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Rosland Capital Reviews

Rosland Capital has been in the precious metals business since 2008. Though their timeline is fairly young still, with their CEO Martin Aleksov on the flank, they are advancing exceptionally well in business and economic standing. To begin with, the Rosland Capital reviews are mixed on various sites as the Trustlink has given them 3.7 stars out of 5, though only 70 reviews are documented here. But if we accommodate every review on the original and another review site, it seems eclectic.


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Precious metals IRAs are one of the most prevalent investment businesses on the market right now. Instead of funding in stocks, cash, or bonds, you finance precious metals like gold, palladium, platinum, and silver here. Gold is one of the most utilized IRAs in all of the metals. You can buy these metals with the companies like Rosalind Capital, and then you can reserve them in your area or the space recommended by the companies. Precious metals IRA is one of the most stable acquisitions out there.

If you have a coin in 1962 and suppose you have a Franklin half a dollar. The price of half a dollar is a half dollar in 1962 or even five years later; the cut is almost the same. But the 1962 silver half a dollar is worth 20 dollars in 2021. Now the rate of the coins has augmented dramatically. The same thing can be applied to precious metals. Many coins are deemed pricy for their age, called bullion or rare coins. However, some coins are considered highly for metals, like gold or silver. These are called precious metals coins, and they can even be constructed of platinum or palladium. These metals do not disintegrate over time.

Even when the economy is at its poorest, the metals still acquire their rate. These metals are prized, and the price increases with time. For example, let’s look at the South African Gold Krugerrand. This coin was minted in 1967 and is viewed as one of the most famous bullion coins in the world. In 2011 the price of the Krugerrand was approximately a thousand dollars, and in the year 2021, the price is nearly two thousand dollars. So in just ten years, the price of a coin is doubled. And this is why the retirement IRA plans are restored to the precious metals IRA.

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gold bars for investment

We all remember the 2007-2008 stock market collision. The economy took a step back at that time, and sometimes it is even compared to the time of the great depression. So it is rather valid to state the investment plans in the stock market, and real estate is not stable, whereas the price of gold heighten if the stocks lose their price. With the previous gold IRA or silver IRA, you can easily liquidity the metal and use the cash presently. But with real estate and stocks, they are not completely reliable while you need cash. They might take time, and you can always endure some loss with it.

One of the most indispensable back draws of precious metals IRA is that they don’t give you any interest; you are just investing your money in them. And you even have to settle for custodian and storage companies. So it might occur like a waste of time at present. But in the long run, the expense of the precious metals increases, and you might get a considerable sum out of it.

A self-directed IRA helps investors subsidize metals, coins, and bars. They can even roll over other IRA or retirement plans to the precious metals IRA. Most experts recommend that at least five percent of your retirement account include precious metals. But it is also included that not all assets should go to a precious metals IRA as the investments should be diversified. The other precious metals do not add value to your current life and have no acting implementation in your economy, but they still hold on to your retirement plan like a root of the trees. The Rosland Capital can help you throughout all these.

About Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital- United Kingdoms’ office has started in the year 2014. This started from a small group of people and has grown into a consequential sector. They specialize in distinct ways and sectors of coins, including the newly minted coins. Rosland Capital has been operating internationally since its opening.

The Rosland Gmbh in Germany started in 2017 Munich. The Rosland Capital Uk and Rosland Capital Gmbh are independent companies, and this sector of the company specializes in bullion coins and collector coins.

The office of France of Rosland Capital started in the year 2021. Rosland Latin America is the new part of the establishment, and these two are also individual companies. And they mainly specialize in the sector of international coins.

The CEO of Rosland Capital is one of the oldest names in the precious metals industriousness. And the company has more branches around America except for the headquarters in Los Angeles. London and Munich are some of the most important branches. There are branches in Hong Kong and Munich as well.

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Services Offered by the Rosland Capital

There are ten types of precious metals IRA or coins activities are available in the Rosland Capital. Advisors manage these, and they help you choose one of the coins according to your monetary position and requirements.

Gold IRA

Gold IRA is a self-directed IRA that lets individuals subsidize precious metals like gold. The gold IRAs are much safer than traditional or Ruth IRAs. They can be found in coins or Rosland capital gold bars. As the paper IRA goes downwards, the price of gold IRA goes up. And this is why the gold IRA is such a vital part of the Rosland Capital. You can even roll over other IRAs like 401(k) to the Gold IRA in Rosland Capital Llc.

