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Is Patriot Gold a Leading Gold IRA Company?

If you’ve been trying to decide whether you’d like to give your business to Patriot Trading Group, you’re in the right place. The company is the most trustworthy and reliable gold dealer in Phoenix, Arizona. Patriot Gold Group specializes in Precious Metals IRA facilitation. They have been selling gold IRA for almost three decades to every state in the country and all US territories.

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patriot gold

If you are pursuing trading in precious metals IRAs, follow advice from reputable investors. Ensure you choose an experienced and trustworthy firm that handles individual retirement account transactions and IRAs. This comprehensive Patriot Gold company review will answer most of your questions on whether there exist some red flags for the Patriot gold or if the company is legitimate. You will then feel confident investing with them.

If you want to skip ahead to our list of top rated gold IRA companies, we urge you to do so at any time to see exactly where Patriot Golds reviews put them against the competition.  

Company Information & Background

Patriot Trading Group is American gold investment and commodity firm which was formed in 1996. Patriot Group is America’s largest metals dealer. The company received five-star reviews by Consumer Affairs from 2016 to 2019. The HaltGold Group has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

It has its headquarters in Scottsdale Arizona and provides services to IRA clients in conjunction with Gold Star Trust Company. The online database reveals that the primary focus of the collection is on rare gold numismatic coins. Nonetheless, the Gold American Eagle coin is available to retirees. Patriot Trading Group has remained devoted to the promotion of gold and silver as well as investments in gold ira. The site also provides links to numerous third-party websites.

This is a precious metal investment company. Patriot gold group which was formerly referred to as All American Gold. Based on the online catalog, seemingly, the primary focus is on the rare gold numismatic coins.

Patriot Trading Group appears dedicated to informing customers about gold, in addition to investing in precious metals. The firm has been an active member of the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, a leading coin grading service.

Patriot Gold is an initiative to promote IRAs for precious materials. This bank account consists of tangible asset types such as platinum, and tin. All the same depreciatory benefits are available in traditional accounts.

Many people do not wish to invest their pension money exclusively in gold. IRAs offer security in volatile markets, however. Because the metal behaves differently than a home and the real estate, they are tangible assets that are more valuable as the stock markets nosedive. Many people have experienced financial uncertainties.

Company Information

Patriot Gold Group Products & Services

While a wide variety of precious metals are available for purchase from Patriot Gold Group representatives. The metals allowable for self-directed IRAs or alternative physical assets IRAs are limited to gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, as listed below:


This should be included in the IRA account, The gold bullion should have a minimum fineness of .995 percent with an American Gold Eagle which is the only exception.


Silver bars and coins that should be included in an IRA account must have a .999 percent minimum fineness.

Patriot Gold is selling precious metals which are in the form of bullion coins, and bars for IRA customers. Most brokers for precious metals, The Patriot Gold Group is also dealing in coins as well as bullion, such are readily available for purchase outside the Precious Metals IRA.

Some of these products are subject to specific reporting laws, so consumers are advised to understand the regulations attached to each of their purchases and the precious metals form they are considering.

The main stock for Patriot Trading Group is silver and gold coins. Patriot Gold provides many different products and services. The products include IRA support for valuables and secure storage options. The company’s primary product is the Gold IRA which most users can access for the expansion.

This is a place in which investors physically hold gold bars or coins. These accounts have the same benefits as the other types of IRAs as they receive tax exemptions for profit as the other types. Aside from gold, IRAs may also use precious metals, such as copper and gold.

Patriot Trading Group Precious Metals IRA

Precious Metals IRA

Are you looking for Precious Metals that are self-directed IRAs, you may call a representative of Patriot Gold Group who will transfer your account. As a full-service firm, the transfer can be set up over the phone, documents can be e-signed, and the account is guaranteed to be open within 48 hours. Setting up a new account is a similar process that starts with filling out the application on the Patriot Gold Group website or calling a representative.

Patriot Gold Group will help set up your IRA, They can also assist in rolling over your eligible IRA. After paying the rollover fee and the accounts have been funded and established, you will start trading with the Patriot Gold Group.

The Purchase timelines will depend on the IRA custodian’s speed of transferring funds, as in the case with the trades of all Precious Metals IRA. Once funds are received, trades will be complete within 48 hours. After buying your precious metals, The orders will be shipped for secure storage by the shipping company to the vault company, according to IRS guidelines or IRS regulations.

