Schiff Gold Review

Schiff Gold Review – Finding a Legal Precious Metals Dealer

People have always been interested in precious metals. Instead of assisting these individuals, dealers often try to take advantage of them.

Identifying this opportunity, financial analyst and investment broker Peter Schiff founded Schiff Gold to service customers honestly, in contrast to many others. This Schiff Gold review will test the claim’s validity by exploring its business operations.

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About Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff

He is widely regarded as a significant personality in finance, having worked in the field for many years. Schiff established the precious metals brokerage soon after the financial crisis to help clients looking for more protection than the ones traditional markets could offer.

The fact that Schiff Gold was one of the forerunners of the 2008 financial crisis that bankrupted so many American investors is a testament to the success of this business. 

An investment in gold and silver can frequently act as an alternative to inflation, according to the theory that led to the founding of Schiff’s brokerage. Due to their propensity to increase in value safely, precious metals also assist in balancing out the erratic nature of the real estate market.

The good news for people interested in Schiff Gold is that Peter Schiff has an outstanding reputation in the precious metals industry. He has a reputation for giving good advice and excellently interacting with clients. As a result of these traits, many people have credited him with rescuing them from financial ruin during periods of stock market turbulence.

What Is Schiff Gold?

Schiff Gold is a New York company that deals in precious metals and other services critical to such investments.

The business, which has many years of experience in the field, has become an expert in common coins and precious metals. It also provides services such as physical gold IRAs and precious metals storage.

However, Schiff Gold is constrained compared to those other precious metal dealers. This is a result of how it heavily relies on prices.

Due to this, Schiff Gold is a significant global marketer of the most sought-after bullion.

Previously Euro Pacific Precious Metals:

Until October 2014, Schiff Gold was known as Euro Pacific Precious Metals or simply Euro Pacific Metals.

What Services Does Schiff Gold Offer?

Precious metals in the form of physical gold bars, coins, and bullion are the company’s top-selling items within a range of goods and services offered by Schiff Gold. It will assist you in getting the best price, whether you are attempting to sell or buy precious metals.

Numismatic coins are not available due to various reasons. These coins are great for collectors who wish to own them, but portfolio diversifiers shouldn’t choose them. Schiff Gold does not provide them as a result. The business deals in other metals, such as Platinum, Palladium, and Barter metals.

Schiff Gold offers the following services:

Purchase and Sale of Precious Metals

Schiff Gold offers a lot of information and direction to aid your decisions as a novice precious metals investor. The organization can assist you in getting a fair deal for your investment if you currently own gold and want to sell it.

Precious Metals IRA

Investors can open a precious metals IRA with Schiff Gold just as conventional IRAs. Additionally, you can convert your 401(k) investment into a precious metals IRA, roll over your previous IRA to a new one, or add precious metals to your current IRA.

Safe Storage

Safe storage
To safeguard your precious metals investment, Schiff Gold collaborates with local and international vault firms. There are also arrangements available if you want a full-security vault facility at your house.

Precious Metals Specialist: Research and Analysis

Concerning precious metals markets, Schiff Gold assists clients in staying current. Investors can obtain historical commentary records, real-time pricing updates, and the FAQ section by following the company on social media.

Steps to Buying Precious Metals

The entire purchasing process consists of only four steps. 

First, you should get in touch to speak with a precious metals specialist.

Experts will describe the company’s goals, prospective gains from investment, and the current state of the precious metals market. 

The discussion will involve your current investment portfolio, financial situation, and long-term objectives. 

They will make recommendations for your order based on this data. You can place the order afterward.

Your phone call or chat with the specialist will sort out several requirements. After assisting you in making your choice, they will send you an email with the order information.

The final step is to complete the order payment after receiving this confirmation email. There are two popular payment methods: check and bank wire transfer.

After receiving the money, the firm will ship the metals. While wire transfers typically clear in less than 24 hours, checks take five business days to process.

The business handles the final stage and ships your order to you. All you have to do is figure out where it will be delivered.

You’ll receive an order confirmation once the money is processed.

Selling Precious Metals

Selling Precious Metals

Numerous businesses offer to purchase precious metals from those who urgently need to liquidate their holdings. Whether the precious metals were acquired through their business or not, Schiff Gold offers to buy them from anyone.

Ask a sales agent whether Schiff Gold will buy your goods if they are something the company does not currently have in its marketplace.

Steps to Selling Your Metals

Contact the business and explain what you’re selling. You can contact us via phone, email, or live chat service.

A representative of the business, who can help you with the procedure, will be put in touch with you. They will either provide you with a price quote for the precious metals you are selling or inform you that the company is currently unable to purchase them.

The metals now have to be shipped after packaging. Your package must be insured to enable you to receive reimbursement if it gets lost in the mail.