Silver IRA

Here you are going to finance in a silver medal instead of gold. Like the gold IRA, a silver IRA is also an alternative in this case. Silver IRAs are much safer than gold as it requires less investment. But the final or selling amount of the metal will also be less than the gold IRA.

Delivery service

The gold company offers to deliver the precious metals within ten days of the purchase. And most people have managed to get their deliveries in time.


The company can store precious metals for you. If the client wants to hold their metals personally, that is also authorized. But they have to pay taxes for that. That’s why Rosland Capital proposes that the clients keep their metals in a custodian company approved by the IRS. The Rosland Capital prefers the metals in a non-segregated way. This signifies the products are stored in a bulk mass, which means your metals are saved with others.

Experts among the stuff

Here many experts are included. They offer financial services to the clients, and they reach out to them for further assistance.

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How to Start an Account with Rosland Capital?

rosland capital account

You can effortlessly open gold or silver IRA with the Rosland Capital. The work procedure is relatively straightforward, and they have proficients on-site, which will help you with everything you might need regarding the subject.

First, you can start with a simple call. It’s in the front line of the Rosland Capitals website. Or you can get a free IRA kit with first name, last name, email address, and region. Then just click on the “get your free IRA kit.”

Or you can visit their branches or headquarters in person. Each client will be allocated an individual accountant. They will explain the process and take you through your requirements. When you decide you are going to go for a specific IRA, Rosland Capital will send you these items:

  • IRA administrators
  • Equity Institutional forms as a custodian
  • Rosland Capitals agreement for customers

Then the company will open an account for you and discuss which kind of metals you want to reach for. And they will also make sure that you are abiding by the IRS rules.

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With proper funding with direct or wore transfer, the Rosland Capital arranges the metals to be delivered in the depository in Delaware. Then you will be under the custodian chain of Equity Institutional. Here, gold, silver, or other metals are kept unassailable and secure, and thus the Rosland Capital reviews increased so far.

Types of Products in Rosland Capital

rosland gold

Rosland Capital has ten different metals as they are also a precious metals dealer. Though the company swears on these ten types, they are still primarily interested in gold as a metal.

Gold coins

They offer more than eighty kinds of gold coins or physical gold. And there are also bullion coins among them, which areas levered for their metal and its years of the state. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, as well as the American Gold Buffalo, is one of them. The Ayton Senna Gold Coin is one of the warranted gold coins on this list. This coin was designed in collaboration with the Ayton Senna institute, and a portion of its value proceeds to underprivileged children. The coin was designed in the year 2018.

Silver coins

More than forty kinds of silver coins are added to the list of Rosland Capital. Among them, there is also a range of silver bullion coins. The Silver Canadian Maple Leaf is among them. Williams Silver coin is on this list of precious silver coins. This was created to celebrate the forty years of William racing. Only four hundred of these precious coins were made, minted in the UK.

Platinum bar

Rosland Capital primarily works with gold and silver IRA even though they claim to work with every precious metal. Many believe that platinum will hold its significance even when the economy is entirely at trash. They include only the platinum bullion bar in the list. The bar has a PAMP logo, and these bars are accepted by every bank or investment company worldwide.

Precious metal Bars

Rosland Capital had three different metal bars of gold, silver, and palladium. Each bar is a bullion bar and of the highest grade. The palladium bullion bar was discovered in the year 1803. These bars have been used as a medium of investment for a long time currently.

Bullion coins

The Rosland Capital included gold and silver bullion coins. They have insisted on 14 precious bullion or collectors coins. Here the Sovereign Gold Coin is one of the precious coins. The Royal Mint minted this coin.

Premium coins

These coins are sorted with short-term production of some coins. So the numerous gold and silver coins are listed as premium coins by the Rosland Capital. Among them, the British Museum Lewis Chessmen The Knight is one of the famous ones.

Exclusive specialty coins

These coins are only available in Rosland Capital. These coins are the collector’s edition coins. You can even get the Uks commonwealth minted coins here. There are some coins which the company made, and one of them is the celebration of the President’s Cup and Player’s Championship. The British Museum has a masterpiece collection of coins with Rosland Capital.

IRA eligible products

The IRA eligible coins or bars are minted in the United States and foreign coins with bullion standards. Some of the coins are:

  • American Buffalo gold coin
  • American Eagle Silver Proof Coin
  • American Eagle Gold Coin
  • Austrian Philanthropic Gold Coin
  • Gold Bullion Bars
  • Palladium Bullion Bars etc.

