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Strata Trust Business is a trust organization that serves as an IRA custodian for alternative assets. Private equity, hedge funds, real estate, futures, and private debt will be available for investment.

Many of the company’s investors have been with it since its inception. The firm is located in Austin and was originally known as Self-Directed IRA Services. Horizon Bank is the company that owns Strata Trust Company.

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Self-directed IRA services are currently one of the most popular investing options. You can invest in many assets and funds with a self-directed IRA, and you can manage the contributions and distributions of the money.

An IRA or retirement account allows one individual to fund a portion of their income tax-free, and they can finance using either pre-tax or post-tax income.

A self-directed IRA is not the same as that. All of the information above may be relative, but you will be able to control the money and your investment rather than another person.

Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs can only be used to finance stocks, equity funds, or mutual funds. But with a self-directed IRA, you’ll be able to invest in private equity funds, precious metals, real estate, etc., with the company rep. So the investment portfolio can thus be more diversified.

Strata Trust Business, once again, is a trust establishment controlled by Horizon Bank of Texas. Trust funds are commonly used to manage trusts, finances, and real estate on behalf of other persons and businesses.

In this case, a third party will function as the beneficiary’s trustee. Trust corporations often act as trustees, managing assets on behalf of other persons and organizations. Portfolio managers, tax specialists, real estate experts, administrative personnel, financial planners, attorneys, and other professionals make up a trust corporation.

About Strata Trust Company

About Strata Trust Company

Strata Trust Corporation began as a self-directed IRA custodian and then expanded to become a trust company. Currently, the corporation generates thirteen million dollars in sales and has assets of more than 1.5 billion dollars. They will allow you to fund in many IRAs, including regular and Roth IRAs.

Gold and other precious metals, crowdfunding, private equity, private debt, structured settlements, and IRAs are among the products offered by Strata Trust Company. Strata Trust Company’s primary line of business is IRAs.

The organization will also allow you to move your current IRA fund to a new self-directed fund and will even assist you in establishing a new self-directed IRA. Finally, they list dealers that can supply you with the metals you want to subsidize.

Strata Trust Company will charge the annual storage costs. They do not charge any additional costs in addition to the storage expenses, and you will have the option of selecting your storage location.

The firms are united in their desire to achieve possible goals for their investors. They also give investors a clear way to participate in its great services and technological support systems, allowing them to keep a firm grasp of their normal assets and operations.

The organization thinks that their clients are their main concern, and they do business in the manner that the clients like.

The Executive Team of Strata Trust Company

On the website, the organization has enrolled many of its trusted employees. Strata Trust’s current president is Kelli Click. She has 28 years of expertise in self-directed IRAs and has worked as the Sterling Trust Company vice president.

Kelli joined Strata in 2009 and has previously worked in institutional IRA custody and administration. Kelli is also a member of the Retirement Industry Trust Association’s board of directors, where she serves as Chairperson.

Strata Trust Company’s Executive Vice President is Jeff Thompson. Jeff Thompson has 29 years of expertise in the IRA sector, having worked for Sterling Trust Company and Equity Institutional. Jeff Thompson is well-versed in alternative assets such as real estate and limited partnerships.

Michele Maruri is the Chief Financial Officer of Strata Trust Company and has thirty years of expertise with self-directed IRAs. She also has accounting and information technology experience.

Will Pasacarella joined the firm in 2017 as the Chief Technology Officer. He works on the company’s software and designs, and he also consults for various other companies.

Margaret Mcvan is the Vice President of Client Experience, and she keeps us in touch with our clients while also overseeing numerous activities, such as multi-faceted customer care services.

Products and Services

strata precious metals

Strata Trust Company offers several business opportunities, which include:

  • Self-directed IRA
  • Real estate
  • Private Equity
  • Private Debt
  • Crowdfunding
  • Futures
  • Gold and precious metals 
  • Public investments
  • Structured Settlements

These investment options are looked after by the team of 61 people working in the company. It includes advisors, dealers, real estate agents, brokers, issuers, sponsors, and financial officers.

Self-Directed IRA Services

Individuals create and maintain self-directed individual retirement accounts. No one else has any power over the distribution and contribution of funds or the overall financial situation. SDIRA can be mainly classified into two categories.

  1. Traditional IRAs

    This is a tax-deferred self-directed ira service in which you can finance using pre-tax income. When you withdraw the money after retirement, the tax will be deducted.

  2. Roth IRA

    You can fund in Roth IRAs using post-tax income, but you won’t have to pay taxes on any payouts. And, after you reach the age of 60, you may withdraw the funds tax-free. This Ira is entirely tax-free.

  3. SEP IRA

    This is also known as the “Simplified Employee Plan,” and an employer typically sets it up. The employer may pick how much they want to contribute to the IRA, which can be as much as 25% of their total revenue.


    This is known as the employee savings incentive match scheme. This is for small business owners, and most employees contribute less to their income. The employees entirely own the accounts.

How to Fund Your IRA: Alternative Investments

You can do the straight route or use an IRA rollover. A direct IRA transfer transfers funds directly between custodians without the client’s involvement. So the Strata Trust and any other custodian company will do the transfer for your self-directed IRAs for your alternative investments.

The monies from your current IRA will be transferred to your SDIRA using the rollover process. You can transfer cash from any 401(k) or other IRA plan. A direct rollover can take up to six weeks, whereas a rollover using Strata Trust Company can take 10–14 days.

