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Texas Precious Metals is widely regarded as one of the most important precious metals merchants in the United States of America. The firm was founded in 2011 and is well-known for its selection of silver rounds. The firm has two fully accredited underground vaulting logistics centers in Shiner, Texas, in addition to being a precious metals dealer.

The corporation is valued at a billion dollars. Although Texas Precious Metals’ latest initiatives feature many unique and exclusive goods, the company remains one of the major sellers of precious metals. The corporation holds the trademark for the image of Texas and the tagline “Business the Texas Way.”

Even though the firm is worth a billion dollars, the customer transaction is equivalent. Texas Precious Metals appears to have moved half a billion dollars in items to its clientele throughout the years. In their eleven years of operation, they received over forty-two thousand orders and delivered them to nearly every state in the United States.

Texas Precious Metals is proud of its achievements, having supplied over thirty million troy ounces of gold and ten million troy ounces of silver. The accomplishment of Texas Precious Metals includes

  1. In 2015, they were considered the number one Precious Metals seller on Amazon.com.
  1. In 2015, A&M University was named the “fastest-growing Aggie owned or led business globally.”
  1. Inc. Magazine named us one of the 200 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Thus, the company has made some headlines with its bold moves and charisma in Texas and other states.

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About Texas Precious Metals

Texas Precious Metals is located at 959 Highway 95N in Shiner, TX. The firm is the outcome of two giant corporations collaborating on a venture. Saab & Company, Inc. and Kaspar Texas Traditions collaborated to develop a business-to-business approach for the wholesale market. They offered gold and silver bullion to a wide range of merchants and precious metals sellers.

Texas Precious Metals is one of Kaspar Texas Traditions’ principal subsidiaries. It almost creates the highest revenue with a growth rate of 2.095 percent, bringing it to the list of the 200 fastest-growing firms in America. They’ve also been subscribers of Inc. Magazine since 2015.

The firm also has a long-term collaboration with the National Australian Mint and the Perth Mint, and the “Sister City” coins were published through the company. The firm has also been a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets for a long time. In addition, the Better Business Bureau has certified the company’s evaluations (BBB). Tarek Saab is the president of Texas Precious Metals, and Jason Kasper is the co-founder.

Associated Companies with Texas Precious Metals

Here are some of the firms that appear to be associated with the company. Texas Precious Metals is, first and foremost, a collaboration between two large corporations. We are included some of their associated firms for these reasons and the accumulation of their precious metals.

Texas Precious Metals Depository

The Texas Precious Metals Depository, or TPMD, is a private institution part of Texas Precious Metals. The facility has inexpensive setup fees and maintenance fees and no withdrawal fees with a fully segregated safe keep. This might be one of those exceptional facilities where you can get segregated alternatives and tax-free shipment. The firm owns the armed security, bulletproof doors, and subterranean facility sections.

Lloyd of London, one of the UK’s oldest insurance businesses, ensures all metals are kept safe in Texas Precious Metals Depository. There is a 0.5 percent storage fee for things worth up to a million dollars for the metal contents. And for storage metals worth five million dollars, the storage charge is 0.38 percent. The minimum storage fee starts at ten dollars a month, and there are no other fees involved.

If you invest in a Goldco IRA, they allow you to choose this location.  

Texas Mint

Texas Precious Metals is a Texas Mint distributor and dealer. The Texas Mint primarily manufactures precious metals for Texas Precious Metals and other organizations such as Dillon Gage Metal Division and JM Bullion. This division of Texas Precious Metals began producing high purity gold and silver rounds with low premiums, which are the company’s flagship goods and deliver world-class bullion products.

The US Mint considers silver rounds to be purer than silver coins, but they are less costly. The Texas Mint also began producing boxes holding 250 ounces of silver, such as the Mini Monster Box and Half Monster Box. The Texas Mint is relatively new, with just five years in the market, but they are still one of the recognized parts of Texas Precious Metals.

Kaspar Companies

This is Texas Precious Metals’ parent company and precious metals, wholesalers. The firm is made up of joint ventures between Saab and Kaspar. Kaspar firms own three-quarters of Texas Precious Metals and all retail and wholesale items.

