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SD Bullion has been involved in the precious metals industry for a long time. The firm was founded in 2012. Therefore, this year marks its tenth anniversary. As a result, we can rightly state that SD Bullion is an old hand in the metal industry. The organization provides a wide range of services to its devoted consumers. The firm presently serves over 200,000 consumers in the United States as a metal dealer.

Is SD Bullion Legit?  Is SD Bullion a reputable company?  You’ll have to read the S D Bullion reviews compiled here to find out all you need to know about this precious metals company.

In the United States, thousands of firms offer various gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals online. However, most of them do not provide IRS-approved bullion goods to accompany them. And this is why we suggest looking for a company with optimal reviews and a good name in the precious metals industry.

As a result, SDBullion enters the picture. The firm has received several accolades and awards within the first ten years of operation. The firm is not a fraud; it has many accounts and is recognized for outstanding performance by the Better Business Bureau.

Advisory:  Before you continue reading my SD Bullion review, know that they offer a product that we whole heartedly advocate to protect your wealth.  That product is a precious metals IRA.  Before investing with any company, read our list of the best gold IRA companies.

Did SD Bullion Make the list?  

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Silver Doctors is the acronym for the firm, which was founded in 2012. So the company’s name is Silver Doctors Bullion. On its website,, the corporation typically offers gold and silver. A gold dealer’s online collection of gold and silver metals is somewhat restricted. They do, however, sell one-ounce and one-kilo bars at the lowest feasible prices. The company was founded by the same people who first started the Silver Doctors Network. SD Bullion is a part of this network, to begin with.

The firm has a distinguished history and setting, and they claim in their ads to be educated about the items they provide and the metals industry in which they are now engaged. As a result, they will supply enough information on the things they enlist. The organization also provides a variety of precious metals at both low and high prices.

JM Bullion vs. SD Bullion is usually something you’ll see people mutter, because they are close competition and are both considered to be a knowledgable bullion dealer.

SDBullion is well-known for its gold bars, including low-cost and 9999 pure gold bars. Mints such as the Royal Canadian Mint, Istanbul Gold Refinery, PAMP Suisse, and others make gold bars. Unlike other dealers, the firm has a limited selection of branded bars.

Two doctors formed the SD Network with one dream to educate the general public about gold and silver metals and their numerous applications. Continuing the pattern, SD Bullion began its voyage in 2012. Initially, phone calls were used to make sales on their location. Thus, their motto was, “Nothing fancy. Just a Phone and Low Prices”. The cheap pricing was intended for various precious metals, and orders required a phone call.

The firm has one billion dollars in revenue and has been selected to the Inc. 500 Magazines list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States of America for the past two years. And from 2013 until the present, the firm has remained committed to selling gold and silver bullion at inexpensive rates. As a result, SD Bullion presently has an official website location.

Where is SD Bullion Located?

Tyler Wall established the firm in Ottowa Lake, Michigan. Tyler Wall is now the CEO and president of Executive Management of Operations, and Chase Turner oversees management and marketing and more options. The Better Business Bureau has recognized the organization, and it has received over 50,000 reviews and sign on various third-party websites.

Products At Absolute Lowest Prices By SD Bullion

The firm has numerous items to work properly, which are shown on the website as a first priority and thus, they remain staying true to their businesses. All items are classified into different degrees and frequently give pure metal. The corporation sells silver, gold, and platinum.


ira aproved silver

SD Bullion provides silver rounds, coins, and bars. So here we are, with various sizes and sorts of silver items and their additional information.

Silver Coins 

The coin dealers arm offers twelve distinct silver coins to get you started, and the list is far longer than we can describe in writing measure. As a result, we recommend visiting the company’s official website.