PGA tour collection

Rosland Capital is connected to delivering specific PGA tour coins- one of the most influential platforms for professional golf players and hosting countries. The company celebrated the first and second series of cups- Presidents Cup and The Players Championship.

Formula 1*

Another triumph of the Rosland Capitals is that they also produced coins for the motor racing event, Formula One Championship, in 2020. These coins are Swiss minted.B

IRA Fees for Rosalind Capital

ira fees

The minimum amount that you might need for purchasing the other precious metals IRA is a minimum of ten thousand dollars. The arrangement cost will be fifty dollars for the company. The depository will be Delaware Depository, and the custodian will be Equity Institutional. You have to pay a custodian fee of two hundred and twenty-five dollars annually.

Rosland Capital Review

Here we are including some of the renowned ranks that the Rosland Capital currently holds. This sums up the whole Rosland Capital review circles of precious metals investment.

Better business bureau (BBB)

Rosland Capital has been connected with BBB since 2008, and they rated the A+. This is the highest rating that a firm can accumulate. According to the reports of 2021, there were 18 closed complaints in the last three years. Only four were closed that year. There were three complaints on advertisement or sales issues. And billing has two and delivery issues caused four closed complaints. The highest complaint of nine was regarding the product.


Translink rated Rosland Capital with 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. There are more than seventy reviews that are included here. The first complaint that we can see is titled “Get ready to lose 30% of your investment “. The reviewer claimed that coins were costly, and the numismatic coins were overpriced. And when he tried to sell them, the company returned 20% less than the actual selling price. Another one of the reviewers claimed that the company didn’t give them the actual price point to compare them with the others in the market.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

The business consumer alliance rated the company with AAA. And there were five complaints registered in the log. About five of these complaints were the company refused to adjust to the client’s requests. And among the closed complaints in business consumer alliance is only one complaint where the company made a full refund to the customer.

Ripoff report

These statements include the problems as the reviewers faced a high price of coins and a high commission rate from the company. There have been more than six complaints since the year 2010.

Retirement living

This site rated Rosland Capital with 4.1 stars out of five. The lowest rating was added to their customer services. Several times, it was noted that the company was quite unattentive towards their potential customers. If we read the first review, it included that Rosland Capital is a fraud, and you should run from them. The writer also included that the company sells coins of no worth, and he wasn’t able to sell these coins anywhere else. And another one of the writers claimed the person appointed to them didn’t measure with the potential client and just left the conversation half along.

Positive Feedback

Let’s just talk about how the reviews of Rosland Capital transformed over the years and how the rosland capital complaints started. The company always had a reputation for providing their services on time. If we consider the business consumer alliance or Trustlink, the negative complaints started pilling after 2017. In the previous years, the complaints were five start or four stars in most cases.

Though there are complaints about negligence from the reviewers, if we look at a five-star review from the year 2016, the writer mentioned that one of the company’s employees was throughout the whole journey of the gold IRA. And the employee even explained everything to the client at every juncture. And as such, the client feels a good bond with the company, and the precious metals held in their possession were also considered safe.

Another five-star rating review read that their agent was present whenever needed. He also mentions that the employee was very kind and attentive to their requirements.

A review from the year 2015 reads that how much a client is pleased with Rosland Capital. Their agent explained the financial issues to their clients and even helped them choose the perfect precious metals IRA for them.

Negative Feedback

The Rosland Capital complaints started in 2017, and there are some closed complaints, but in most of them, the company seemed quite adamant about their policy. And this is why most people are about to lose their trust in the Rosland Capital and tag them with the “rosland capital gold scam” dialogues. The main complaints were:

  • The physical precious metals were overpriced
  • They did not deliver in time
  • There were misplacing the products like a precious metals broker among clients, and they did not receive the metals they ordered
  • The employees were abrupt and rude to their potential customers, and they refused to answer questions if asked
  • The company was not flexible for the client’s requirements and refused to make any sort of arrangements
  • They scam the customers with coins that are not worth the acquisition

This is the summary of some of the complaints we found out from different sites. But with many more positive complaints ahead, this negativity seems a lot less.

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To Sum Up…

The Rosland Capital has different kinds of investment in purchasing precious metals IRA. Bullion bars and coins, metal bars and silver and gold coins, and a collection of coins are also included in the list. The precious metals IRA needs to be in an individual account, and you can even add two or more classes of other precious metals as an investment. The precious metals industry peaked as the investors split their sum into two or three stakes. And gold IRA or silver IRA is one of them. The metals provide stability to the investors even in the issue of the volatility and inflation of the stock market.

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