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Safeguard Metals Review: Revealing the Truth Behind the Wealth Management Company

Investing is a serious business, especially when your hard-earned savings and retirement accounts are at stake. Safeguard Metals, a known name in the precious metals industry, was once a beacon for those seeking to enrich their portfolio with gold and silver products.

However, it is currently facing uncertainty as it is entangled in allegations of making misleading statements and legal complications, casting a shadow over its reputation.

When making investments, it’s crucial to avoid being deceived by offers that seem too good to be true, such as the promise of the direct delivery of physical bullion or the appeal of Gold and Silver American Eagle coins.

In this review of Safeguard Metals, we will uncover the truth behind their polished image and shed light on the recent challenges experienced by this wealth management company.

A prudent investor knows to check beneath the surface. As we delve into the world of Safeguard Metals LLC, you will glean insights into whether it’s truly a full-service investment firm worthy of your trust or a cautionary tale in the securities industry.

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Digging Into the Identity of Safeguard Metals

Safeguard Metals logo

Now, what exactly is Safeguard Metals? Despite emphasizing the importance of investing on its website, the company provides limited information about its identity.

It presents itself as a wealth management company, claiming to have a team of dedicated financial professionals focused on cultivating investments. However, the lack of transparency raises questions and leaves room for skepticism.

The main appeal of Safeguard Metals is its supposed expertise in handling precious metals and offering gold and silver products for retirement accounts.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that its claim of having a team of investment advisors is not entirely accurate. Most of its staff consists of sales agents whose primary focus is closing deals rather than providing qualified financial guidance.

Furthermore, Safeguard Metals emphasizes its strict adherence to IRC Section 408(m)(3) and the regulations set by the U.S. Treasury Department regarding precious metals transactions.

It proudly highlights its commitment to maintaining a regularly updated Anti-money Laundering Compliance Program, which the company considers a testament to its ethical operations within the securities industry.

Regardless, allegations of misleading investors and mishandling retirement fund rollovers cast a shadow over this positive image. As we delve into this review, we’ll approach it cautiously, looking to unravel the uncertainties and uncover the genuine nature of Safeguard Metals LLC.

Safeguard Metals: Reliable Investment or Risky Business?

When examining Safeguard Metals’ reputation closely, doubts about its legitimacy naturally arise. While the company may have a few positive reviews and claims that it provides services to customers, there are lingering concerns about its professional conduct.

Safeguard Metals currently holds an unfavorable F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and its accreditation has been revoked. This rating reflects a significant level of dissatisfaction and unresolved matters, creating a concerning portrayal of the company.

Moreover, the company has attracted accusations of ignoring customer complaints, prompting legal actions and widespread negative reviews.

The Company’s Track Record

Upon closer examination, specific company operations patterns emerge, triggering concerns and raising red flags. These include:

  • Failing to fulfill metals orders.

  • Levying excessive fees.

  • Showcasing a pattern of dishonest behavior.

Safeguard Metals also stands accused of making false and misleading statements about its services and products.

Making a promise of a mere 4% markup while actually charging over 60%, or using the prospect of an imminent economic collapse to encourage customers to transition to precious metals, raises significant ethical and honesty concerns.

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A Matter of Perspective

Determining whether Safeguard Metals is a scam can be subjective, as it depends on the individual’s interpretation of the term.

While customers have received the precious metals they purchased for their IRAs, the methods used to carry out these transactions raise concerns and provoke skepticism.

Safeguard Metals is currently facing substantial fraud charges amounting to millions, which have yet to be proven in court. The allegations against the company are numerous, ranging from misrepresentation of its capabilities and assets to engaging in false marketing practices.

These charges are particularly problematic as many of the victims affected were individuals of retirement age who were looking to safeguard their futures.

In the realm of Safeguard Metals reviews, the overall perception leans towards the negative side. However, as an investor, it is essential to approach cautiously and thoroughly examine all aspects of a potential investment advisor before making any commitments.

This serves as a valuable reminder of the significance of conducting proper due diligence.  We’ve found many companies such as Gold Alliance review and First National Bullion.

Safeguard Metals: A Deep Dive into Customer Complaints

In the past three years, the Safeguard Metals review landscape has been tainted by a total of 12 customer complaints, with eight of them cropping up within the last year.

The company’s lack of response to these complaints is a more problematic detail, revealing a concerning disregard for customer concerns.

Communication Breakdown

A recurring complaint features customers feeling ignored by Safeguard Metals. One such case involved an investor who couldn’t reach anyone at the company after their initial contact was fired.

Despite leaving multiple voicemails, the customer’s calls remained unreturned, and yet the bills kept coming.

Precious Metals, but No Access

Another bothersome issue reported by clients revolves around the inability to access their precious metals.

Some customers who had invested in precious metals IRA faced obstacles when attempting to liquidate their assets, as they encountered difficulties with the company’s representatives.

Additionally, certain customers found it nearly impossible to contact the company after it terminated its relationship with Equity Institutional, the previous custodian of their accounts.

These unresolved complaints leave customers frustrated and warn others against doing business with Safeguard Metals.

Unfulfilled Promises

Investors have voiced their dissatisfaction with Safeguard Metals regarding alleged false promises. A common complaint revolves around the challenges customers encounter when attempting to sell their precious metals.

Despite being assured of a smooth liquidation process, the actual experience has been far from it. This discrepancy has led to an official complaint filed with the SEC and resulted in fraud charges being brought against the company.

Hard-sell Tactics

The interactions between customers and Safeguard’s sales agents further degrade the company’s reputation. Complaints have emerged regarding the use of aggressive and high-pressure sales tactics, leaving customers feeling manipulated.

