Quarters to Look For

quarters to look for

Quarters have been around for many years in America, but they have not been a staple of the United States currency. Did you know that the first quarter was made in 1976, but the coin itself was not continuously minted until 1831?

You see, silver quarters have gone through numerous design changes over the past decades. For instance, one of the most popular collectible coins today Washington Quarter, made its first appearance in 1932.

With so many different versions of these valuable quarters, it is not shocking that there are a huge amount of silver George Washington quarters worth far more than twenty-five cents.

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How are Rare Quarters Valued?

Are you interested in coin collecting? Then you need to equip yourself with the proper information on how much quarters are worth money. But before we dig into the particular rare quarters, it is essential that you know how coin values are identified and why other quarter dollars are worth as much as they are.

Dealers normally use numerous factors when pricing their coins. Some of these are the following:


Indeed, the condition of the coin plays an important role in its value, especially when it comes to many coin collectors. Expect for the extremely rare coins, most of the most valuable quarters will be uncirculated and in their best condition.

On top of that, high-graded silver George Washington quarters will be worth more than an average condition quarter.

Melt value

Another important factor that impacts the value of rare Washington quarters is a coin melt value. In case you didn’t know yet, that factor applies mainly to silver quarters and coins made of gold. As precious metals values increase and decline, the value of a key might be worth more than its face value because of the precious metals it is made of.

Therefore, it is safe to think that silver quarters, minted before the ending of America’s silver standard, are is more valuable and worth far more than newer, beautiful quarters made of copper-nickel versions.


quarter dollar

Other factors impact the demand for Silver George Washington quarters. For example, it might show an iconic design that’s no longer in use, might contain a particular mint mark from a branch of the United States Mint (like the Philadelphia Mint or San Francisco Mint), or just a mint mistake.

The higher in demand a workhorse coin is, the more it will be the quarters worth money and likely to be one of the most valuable quarters and coins today.

Surviving population

No matter the number of quarter coins minted, most quarter coins are lost after they enter circulation. Others become damaged, are lost through other means, or reclaimed for metal. Hence, the number of surviving coins from a mintage plays an important role in their overall value.

You see, the more rare and valuable coins are, the higher their value to coin collectors.


Take note that coins are mainly valued by the supply of the coin or how rare it is. Hence, the supply of a coin is partly because of the original mintage—the number they were made. For example, proof coinage refers to the special early samples of a quarter issue. That is a lot rarer because fewer coins were made in the first place.

How Do You Look if a Quarter is a Silver?

Modern quarters worth money look very the same as old coins. That’s why you need to understand several ways to identify the key difference. Here are some tips to help you look for silver quarters that are worth keeping.

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Check the key dates

silver quarter

Quarters were often made of silver from 1796 to 1964. One kind of quarter is capped the valuable Washington quarters. It was made from 1932 to 1964, and it is ninety percent silver and ten percent copper.

If you check the dates of the coins and the quarter that was made between that year, then it’s probably silver.

Check the design

Washington quarters have a profile view of G. Washington on the front. The date will be under the figure saying In God We Trust to the left to the left of his neck. It also reads Liberty across the top. On the back, you’ll find an eagle holding arrows.

Check the quarters’ edge

You can determine if your quarter is silver or not by checking the edge of it. If the quarter dollar is solver, the entire edge will be silver. Valuable coper-nickel quarters, meanwhile, are sandwiched between the top and bottom layers.

Since 1796, there have been eight quarters designs made in the United States coins. It was made from 1892 until 1916. The following quarter was the Liberty quarter, which has a standing liberty design in front.

These Standing Liberty quarters are famous among many collectors and have won multiple awards. These quarters from United States mint are often worn if you find them. Also, the 1916 quarters are worth a thousand bucks. Any quarter dollar made before 1965 is worth its silver value.

Silver proof quarters use ninety percent of silver, and the United States mint began releasing them every year since 1992. There are some over million a year. It’s complicated to determine the difference between those that are silver quarters and those that aren’t.

Apart from that, Bicentennial quarters were manufactured in 1976 to rejoice in the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. They have a date of 1776 to 1976. If you’re an aspiring collector, you will find a drummer image on the coin’s back.

Final Thoughts

Do you have old coins just lying around your home? Maybe you’re beginning a valuable coin collection. Whatever the case, you’ll like to know if your coins are rare and valuable or not. It is not too challenging to look. If you can easily see the date, then you’ll be able to determine as quarters made before 1965 are all ninety percent silver, and afterward, they are not.

We hope you find this post informative and useful at the same time. Are you ready to collect silver quarters? We wish you the best of luck!