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Silver Gold Bull is a precious metals dealer who will provide you with a reasonable rate depending on the metal’s spot price. Storage facilities, spot alerts, individual retirement accounts (IRA), and gold, silver, platinum, and copper products have all been offered by the organization. Again, they’ll bring the metal directly to you and the necessary insurance for starters. Silver and gold bullion are designed to suit both collectors and investors in the exact location, and their customer service specialists will give exceptional assistance. They will make your bullion purchase go as smoothly as possible.

Silver Gold Bull provides its clients with a representative who ensures that they get the most out of their clients. The firm comprises renowned mints and metals manufacturers, including the Royal Canadian Mint and the United States Mint. Again, Silver Gold Bull provides items to clients that have undergone rigorous auditing and custody logistics. A certificate of authenticity will accompany bullion coins.

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About Silver Gold Bull

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The company’s headquarters are located at 2780 So. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada. Silver Gold Bull has almost twenty-four hundred thousand internet evaluations, which are five stars. The corporation distributes metals such as gold, silver, and platinum in a variety of forms and also provides metal-related goods such as IRAs and investment options. You’ll be able to enjoy the company’s exceptional services while investing in them with a bullion purchasing experience. You’ll be able to experience the ultimate protection, an easy and risk-free way of investment with Silver Gold Bull.

The firm provides up-to-the-minute market pricing, allowing you to buy gold and other precious metals at real-time prices, know when the rate is low, and grab an ounce cheaply. Silver and Gold Bull prices are updated regularly to guarantee that you are updated on all the latest developments. The firm is affiliated with Xignite, through which they obtain market data, and Xignite is one of the world’s foremost data suppliers.

The firm has worked with various mints, including the US Mint, the Perth Mint of Australia, the Austrian Mint, the Chinese Mint, the Royal Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, the African Mint, and others. The materials are sent straight to Silver Gold Bull Storage in Las Vegas and undergo several checks and custody logistics to confirm their validity. Clients can trace the shipping of orders, and you must sign them once you accept them.

Silver Gold Bullion also allows you to talk with experienced traders before acquiring the metals. These individuals are members of the company’s sales staff and are seasoned investors with vast expertise in metals investment. They will also be able to provide you with suggestions for gold-backed investing methods. Silver Gold Bull provides a variety of bullion suitable for every type of investment. They’ll even give you some of the rare and collectible coins you’ve worked so hard for.

The organization provides precious metal buyback and liquidation offers, and you may obtain a free price on the metal you have in your hands and get paid in cash in a few days. The organization also avoids geopolitical risk by providing a fully insured storage place with regular audits and separated rooms.

The firm has a strict privacy policy and will not give any third party access to your sensitive information. The company’s technology is very secure, and you can place an order online or phone their customer service for more details. Silver Gold Bull’s official website will function as a business platform for purchasing precious metals.

Silver Gold Bull: Provide Extraordinary Service

Silver Gold Bull

The organization offers numerous services that are pretty useful for a precious metals trader. And, like many other metal dealers in the United States, they adjust the price of their metals following the spot price of gold and other metals.

Storage Services

The first three months are entirely free if you sign up for storage services with Silver Gold Bull as a consumer. The Silver Gold Depository is well-known for its security, openness, and resolve. There are 150 million client deposits in the Depository, and the corporation offers it in four different nations and six distinct locations as expected. To get started at the Silver Gold Depository, enter your name, mailing address, phone number, and the amount of metal you wish to keep. Regarding the storage facility:

  • The business will provide you with an audit report once you sign up for storage.
  • Metals are individually stored in a storage container.
  • The secured metals are stored at Brink’s vaults with 24/7 security around them, and security is the number one priority for the repository.
  • If you’re looking to liquidate money or cash the metals, you can get the payment with the Silver Gold Bulls Instant Liquidity Program in one business day.
  • The metals are insured by Lloyd’s of London, Britain’s oldest insurance company.
  • Both Lloyd’s of London and Brinks Bank are private companies without government authorization.
  • You’ll be able to check and audit your metals personally. And they also provide a fully secure and insured delivery.

Sell to Us or Buyback Service

With the Silver Gold Bullion website, you will be able to sell gold, silver, platinum, or other metals. Fill out a form with your name, address, and the amount of merchandise you wish to sell to request a free quote on the service. It’s worth a hundred thousand dollars or more. To get started with actual metal, you must first:

  1. Call our customers care or write in the message box for a free quote. Once impressed and satisfied, the business will approve the request and send you a pre-paid shipping label to determine the quality.
  1. You’ll be able to ship the metals in a discreet package, fully insured. You can even track your shipment with your account as a customer. The experts will verify the metals at Silver Gold Bull under the camera.
  1. Once the metals are approved, they’ll be deposited in the storage, and the firm will provide the funds directly to consumers place in just a day.

