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The company known as Red Rock Secured is one of many that provide precious metals IRA services to their customers. They make it possible to take your retirement assets and safeguard them and protect them through precious metals purchases. This industry is very competitive and unfortunately many of these companies are complete frauds. Does Red Rock Secured meet the highest standards?  How does it compare to American Hartford Gold?

Initially looking at the company, they seem like a solid organization. Their Better Business Bureau rating is excellent and the reviews about them on Consumer Affairs are more than stellar. As a matter of fact, their customers seem to praise them universally. Could anything potentially go wrong with this company?


Many Americans are investing a portion of their retirement portfolio into a precious metals IRA.

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Before really diving into our review of this company, it’s important to get to know them better by finding out more about what they offer.

Red Rock Secured is a company with private ownership located in California in the southern part of the state. They claim that their biggest and most important goals are to sell their customers the best and most secure products while providing valuable education and top-notch customer service. They also claim to value honesty and integrity more than anything else.

On their website, they share links to a number of different trusted review sites on the Internet including Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, and the Business Consumer Alliance.

Here’s the crazy thing that we learned: this company claims to be all about honesty and integrity. But when you take a look at all of their reviews on these sites, you’ll see that they are completely fake. We’ll get into more of that later.

Red Rock Secured Team

Core Values of the Organization

This company really goes out of their way with lots of big talk about their values and company policies. They claim that their company has many experts in it that will teach current and future customers about the industry revolving around precious metals. They also claim that they will provide expert advice and help their customers get started with the ideal retirement portfolio. If you call the company, at least according to what they say, you’ll receive many insights on portfolio diversity that will help you achieve your personal retirement goals.

They also tell us that protection is another one of their biggest values as an organization. They even go so far as to guarantee that if you use their products as investments, you will never, ever lose all of the value in your portfolio!

Is this technically true? Well, if you invest $50,000 buying their financial products and one day they lose massive value and they are only worth one dollar, you still technically have some of your value left, although it’s basically a minuscule amount and pretty much fictitious value at that point. But they technically aren’t lying to you because precious metals products will never lose 99.999% of their value or more.

They tell everybody that their precious metals products are on the riskier side but they also deliver much higher awards. They even expand on this line of thinking by telling clients that they will protect them from risk and keep them shielded as much as possible. This is a strange thing to say because most people invest in precious metals to add additional security to retirement accounts as opposed to adding additional big risks.

Believe it or not, on their website the company does offer a wide array of educational products in a fairly large database. They teach their customers about the overall precious metals industry, the history regarding a number of different products and their prices, portfolio diversification information, and historical price data amongst other things.

They also believe and state that taking care of their clients is one of their biggest values. They even claim to have a much bigger interest in the well-being of their customers as opposed to making additional sales. After investigating via a third-party, we definitely didn’t confirm these claims, yet they still say that they provide great communication, act with complete integrity, and provide excellent communication with their customers. Taking it a step further, they say that they aren’t successful unless their clients achieve success as well.

Diversification is the last important value shared on their website. The company says that if you truly want to protect your wealth, you need to have asset class diversity. They even claim that the products they sell will add additional diversity to their portfolio, if they fail the tell their customers about how much diversity is required.

Precious Metals IRA Accounts

Red Rock Secured Precious Metals

Just like a number of other organizations, Red Rock Secured has their main focus on precious metals IRAs and retirement accounts. You can use the money in your account to purchase precious metals with IRS approval to grow your wealth for retirement. There are rules and regulations that must be followed, and paperwork must be filled out, plus your metals must remain stored in an IRS approved storage facility.

For many new investors, this often feels overwhelming. Choosing a storage depository and a custodian isn’t always the easiest thing to do. And finding the best broker to work on your behalf is also a daunting task. Let’s not even think about possible difficulties of setting up your account and initiating an IRA rollover or transfer.

Red Rock is a company designed to help with these very issues.

Their website is not filled with tons of financial information regarding the gold IRA setup process. They want you to call them instead to find out more about setting up your account.

Their custodial partners are all licensed, which is important. And during the account creation process, they will work with you to rollover your 401(k) or transfer funds from another retirement account into your new precious metals IRA.

A possible red flag is the way they talk about stocks. They call them uncertain paper assets. There may be some technical truth to this statement, but they’re claiming that stocks are a worse investment than precious metals. But truthfully, all financial experts recommend only investing a small portion of your wealth into precious metals as a hedge against inflation and other potential market downturns.

After your account is open and funded, they will assign you a precious metals expert that will provide you advice and help you get started. They will share precious metals insights, help you achieve your goals, and provide their best recommendations.

Be forewarned that their sales staff works on commissions. This doesn’t necessarily bode well for their clients, because pushy salespeople will attempt to convince their clients to buy precious metals products that they may not want or need. And they may provide bad advice intentionally by attempting to convince you to buy more precious metals for your retirement portfolio then you should technically allocate.

The great thing about a precious metals IRA is you fully control your account, which is different from a traditional IRA that’s managed by an investment specialist. No one will be there to tell you if you are making a bad investment choice. And Red Rock doesn’t suffer any losses when you make an investment mistake, so keep this in mind.

IRS Tax Loopholes

Red Rock claims that precious metals IRA account holders get special tax loopholes provided by the IRS. This isn’t wrong in a sense, but this is a normal IRA account perk whether it’s for precious metals or otherwise.

One of the biggest advantages is the opportunity to transfer assets without having to suffer by paying penalties. As an example, if you own bonds and stocks, you can convert these investments into precious metals without suffering an early withdrawal penalty.

The company is implying that it’s best to convert your total retirement account into a precious metals IRA. Experts do not believe that this is a good idea.

