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Scotsman Coin and Jewelry Review

The global economy has been steadily declining and heading towards a recession for the last few years. It seems like only a matter of time before the world’s financial markets experience a meltdown similar to that of the cryptocurrency industry.

As such, shrewd investors have been looking for alternative ways to invest their funds and safeguard their financial future. Precious metals have emerged as a possible haven for investors in 2023. As a result, many gold dealers have started to come out of the woodwork.

This situation provides plenty of options for investors to choose from. However, this also makes it a lot more difficult to decide which precious metals dealer is legitimate and which one is a scam. This is why I decided to create this Scotsman Coin and Jewelry review.

If you are considering diversifying your portfolio by investing in precious metals, read this article and find out if Scotsman Coin and Jewelry is the right choice for you.

Why We Cover Scotsman Coin & Jewelry

Before we go any further, you may be wondering why you need this review when you already know a lot about the precious metals industry. Well, when it comes to buying and selling items in the gold and silver industry, the level of risk is often very high.

Many experienced investors have lost their hard-earned money because of putting their trust in the wrong gold dealer. If you look at any major U.S. city, such as St. Louis, MO, for example, you will find that there are many precious metals retail stores and online platforms that are available for investors to consider.

Without the right guidance, there is a high chance that you will fall for the glitz and glamour that often hides some of these illicit organizations. I know from personal experience just how difficult it can be to verify the credentials and trustworthiness of a gold dealer, which is why I have used all my expertise to give you useful information about Scotsman Coin and Jewelry.

For this reason, I set up a page that features all of the most reputable gold companies.

About Scotsman Coin and Jewelry

Investing in the precious metals industry isn’t as simple as walking up to the first gold and silver dealer you come across and buying the bullion that you want. It can be a very complex process, which is why you need companies such as Scotsman Coin and Jewelry.


The history of Scotsman Coin and Jewelry dates back to the 1970s when Robert Woodside founded this family-owned business. This gives this company around 50 years of expertise and knowledge about the precious metals industry.

Back then, the company was simply an outlet that traded and collected numismatics. It was a lot easier to purchase or sell gold or silver coins in those days, and Robert Woodside and his son John “Jay” Woodside managed to grow the business well.

Unfortunately, in 1982, the senior Mr. Woodside passed away, leaving his son to carry the mantle. The arrival of computers brought with it the Digital Age, and trading in precious metals changed a lot. Luckily, John “Jay” Woodside managed to adapt very quickly, and Scotsman Coin and Jewelry continued to grow into a gold and silver coins dealer that offered investors a reliable and unmatched experience.

Company Details

Today, the company’s headquarters is in St. Louis, MO 63141, where Scotsman Coin and Jewelry’s retail store is located.

Keeping up with modern times, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry operates both a physical store and an online auction platform used for selling items such as gold and silver coins and collectibles to a wider customer pool than ever before.

The mandate of the company is to buy and sell precious metals coins, bullion, and jewelry. If you take a look at the Scotsman Trading Sheet, you will see a wide range of valuable coin and jewelry items that would be ideal choices for investment.

Scotsman Coin and Jewelry is an active member of many professional organizations in the gold coin and jewelry industry, such as:

  • NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation)
  • PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)
  • PNG (Professional Numismatic Guild)
  • ANA (American Numismatic Association)

If you go online, you will be able to browse all of the company’s products that are often available at a competitive price, take part in the live auction, receive your auction invoice, and complete your transaction in the comfort of your own home.

The Team Behind Scotsman Coin and Jewelry’s Success

Just like back in the day when the leadership, knowledge, and experience of Robert Woodside were what propelled this company forward, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry relies very heavily on its team of dedicated staff members today.

The following are some of the senior members responsible for the success of this establishment:

John “Jay” Woodside – President

As the son of the founder of Scotsman Coin and Jewelry, John “Jay” Woodside has done a fantastic job of keeping his father’s legacy alive. The knowledge and expertise that he has developed ever since he began trading with his father in 1977 are unmatched. He is a proud member of many prestigious organizations in the industry, with very high levels of experience in grading, evaluation, and numismatic authentication.

Julie Crawford – Chief Executive Officer

Running the day-to-day business of the company is CEO Julie Crawford. She has an honors degree in business administration and management from the University of Missouri, as well as the unique privilege of a lifetime of working in the precious metals and collectibles industry with her family. The financial planning and accounting duties in the Scotsman Coin and Jewelry company are her main responsibilities.

Robert Koziatek – Manager and Numismatist

As the numismatist and manager of Scotsman Coin and Jewelry, Robert Koziatek is responsible for the valuation of collectibles, as well as the daily face-to-face interactions with customers. He has done exceedingly well in this role, with his friendly and calm personality proving to be a winning combination with clients.

Andy Nugent – IRA Specialist

If you are looking for gold and silver coins that can be added to your individual retirement account, Andy Nugent, an IRA Specialist, is your man. With 10 years of corporate sales experience, Andy can give you valuable advice on managing retirement accounts based on precious metals bullion. He is always available to help you pick out the right bullion from the Scotsman Coin trading sheet to add to your portfolio.

How Scotsman Coin and Jewelry’s Retail Store Works

Scotsman Coin and Jewelry's Retail Store

If you want to browse through the products and buy precious metals bullion and jewelry, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry has a physical retail store in St. Louis and a website where you can either buy the items you want directly or join the auction, where you can bid for collectibles and receive an auction invoice if you are successful.

The same applies to selling your precious metals on the Scotsman Coin and Jewelry. If you have generic items for sale, you can sell them outright. However, if you feel that your products are unique, rare, or of superior quality, the best way to get a good price would be to auction them.

