Panda America Review

Panda America Review

Precious metals are a valuable investment, but choosing where to store them can be a challenge.

These metals are often held in banks or brokerages, but these locations are not secure not insured, and exposure to these locations can jeopardize your assets.

Precious metal investment companies are a safer option, and they offer additional security for your assets.

Storing your precious metals with a precious metal investment company will ensure your assets are protected.

Precious metals are valued for their value, not for their beauty. So, unlike with diamonds, for example, you won’t have to pay a small fortune to get a real metal that is rare and beautiful.

Metal coins and gold bullion are just a few examples of these metals as investments.

The top way to safeguard your retirement is to open a precious metals IRA. Check out the below providers and request a free kit.

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American Hartford Gold
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Augusta Precious Metals
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Noble Gold
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What is Panda America Corporation?

Panda America Coins

In order to become the authorized U.S. distributor for the China Gold Panda, Panda America Corporation was founded in 1982. The business immediately grew along with the popularity of its signature Gold Panda coin, which people have long bought as both an investment and a souvenir. Pandas from China Gold are permitted for IRA deposits. 19675 Mariner Avenue in Torrance, California, serves as the current corporate headquarters for Panda America Corporation.

Panda America began as a small company dedicated to delivering quality parts from manufacturers in China. Now, Panda America has grown into a leading online parts supplier. Over the years, Panda America has continued to grow and thrive, largely due to the support and feedback of our valued customers. Our commitment to excellent customer service, quality products, and superior delivery have made us a trusted partner of automotive and truck part buyers in the automotive and truck repair industries.rica Pte Ltd

Panda America Pte Ltd is a precious metal business in Singapore. We are easily reachable for our clients in the U.S. and around the world. We have established relationships with clients and partners around the globe. We strive to be the leading precious metal company in Asia. The company serves the Asian Pacific market and aims to provide the best collectible coin and medal programs.

The Products Panda America Offers: China Gold Panda

Panda America products

Panda America Prices and Merchandise at  Panda America provides a wide range of coins from various countries. You may search their coin selection by country or subcategory. Panda America is the driving force behind gold bars, gold bars and rounds, gold bullion bars, and panda gold bullion coins. What started out as a small company located in California, USA, has blossomed into a global precious metals dealer. Panda America’s website also offers a foreign coin, jewelry, gold ira, and other collectible coins. Here are some of the best sellers of Panda America.

China Gold Pandas

China Gold Pandas are one of the most popular coin series in the world. The coins are minted by the government and feature the image of the giant panda. Each China Gold Panda features a .999 fine gold ounce of 24 karat purity. The mintage for each coin varies from year to year.

Chinese Panda coins are regularly sought by investors and collectors, and Panda America Precious Metals is the company that sells them. Their website offers collectors a place to learn about the Chinese Panda coins, see their current prices, and how to buy them.

American Gold Eagles

The American Eagle has become one of the most popular gold coins in the United States because of its beauty and stability. Besides its attractive design, the American Eagle has other intriguing aspects, such as its limited mintage per year, its gold content and its historical significance.

Panda America is a precious metal company located in California, which sells bullion and collector coins in the United States. They have added American Gold Eagles along with American Gold Buffaloes to their inventory and are offering them at below market value.

Precious Metals

Precious metals are a type of metal that have historically been considered valuable due to their rarity and intrinsic value. Some of the most common and well-known metals of these kinds include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Gold, in particular, is a favorite among the investing community since it’s historically been one of the most common precious metals used as currency. Today, however, many other metals considered precious such as silver, platinum, and palladium are becoming popular investment alternatives.

Panda America offers quality precious metal products such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rare earth metals, and other collectibles. The company remains committed to providing customers with quality products and superior customer service. You can place an order online on panda America’s website they are selling and buying precious metals based on their market price.

Commemorative Coins

Many coin collectors choose to purchase commemorative coins. Commemorative coins are minted for a particular event or person. Commemorative coins sell for a lot of money and collectors are often willing to pay top dollar for a coin that commemorates an event or person they may have an interest in.

Panda America headquartered in the United States, is a privately held company, which specializes in the production of Chinese panda coins and commemorative coins. It is a leading manufacturer of world coinage. The company uses state of the art technology to manufacture coins.

Canadian Maple Leafs

Canadian Maple Leaf coins are a type of commemorative coin. They are issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. The first coin was released in 1979. Maple Leaf coins in Canada are considered legal tender. They include a denomination, a mint mark, the year of issue, and a face value. The face value may vary but is always indicated on the obverse, along with the year.

Canadian maple leaf coins are among the most popular on the precious metal market, with a number of collectors purchasing them every day. The Royal Canadian Mint offers these coins in different varieties. Panda America, a leading dealer of these metals, offers a wide selection of Canadian Maple Leafs.


Coins are collectible. The more interesting the coins, the more valuable they are. When a coin is a collector’s item, we refer to it as rare. Rare coins are very old and were minted in limited quantities. The rarest coins are the most valuable, and the rarest coins are very valuable indeed.

Panda America offers collectible coins that come in an array of different designs, styles, and price ranges. Their designs have been inspired by ancient cultures, animals, and history. Many of these coins have also been awarded special recognition from organizations that are recognized for excellence.

Panda America Also Offers Precious Metal Iras

Panda America

Purchasing Precious Metals IRAs give you the chance to diversify your IRA portfolio with precious metals. These metals, such as gold and silver, have appreciated in worth over the years, and because an IRA is tax deferred, you can invest in these metal without paying taxes on the gains.

Gold Iras is the most popular type of precious metal retirement account. Unlike regular ira accounts, ira gold accounts are backed by gold.

Panda America is a US gold and silver dealer specializing in educational precious metals products. Although the company is based in California, most, if not all, of their products are deliverable worldwide.

Panda America also has the added attraction of offering an IRS-approved precious metals retirement vehicle that, unlike an IRA, does not have minimum annual contribution requirements.

What is the Singapore International Coin Fair?

Coin collectors find coins both expensive, fun, and exciting. While collecting coins is a hobby, today’s collectibles have value beyond their decorative appeal. Because coins are legal tender, most are worth more than their face value.

The Singapore Coin Fair is one of the rare coin shows that is open to professional coin dealers. Panda America, the organizer of the Singapore International Coin Fair, is the leading U.S. distributor of Singapore Mint coins and Chinese panda coins.

Panda America ratings and reviews

Online ratings and reviews of panda America are fairly balanced. Their reputation is evaluated with the gathered ratings and reviews from the better business bureau, business consumer alliance, and other websites.

Panda America review on their company website has been mostly gaining positive reviews and a few complaints on their ira custodian service. The Company has no BBB rating and is not BBB accredited, and they have an AAA rating from BCA.

Compare to other Precious Metals Companies:

Panda America Key Pages

Panda America offers more benefits than any other service. For starters, you have 24/7 access to the live chat, which means the customer support is always online.

Here are Some of Panda America’s website’s most significant pages in relation to Gold IRAs:

Buying Process

Panda America is a precious metal dealing organization; they are providing for buying process of a precious metal, coin, and collectible.

Coin Guidebook

displays a collection of more than 2,500 coins from Panda America. Remember that only a small portion of these coins may really be invested into an IRA.

Packaging and Delivery

Outlines the price and shipment policies involved with Panda America’s shipment of precious metal and products to consumers in the US.


Panda America is a precious metal dealer company dealing with precious metals, Chinese panda coins, and other collectible coins. They provide high quality metal products.

The company has been supplying precious metal products to worldwide customers. They have a strong production capacity and can offer customers the most competitive price.

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