Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins Specs and Pricing Examined

Are you interested in owning Gold coins? have you ever thought of owning turkey gold coins? Turkey Gold coins are loved by most people for their classic and simple design. thus it is a must-have for any coin collection! The coins will be traced back to Ottoman Empire days, This encompassed the Arabian peninsula before its break up after the first World War.

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Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins And The World War 1

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coin is a throwback to the days of the mighty Ottoman Empire. There are several centuries-long ages and days where such an ultimate Muslim superpower is represented as a single great empire within either the Middle East or Europe.

It is stretched effectively from North Central Africa through Egypt and Libya, most of the Arabian Peninsula, and the Middle East, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, Greece, Cyprus, and the Balkans all the way up to the very gates of Vienna in Austria. Till the empire was forced to break up for being on the wrong side of the fight in the First World War, Turkey was still covered and most parts of the Middle East even in its terminal days as the so-called “sick old man of Europe.”

Features of Turkish Gold Coins:

The coin has reverse features with an inscription that is enwreathed

Individual coins are packed using protective plastic flips.

The obverse is depicting Toughra, Which symbolizes the Sultan of Ottoman Turks

It is made from fine gold of 0.9167 and the weight of 0.2127 in troy oz.

Gold Coins Minted

gold coins minted

Gold coins are minted within modern-day’s confines. Turkey stretches back almost 5,000 years. These are the first gold coins that were struck in the ancient world Kingdom of Lydia at its fabulously wealthy capital, Sardis. The coins are Greek-style dating from the 7th century B.C.,

This means that the gold, as well as Turkey, can be traced back together for almost 2,500 years of mutual history. This is a long-standing and historical connection between the territory of Turkey and the yellow metal, it will not come as a great surprise that the country has minted a wide range of different denominations of gold coins. Such includes Serifi, Sultani, Tek, Yarim, Cifte, Luk, Istanbul, Dort, Altin, Piastres, Onluk, Mahbub, and Lire.

These calligraphy-inscribed beautiful coins were manufactured in the waning and final years of the Ottoman Empire within the latter parts of the 19th as well as the early parts of the 20th century, This occurred especially under Sultan Hamid II. reign of the 100 Kurush coins weighing 7.2160 grams and containing .2127 ounces of precious gold.

These coins are quite popular with investors and collectors today. The Other investors are ignoring the Turkish gold coins due to the confusion that is brought about by the Arabic-styled Turkish script which is in the earlier series.

It is not easy to identify The Turkish coins which is mordern. This means that the Turkish coin collectors will be able to source inexpensive Turkish coins which will be rare and also valuable without the seller becoming aware of such fact.


Below are the dimensions of the Turkey Gold Coins

Diameter: 22.3 mm

Mass: 7.2160 grams

Thickness: 1.4 mm

Purity: 91.67% gold

Content: 0.2127 troy oz gold.

Turkey Gold 100 Kurush Coins Pricing

Turkey coins are termed the legal tender in the modern-day the Republic of Turkey, Although the Ottoman Empire has long been thrown into the dustbin of history. With the actual face value which is unknown to a country that is using the Turkish lira, This would be within the height of folly to be spent on the coin with more than a fifth of an ounce of Turkish gold towards daily purchases and needs.

The gold that they contain is worth in excess of $250 by itself. meaning that intrinsic value for the pieces will come from the spot gold prices on a global market. The minor premium will also apply to the historical nature of the vast Ottoman Empire’s dying days at that time.

The intrinsic value will make up the coins’ actual market value. This immensely matters because the contributing value of coins to any retirement or investment portfolio is based upon it.

The coins will also enjoy a small premium over the world gold prices since the costs which are associated with the production and circulation of them, the Constantinople Mint incurred a century ago.

The issues’ actual market value will depend on the daily gold prices gyrations, This will trade six days every week in New York, London, Chicago, Hong Kong, and several other important commodities which are complex financial centers around the world.

gold coin pricing

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Can you change your shipping address after you have placed your order? It is not easy to change any of your shipping details for orders made by a debit or credit card. If the payments are made via a bank wire or a check, your address can be changed as long as the coin has not been shipped yet.

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Is Bullion Exchanges offering International Shipping? The Bullion Exchanges doesn’t provide international shipping; you will be shipped only if you have a US address and are a US resident.

Can IRA Accounts have Turkey Gold Coins?

The Gold Coins truly are exotic. This will give you a pause whether such a stuffy Internal Revenue Service permits the collection of the coin within the metals IRA.  This page has a list of IRA approved coins and bars.

They are having sole decision-making power in such regard. The IRS will decide whether to include any of the prospective bullion coin candidates or not based on primarily two factors which include a minimum of gold purity and a maximum collectability value.

The IRS has insisted on a minimum level of gold purity to be .995 for a coin to undergo approval in such retirement vehicles. The Turkish Gold Coins can only feature gold purity which amounts to.9167, This invalidates their coin from the IRA accounts as per IRS.

The collectability factor is not so high for them to be accepted if only are they featured as high enough for gold purity. Even though they are not part of your precious metals IRA, The coin may make great diversification for any other form of investment and retirement portfolio.


If you are worried about the country’s economy and need to invest in gold, Then you should consider turkey gold 100 kurush coin. This can be the best investment you will have made. You can buy the beautiful, and historic pieces from the world gold coin and bullion shops around the world, especially in the Europe and the Middle East.

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