Red Rock talks about another loophole regarding privacy. They claim that your IRA approved storage facility will be near you. But in reality, there aren’t that many fully licensed depositories in the United States. They are usually few and far between. Some lucky people will have storage options near them, but this isn’t the case for everyone.

They also claim to keep your investments completely private. Although, their account holders are definitely exempt from a number of tax declarations for precious metals. Regardless, the IRS is definitely going to know about your precious metals holdings, so you’re not keeping things private from them. To remain in compliance, paperwork must be filed with the IRS via a licensed and approved custodian. And once you begin taking distributions, you’ll also have to start paying taxes.

Precious Metals Storage

Red Rock Secured Storage

Red Rock insures all of their products through Lloyd’s of London, which is a major player in the precious metals insurance space around the globe. They claim that you become exempt from the risk of hacking or theft if you convert all of your assets into precious metals. This is not a great idea!

It’s impossible to find details about Red Rock’s fees online either. They mention that Kingdom Trust is a custodian that they sometimes work with. Custodian maintenance fees and account setup fees are different from any fees charged by Red Rock Secured, and customers tend to pay them each year.

They also fail to mention the storage facilities that they work with on their website. They even imply that gold IRA storage is allowed at home, which is completely and utterly untrue and illegal! The only place you can store precious metals is in a registered and licensed US based storage facility.

Red Rock Secured: Is It a Scam?

When first looking at this company, it doesn’t appear that they have anything to hide. Their rating with the Better Business Bureau is an A+, which is the best rating available. And they have excellent reviews on Consumer Affairs and the BBB website.

Here’s the interesting thing:

Looking at the reviews and average rating on Trustlink, they only have a 1.4 out of 5 stars. There are also 49 reviews posted on the site. A recent review comes from an employee claiming that the company is committing serious misconduct.

There are a number of positive reviews that suddenly went from 5-star reviews to 1-star reviews. And now they have a bold heading claiming: THIS IS A FAKE REVIEW.

In all likelihood, a current or previous employee exposed the fake reviews that this company is sharing online. No matter what, this claim makes the BBB reviews and Consumer Affairs reviews highly suspect. It’s very difficult to tell if this company is legitimate now because of these claims.

Let’s look at the allegations from the former employee next.

Allegations from a Former Red Rock Secured Employee

The former employee opens up their Trustlink complaint by claiming that they previously worked for the company. And they were writing this review because the company is dangerous and practices fraud and they needed to be exposed.

They allegedly claim that the company charges exorbitant commission fees from 50% to 80%, and they even intentionally mislead and defraud their clients. The reviewer even says that the company salespeople prey on senior citizens who get confused easily and can be quickly persuaded to agree to verbal contracts.

The reviewer also claims that they’ve been in the precious metals industry for more than a decade, and they’ve never seen this type of malpractice and deception before from any other company. The sales reps at the organization leverage 80% commissions from their customers by sharing misleading info. Although depending on their sales tactics, this may not technically be criminal fraud.

The reviewer believes that someone should open a criminal investigation into this company and believes they should face prosecution for plotting against senior citizens quite maliciously. The review also states that previous customers should meet with their legal counsel immediately to recover from their financial losses.

They also want previous customers to see how much they were charged and then compare it to the actual market value at the time. According to the reviewer, many past customers paid as much as double or triple the overall market value.

The reviewer says that they know the company should be held responsible and should right the wrongs by paying former client’s restitution for their illegal actions. They also claim that their employers treated them badly with harassment and wage theft. But they were going to complain about them in a different way.

Here’s the desired resolution: the company should immediately pay their customers everything that they stole from them.

Red Rock Secured hasn’t even attempted to respond to these complaints. They haven’t responded to the claim that they have changed customer reviews, which means they may or may not be aware of the activity. Trustlink, on the other hand, will not let them remove this negative evidence of wrongdoing.

It’s certainly possible that this is a disgruntled employee trying to get revenge for being laid off by the company. But it doesn’t bode well for Red Rock because they failed to respond to these complaints. They should have come up with some kind of explanation if they are innocent of the charges.

Also, it’s nearly impossible to explain the fake reviews. These reviews only mention the wonderful and positive things about this company and it makes them seem very suspect and untrustworthy at best.

Whether or not there is any truth to these allegations, Red Rock Secured isn’t the top precious metals IRA broker regardless. There are so many other excellent precious metals IRA companies online with transparent fees, cheaper prices, and real positive customer reviews. Pick one of those instead of this potentially untrustworthy group.

Red Rock Secured Pros

  • They have been in business for many years
  • They appear to be a legitimate business on the surface

Red Rock Secured Cons

  • They bury negative reviews and write fake reviews on third-party websites
  • A former employee claims that the company repeatedly and intentionally committed malicious and criminal fraud

Bottom Line

From a legal standpoint, it’s possible that Red Rock Secured isn’t actually a scam company. They may not have actually perpetrated any fraudulent activities or malicious tactics. But the doubt alone and the fact that they ignore these allegations is reason enough to pass on this company.

The worst thing about the claims is that they are sharing so many fake reviews online and Trustlink actually exposed them. They have many other great reviews on different third-party websites, but the fake review exposure from Trustlink makes all of these other reviews doubtful at best.

It isn’t easy to figure out if anyone has actually filed a legal complaint or taken legal action against Red Rock Secured. The complaint from the previous employee said that all previous customers should look at their records and contact a legal representative to recover lost money through fraud.

We will recommend doing the same thing. If you did business with this company in the past, find out if they overcharged you by a wide margin for your precious metals. And if you’ve never worked with them before, stay far away. It doesn’t matter if they are legitimate or not because the company has a bad reputation at this point and there are other companies with much better reputations to work with instead.

You’ll do yourself a huge favor if you choose to work with a legitimate company with good prices, great products, excellent customer service, and all the other things that you’d expect from a trusted financial institution.

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