael Fuljenz was also recognized for his work on the Internet and website, newsletters and periodicals, radio and television, video, and professional presentations for clients nationwide.

Universal Coin & Bullion (UGC) Products and Services

universal coins

On their website, Universal Coin & Bullion lists a plethora of items. We may not be able to include all of them in this article, but we will do our best to cover some of the most notable ones. The organization has also enlisted several additional services as a gold leader, which we may incorporate in the future.

Gold Coins

Universal Coin has provided many possibilities defined by their mint places and countries in this criteria and with an outstanding collecting piece of certified united states coins.

  1. United States Mint Rare Coins

The Universal Coin & Bullion website lists 35 United States Mint Rare Coins which are also certified united states coins. The rare American Liberty coin and 10 Indian coins created by Saint Gaudens are among them. The pricing and availability of the coins are updated regularly on Indian head, Quarter eagles.

  • Rare American Gold LibertyThe Universal Coin Bullion webpage lists two $20 Liberty Type 3 coins. James B. Longacre created these gold and copper coins.
  • Indian Head Gold CoinsThese coins are available in various face values ranging from $2.5 to $10. Saint Gaudens created the Indian coins, comprised of 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper.
  1. United States Mint Bullion

The site now has two gold buffalo and seven American eagles.

  • American Gold Eagle.  The price of these gold coins will start at $200 and can reach as high as $2,000, depending on their face value. These coins are made of 0.91 pure gold, and it also has silver and platinum American eagle specimens available. Type iii double eagles and type ii double eagles are visible on the Universal Coin site.
  • Gold BuffaloThe one-ounce gold Buffalo will cost roughly $2,000 and is composed of 0.999 pure gold. The reverse side of the coin has an image of an American bison.
  1. CAC Coins

The Universal Coin & Bullion website lists six CAC coins. The 1879 four-dollar flowing hair has a PF65 grading.

  1. Royal Canadian Mint

There is only one coin listed on the website, and it is the 2022 one-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf as the national symbol of Canada. This is one of the most well-known gold bullion coins in the world.

  1. Royal Mint

A 2022 one-ounce gold Britannia is featured on the site, with a price of around $2,000 for the piece.

  1. Other Mints

This website lists the Austrian Gold Philharmonic and the South African Krugerrand, which will cost roughly two thousand dollars.

Gold Bars and Round

The Central American Gold Pinch can only be found on this website, and the fee is roughly a hundred dollars.

Silver Coins

This category includes United States Mint coins and bullion. Silver coins are also available from the Royal and Canadian Mint on the Universal Coin Bullion sites.

  1. United States Mint Rare Coins

    The Universal Coin & Bullion website lists one silver dollar and one Morgan dollar listed on the rare coin market. There is also a 1964 Kennedy Silver Half Dollar present on this site, and the Morgan Dollar will start at a hundred dollars.

  2. United States Mint Bullion

    The Universal Coin site only lists the American Silver Eagle, which also has platinum American eagle specimens. The silver coin will be priced at a minimum of 36 dollars.

  3. Royal Canadian Mint

    The Universal Coin Bullion website lists the 2022 one-ounce silver Canadian Maple Leaf.

  4. Royal Mint

    This article features the 2022 one-ounce Silver Britannia on the Universal Coin & Bullion site.

  5. Australian Mint

    This site has the Australian Silver Kangaroo for 2022. This is one of the most sought-after investment coins.

  6. Other Mints

    There is one silver Austrian Philharmonic and one South African Krugerrand on the property.

Silver Rounds

The site offers a one-ounce silver Generic Round.

Silver Bullets

The Universal Coin Bullion website sells one-ounce and two-ounce silver bullets.

Common Date Gold

The key date gold coins are classified here based on their manufacture date for the Indian head, quarter eagles. Coins made before 1933, for example, are considered rare and have several interested clients. As a result, the skilled staff at Universal Coin Bullion heavily promotes these key date gold rare coins, which have a restricted mintage and hence become more costly with time.

Offers on the Rare Coin Market

Universal Coin Bullion updates this website frequently with ads, and you will discover deals on various goods at various periods. Currently, the firm has a special deal on the 202q one-ounce silver Donald Trump Rounds, which can be purchased for $26.

NCG and PCSG Certification

Universal Coin & Bullion sells certified coins from the Numismatic Guarantee Company and the Professional Coin Grading Service. These are the well-known third-party coin grading agencies whose certification is accepted worldwide. This works as evaluation and appraisal services.

This procedure has a few advantages to Universal Coin Bullion. The first advantage is that the certification acts as an insurance policy for your coins. In addition, each of the examined items is assigned a unique authentication number by the firms. Again, the US government has the guarantee on these coins with certification. And lastly, the coins will be sold at a high price.


There are multiple evaluations of the Universal Coin Bullion on several third-party websites.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau has recognized Universal Coin & Bullion (BBB). The firm has an A+ grade, which is best for a commercial enterprise.

Trust Pilot 

There is only one review on this website, and it has a rating of 3.2.

To Summarize…

Universal Coin & Bullion has been in commerce for quite some time. Is it a sham? No, not at all. The company does not mention any information regarding precious metal IRAs.
The firm has a website, but it is a modest one with a staff of different professionals on its backend and provides insights on various investment strategies. Before buying gold and metals, be certain that the product has appropriate accreditation and evaluations.

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