Rust Rare Coin Review

Rust Rare Coin Review

Rust Rare Coin is a distinct online store established in 1996. They are a family owned business with an exceptional record of buying and selling rare coins. They also provide a selection of coins from all around the world, including most that are no longer available in circulation.

On top of its physical store located in Chicago, Rust Rare provides an online presence. That makes it simple for possible investors to look for their selection of items and find the ideal coins for their collection.

Are you a seasoned collector? Maybe you are just starting. Whatever the case, you are confident that Rust Rare has something to offer you. In fact, they pride themselves on their comprehensive variety and dedication to offering top-notch customer service.

This article will have a comprehensive and detailed Rust Rare review and will provide you with an inclusive overview of some of their strengths and weaknesses. After that, we hope you can confidently decide on which coin you plan to invest in and whether it is worth the amount of money, energy, and time needed to acquire.

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What is Rust Rare Coin?

Rare Coins

In case you didn’t know yet, Rust Rare creates a selection of rare coins and silver bullion. Some of them are extremely rare and valuable at the same time. As their name implies, they are a rare coin company with somewhat an extensive inventory. They have more than \$100,000 worth of rare coins in stock available for sale. That makes up for at least fifty percent of their inventory.

The company also concentrates on silver trading program, buying, and selling gold coin and silver bullion. They have all your mainstream rust coins, such as Buffalos and American Eagles, but they have the rarest coins, too, from the past.

Most of the older coins are super rare and in low quantities. That’s why Rust Rare genuinely believes it’s vital to follow rigorous grading standards for each coin. It guarantees all the rare coins available online are genuine and real.

Thus, they’ve decided to sell only graded coins. It’s a vital step because making sure of quality in coin grading is the initial step in guaranteeing what you’re receiving is the real deal.

Who Manages Rust Rare Coin?

Alvin E. Rust is the founder of Rust Rare. He has a comprehensive background in numismatics or the study of currency and coins. He’s been buying and selling rare coins since 1978. How cool is that?

For more than three decades, the company has specialized in the sale of rare and fine coins. Throughout this period, Rust Rare has established a status as the leading coin dealer in the United States. They focus on rare coins, but they also have comprehensive expertise in all kinds of precious metals.

The keys to their massive success are their dedication to their customers and their overall experience.

What We Like About Rust Rare

gold and silver oval case

Free grading photographs and reports

This is one of the critical reasons that shows Rust Rare is serious about the rare and precious metals business. The company is enthusiastic about providing customers with a free grading report on any coin and will present you with a photo of the coin in question.

That’s a crucial step as there are not enough details on how to judge what makes something great or bad when it comes to rarity. Likewise, it offers trust, authenticity, and getting the real deal about rare coins.

They accept credit cards

It has been believed that cash is king. However, rare coins are beyond all. They are easier to sell, purchase silver bullion, and trade and more expensive than cash of a certain value. It indicates it’s important that you have dependable sellers.

There should also be no reason why somebody wouldn’t take your hard-earned money and hard-earned savings with a credit card if they do take them. That indicates you’ll be able to buy something without too much risk.

Free shipping on all orders

This is one of the crucial aspects of the code of conduct for Rust Rare. It only indicates they like to be reasonable and cost-efficient. They like you to be able to trust them and understand they won’t overcharge or hold your coin without paying it back.

Not all rust coin companies provide free shipping on every order. That makes it a vital step in being credible and trustworthy.

Coins available for sale

Did you know that Rust Rare has different rarity coin levels for you to choose from? The first is the MS70—a premium coin. You will find a plethora of these coins for sale on their official website, making it simple for you to pick one.

If you’re not interested in getting this coin, don’t worry because there are many valuable and rare coins for you to choose from.

On top of that, Rust Rare Coin provides numismatic coins, which nearly look as good externally but might have data that’s a bit off or some flaws. Those are referred to as F12 (uncirculated) coins.

There are also some coins in the lower grades, but the value lowers substantially. It’s vital to buy coins graded by a reliable grading company so you understand the grade is correct.

Clean and shiny at all times

Take note that Rust Rare Coin is a firm that believes in giving back to the community. They will equip you with the skill to know if the coin you’re purchasing is fake or real.

The initial step in making sure a rare coin is real is the company that grades it. Another thing they do is provide free shipping on every rare coin and have assured you your coin will come within thirty days of payment.

It’s vital to make sure that an online rare coin store is trusted. There are instances when rare coins are sold cheaper elsewhere. You like to trust that the rare coins in the store you buy from have decent reviews and have comprehensive inventory, and will fairly deal with you.

What Can Be improved at Rust Rare Coin

Customer service

One thing that we wish Rust Rare could improve is its customer service. It’s annoying how Rust Rare does not often respond to phone calls or emails promptly. They have their own website, but you can’t easily make an order over the phone.

What’s more, you’re supposed to send them an email with any concerns about their business or the coins they provide. It makes a huge issue for anyone who needs fast solutions and is a big turn-off.

Return policy

There’s also a minimal return policy with Rust Rare . That can be a concern as you might not be able to return the coin you received, especially if it’s not the grade you anticipated.

Furthermore, it causes more problems for them if rare coins sell elsewhere for a lower price but are graded in higher grades.

Lack of availability of specific coins

There’s no doubt that Rust Rare might have a broad spectrum of coins, but they may not always have the certain coin you’re seeking in stock. That can be extremely infuriating, especially if you’re trying to complete a collection or wish for a particular coin to add to the collection.

Is Rust Rare Legitimate?

There’s no doubt that the rare coin market is volatile, with fast up and down spikes. When handling coins, an investor must be aware of the commodity futures trading commission enforced by the SEC. The commission fee is often 0.1 percent of the coins’ value you own. Therefore, a small investment could easily increase to a substantial sum.

Rust Rare is a privately-owned precious metals company that specializes in rare coins. The firm defines itself as America’s premier rare coins buyer. The company started its operations in 1900, and its website describes its firm as one of the leading rare coin dealers in the country, along with an established reputation for honesty, integrity, and professional excellence.

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To sum up, we can tell that Rust Rare Coin is a firm that has many things to offer for rare coin investors and collectors alike. They have a broad spectrum of products available for sale.

There are some discussions about whether or not grading companies and other businesses are reliable. However, in any business, you will come across bad apples, and you cannot blame the entire company for that.

In other words, we would definitely suggest Rust Rare as far as valuable and rare coins are concerned. Still, their customer service could use some work.

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