  1. American Silver Eagle: these coins are minted by the US mint. SD Bullion offers general and graded proof, monster boxes, and commemorative silver eagles. These coins are 99.99% pure silver.
  1. The Silver Maple Leaf: The company offers four different Royal Canadian Mint coins. You’ll find the Birds of Prey series, the Predator series, etc.
  1. 90% junk silver: SD Bullion sells 90% silver dimes, quarters, constitutional silver, half dollars, and silver dollars. The junks are based on the rate of the bullion content present.
  1. Silver Dollars: Morgan Silver Dollars and Peace Silver Dollars are sold. These coins were minted before 1965 and are often considered rare coins.
  1. America the Beautiful: There are thirteen coins on this list. ATB coins, burnished ATB coins, and the 2010–2021 ATB coin collection are available for sale.
  1. African Silver Coins: South African Krugerrand and Somalian Elephant Silver coins are listed as African silver coins.
  1. Australian Perth Mint: there are six different coins available on this site. Kangaroo silver coins, Koala silver coins, Emu silver coins, and next-generation coins are available for sale.
  1. Austrian Philharmonics: There are no Philharmonic coins available on the site, and the coins are the silver counterparts of the Philanthropic gold coins.
  1. British Royal Mint Silver Coins: silver Britannia, silver Tudor, Queen’s Beast, and other British coins are available for sale.
  1. Chinese Silver Panda: SD Bullion has listed thirty-six silver Pandas on this site. The list starts in 2009 and can be found up to 2021.
  1. New Zealand Silver Coin: There are forty-seven different New Zealand coins listed. Tokelau Hakula Barracuda coins are one of the most renowned ones.

Silver Rounds  

Rounds are made of pure metal, and they do not have any face value, unlike coins. The silver rounds are mostly collected and invested for the long-term collection of a series.

  1. Fractional Silver Rounds: fourteen fractional rounds are starting from 1/10 ounces to 12 ounces in size.
  1. Silver Rounds: There are fifty-two silver rounds listed on this site. One-ounce silver Buffalo rounds, Molon Labe silver rounds, etc., are available.
  1. 2-ounce silver Rounds: there are forty items listed on this site. The Walking Liberty half-dollar tribute and the Gun Powder Plot medal tribute are some of the well-known ones.
  1. Five-ounce Silver Rounds: There are eight items listed on this site. And if we have to mention it, the Aztec Calendar Silver and Scottsdale Silver Stacker are the famous ones in SD Bullion.
  1. On the SD Bullion site are listed the following: Intaglio Mint Silver Rounds, Sniper Silver Rounds, and New Jersey Silver Rounds.

Silver Bars  

There are seven different silver bars listed on the site.

  1. One ounce silver bar: There are seventeen different one-ounce bars on the list, and the SD Bullion Proclaim Liberty bar of one ounce is mentioned here.
  1. 5-ounce Silver Bar: eight of these bars are listed on the SD Bullion site. Tombstone Silver nugget bar is the Tombstone Silver Nugget Bar.
  1. The 10-ounce silver bar: Twenty-seven items are listed as the 10-ounce silver bars. PAMP SUISSE bars and even the Christmas Tree cast bar are on the list.
  1. Twelve silver kilo silver bars are listed on SD Bullion. A 15-kilo silver bar would be worth around eleven thousand dollars.
  1. 100-ounce bars: A hundred-ounce generic bar will set you back at around $2500.There are sixteen hundred-ounce bars listed on SD Bullion.
  1. 1000-ounce silver bar: There are forty 1000-ounce silver bars listed on the site. These are all COMEX bars worth around twenty thousand dollars or more.
  1. Gram Silver Bars: These bars range in weight from 100 grams to 1000 grams. The rate of the six-gram bars on the SD Bullion site varies with the metal weight.


1 oz gold coins

Gold is one of the world’s most valuable precious metals. If a person considers metals as the leading investment, they will go toward gold. Platinum and palladium are rare and costly metals. On the other hand, gold has frequently been regarded as a standard. SD Bullion’s website features gold coins and gold bars.

Gold Coins 

On the website, there are nine distinct gold coins mentioned. All of these coins are offered at the lowest possible price.

  1. American Gold Eagle: these coins are available on every possible piece. For example, you’ll find both the proof, pre-33, commemorative, and regular ounce gold Eagles on the SD Bullion site.  Read more about them here.
  1. The Gold Maple Leaf, the Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf, and the Call of the Wild coin are available for sale.  Read more on this page.  
  1. There are twenty-one gold buffalo listed here and are defined as the first minted dates.
  1. Australian Gold Coins: Lunar Series, gold Kangaroo, etc., coins are available in SD Bullion.
  1. There are British Royal Mint coins, including the Gold Britannia, Tudor Coins, and the other Queens Beast Series.
  1. Chinese Gold Panda: thirty Chinese Gold Panda are listed as hard assets. The mintage of the Chinese Panda starts in 1986 and runs through 2021. The design of Panda has changed over the years.

