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Retiring in the Cayman Islands

Retiring to the Cayman Islands is something on many people’s minds as they reach their golden years, but two things typically scare people away from doing so.  The first thing is fear of moving to a foreign country, and the second is the question of what is the cost of living in the Cayman Islands?

Today we’ll cover all you need to know about retiring to the Cayman Islands, and try to assist anyone looking for more information. As you probably already know, the Cayman Islands are a tax haven which makes it attractive for executives and global corporations.

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What to Know About Retiring in the Cayman Islands

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With miles of white sand beaches and perfect weather, many people are attracted to the idea of growing old in paradise.  If you are looking to spend your final years in the Caymans, our comprehensive guide will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Besides the amazing weather and friendly, safe atmosphere, many people are drawn to island life while still having a close location to the U.S. as well as renowned health care.  Right now, people 65 and older make up over 8% of the population, so it’s safe to say the retirement community in Cayman is going strong.  The number of activities available for seniors is going up, and the community is more close-knit than ever.  Whether you want to get involved with the community and socialize is up to you.  Many people come for the beaches and end up becoming involved with the community events more than they had planned.

Cayman Islands Health Insurance

In order to retire in Cayman, you have to have an approved health insurer, however, there aren’t very many options.  The Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC plan) is offered by all insurance companies.  While multiple insurance providers will have a standard fee, others will give you a rate based on risk that could vary with annual renewals.  The SHIC rates have been steady for the last 10 years but it’s unpredictable as to how they will price their services in the future, as they may charge up to twice their standard rates for anyone deemed as a higher risk.

For an individual, you can expect $167 per month, and that is in the local CI currency, which we’ll quote all prices in. You can expect $300 – $400 for a couple and up to $610 for family.  Adding vision and dental can add up to $75 more per person on a monthly basis.  Higher coverage is available upon request.

You also have the option of continuing with your existing health plan from wherever you are moving from, and then get a Cayman based plan to cover the legal end.  Just something basic is all you need.  Medicare won’t cover any services in Cayman, but it will cover anything major from the USA.  If you have private insurance, make sure you look into if they work with the Caymans because you don’t want claims denied for not be approved.

What is Medical Care Like in the Caymans?

cayman medical care

There are three hospitals that are fully capable of providing services, and there are roughly 4.5 doctors and 6.3 nurses per 1,000 people in Cayman.  There are over 20 health care practices operating privately, as well as specialists in many areas, including chemotherapy.  MRIs, ultrasounds, and even med spa’s exist in Cayman.  Cayman has your every need covered in terms fo medical care.

While finance and tourism are the foundation of the economy in Cayman, medical healthcare is quickly becoming noticed as a third pillar.


You will be welcomed in the Caymans if you have enough money to purchase a property and support your lifestyle.  The Cayman Islands do not have a tax, so the local government can’t support an aging population, so you’ll have to apply to become a resident.  Here’s a good resource on becoming a resident.

If you marry someone who is a Permanent Resident of Cayman and they pass away before you, the right to live in Cayman may be revoked at the full discretion of the WORC (Director of Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman.) However, you will have three months to apply for a Grant of Residency Certificate and if you fulfill your obligation in terms of the requirements you’ll be able to stay.

Senior Living Communities in Cayman

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There aren’t any truly dedicated communities for seniors in Cayman.  There is a retirement home, however, and there is a lot of banter that another one is needed so it’s being looked into.

What is There to Do in Cayman During Retirement?

With all your free time in paradise, what are you going to do in Cayman?

There are groups that meet to do exercise for seniors as a way to keep active both physically and in the community.  You’ll find mostly low impact exercises that help with balance, strength, and mobility.

Leisure Activities

stingray cayman

Now that you have more free time on your hands, it’s a good idea to get out of the house, get involved in the community and meet new people or even explore the islands.

There are also many national parks to explore in Cayman, as well as miles of white sand beaches to enjoy on the famous 7 mile beach.  There is cuisine represented from just about every type of country you can image in the tiny Caymans, making it a hidden gem of culinary bliss.

You can also go snorkeling about anywhere in Cayman, where you can take in the amazing sights of exotic fish in crystal clear waters.  There’s also the world famous Stingray City.

What else do you need?

Is There Hospice Care in Cayman?

Should the need arise, there is reputable hospice care in Cayman.


Overall, you won’t find many retirement communities like Cayman.  With a close location to the USA, a safe society and economy, gorgeous beaches, and top notch medical care, there aren’t many countries that can compete with it in terms of a retirement for wealthy individuals.

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