One customer shared their experience of being convinced by a salesperson to open an account without fully comprehending the consequences, leading to an unwanted commitment.

Though Safeguard Metals responded to this specific complaint, its customers are still bothered by the company’s aggressive sales tactics and inadequate responses to their concerns.

Overall, the Safeguard Metals review landscape paints a worrisome picture of a company allegedly misleading investors and neglecting their concerns.

These recurring issues suggest a need for caution when dealing with Safeguard Metals, highlighting the importance of conducting thorough research before engaging with any investment adviser.

The Legal Quagmire of Safeguard Metals

This company found itself in hot water back in 2020. Minnesota, known to be the sole state with specific limits on precious metals sales, took action against the company. 

The case revolved around Safeguard Metals’ disregard for regulations requiring the proper legal paperwork and the mandated registration with the Department of Commerce for selling precious metals. 

Its lapse led to a hefty $10,000 fine and a stern warning to follow the state’s laws moving forward.

However, Minnesota’s issues were just the beginning. In 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) swooped in with fraud charges against Safeguard Metals and its owner, Jeffery Santulan. 

Furthermore, the accusation paints a concerning picture, with the company and Santulan allegedly scamming millions of dollars from vulnerable investors, specifically those who are elderly, retired, or near retirement.

Santulan was charged with masquerading as an investment adviser and enticing individuals to put their money in Safeguard Metals. The company, it seems, was not all it claimed to be. 

Safeguard fraudulently marketed itself as a full-service investment firm and is accused of misleading investors through false statements about its operational size, managed assets, markups, and commissions. 

Moreover, the company’s actual capabilities and offerings appear to differ significantly from the image it projected, raising concerns about its credibility and transparency.

In a shocking revelation, Safeguard Metals charged customers as high as 64%, which starkly contrasts with the 4% – 42% range they claimed to impose.

Also, none of the company’s sales agents possessed licenses as investment advisers or securities agents, exacerbating concerns about their qualifications and expertise.

One crucial point to remember is that these charges are not just accusations. The legal proceedings are still underway. It’s prudent for potential investors to exercise patience and monitor the unfolding SEC case before considering any investment in Safeguard Metals.

Safeguard Metals’ journey has been fraught with legal issues, from paperwork mishaps to allegations of fraudulent marketing. Therefore, it’s essential to remember these facts when considering investment opportunities involving precious metals or other types of securities.

Exploring Safeguard Metals' Product Range

Precious Metals IRA

Safeguard Metals promotes itself as a trustworthy source of high-grade precious metals, boasting a range of sought-after items such as Gold Maple Leafs, Gold American Eagles, Silver American Eagle, and more.

The company affirms that it partners with respected mints to deliver first-rate gold and silver products to its patrons.

However, it’s noteworthy that the specifics regarding pricing and available inventory aren’t easily accessible on the company’s website.

To provide a clearer picture of its offerings, Safeguard Metals implores potential customers to fill out an online form to obtain a complimentary Gold IRA guide. This guide supposedly contains a detailed catalog of their products, thus helping investors make informed decisions.

Precious Metals IRA Services

In addition to physical bullion, Safeguard Metals also offers precious metal IRA accounts. It outlines a suite of services ranging from setting up these accounts to assisting in purchasing and safely storing precious metals.

Also, the company claims that this offers tax-advantaged investing options for those seeking to diversify their portfolios with gold and silver assets.

Educational Resources and Guidance

Safeguard Metals also highlights its commitment to educating its customers. The website hosts numerous articles discussing the merits of investing in gold and silver.

Through this content, the firm attempts to guide its clients on securing the best possible deals when buying these precious commodities.

Website Functionality and User Experience

It’s important to note that the company’s website has seen criticism for its functionality. Specifically, the “Buy Now” feature reportedly directs users to open an app, suggesting that purchasing directly through the website might not be a seamless process.

Remember that while Safeguard Metals presents itself as a provider of top-tier gold and silver, it’s always wise to conduct thorough research and ensure that your investment decisions align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Safeguard Metals

Safeguard Metals, a notable entity in the precious metals market, presents a mixed bag of advantages and drawbacks for potential investors. In this section, we’ll dissect the pros and cons of choosing this company for your investment needs.


It positions itself as a player in the precious metals market. Moreover, its services are specifically tailored to IRA investors, offering gold and silver coins as primary investment options.


Despite its appeal, Safeguard Metals presents several issues that potential investors must keep in mind.

  • Limited product variety: This firm strictly offers gold and silver, limiting opportunities for investors interested in diversifying their portfolios with other precious metals or rare coins.

  • Unclear fee structure: The company does not readily disclose its fees and costs, requiring direct contact for such information. Moreover, this can be off-putting in a market that values transparency.

  • Online criticism: Safeguard Metals has faced its share of negative reviews, with allegations of charging higher-than-market prices and providing subpar customer service.

  • Lack of engagement: There are reports of the company ignoring client calls post-purchase and even claims of misleading investors.

  • Transparency issues: The absence of clear information about the company’s operation, its founders, and its partnerships can raise concerns for potential investors.

Given these factors, it is crucial for prospective clients to conduct thorough research and carefully weigh their options before committing to Safeguard Metals.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with the world of investors’ securities investments can be daunting, and companies such as Safeguard Metals present both opportunities and challenges.

It offers quality gold and silver products but allegedly misled investors with less-than-transparent business practices. Plus, its limited product variety and higher market prices are evident concerns.

Moreover, its mixed bag of reviews, sprinkled with a few positive ones, can’t counterbalance the unsettling reports of unsatisfactory service and potential fraud.

While the company may have once glimmered, its current state raises too many red flags. Retail investors deserve a transparent, reliable partner that safeguards not just metals but also their trust and finances.

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