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Precious metals and precious metals IRAs are available from United Gold Direct. Investing in gold and silver is widespread for individual retirement accounts and public investments since it diversifies the portfolio.

There have been several advancements in the gold and silver sectors in the United States and elsewhere in recent years. United Gold Direct LLC maintains such a position, and they even provide a means to invest in precious metals through an IRA.

United Gold Direct will continue to help customers choose the ideal gold for their overall investment, and they will even appoint an expert to each of their clients.

If you’re going to purchase precious metals from UGD, the additional cost will include only the shipping, insurance, and handling cost, and the United Gold Direct does not have any hidden fees or taxes.

However, the firm clearly states that a minimum of $1,500 is required to make a transaction. Gold and precious metals are high-risk investments, and numerous dealers try to rob their clients by putting extra costs on the metal, but United Gold Direct states that they only aim to place the charges as a precious metals spot rate.

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United Gold Direct is located in Westlake Village, California, at 2945 Townsgate Road, Suite 200. They have gold, silver, platinum, palladium coins, and bars for sale. In addition, the organization can assist you in developing a business strategy for your mental investments.

They also involve segments with precious physical metals IRA, and they claim to be honest in their entire process without using any high-pressure sales tactics.

Their business will handle the customers’ diamond and metal investment portfolios. However, the price of gold and other precious metals cannot be assured to rise over time, and that is the danger that every metal investor faces. However, there is a risk that metal prices will change in the future, allowing for wide dispersion.

United Gold Direct provides you with an account professional who will assist you with the purchase of an IRA and the selection of metals. There is no commission or late fees when the executive works.

As a result, United Gold Direct will be forthright in their assessments. You will be given all available assistance and protection techniques. The company will also assist you if you’re in need of an IRA rollover.

Precious Metals of United Gold Direct

United Gold Direct Precious Metals

The United Gold Direct sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins, and they haven’t mentioned any metal bars or bullets. Precious metal coins are frequently collected for the sake of collecting rather than for the coin’s melt value. The items accessible on the UGD website are listed below.

Gold Coins

United Gold Direct offers a total of twenty-eight physical gold coins. We may not be able to discuss them all, but here are a few that are significant to buy gold and other physical precious metals.

  • Indian Head Coins: The company offers $1, $2.5, $5, and $10 Indian coins and $3 princess coins. Former president Theodore Roosevelt promoted the coin’s design.
  • Gold American eagle coins: American gold eagle coins are not authentic bullion as it holds 22 carats of gold, silver, and copper alloy, but due to this reason, the coin is much more stable.
  • Australian Nugget Coins: These coins are minted in Australia by the Perth Mint, and the design of the kangaroo varies and is best for investment portfolio diversification.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins: These are one of the most internationally recognized coins
    and most appreciated gold bullion coins in the world. The Royal Canadian Mint minted the physical gold coin and was available for gold IRAs.
  • British Sovereign Coins: the value of these coins is one pound sterling, and they were made in 1817.
  • Chinese Gold Panda: these coins are minted by the Republic of China, and on the reverse side, the portrait of the Panda changes every year.
  • The Danish Kroner Coin: The Royal Danish Mint issued these coins in seven denominations in 2003.
  • Gold American Buffalo: this coin is made of.9999 pure gold and was designed by James Earle Fraser. The coin was first introduced in 1913.
  • Frech Angels: these coins were first struck in 1898, and the government-controlled the supply of the gold coins.
  • Gold Russian Rubles: the observed side of the coin depicts Tsar Nicolas, and the reverse side depicts the national emblem of Russia.
  • Gold Hungarian Corona: these coins were first minted in 1892, and on the obverse side, Franz Joseph as the Emperor of Austria is depicted.
  • Italian Lire Gold: these coins were first released back in 1861 to celebrate Italy’s joining the Latin Monetary Union.
  • Mexican Gold Peso: this is one of the most iconic gold coins on our list. It is also known as the Gold Centenario and is issued by the Mexican Mint.

