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Royal Mint Bullion Review

The Royal Mint is a government-owned mint in the United Kingdom that operates under The Royal Mint Limited. The Royal Mint has a long history of producing thousands of bullion bars for the precious metals market. The corporation is not a traditional refinery; instead, it is linked to the Queen’s Treasury and serves as the premier source of British coinage in the precious metals industry.

The corporation specializes in precious metals bullion, commemorative coins, planchets, and medals. International markets and organizations also mention many Royal Mint items.

The Royal Mint was founded in 886, nearly 1130 years old. The London mint ultimately became the Royal Mint, with $80 million in assets and $600 million in revenue. Like Bullion by Post, several store brands have enrolled numerous Royal Mint coins, and bullion bars, too, are in high demand for their guarantee future financial performance. The Royal Mint website includes hundreds of goods and has been active for five years.

Here we are including some of the famous bullion produced by the Royal Mint.

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Gold Bullion

The Royal Mint maintains an extensive gold bullion collection, including gold bars and coins. These coins and bars are ideal for gold-backed ETFs, stock market investments, and IRAs.

Gold Bullion Coins

The Royal Mint of the United Kingdom contains a collection of pretty uncommon gold coins, and they also have a rare coin collection representing the company’s history and culture. The Royal Mint possesses one of the greatest collections of rare gold coins globally, as they have been around for an extended period.

  • 2021 Britannia Gold Coin 1 oz

The value of this 999.9 pure gold is over £800. Britannia 1 oz gold coins are a sign of security in the bullion gold market. These coins are also known as the world’s safest coins because of the spearhead technology and the fact that they are visually guarded. Philip Nathan created the Britannia, which shows the Britannia with the shield and union flag on the side, in 1987.

The Trident of Britannia’s left will morph into a padlock depending on the viewer’s perspective due to its conservative nature. Britain’s naval history is portrayed with the Trident in the left-hand corner. There is also a micro text on the coins which reads, “an ornament and a safeguard.”

Here are some facts about the Britannia Gold Coin:

  1. sizes of the coin: half an ounce, one ounce, tenth ounce, and a silver troy ounce counterpart.
  1. It has advanced security features involved.
  1. Surface animation is included in the coin.
  1. Micro text is security and decorative feature.
  1. Descus Et Tutamen is inscribed on the coin.
  • Lion of England, Royal Tudor Beasts

Hampton Court Palace’s lion guarding is the first coin in the Royal Tudor Beast collection. The lion is a sign of power, ferocity, and force, and therefore it symbolizes all of Henry V’s attributes. David Lawrence created the design inspired by the lion monument in Hampton Court Palace’s Moat Bridge. The Tudor beast coin is distinguished by its flowing mane and outstretched claws.

Her Majesty, the Queen of England, is represented on the obverse side. Jody Clark painted this picture of Queen Elizabeth. The Lion of England coin has the following features:

  1. crafted from 999.9 pure gold
  1. There is a surface animation in the background, making the lion much more surreal.
  1. Sizes include 1 troy ounce and 14 ounces.
  1. Silver and platinum counterparts of these coins are available.
  • The Royal Arms

This is a gold coin weighing 10 oz. With the Royal Arms coin, the Royal Mint portrayed Britain’s most popular emblem. The coin was created by Timothy Noad and featured the ruling monarch’s coat of arms. It might seem unsuitable for certain persons but maintains the same standards.

The emblem represents monarchy and power, and it was initially introduced in 2019. Although this bullion series is very young, the coin has had four distinct mint designs since 2019. The coins have a security feature incorporated into them. The following are some facts regarding Royal Arms gold coins:

  1. 1 ounce, 1/10 ounce
  1. A Celebration of British Royalty and Lineage
  1. Radial lines around the coins are security features.
  1. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth is on the obverse side.
  • Maid Marian Gold Coin

These coins honor the tale and myth of Robin Hood. Marian is also associated with Robin Hoods. Marian, a lady of importance and altitude, shared Robin’s aspirations. She gathered data on various topics and relayed it to the Hood family.