Gold Bars

If we mention SD Bullion as a precious metals dealer relates more to customer experience, we have to include gold bars and how they take pride in offering the lowest possible price on gold bars. There are three different criteria for the gold bars:

  1. There are forty-one-gram gold bars listed on the SD Bullion site currently. The bars are collected from refineries and mints like Istanbul Gold Refinery, PAMP Suisse, Valcambi, etc. The weight of the gold bars starts at one gram.
  1. One ounce Gold Bars: twenty-one gold bars are listed on the site. Credit Suisse, Perth Mint, PAMP Suisse, Royal Canadian Mint, Istanbul Gold Refinery, Valcambi, etc., mint bars are available as a one-ounce bars.
  1. Five-ounce Gold Bars: There are seven products listed on this page. This might be one of the most expensive pages, to begin with. Still, if you compare a 10-ounce gold bar with the rate of SD Bullion, they still offer the lowest rate.
Make sure you read our page about the top gold bars for investors to see which ones from this list are worth investing in.  


The SD Bullion website sells five different types of platinum coins as well as a bar. Platinum Eagle from the United States, Platinum Maple Leaf from the Royal Canadian Mint, and World Platinum Coins are available. And there are twenty-five platinum bars mentioned on the website, and the majority of the bars are PAMP Suisse.

IRAs with SD Bullion

The firm has organized its products based on Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) investments data. However, the firm will only operate as a precious metals dealer. As a result, they list custodians from which clients can select.

  • GoldStar Trust
  • New Direction Trust
  • Provident Trust
  • Entrust Group
  • Kingdom Trust
  • Equity Institutional

The Delaware Depository works mainly as the depository for the custodians, but they might vary. SD Bullion offers storage vaults for metals, the facility is segregated, and the annual rate differs.

For Gold and Platinum: 0.29%

For Silver: 0.39%.

We’ve also compiled a report of the top companies in the Gold IRA space.  It’s worth a look if you are looking to diversify your assets and get into precious metals.

The Buy-Back Program of SD Bullion

Clients can take advantage of repurchase schemes offered by the organization even in their ads and data. First, you must call their customer service department and negotiate a cost to accept. Then you email it to them, and they’ll give you the money within three days. You must sell at least one ounce of gold, platinum, or palladium. In the case of silver, you must purchase at least twenty ounces at once to accept it. The selling price is displayed on the SD Bullion website and fluctuates with the spot market.

Third-Party Review Site on SD Bullion

Various sites worldwide graded the firm that the doctors started to rate their services based on feedback from potential buyers. Here are some SD Bullion reviews and ratings.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) 

The Better Business Bureau has given the firm a rating of 4.8/5 for its original mission. SD Bullion has once again been BBB accredited since 2014. On this website, there are over 600 reviews.


This site has a rating of 4.26/5 based on 286 reviews of its services. According to the dialogue, the firm has the highest product value evaluations.


On Trustpilot, there are over 2,000 reviews and ratings for SD Bullion. This third-party review source has also verified them. The organization has a total rating of 4.6/5, which is considered the best customer experience overall. Approximately 82 percent of the ratings rated them as “great.” Most of the complaints were regarding the delivery company rather than the metal dealer.

SD Bullion Fake?

There are reports of fake gold and silver sales, but I believe those to be completely false.  There would be an SD Bullion lawsuit that I’d find if that was the case.  I’m not seeing anything.

Is SD Bullion a Legitimate Company?

Yes, by all my reports, it’s 100% selling precious metals in a legit manner.


Is SD Bullion a scam? We are confident in concluding that they are not a fraud and hopefully conveyed that in our SDbullion review. Instead, they are an honest company that has been in operation for almost a decade. The firm has a strong online presence and offers low-cost precious metals with rapid success. As a result, they are frequently regarded as consumers for purchasing precious metals and making long-term investments. However, your requirements may differ from the apparent, so contact the firm for precise support and guidance.

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