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OneGold is an innovative and modern platform that provides investors with a unique and upgraded technology-based platform to finance precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. The company was set up and mainly concentrated on the payment method for certain products. Metal investment is not something new to the market. But with OneGold, the client will be able to pay with a computer screen or a mobile app. So, the platform was developed in such a way that it made the transaction process for precious metals easier than ever. OneGold gives flexibility to its clients in every way imaginable. Once you choose the right product for you, you are one click away from making it yours.

Transaction, pre-funding, and rapid buy options are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To begin, create an account on the website or via the OneGold app. Then, using their “Items” list page, peruse the products. The items are organized into divisions, and they are continually changing based on the availability of bullion. After browsing and deciding whether to purchase the goods instantly or choose the pre-funded option, the product will be stored in a safe depository. Then you redeem the goods or receive a liquidated value for your precious metals. Once you’ve determined the amount, you may collect the funds and deposit them into your original account.

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Beginnings of OneGold in Oklahoma City

OneGold logo

OneGold is now a twelve-billion-dollar corporation. APMEX founded the firm, and Ken Lewis is the current CEO of OneGold. The platform was created in 2018, and the firm has developed to become one of the major precious metals dealers in the United States in four years. There is no comparison between OneGold and conventional precious metals sellers since OneGold works and is structured differently. They adhere to their own rules, and their connection is comparable to traditional metal sellers and precious metals ETFs.

APMEX and Sprott own OneGold. And you can begin your investment with just a dollar. The company works with the useful attributes of physical and digital gold, which makes buying and investing in gold easier for everyone. Here, you don’t have to stress about depository fees, insurance, or the security of your precious metals. You can quickly redeem your gold or sell the product directly for cash.

OneGold works as a retailer, a marketplace or exchange, and an online platform. The newly launched app from OneGold, made the tracking and viewing process is easier than ever. You can fund in gold, silver, and platinum bullion with OneGold. There’ll be a storage fee for the gold, but it will be according to the company’s policy, and they charge their clients quarterly.

OneGold ownership

APMEX and Sprott, Inc. are the joint owners of OneGold. Here they started a company to digitalize physical gold. So they created a platform where the digital gold data is backed up by 100% pure physical gold. OneGold was created to change the course of the precious metals business. So they included all the facilities like storage, IRA, audit, redemption switch, savings, etc., in one single place.


This is a ten-billion-dollar corporation founded in 1999. APMEX also trades precious metals. The company’s headquarters are also located in McGee Ave, Oklahoma City, and the firm now employs 200 people. Scott Thomas is the current president of APMEX, and he received the American Numismatics Association’s prestigious Presidential Award in 2009. The establishment has been in function for over a decade and has sold 130 million dollars in precious metals on an international market.

About Sprott

Sprott was founded in 1981 by Eric Sprott, and, currently, this company specializes in mining investment, precious physical metals, commodity trusts, private equity, debt strategies videos, and ETFs. The company’s current assets are almost twenty billion dollars, and there are 20 million foreign and regional customers for Sprott Inc. The company’s offices are in London, New York, and Toronto. Whitney George is the current president of Sprott Inc. The company individually operates in asset management, resource financing, and wealth management.

OneGold Features

onegold features

OneGold auto investment, redemption, and IRA are some of the important elements of OneGold. Here we include all the possible features of the establishment.


For precious metals investors, this is a relatively new word. You may arrange your transaction procedure for a specific item here. Once you join the AutoInvest program, you may alter your payments schedule and begin. Orders will be placed here regularly. So, after you set up an alert for the program, and as long as your wire transfer system is up and running, the gold will be acquired at that frequency without your intervention, for information contact OneGold.

To avoid risk, the payment methods can be organized daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or bi-weekly. If there is any advancement with the account’s payment method, you can log in and change the current settings. And if your payment processor is not loading, the company will conclude your AutoInvest account. If there is no fund for the purchase of metals, then the company will charge you $35, and the market casualties will rely on the buyers.

Redemption of Digital Metals

OneGold offers a Redemption program to exchange your digital gold for physical gold. So the gold will be delivered to your current location. With OneGold, you can invest in a fraction of a product, so redemption is not possible as such. The Redemption program is recommended via APMEX.

The gold, silver, or platinum will be delivered to your address with the redeemed metal. So here, you will be selling your digital gold at a current price and getting the gold with that portion of the cash. The subtraction of 0.30% from the metal’s spot price will be the price of redemption. The redemption price is usually derived from the algorithm set by OneGold. The company will also provide you with a quote before the redemption as a guarantee.

Opening a Free Account

To get started with OneGold, you first have to open a future free account via the website or app. To sell, buy, store, and redeem, you have to open an account. With the OneGold digital account, you must transfer your amount for further processing and make transactions more accurate. The transaction process is available 24/7.

To create a digital account, you have to put in your name, email address, password, country, and type of account. You can choose between an individual and an IRA. The client has to be in charge of the password and identification characters. The number of transactions in your OneGold account is infinite. You can transfer the money with a credit card, PayPal, check, Bitpay, wire transfer, or Automated Clearinghouse (AHC).