Spot Alerts

With Silver Gold Bull, you enter your email address and password to receive daily emails with the spot price of gold for payment and purchase. You may even join up for the company’s newsletters using Google or email.

High Net Worth

You’ve come to the correct location if you’re an affluent customer. You will be able to link yourself with a high net-worth investor who can invest in a considerable amount of gold, silver, and platinum through Silver Gold Bull for this only reason. For these investors, the organization uses a more simplified approach, and they are frequently allocated a senior corporate executive who is well-versed in the workings of such investments.

The executive will customize the help and services for a high-net-worth investor, and thus you’ll be able to invest in a broad spectrum of products. Again, all your purchased metals and services will be distributed and audited by an expert. You have to put your name, mail, phone number, and a short message if you’d like to accept the help. The company will contact you as soon as they can.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

You must first have a self-directed gold or precious metals IRA account with a reputable custodian before you may start an IRA. The IRS-approved metals must then be purchased from a metal dealer. This act features Silver Gold Bull. The Silver Gold Depository will serve as the last option for further info, and your metals will be kept safe in an IRA vault with accurate delivery time. You must complete the IRA box on the website with your name, phone number, address, and a brief message.

Silver Gold Bull Education Center

Many articles on the company’s management and precious metals investment, in general, may be found here. The site lists gold investment, silver investment, coins and mints, and platinum group metals. The articles are updated regularly with all the basic information.

Fast Shipping

Silver Gold Bull provides two-day metal fast delivery across the United States, and all products are entirely insured and guarded. If your payment is over $200 in the process, you will receive free delivery, but if it is less than $200, you will be charged a ten-dollar shipping fee.

Precious Metals offered By Silver Gold Bull

precious metals

The corporation invests in silver, gold, platinum, copper, and metal jewelry, and the price of such metals is determined by the spot market.

Golden Silver Gold Bull features a variety of gold offerings, such as rare and antique gold, gold collectibles, gram gold, gold bars, and US and foreign mint gold currencies.

Gold Coins

There are gold coins from different mints for purchase, and they even have some rare coins. The grading of the coins is different and made of additional years and countries.

  • Canadian Majestic Polar Bear
  • The Maple Leaf Of Canada
  • The Growing Cougar Gold Coin
  • The Pysanka Gold Coin
  • Howling Wolf Gold Coin.
  • The Caribou Gold Coin.
  • Gold Coin Of The Lucky Dragon
  • American Gold Eagle
  • Buffalo American Gold
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo
  • Rectangular Dragon Gold Coin
  • The Australian Lunar Year Of The Tiger
  • Gold Desert Scorpion
  • Panda Gold Coin From China
  • Britannia Gold
  • Tudor Beasts
  • Gold Coin Of Little John
  • Krugerrand Gold Coin From Africa

Gold Bars

There are gold bars from different mints. And you can buy the gold bars in different weights too. The mints are:

  • The Royal Canadian Mint
  • Valcambi
  • Geiger Edemetalle
  • Scottsdale Mint
  • Perth Mint
  • Royal Mint, Etc.

Silver Coins

The list of silver coins is down below:

  • The American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maples
  • The Chinese Silver Panda
  • Colorized Silver
  • Silver Kangaroo From Australia
  • Perth Miner’s Australian Kookaburra
  • The Silver Lunar Series
  • British Silver Britannia, And So On.

Silver Bars

The company sells silver bars in a variety of mints and sizes. They range in price from fractional silver bars to kilo and hundred-ounce silver bars. If you desire a hand-poured silver bar, you can get one here.


Platinum coins and bars can be purchased alongside silver and gold bullion at a good price. Platinum is more uncommon than gold and silver. Thus the collection is smaller as well.

Silver Gold Bull Review

The firm has received multiple positive evaluations on various third-party websites.

Silver Gold Bull is rated 4.6/5 on this website by customers. The business is ranked number four among gold sites.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB accredited the Silver Gold Bull and is rated with an A+, the highest rating for any firm on the BBB website.

Discover Bullion Prices

The last review on this site was in 2021. There is an approximate rate on this site by customers. But most of the reviews are pretty good.


Is Silver Gold Bull genuine? Yes. The company offers a variety of services and goods for purchases, and they are a reputable company that sells certified items and RCM collectibles in the process. You’ll be able to make a significant profit from their accumulation.

Silver Gold Bull is dedicated to protecting and preserving its clients’ identities. You will be able to select precious metals in various forms using them. Regardless of global economic conditions, you will be able to obtain a decent distribution of metals. When investing in precious metals, you can never be too cautious. All sorts of things make a company trustworthy and the products worth a chance.

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