Marian is a member of Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest band of merry men, and you can buy bullion with Royal Mint. Marian, Robin Hood the legend, and Robin’s sidekick Little John are all included in the Robin Hood series. Marian is standing in the bush with an arrow on her back, as designed by Jody Clark. The following are the characteristics of the coin:

  1. 999.9 fine gold
  1. The second release from the Robin Hood Collection.
  • The Sovereign Gold Bullion Coin

These coins are constructed of 916.67 percent pure gold, and a single gold sovereign costs roughly £400. After the French Revolution and the collapse of Napoleonic times, the Sovereign coins are commonly referred to as the world’s King coinage. The coins, composed of 22-carat gold, were originally minted in 1817, so carefully consider the risks associated with the coins.

The Sovereign coins were created by Benedetto Pistrucci and represent St. George and the dragon. The emblem is well-known, and the currency is one of the Royal Mint’s showcase coins for investing in bullion taking into account. The Sovereign was endangered by the Ricardo Ingot plot, which resulted in an incident. But the coin survived and is now one of the precious metal bullion traded worldwide. The facts regarding gold sovereigns are:

  1. crafted from 22-karat gold
  1. The obverse side features Queen Elizabeth.
  1. It has unlimited mintage.

Gold Bullion Bars

Most of the Royal Mint Gold Bars are listed according to the size of the bars rather than the designs like the coins. The Royal Mint has a collection of kilobars and ounce gold bars.

  • The Britannia Gold Bar

Britannia is seen clutching a trident in her hand on this 999.9 pure gold bar. The bars are packaged in blister packs. Britannia has her Trident clenched and her gaze fixed on the sea. This illustration depicts how naval troops safeguard the shore and is a powerful symbol of strength and security.

Sizes: 10oz, 1g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g.

  • Gold-Casted Bars

If you’re looking to diversify your investment portfolio, the cast bars with bulk weights are suitable for you. These bars are made of 999.99 fine gold and have insurance with the Royal Mint Vault, where you can store the bars. The cast bars have the logo of the Royal Mint and a unique serial number.

Sizes: 500g, 1000g.

  • Three Graces Gold Bar

This gold bar is one of the featured products on the Royal Mint website. The bar is made up of 999.9 pure gold, and William Wyon RA did the design the bar. Here the bar depicts the daughters of Zeus as three nations: England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Sizes: 1 oz., 10 oz.

Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion

The silver bullion list mentions commemorative, ancient, and historic bars and bullion silver coins. Most of these products are the counterparts of gold but often come in different sizes.

Silver Bullion Coins

Here we are including some of the famous silver coins in the precious metals industry from the Royal Mint’s collection.

  • Queens Beast-White Greyhound of Richmond

The collection of ten coins from the Queen’s Beast was designed by Jody Clark, who was inspired by the ten beasts who stood guard during the Queen’s Coronation. The Beasts are a representation of bloodline, strength, and heritage. The earldom of Richmond was handed to Edmund Tudor, Henry V’s half-brother, and the Royal Arms later permitted him to use the Greyhound battalion.

Henry wore a crown composed of white and red roses, symbolizing the conclusion of the rose war between the Houses of Lancaster and York. The greyhound in the coin is clenching the Tudor rose, showing support.

  • Silver Britannia

Like its gold counterpart, the silver Britannia is well-known in its own right. The Britannia is one of the Royal Mint’s most famous designs, and it frequently represents England’s might. Philip Nathan developed these coins, which are regarded as one of the most secure in the world. The security sign for the coins is the micro text surrounding the coin.

Silver Bullion Bars

Here are some of the famous silver bars by the Royal Mint.

  • Silver Cast Bars

These coins are suitable to invest in in bulk. The coins are primarily available in 500g and 1000g, where the silver is 999.9 pure. These are also insured and can be kept in the Royal Mint Vault.

  • Three Graces Silver Bar

There are 100oz and 10oz silver bars for sale. The Royal Mint’s Great Engravers collection includes these bars, well-known among collectors. The Graces, Zeus’ daughters, represents England, Scotland, and Ireland. The bar was created as a tribute to Daniel Throne.