Patriot Gold Group Complaints

Halt Gold Group which is the parent company for Patriot Gold Group, has maintained a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Patriot Gold has the same listing as the BBB. Patriot Gold Group’s review on Consumer Affairs is showing a rating of a five-star with just a few complaints from the 128 reviews.

The complaints will focus on the cost of trading fees and the value of coin disputes. Many customers used Google reviews to remark on how patient the account manager was while explaining the Precious Metals IRAs.

Are There Any Red Flags for Patriot Trading Group?

Before making a big decision, such as where to purchase precious metals, it is always a great idea to find out if there are red flags indicating that the company is not trustworthy and subsequently deserves your investment. The past customers can provide you with a lot of insight into the workings of a company and the products and services they offer.

Unless you know tons of people who have personally worked with Patriot Trading Group, the best alternative is to consult online reviews from past customers. Unfortunately, when we were compiling the information for this article, we couldn’t find any online reviews for Patriot Trading Group when we check our trusted online review sites (the BBB, Business Consumer Alliance, Trustpilot, and TrustLink.

There is only one customer review on the BBB’s website, so it still doesn’t provide much information about what others have to say about Patriot Trading Group.

BBB r: A+ rating; BBB Accredited Business

Business Consumer Alliance: Not rated

TrustLink: Not rated

Trustpilot: Not rated

Features of Precious Metals IRAS

A precious metal IRA will allow you to make decisions on your account, assets redistribution, and allocation. It is an IRA that is self-directed and will allow you to have a tax advantage.

Below are the features of precious metals for Patriot Gold Group

  • Patriot Trading Group used to be called All American Gold.
  • The company has two physical locations in Johnstown, Colorado, and Phoenix, Arizona.
  • They provide a few selected gold coins to investors for investment.
  • The metals program allows you to invest a little bit of money each money to build your precious metals portfolio.
  • You can receive a free consultation from Joe Jaquint, the CEO of the company.
  • You can listen to their radio show “Patriot Radio News Hours” to learn more about investing in precious metals.

Pros & Cons


They offer a metals program, this will enable you to invest in precious metals every month.

The CEO offers free consultations for potential customers.


They do not appear to offer any gold bars.

Patriot Trading Group has a very limited selection of gold and silver coins.

The website doesn’t include any information about setting up Precious Metals IRAs.

There are not many Patriot Trading Group review online.

Patriot Gold Group Pricing Information

  • Patriot’s Gold Group has extremely competitive prices along with several other benefits. It provides direct investor pricing, enabling payment schemes with no fees.

Patriot Gold will charge a one-time setup fee of $225 for any new Precious Metals IRAs however, the patriot gold group will waive the fee for the investments for over $30,000. Custodial fees will also vary depending on the service that you are looking for. Annual fees are due to the custodian for insurance and storage, and the amount of that fee depends on your account balance or transfer.

Patriot Gold Competitor Reviews:

Is Patriot Gold Group a Scam?

Is Patriot Trading Group a scam? No, Patriot Gold Group is a legitimate company. They have two physical locations and offer the products and services detailed on their website.  Much like that of large firms like SD Bullion, you’ll get people questioning legitimatcy.

First, Patriot Gold Group doesn’t offer a very large selection of gold Ira. Whereas other companies offer dozens, if not hundreds, of gold coins and bars, you will find there are 10 options shown on Patriot trading Group’s website.

Patriot Group does not offer you an opportunity of investing in palladium and platinum. You will only select from the gold coins. Based on the selections shown on their website, they also do not even sell gold bars.

Another strike against Patriot Gold Group is the lack of online reviews. Without being able to see what past customers have to say about a company, it makes it challenging to get a feel for how you’ll be treated as a customer.

There is no valuable information on Patriot Gold Groups’ site about setting up Precious Metals IRAs. A great way you can diversify your portfolio and save for retirement investments is by setting up a good precious metals IRA account.

Bottom line

Patriot Gold Group can help you in gold and silver investment. there are limited products offered by The company since it does not offer palladium and platinum, however, you should take advantage of its no-fees-for-life option. which is a draw for larger investors.

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