Another alternative is to physically deliver the metals to one of several domestic and international destinations.

The business will send you the indicated price by check or bank wire transfer once the precious metals have arrived.

Company Standards

Information on Schiff Gold’s website is taken directly from Peter Schiff. The business runs on his personal and investment philosophies. He says he wants to sell precious metals at fair prices to enable people to use them as an inflation hedge.

Regardless of the quantity of their transaction, the company’s experts are dedicated to treating everyone with respect. When buying, both authenticity and purity levels are ensured.

Competitive pricing is a company standard, but as prices are not posted on the internet, it is difficult to assess how competitive the pricing is. According to Peter Schiff, the following procedures help to keep costs down:

  • Instead of investing heavily in advertising, the business relies on Peter Schiff’s reputation and online presence to bring in consumers.

  • The business buys metals in large quantities at a discount, which enables them to sell the products to clients at a price that is much closer to market value.

The reliability of the items is a further need for the organization. No products that Peter Schiff considers to be dangerous investments are offered for sale by Schiff Gold. Because collectibles and coins are exposed to major market issues, they will never sell them.

Furthermore, the business rejects high-pressure sales as well. The salespeople don’t try to pitch things to get bigger commissions. Instead, they provide a range of products based on your financial situation and investment objectives. The group will respond to your inquiries concerning the market.

Peter Schiff claims that the entire corporate team is comprised of individuals that are enthusiastic about investing in gold and silver coins. They are dedicated to the business model that enables them to assist clients in diversifying their portfolios as opposed to pursuing huge commissions. However, they will also offer you suggestions regarding the percentage of your investment portfolio that should be allocated to precious metals.

Long-term client relationships are highly valued by each team member. The business aims to establish long-lasting one-on-one connections. Whether it’s your first or hundredth purchase, a professional will be there to help you through it, similar to how you will have a specialist at your side during the process of setting up a precious metals IRA.

The setup will be streamlined with their assistance to make things as simple as feasible. You’ll pay a yearly storage fee and get updates on the metals’ value in return.

Schiff Gold’s Shipping Partners And Duration

One of the following shipping and transportation businesses is used by Schiff Gold:

  • The U.S. government postal service corporation

  • The United Parcel Service, UPS Shipping Company

  • FedEx Corporation

Order processing often takes one to two days, while shipment usually takes two to four days. The business also exports its goods. Another crucial point is that orders paid for with bank wire transfers clear and ship faster than those paid for with checks.

What Makes Schiff Gold Different?

The market’s most affordable prices for precious metals, according to Schiff Gold. This business offers investors the most well-known liquid bullion products for investors.

Schiff Gold makes the option of keeping precious metals in home safes available to investors rather than with a custodian. Competitors typically do not offer this service.


On its official website, Schiff Gold doesn’t mention the costs associated with its services. To help them choose the best investment option, potential investors interested in dealing in precious metals with the organization can get in touch with an expert.

Upon completion, the investor receives an email with details such as the total investment, the fees charged, package insurance details, and shipping details.

Is Schiff Gold Trustworthy?

Is Schiff Gold Trustworthy?

Schiff Gold is a trustworthy business. The reputation of Peter Schiff and his philosophy on investing in precious metals. However, the company has received conflicting evaluations.

Despite not having a BBB accreditation, Schiff Gold has been in business for over 10 years. It says a lot about the legitimacy and dependability of the service provider.

Finding a Schiff Gold review online is rare. This situation is challenging when you want to learn anything about the business from its current and former clients.

Pros & Cons of Schiff Gold


  • The business uses a framework influenced by competitive pricing.

  • It has an enticing buyback plan.

  • There are dependable and secure storage options. These include home safes and vaults.

  • There’s a possibility of paying with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash.


Although Schiff Gold has been on the market for over 10 years, there aren’t enough reviews of the business. You also won’t find a Schiff Gold review on Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau, with just a few ratings on Google and Yellow Pages (BBB). Schiff Gold has no information on Trustlink and is not BBB-accredited.  For this reason, we urge you to view our top 5 gold IRA companies and find one that’s been thoroughly vetted.

Only a few client testimonials exist on the company’s website. The company’s failure to list its precious metals prices on the internet is another peculiar aspect. To obtain a buy quote, potential investors must speak with a company representative.

The corporation indeed benefits from Peter Schiff’s solid reputation in the market. However, it’s challenging to determine whether Schiff Gold does offer a fair price structure because there aren’t any impartial reviews available.

Conclusion of Schiff Gold Review

Several gold companies handle the business you should work with and is the one that best understands your demands as a client.

This Schiff Gold review can help you make the best selection if you want corporate steadiness.

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