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Silver quarters are one of the most portable, durable, and secure investments accessible and an excellent way to secure and save value for a rainy day. Most rare quarters are purchased as a convenient way to own silver, as they could be worth more than their weight in silver.

You see, circulated silver quarters and state quarters are often a reasonable and fun way to get started on collecting coins, and coin collectors later learn that they hold surprisingly good quarter coin values.

The most valuable quarters and most valuable coins in the world have been sold at auctions for big money. Archeologists discovered that most coins and quarters from early years are simply priceless. Fortunately, you don’t need to travel to the world looking for popular collectible coins today.

Read further to find out everything you need to know about the most valuable coin values today, from Washington quarters, Standing Liberty quarters to seated liberty quarters and Barber quarters, among others.

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Which Rare Quarters are Worth Money?

Remember that factors like the coin’s year of mintage or rarity, the conservation, and the series determine the price. In numismatics, trivial factors could make the price chart vary substantially.

Generally, those specimens with mint marks of an important year and have a good state of preservation are quarters worth keeping. You can look at key dates such as 1872 and 1901 and pay close attention to whether your coin has Carson City mint.

Best Seated Liberty Quarters

1872 CC Liberty Seated

This coin has a Carson City mint extremely rare in high conservation. In fact, only two specimens with an MS graduation survived to this day, and it is one of the most popular collectible coins. It’s only accessible to meet elite collections.

1858 S Liberty Seated

This San Francisco mint quarter could reach huge prices only if they are MS60 graduated specimens.

1849 O Liberty Seated

This seated liberty quarter is one of the rarest on 25-cent coins. However, there’s no official record of its circulation. However, it’s assumed that they’re included in a surrender of 16,000 copies manufactured in 1850.

1872 S Liberty Seated

This is another seated liberty quarter. It has a high print run than to other seated quarters on the list. Nonetheless, it coincided with a change in minting condition standard in 1873, so all the specimens were ruined.

1852 O Liberty Seated

This is a New Orleans mint 25-cent coin made in 1852. It has the same story as the above. Many of the production was destroyed, so only a few of this Orleans mint quarters are in good condition.

1864 S Liberty Seated

This kind of beautiful coin is coined in San Francisco. It has a circulation of 20,000 only. That short print discusses the exorbitant prices reached in the collector’s market by the highly preserved units, which survived the Civil War.

Barber Quarters Series

barber quarter

1901 S Barber

This Barber quarter is perhaps the most challenging barber coin to come by in your coin collecting journey. It’s also one of the most popular collectible coins today. The small number of units of the barber quarters that have stayed in good condition today makes its current prices in the market not appropriate to its initial print run of 72,664 pieces.

1896 S Barber

The mint state of this silver dollar is minted in San Francisco. Because of the rarity of the well-preserved coins, they’ve been brought into the present in one of the series’ key dates. They are referred to as the Big Three Quarter Dollars together with the 1913 and 1901 issues.

1913 S Barber Quarter

The reason for the shortage of the last component of the Big Three is known. Only 40,000 copies of these United States mint coins have been minted. Still, the fact that it was only twenty years old in the 1930s has meant that more specimens have been restored in collections than its older sister.

1901 O Barber Quarters

The price of this quarter has more to do with the sub-par quality of the New Orleans Mint than with its uncirculated condition. Seven hundred twelve thousand units were only produced. Still, the specimens in conservation and of good quality are in good demand because of their scarcity.

Standing Liberty Quarters

standing liberty quarter

1917 S and 1918 S Standing Liberty

In this issue, an updated stamp from the currency was stamped first with the year 1917, and the last digit was fixed with an 8.

It’s not clear why neither Philadelphia mint nor San Francisco mint detected the error that would have resulted in the use of a new stamp. Nonetheless, thanks to that ruling, we have one of the most priceless and valuable standing liberty quarters for collectors.

1916 Standing Liberty

There were many outsiders and collectors who craved to have an example of the new design. That means even a few months after its launch. It is sold for over a dollar.

1921 Standing Liberty

As with this Denver silver quarter, the 1921 Philadelphia mint issue was massively influenced by the post-war American economy. In fact, it’s the only 25-cent silver quarter with a circulation of less than two million, impacting its scarcity.

Washington Quarter Series

1932 D Washington Quarter

1932 was the first year that George Washington started being featured in silver quarters and silver dollars. Only 436,800 Washington quarters were minted in Denver.

1932 S Washington Quarter

These rare Washington quarters were minted in San Francisco on this date.

1937 Doubled Die Obverse Washington Quarter

The final quarter on this silver quarter list is the 1937 Doubled Die Obverse rare Washington quarters. Even though there are numerous doubled die varieties of the Washington quarter series, the 1937 version is the most valuable and rarest at the same time.

Wrapping It Up

The modern quarters have gone through different changes throughout the past few years, and there are different rare quarters such as the George Washington quarters, Standing Liberty quarter, and other United States mint quarters worth money. From small mintages and proof coins to overdates and unique errors, these quarters are always worth the most money.

We hope you find this guide helpful and entertaining. Which of these valuable quarters do you currently have today? Are you planning to collect more doubled die obverse Washington quarters, standing liberty quarter, or those bust quarters? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below!

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