Real Estate Investment

You can invest in real estate through a self-directed IRA in residential properties, commercial properties, mortgage notes, REO properties, apartment buildings, condominiums, raw land, and improved property. It is regarded as one of the best sources of alternative sources investments.

All income is reinvested in the IRA with real estate investments, and the retirement funds also cover expenditures and taxes. To compel these investments, you must form an SDIRA in real estate.

Private Equity Investment

Private equity investing is advised for individuals who know how and where to spend their money. An informed individual will be able to finance something they have an idea for, such as alternative investments, which is a wonderful method to diversify their portfolio. You can fund start-up firms, oil and gas projects, hedge funds, and so on.

Private Debt Investment

These investors are well-versed in corporate debt, and the investment can be made through discussions or as part of a pool. this is also part of alternative investments.

The means of investment include mortgage notes, trust deeds, timber deeds, promissory notes, and corporate debentures, and you must finance using the Strata Private List Investment Checklist.

Crowdfunding Investment

With this type of investing, you will be able to fund start-up enterprises, corporate expansions, and other ground-floor projects. Previously, crowdfunding was confined to investors with a high level of stability; however, new laws enable anybody to engage in the market. Strata Trust Company has its own fundraising investing checklist that it must adhere to.

Futures Investment

You may subsidize in currency, futures, and other commodities here. Future investments are risky and volatile, but the investing tactics are quite comparable to stock markets. They also give investors a tax-deferred investing option.

You must open a trading account with a futures commission merchant and add Strata Trust Company as your custodian.

Gold and Other Metals Investment

Metals of great value IRAs are presently among the most popular investment vehicles as alternative investments, as precious metals are frequently seen as a hedge against inflation. This will also assist you in diversifying your assets.

First, establish your gold IRA, after which you may acquire the metals from a reputable vendor, and you may be required to pay a storage charge.

Structured Settlements Investment

This is a type of legal settlement that is paid yearly. The courts will pay award judgments on several claims, and the funds will be deposited into your retirement accounts. A Structured Settlements Investment Checklist is also available from Strata.

Public Investments

You will be able to invest in various options as alternative investments that have been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC. These assets, which include publicly listed partnerships and REITs, can be exchanged on an exchange or in a private environment.

Financial Professionals: Advisors, Brokers, and Dealers

Real Estate Investor

Strata Trust offers a variety of professional services, including alternative assets and other possibilities. As a result, there are several types of financial counselors and excellent customer service.

Strata Trust Company will assist you with all types of assets, which often proved to be extremely helpful. They offer information on real properties, precious metals, trust or mortgage deeds, oil and gas, other energy resources, as well as private equity and private debt.

Real Estate Professionals

Investment professionals provide you with all the knowledge you need to make a real estate investment. Their experience encompasses commercial and residential real estate and will help you diversify your retirement portfolio.

Precious Metals Dealer

Strata Trust Company offers all of the basic amenities for investing in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium mainly to diversify the retirement portfolio or finance an IRA. They will also be in charge of all storage and transactions and ensure compliance with all IRS laws and regulations. Annual storage fees will be $100, with an IRA fee of $95 added on top.

Storage Partners

The firm does not permit the storing of precious metals at its own premises. They do, however, provide a third-party storage media. Storage costs $100 per year in this city. Strata Trust

Strata Trust Company provides two types of Brink’s Global Services: Delaware Depository and Brink’s Global Services. For storage, the organization provides both shared and separated choices.

Your metal will be accommodated in a separate room and stored under your IRA number if you choose the separated option. The distributions will be delivered with a comparable metal rather than the one you purchased with commingled storage. Depending on your storage facility, the company will also charge its clients differently. For example, the segregated method will definitely cost some extra bucks.


The Strata Trust Company accepts a variety of payment methods depending on the service you are seeking and might align with your investment sources, the majority of which are listed below. Though Strata Trust Company has an extended list for self-directed ira services. we just mentioned the primary ones for the investors.

Precious Metals IRA (Metal Investments)

For any sort of metal investments, including gold

Set up fee: $50

Annual Fees: $95

Storage: $100

Basic IRA (Public Investments)

Any public investment approved by SEC

Set up fee: $50

Annual Fees: $125

Flex IRA (Alternative Assets)

Other sorts of investments

Set up fee: $50

Annual Fees: $300

Review of Strata Trust Company

Here are some third-party reviews of the company before you give them access to your finances.

Better Business Bureau

Strata Trust Company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The firm had seven reviews, with an average rating of 2.4.

Trust Pilot

The average rating for the firm for its service is 4.3, and there are 840 reviews on this site from its clients. In these evaluations, 49 percent of individuals gave the firm an “exceptional” rating, while 19 percent gave them a “poor” rating for their path. The majority of the evaluations are positive, and most consumers are pleased with their services.

Final Thoughts

Strata Trust Firm was founded in 2008 in Austin, and despite the fact that the company is still relatively young in the IRA business, they have made its mark with favorable attitudes and revenue and thus forms one of the trending clientele groups.

Is Strata Trust Company a scam? No. They are a reputable corporation situated in Austin, and they have a strong track record of adhering to its standards and principles from the very beginning. Do we suggest Strata Trust Company to the clients? Yes, if you want to diversify your investment portfolio. The organization provides various IRA services and chances, which may be quite beneficial if properly utilized.

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