Texas Precious Metals is now led by Tarek Saab and co-founded by Jason Kaspar. Texas Precious Metals’ vice president and general managers are Josh Baker and Paul Bowden. Jeff Irving is the Texas Precious Metals Depository’s Director of Depository Operations.

Products Offered by Texas Precious Metals

Gold Silver

Texas Precious Metals’ silver, gold, and platinum items in full value are listed here. We should also highlight that their official website has a plethora of merchandise and metal detection. So we’ll go ahead and spotlight a few of them.


Eleven distinct gold goods as part of the tangible assets are offered on the website, and pre-33 or uncommon coins are also mentioned.

Texas Gold Round

The Texas Mint manufactures these rounds. Gold rounds are essentially basic metal medallions with no face value. The gold circular honors Texas’ renowned emblem, the Texas State Capitol. The round is made of 0.9999 pure gold and is packaged in a plastic container.

Gold Coins

American Gold Eagles, American Gold Buffalos, Canadian Gold Maple Leafs, Perth Mint Gold Kangaroos, and Austrian Mint Gold Philharmonics are available. These gold coins are also available in various sizes, and you may purchase them in bulk.

Gold Bars

Texas Precious Metals sells one-ounce gold texas gold bars on their website. Gold bars from PAMP, Valcambi, Argor Heraeus, Credit Suisse, Asahi, Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Texas Mint are some of the top gold bars investors love to collect and invest in.

Pre-33 Graded Gold Coins

Pre-33 gold coins are generally considered scarce. They are valuable not just for their metals and face worth but also for their absence. The following rare gold coins are available on the site with superior packaging around them for security:

  • British Sovereigns
  • Liberty Half Dollar in Gold
  • The Liberty Gold Eagle
  • St. Gaudens Double Eagle
  • Liberty Gold Double Eagle, etc.


Silver rounds are one of Texas Precious Metals’ most famous, strike quality, and best-selling goods. The website has a wide range of items.

Texas Silver Round

The Texas Mint makes many types of texas silver rounds. And as the years pass, the artwork on the rounds alters to commemorate different outlays. The Silver Rounds are as follows:

  • Texas Silver Round 2022: The rounds depict Texas troops fighting Mexican soldiers at the Battle of Goliad, which began in 1835.
  • Texas Silver Round 2021: This coin shows the Battle of Almo. American legend Davy Crocket battles alongside two valiant Texans against Mexican forces with crafting beautifully designed for the rounds.
  • Texas Silver Round 2018: The Battle of Gonzales is depicted here, with three rebels protecting the Gonzales Cannon with all their might.
  • Texas Silver Round 2019: The design depicts a cowboy in front of the Capitol Building with superior packaging.

The 2014–2017 versions of Texas Silver Rounds have also changed depending on new applicable designs. All of these are approved by the Industry Council of Tangible Assets and  American Numismatic Association.

Silver Coins

African Krugerrands and silver Philharmonics are also available for purchase on the website.

Silver Bars

Texas Precious Metals offers one-ounce, ten-ounces, and hundred-ounce general and Texas silver bars. You can even buy them with low monthly rates in bulk and they’ll provide storage with their depository.

For more options for your bullion needs, read this review.

Services Offered by Texas Precious Metals

The services are:

  1. Free shipping and insurance for purchases of $1,000 or more is better than all other companies in the precious metals industry.
  1. There is no minimum order quantity.
  1. The goods are shipped in three business days by the company.
  1. There are precious metals IRA choices available and an IRA Rollover.
  1. The product will have no selling price, and products are fully insured and individually sealed.
  1. There are several ordering methods available, including MasterCard and wire transfer.
  1. They provide buyback alternatives.


Texas Precious Metals is one of those reliable names approved by the American Numismatic Association and Industry Council for Tangible Assets. The company has five-star ratings on Yelp and a BBB rating of 3.5. They have fewer Trustpilot reviews, having only one. So, to begin with, the firm has a negative web presence. On the other hand, Texas Precious Metals is not a scam; instead, it is a well-established organization that could satisfy your needs with necessary precautions and prevailing market rates.

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