Platinum Bullion

Platinum is rarer than gold and silver. As such, the Royal Mint has a small collection of platinum bullion.

Platinum Bullion Coins

There is only one platinum coin from the Royal Mint: the Britannia Platinum Bullion Coin. Britannia represents precision, refinement, and elegance. Like its gold and silver predecessors, the platinum Britannia is regarded as the safest currency. The coins are also available to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Platinum Bullion Bars

There are three platinum coined bars on the Royal Mint’s roster as the market value of precious
metals. The Royal Mint now has platinum coined bars in sizes of 100g, 500g, and 1000g. The bars are constructed of 999.5 percent platinum and have a unique design from the Royal Mint Refinery. The imprinted numbers on the bars serve as a certificate.

Royal Mint Bullion Collection in General

The Royal Mint Logo

Previously, we introduced some of the famous collections and bullion coins from the Royal Mint. But the brand also offers some pretty rare collections and bullion products in gold, silver, and platinum.

Brilliant Uncirculated Coins

  • Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen 2022 weight: 20p, £5, £2
  • Celebrating the life and legacy of Dame Vera Lynn 2022
  • Peter Rabbit
  • UK EEYORE 2022

Hidden Gems

  • 250th Brith of William Wordsworth 2020
  • Lunar Year of the bat
  • The Seymour Panther
  • Pay Attention 007
  • Infamous Prison 2020 etc.

City Views of London

  • City Views London 2022: 2oz, 5oz, 1kg, 10oz

The Royal Tudor Beasts Collection

  • Royal Tudor Beasts: 10oz, £5 brilliant Uncirculated, etc.

The Great Engravers

  • 1862 Victoria Gothic Head Gold Mohur
  • 1852-1887 Victoria Gothic, Florin
  • Victoria Double Florin
  • George IV bare head
  • 1869 Queen Victoria’s Young Head, etc.

The Sovereign

  • Half Sovereign
  • Sovereign II Queen Elizabeth
  • 2008 gold proof Sovereign, etc.

Royal Mint as an Original Marker

As a manufacturer, the Royal Mint is focused on various factors. Because the brand is almost a thousand years old, it must have influenced its customers with its bullion products, as they involve a degree of standards. The following are some interesting facts regarding the Royal Mint:

Celebration of Ideas and Designs: With various ethnic origins and styles, the firm has created some distinctive designs and characteristics. If you wish to seek advice you can contact the company directly. Advice should be sought if you suspect that the markets can be volatile, and that too depends on the premium above the precious metals.

Collect: Because the Royal Mint has been in existence for so long, each mint coin has left an indelible mark with its bullion coins and bars with the idea for investments in bullion with products storage and delivery.

Invest: The Royal Mint is known for its investment technique and collection and the spot precious metal price. The value of bullion may fluctuate dependent on the spot price of metals. The company mentions several legal tax and accounting advisers issues for their clients. They’ll constitute investment advice individually, so it works against volatile, and the value of the bullion is not indicative.

Discover a New Direction: The Royal Mint not only produces coins and bullion but also has a thousand-year history that includes various cultural elements. The bullion product prices displayed on the charts will help you decide on financial needs and circumstances for a diversified investment portfolio.

Currency: Not just precious metals. For years, the Royal Mint has been a part of 3.3 billion coins and blanks with eligible portfolios, investment advice, and storage and delivery services.


The Royal Mint has an extensive collection of various parts and accessories siding by the value of precious metals, leading to a gold, silver, and platinum collection. The Royal Mint is a sign of trust and security for its financial performance of bullion that holds both history and a symbol of bravery, and their services will be dependent on the clients.

You may use this collection to protect yourself from inflation and economic instability and will be able to invest in bullion. The Royal Mint’s collection will not disappoint even collectors and has fewer risks associated with investing. If you are new to the royal mint, the investment decision you may wish to take, make sure you understand the risk, which may make is as little as possible.

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