United Gold Direct also involves companies from the Netherlands, South Africa, and Switzerland with a huge collection of proofs, and thus, you can buy gold from foreign mints as well.

Gold Bars

You can buy gold bars on the united gold direct (UGD) website for their legitimate business. There is a one-ounce, ten-ounce, and one-kilogram gold bar.

Silver Coins

There are approximately six coins in the silver coin and other precious metal products list of UGD. Among them, 90% and 40% of silver bags are also included.

  • Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar: these coins were first released in 2001 to celebrate the release of the Buffalo nickel and the National Museum of American Indians.
  • Franklin Half Dollar: these coins were first struck in 1984, and Benjamin Franklin is depicted on the obverse side.
  • Kennedy Half Dollar: this one was issued back in 1964, intended to remember the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  • Mexican Libertad: These coins were minted by the Mexican Mint in 1982 and are made of 99.9% silver.

United Gold Direct also includes foreign silver coins, proof silver coins, silver rounds, and bullion bars in the list.


There are four Platinum options available in UGD, and the platinum Eagle coins and the Canadian Maple Leaf are the coins available for sale.


There are only two options with Palladium bullion. And among them, the Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf is included in palladium products.

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Precious Metals IRA from United Gold Direct

United Gold Direct Sorage

The united gold direct work for even the new investors and does not provide extensive information on the precious metals IRA, although they say there are no hidden costs. The firm has a minimum amount requirement, which states that you must acquire at least $1,500 in precious metals, and you’ll be able to pay with personal checks or even a consent order.

They also accept a variety of payment ways depending on the physical delivery and bank transfers. You can only pay $10,000 in one transaction via bank transfer, cashier’s check, or personal check, and IRA creation costs roughly $75, and yearly administration costs around $95.

Clients may also retain their metals at home, according to the business. However, depending on the size of the investment, you may need to obtain insurance and a safe for the metals with their IRS-approved depository and payment method. The company claims to offer some discounts to their client funds, but there is no particular mention of a discount in the existing ira of United Gold Direct.

United Gold Direct Storage and Delivery

UGD, like every other precious metals dealer in town, provides direct delivery of metals to your desired location. However, you can keep the merchandise in a suggested depository if you like, and the company recommends the third-party depository: Delaware Depository, with insurance fees.

According to the client’s interested venue, they provide separate storage and additional metal insurance for gold ira with no hidden fees, which is one of United Gold Direct pros. Annual storage prices range between $100 and $250, and thus they’ll be able to store the money quickly.

United Gold Direct ships by USPS and UPS. The organization provides insured products that will be delivered once you sign them, and delayed payments are not acceptable. Packages may also be traced from the account used to place the order and additional shipping costs
will not charge hidden fees for the delivery.

United Gold Direct Review - Precious Metals Dealer

The company has several reviews on different third-party websites of their account executives and management, and we are including some of them.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

United Gold Direct is better business bureau(BBB) accredited. However, its grade is B+, and there is just one review for their metals and gold ira. The firm has only one documented review, and it only has one star. The assessment notes the company’s incompetence and mismanagement; as a result, they failed to provide the gold IRA payments on time.

The Ripoff Report

This website has four reports and customer complaints. A few complaints have claimed unequivocally that the consumers paid for the metal but did not get any.

Consumer Affairs

United Gold Direct has no reviews or ratings on this site as a modern coin dealer.


This site offers 4.5/5 reviews for the United Gold Direct for their precious metal IRAs. This website has just 21 reviews. If we begin with the first, the review was conducted in 2019. As a result, there have been no recent changes.

The initial review indicated that the United Gold Direct (UGD) was a fraud and that they falsified their cheque and transferred money from a closed bank account. However, if we look at the previous reviews, they were all five stars. However, the ratings were from 2016 and before.


Is United Gold Direct a scam? The firm has been in operation since 1996 and is well-liked by many of its customers for their payment methods and additional resources. The firm has no recent web activities, and based on the assessments, we may conclude that they may be mismanaged. As a result, we advise readers to proceed with care while investing.

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