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Only Gold is the largest gold and silver bullion dealer in the Southwest. Richard Smith founded the firm in the 1990s. The company has been merged with CMI Gold and Silver Inc. since 2014. CMI is recognized as one of the largest bullion dealers in the United States. The website and company were initially designed to deliver a user-friendly experience. Only Gold’s founder has worked in the precious metals industry for many years. The organization operates as a two-way market to purchase and sell precious metals.

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Simply put, the organization is a precious metals dealer that sells and buys silver and gold in general. The headquarters of the corporation is located on Central Avenue in Phoenix. Only Gold is currently a part of the CMI group, one of the top gold and silver dealers in the United States. The company’s employees and specialists have more than sixty years of combined expertise.

The company claims to have been constructed for its clients’ support system. And they even offer free consultation services regarding their precious metals. The financial advisors for the company are non-commissioned brokers. So, they will operate only for the advantage of their clients. They have accessible customer service for additional facts.

Only Gold is a listed dealer for several prestigious companies and listed on the World Gold Council’s Where to Invest Directory for almost ten years. Only Gold has been certified with:

  1. The Council of Tangible Assets (ICTA)
  1. Numismatic Guarantee Corp (NGC)
  1. member of the Professional Grading Service (PCSG).
  1. Dealer for the United States Mint

The founder of Only Gold retired in 2014; the firm works with CMI, where they continue to thrive and grow as a business for metals trading.

Only Gold Products

The company is nothing but a precious metals retailer. Their main items include gold, silver, platinum, palladium coins or money. Gold bullion bars, gold bullion coins, and Australian Lunar Gold are among their most renowned products for investors. They sell silver in Australian Kangaroos, Canadian Maple Leafs, Rounds, and so on.

Gold Coins

There are nine different types of coins listed on the site. The availability of these gold coins relies on the gold spot price and regular purchases. The American Gold Eagle is the first thing to prefer as this 99.99% pure coin is one of the USA’s most famous form of currency. This coin is available in one ounce, half an ounce, quarter ounce, and one-tenth of an ounce size. Face value, gold content, weight in ounces and grams, diameter, thickness, and gold fineness are available for exchange on the company’s website as well as for storage.

Next is the American Gold Buffalo, and 2014 minted coins are available on Only Gold. The packaging of these coins is pretty extra than past. Gold Double Eagles with a face value of $20 are also available. This is considered as one of three rare coins out there. Australian Gold Philanthropic is from the Australian Mint, and 1 ounce, 12-ounce, 14 ounces, and 1/10-ounce sizes are available for sale here. Foreign mintage coins include the Chinese Panda, Kurregard, and the Canadian Maple Leaf. The Chinese panda even has the 1/20-ounce size available along with the other four usual sizes.

Gold Bars

There are four sizes of gold bars available. From 28.3 grams to 1 kg of gold bar, it is available on the site of OnlyGold. For one-ounce bars, you can find the PAMP Suisse Fortuna bar, the Royal Canadian Mint bar, and the PAMP Suisse Dragon bar of 99.99% purity. For 28- and 100-gram bars, there is only the PAMP Suisse Fortuna bar with.999 fine gold. For a 1-kilogram bar, there is the PAMP Suisse 1000-gram bar, which is also a 24 karat and 99.99% pure gold bar.

Silver Coins

silver coins

The Only Gold website has four different varieties of silver bullion coins, the first of which is the American Eagle. For silver orders, the client must purchase a minimum of 100 ounces. One ounce of American Eagle has a $1 markup value, and a package of 500 coins is available.

Australian Kangaroos is the depiction of Australia’s famous animal, the Kangaroo. This is also available in 1-ounce increments. Canadian Maple Leaf depicts Queen Elizabeth as the head of the commonwealth and the maple leaf as the national symbol of Canada. This is also available in 500 items per box and is a $5 coin.

The Australian Philanthropic in silver is available in a cardboard box with 500 coins, and this is one of the most famous government-issued aesthetic currencies in history.

Private mints produce silver rounds of 1 ounce and 99.99% metal. They do not have a face value like coins and are regarded for their metal content. The Buffalo round, Perth Mint Kangaroos, and Sunshine Mint Rounds are famous.

Silver Bars

100-ounce silver bars are as famous as 100-ounce gold bars. These silver bars are easy to preserve and invest in due to their availability. RCM, or Royal Canadian Mint, silver bars are available on the Only Gold is Southwest’s most significant gold and silver bullion dealer.

Platinum Bullion

American Eagle Coins, Australian Platypus, and Canadian Maple Leaf are currently available as platinum bullion coins. It is more costly than gold and silver, used in electronics, and you can order a maximum of 500 coins from the Only Gold site. There is one PAMP Suisse bar available to accept, weighing one ounce, and they are as famous as coins.

Palladium Bullion

Palladium coins and bars are rarer than gold, silver, and platinum. For the rare metal, Only Gold has two products available right now. PAMP Suisse 10 oz. Palladium bar and Canadian Maple Leaf.

The Price of Precious Metals

only gold bar

Precious metal prices data are calculated in conjunction with spot prices. On the website’s pricing account page, you can quickly search the price of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium metals in relation to crude oil, the US dollar, the FTSE 100, and so on. You may also filter the metal price by one day, one week, one month, six months, and up to ten years as buyers. The change in gold prices from 2012 to 2022 will be seen for ten years.

Only Gold Review

There are several reviews regarding Only Gold on different websites, and we include some of the specifics here.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Only Gold receives an A+ rating. And it is the highest value. The BBB accredits the website. Most of the reviews are positive here, and most people praised the work effort that the company put forth throughout the years.

Gold Dealers Reviews

Only Gold has a rating of 4.9. Five recorded reviews for Only Gold, and customer service and buying experience were rated with five stars. Only Gold’s shipping time appears to be the only complaint from customers.


Only Gold has no reviews in the Business Consumer Alliance, Trust Pilot, or Trust Link. So, there is a little web presence for the company. However, with such reviews and actions, the company is undoubtedly doing something legitimate worth mentioning.

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