Scotsman Coin and Jewelry also tries to accommodate sellers who want their money quickly after an auction decision by offering them a quick settlement. They can choose to be paid just 30 days after the sale or take advantage of one of the favorable advancements offered by the company.

How to Contact Scotsman Coin and Jewelry

If you want to buy or sell precious metal bullion products, you can contact the Scotsman Coin and Jewelry team by calling 314-692-2646 or sending an email. The Scotsman Coin and Jewelry’s retail store is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT), and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at least. Wednesday is the day I do most of my investment planning, so such flexible operating hours appeal to me, as I’m sure they will to many investors.

Reviews and Complaints

While the company does not have Better Business Bureau accreditation, it does have an impressive A+ rating, which is a great sign that it is doing something right. The fact that Scotsman Coin and Jewelry also has zero complaints is something that gave me a lot of confidence.

It was interesting to note that the positive reviews were mainly about the company’s good prices. If you are thinking of investing but you only have a small budget to work with, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry may be the right solution for you.

The only concern is that for a company that has been in the industry for so many years, I expected to find a lot more reviews on BBB. It also does not have a listing on TrustPilot, which is another site that I trust when reviewing companies.

However, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry managed to redeem itself by having around 40 reviews on Yelp. Former customers had a lot of great things to say about Scotsman Coin and Jewelry, including its professionalism and customer service. It received an impressive four-star rating.

Out of 147 Facebook reviews Scotsman Coin and Jewelry had a rating of 4.7 stars, with many of the reviews praising the team for the good work it’s doing and the great prices.

Does the Company Offer Custodian and Storage Services?

While the company does have an IRA specialist to help you pick out the kind of bullion that can be a part of your retirement accounts, it does not offer any custodian services. If you buy precious metals from Scotsman Coin and Jewelry, you will have to get it delivered to a certified IRA custodian if you are investing in an IRA.

As for storage, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry do not have any depository or storage facilities that you can use. Again, you will have to send your bullion elsewhere after you complete the purchase, such as a bank’s safety deposit box or an IRS-approved depository.

Account Setup

Before you can buy your gold and silver coins and jewelry online from the Scotsman Coin and Jewelry website, you will have to set up your account. This will allow you to look at the Scotsman trade sheet, browse the items that are available for sale or auction, and place bids on the products you want.

The account setup is very easy, and while you are at it, you can join the Bullion Club, which will give you access to some great discounts on the precious metals you buy from the website.


Before you buy gold and silver items from Scotsman Coin and Jewelry, you need to be sure of your long-term objectives. Whether you want to purchase precious materials from your IRA, or you simply want to buy gold to safeguard your money, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry has a dedicated team that is ready to advise you.

With such personalized support, you can make the right purchases that will guarantee that your investment keeps growing in the years to come.


Since Scotsman Coin and Jewelry does not provide any storage facilities, one of the things you have to carefully consider is delivery. You can choose to keep your purchase at home, at the bank, or at a designated storage facility, but getting the items there safely is the important thing.

To give you peace of mind, Scotsman Coin and Jewelry provides insurance for all your items to make sure that you do not lose anything to destruction or theft during delivery. This is available to all customers who use either USPS Registered Mail or USPS Priority Mail, depending on the size of the items.

The Scotsman Trading Sheet

The Scotsman trading sheet is packed with a wide range of gold, silver, and platinum products that will be excellent choices for anyone who wants to diversify their investment portfolio.

These are some items that you can buy from USPS Scotsman Coin and Jewelry:

  • American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins
  • American Eagle, Gem Uncut Platinum
  • 2023 American Eagle Gold Coins
  • S. African Krugerrand, Gem Uncut Silver
  • American Buffalo Gold Coins
  • Armenia Noah’s Ark Gem Uncut Silver
  • GEM UNC Canadian Maple .9999 Silver
  • Australian Kangaroo, Gem Uncut Silver
  • UK Britannia Coins

Current Auction Highlights

If you would like to take part in the online auction instead of buying directly, you can consider any of the following products that are currently on auction:

  • China – 2019 and 2020 Moon Festival coins (one platinum, one titanium, and two silver) – all NGC MS-70/PR-70 Ultra Cameo
  • 1920 NGC MS-64+ CAC Half Dollars-Walking Liberty
  • 18K Yellow Gold Marchisio Necklace Jewelry-Pendants

Fees and Buyback Policy

When you look at the Scotsman trading sheet, the prices you see listed there are all you will have to pay. That is because the company does not charge any hidden fees or commissions. However, there is a $15 wire transfer fee that applies to all SD-IRA purchases.

While there is no buyback policy listed on the Scotsman Coin and Jewelry websites, customers can sell their coins, jewelry, or other collectibles to the company at any time using the current market value of the items.

Scotsman Coin and Jewelry Overview

There was a lot of information mentioned in this review, which might make it difficult to decide whether Scotsman Coin and Jewelry is the right fit for you. To make your choice easier, I have created the following overview of the main pros and cons you need to consider:


  • Over 40 years in the precious metal industry
  • No sales tax on precious metal purchases in Missouri
  • Transparent website
  • Unique items for sale
  • No hidden fees or commission
  • Huge selection of great products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Bullion Club membership


  • No buyback policy
  • Limited online reviews
  • No Better Business Bureau accreditation

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Final Verdict

There is a lot to be excited about if you are thinking about buying your precious metals from Scotsman Coin and Jewelry. This St. Louis company is setting the standard very high for other Missouri gold dealers and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to invest in gold, silver, and other precious metal collectibles.

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