Shipment of Redeemed Metals

Depending on the type of mailing service, the redeemed product or precious metals might take five to ten days to arrive. The company will charge you ten dollars if the purchase is less than a hundred dollars. This also encloses insurance and registration. If your product is worth more than a hundred dollars, there will be no additional shipping charge. Some of the shipment routes include S. Mail, Federal Express, UPS, and U.S. Mail.

IRA Precious Metals

Saving for retirement accounts is a very crucial activity. An IRA allows you to save a set amount (up to $7,500) each year. The IRA provides tax advantages since your IRA money will not be taxed before they are withdrawn. When you withdraw the investment from your IRA, you will only be taxed at your standard income tax rate. However, because IRAs are withdrawn after retirement, the yearly income tax rate is rather low in comparison to your current income rate. As a result, investing in an IRA is an excellent method to save.

You can roll over your existing IRA account to precious metals or a gold IRA with one gold coin. OneGold will work as a gold, silver, or platinum retailer here. For that, first, you need to contact a custodian regarding your IRA. The recommended custodians of OneGold are:

  1. Strata Trust Company
  1. Kingdom Trust
  1. New Direction Trust Company
  1. Preferred Trust
  1. RocketDollar

Once you have cleared out all the lists for the IRA, you can fund the account. You can always utilize a wire transfer or a rollover from any other IRA. To purchase the OneGold precious metals, you need to sign up for their free account with the IRA option. After selecting your custodian, you can easily operate your account with the app or website of OneGold.

Buyback Program

You can sell your precious metals to OneGold based on the spot price, demand, and other relative factors. The company also remarks that the purchased amount and selling rate will be different as the market value changes rapidly. The sales will not be revoked once confirmed, and the company can change the rate of metals before the confirmation rate.


There are always storage fees associated with precious metals, even when it’s digital gold, and OneGold has different storage partners depending on the country.

  1. Canada-Royal Canadian Mint
  1. United States of America-APMEX, Loomis International
  1. Switzerland-Loomis International

All of these storage systems are insured and go through regular audits, and the vault reports are even uploaded publicly and go through third-party verification.

Storage fees for OneGold change rapidly. The current gold storage rate will be 0.12%, and it will be 0.30% for silver and platinum. You have to pay $120 annually and $30 quarterly for one hundred thousand dollars of gold.

Mobile App

The mobile app was designed to access precious metal rates quickly.

  • Live spot prices
  • Portfolio tools
  • Market alerts
  • Daily news
  • 24/7 transactions and trading
  • Managing transactions and accounts
  • Tracking

OneGold’s Products


There are four different types of products available on the site. They are identified depending on their country.

U.S. Products

The bullion is saved by APMEX, COMEX, and Loomis International. The metals are physically segregated and insured by Lloyd’s of London, one of the oldest insurance companies in the U.K. The storage fees will be a minimum of five dollars.

Swiss Products

The products here are also insured by Lloyd’s of London, and the minimum storage expenses will be five dollars.

Canadian Products

The Royal Canadian Mint is the storage facility in Canada for OneGold. They have 100+ years of experience, and the products here are verified and insured by the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM).

U.K. Products

The United Kingdom is the most extensive market for bullion trading, and they are also famous for their vaults and management businesses. The minimum storage fee will also be five dollars. The metal is verified by top ten accounting firms and insured by Lloyd’s of London.

OneGold Review

There are multiple websites where the company has terrific reviews. Here we are including some of the facts regarding this company.

Shopper Approved

There are 7,461 reviews on this site on OneGold. The company was rated 4.8 stars. About six thousand people voted for the company with five stars. Only 0.2%, or 18 people, voted for the company with 1 star.

The majority of the consumers rated the company’s financial advisors approvingly. And the vast majority of them highlighted how fair the firm was in their regular dealings.

When it came to adverse evaluations, most consumers just expressed their uncertainty, and customer support did not appear to assist them. There were also some issues with the redemption of precious metals, and this might be because OneGold is not presently administering the redemption program.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

There are twelve reviews on the Better Business Bureau for OneGold. The rating will be an A+, the highest for a company. Most of the ratings here are favourable. However, there has been no current review on OneGold in BBB.

There are 131 reviews on Google for OneGold. The rating of this site is 4.8, and the most recent review was four months ago when the client praised the company for its instructive platform.

Price Chart

The price charts for gold, silver, and platinum in grams, ounces, and kilograms are on the OneGold website and app. The spot prices of the metals are revised every 60 seconds. They also added an interactive chart on the website where you can filter out the date and time, and it will direct you to the spot price change in dollars.


OneGold provides 24-hour trading and allows you to invest in digital gold-backed up by actual gold. You may begin investing with a small amount, and you can even set up an IRA. The company’s app is handy for tracking the price of precious metals. OneGold has received positive reviews and was formed by two giant corporations, making it nothing short of a revolution in precious metals trading.

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