Sterling Trust Company 

Sterling Trust Company as an Equity Trust Company

The Sterling Trust Company was founded in 1974 and is known as the Sterling Trust in the United States’ investing industry. They are experts in self-directed IRAs, qualifying corporate retirement plans, precious metals dealers, and custodial accounts.

Sterling Trust Company is an Equity Trust Company subsidiary with over ten billion dollars in assets under management for over a thousand clients in the United States. Sterling Trust Company is a well-known financial and insurance industry that focuses primarily on self-directed IRAs and deals with broker-dealers and other companies.

Location: Suite 509, 101 S. Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

The company was started to protect your overall wealth and investments like the Equity Trust Company, and they will administer your trusts with account service. The company operates privately without any influence from the outside, and its employees are not based on commission. Sterling Trust Company does not move with the view of selling their services or access, but they look forward to helping their clients in their overall situation and alternatives.

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Sterling Trust Company Team

The company is led by two of the finance market’s most eligible players and investment sponsors. All the reports and information are seen by the CEO and president of Sterling Trust directly. They provide unbiased and personal attention to their clients for the best possible results.

  • Stanley Joffe, Esq., Chairman and CEO
  • Anthony Joffe, President
  • Kathy Gerash, Trust Officer
  • Max Hickey, Trust Officer
  • Troy Steinback, Trust Officer
  • Nicole Byrum, JD, Trust Officer

Services Offered By Sterling Trustees

Sterling Trustees

The company has several services listed on its website and various details about its work, and you can find them on its education and news portal. Here we are including some of the notable services offered by Sterling Trust.

Trust Administration

The primary services offered by Sterling Trust Company are trusted administrative services, transactions, and management. The company is not a financial or tax advisor, but they tend to hire people from different professions and make it work for the clients. For example, they work with legal services, estate planners, tax advisors, etc. They look after the whole process as a third-party administrator.

Trust Attorneys

The Sterling Trustees have hired and collaborated with South Dakota legal and trust attorneys to deliver the best possible outcome, bringing out the best in the country. They work with several wealthy families worldwide and try to put the work through the laws and requirements of South Dakota.

Investment Advice

Sterling Trust Company offers investment advisors with experience and a positive attitude towards the financial market, and they can handle clients from all walks of life and ages. The company hires experienced and aged financial advisors as they try to put out the best for the clients’ trust. They have initiated artificial intelligence and online trading to make life easier.

International Clients

The company follows the rules of the Common Reporting Standard or CRS, where they have to follow the tax terms of the residential country. Again, 100+ countries have agreed to support the CRS, and they share through annual tax information. Thus, while handling international clients, we tend to look in that direction and ensure we have the best possible opportunities.

Investment Overview

Sterling Trust Company follows SEC rules to ensure that they control your total investments and that everything is documented. They have performed a six-score session to have a complete overview of your assets and all investments.

  • Understanding your requirements and needs
  • The objective of the investment is clarified.
  • All the asset allocations have been put into records.
  • The business strategy and tax implications must be put in to start.
  • The Sterling Trustees will review and record all the results and performance.
  • If a part is not functional, the entire balance must be monitored and reassembled again.

Private Label Services

The company will offer you a privately branded web portal accessible only by the trust manager, the grantor, and beneficiaries. The monthly statement will come with your brand logo, and the portal is used to oversee all the administrative and liable forms of the trusts. The opportunities are:

  • Performance reviews
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Planning
  • Distributions
  • Tax reporting
  • Client reporting

Family Offices

This is built for individual clients to close up on their businesses and finances. Sterling Trustees will outsource different professionals to sort out the matter on behalf of the client and act on it. The family offices will depend upon cost, conflict of interests, trust regulations, and technology.

Classifications of Trust by Sterling Trustees

The company offers trusts of different sorts, and they are fully customizable.

  1. Delegated Trust
  1. Directed trust
  1. Self-settled trust
  1. Trust for asset protection
  1. Life insurance trust

  2. Pre-immigration planning trust, etc.


Sterling Trust Company works with various investors, grantors, and beneficiaries. Sterling Trust Business’s founder intended for the company to serve as a trustee rather than an investment advisor. Sterling Trust Company’s principal function is to look after the client’s preferences and guarantee that the beneficiaries are well cared about. Sterling Trust Company’s last stage is asset expansion.

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