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Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Reviews

We’re dealing with post-COVID-19 rage outbursts and a raging conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Russia and numerous other nations were involved in a cold war. As a result, there is a good likelihood that we will soon confront economic inflation.

Prices for oil and gas have already peaked in the previous ten years with theirs. And it is expected to exceed that figure significantly, given most countries are now unwilling to cooperate. When the nations of the globe are pitted against one other, it is evident that we, the general people, will suffer the most.

As a result, individuals are more interested in investing in other precious metals. Gold and other metals will keep you going when all other options have failed and add diversity to your investment portfolio. Even though gold is frequently seen as a safe haven against inflation, the metal industry is plagued with scammers globally. Again, the precious metals market is somewhat volatile and does not tend to calm down due to natural disasters.

Let’s look at one of the most significant precious metals merchants on the market right now. Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve are among the oldest and smallest in the industry right now. The firm has been in operation for a long time. Nonetheless, they have kept faultless features over the years. This is one of those companies you’ll be able to trust blindly.

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As a result of the circumstance, many decide to buy precious metals online. As a result, various firms have formed high offer rates on bullion coins and bars while failing to deliver a legitimate product.

You may fall for their fraudulent claims as a new dealer or investor. Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve are not one of these businesses. They’ve been around since 2009. So the company has been in operation for the past two decades with its eligible sales representatives and stock market values.

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About Nationwide

The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve was founded in 2009 and is located in the Dairy Ashford Plaza. The address is 2000s Dairy Ashford Plaza, Houston, TX 77077.

The firm specializes in precious metals such as bullion coins and bars and an extensive collection of pre-1933 coins, most of which are considered rare coinage. The firm sells its coins on its website, and the National Coin and Bullion Reserve sell coins from the United States and other countries and operates with excellent customer service.

The firm was founded in 2009, yet they claim to have 100 years of combined expertise. The claims are about its specialists, who are well-known in their field. Nationwide Coin emphasizes its customers and attempts to get the best possible outcome for them.

They also claim to act in the best interests of the customer. As a result, the organization also offers expert assistance and information to its new customers.

Government-issued coins, rare American coins and bullion, pre-1933 coins, numismatic coins, and IRA packages are available at Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve. Along with the precious metals consultancy, they provide a team of numismatic consultants who are experts on market price, collector coins, safety net, bullion products, ira services, etc. Another part of their services for their regular consumers will be the economic trend analysis team and help build your investment portfolios.

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Website

The Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve’s website is meant to be interactive and simple for customers as they are a part of the precious metals industry. The precious metals rate is detailed at the top of the web pages, where you can view the current rates of various metals and the tax rate for each of them. Many tabs on the website will take you to multiple sites and provide accurate and reliable information. They also have a customer support team to assist you.

The order now tabs, gold and silver alternatives, pre-33 gold, resources center, gold pricing, and reviews are the first to catch your eye on the website. You may also be able to locate the free gold kit where all the company claims are visible.

All relevant information about the firm may be found on their “free information here” website. There is also a blog page where news and information about precious metals and the Nationwide Coin company deals are available.

Customers may also find information about the delivery policy in the frequently asked questions sections like other gold companies with a free service, like talking to the bullion reserve’s sales representative. On the site, you will also be able to locate relevant evaluations about the organization. The firm is also welcoming to persons who are visually handicapped or have a cognitive disability. There is also a location on the site for many languages, which you can quickly access and adjust in the settings, and many customers commit with such advantages.

Precious Metals Listed On The Nationwide Coin And Bullion Reserve

Here you’ll find three different products that the companies listed for investment opportunities. Gold, pre-33 gold, silver coins, and bullion bars are available. For gold and silver, you can purchase gold coins and bars and silver coins and bars. And as for the pre-33 gold, only gold coins are primarily available.

nationwide gold coins

Gold Coins

On the website, there are fifteen different gold coins to choose from. One of the Gold American Eagle Coins’ limited-time specials. All of the descriptions of the coins available on the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve may be found here.

American Eagles in Gold

On the site, you may purchase an American gold Eagle. The coin has a face value of $50. The coin is one of the most valuable coins in American history and one of the most renowned coins ever created. The coins come in a variety of sizes and face values.

The face value of the Gold American Eagle starts at $5 and may go up to $50. The coin’s composition contains gold, silver, and copper, which is why the gold coin lasts longer than the other bullion coins.

Saint Gaudens drew the Liberty side of the Gold American Eagle coin, which was first issued in 1986. The latest reverse side of the coin has the side profile of the Bald Eagle.

The Gold Eagles’ current rate would be $1915.00, which is a hundred dollars less than the general rate.

$5 Gold American Eagle 

This 1/10 ounce gold Eagle coin looks a lot like the previous one. Currently, this coin’s value is less than the value of a $50 bill. This gold coin weighs about 3.3 grams and is 16.5 mm in diameter. The coin’s composition contains gold, silver, and copper.

The gold coin is substantially more durable due to its composition. The Gold American Eagle is a one-of-a-kind coin, and one of the first bullion collections after the US abolished the restriction in 1933.

W Burnished Gold Eagle  

The 2019 version of the Gold Eagle has been produced at the West Mint Point, so the coin has the symbol “W” on it. The coin is also pretty rare, and the total number of coins is 5,276.

This coin is NCG-approved and one of the exclusive coins in the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve. The coin is signed by Don Everhart and is considered an intelligent addition to the precious metals portfolio.

End of WW2 75th Anniversary Gold Coin  

This lovely coin comes with a display case and an authentication certificate to go with it. This one is also a Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve unique since only 50 of these coins were signed by Don Everhart.

The coin was created to honor the brave troops who perished during the conflict. An eagle is carrying olive branches, which represent peace. The coin has $25, which means the coin’s face value, size, and weight.

T2 MS70 Gold Eagle

This coin is one of the rare coins in a perfect MS70 collection. Again, as an exclusive coin, it is signed by Don Everhart. The design of the American gold Eagle changed in 2021, specifically on the reverse side of the coin.  The 1-ounce Bald Eagle is present on the reverse side, which Renata Gordon designed. Thus, the coin is one of a kind in its own right.

Mayflower Gold Coin  

The Mayflower gold coin was released in 2020. The coin is PF70 graded and features a high-relief hyper cameo finish. A former United States Mint sculptor, Don Everhart, created the currency specifically for the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve. This coin is a commemorative coin to the Mayflower event.

Gold Bar

There is only one bar mentioned on the Nationwide Coin site. The gold bar is a one-ounce fine gold bar from the Maker of Choice. The gold is made of 999.9 pure gold, and the coin’s serial number is encrypted on the bar.

Pre-33 Gold Coin

There are three different pre-33 coins mentioned on the nationwide website.

Indian Head Quarter Eagle  

The Pratt Bigelow Gold Coin is another name for this coin. The coin was initially minted in 1908, and the mint was later shut down owing to the 1933 prohibition. President Roosevelt was regularly dissatisfied with the aesthetic value of coins. As a result, numerous coin designs were created at first, including the Indian Head. The coin has a face value of $5. The coin’s composition is made up of gold and copper.

$10 Indian Head  

Saint Gaudens created this coin in 1907, and it was last manufactured in 1933. The coin is comprised of gold and copper as well.

This ten-dollar coin was manufactured in 1926. (Nationwide Collection). The obverse side depicts Liberty facing left, surrounded by 13 stars. An eagle stands on arrows and an olive branch atop the opposite side.

Double Eagle  

This coin is also designed by Saint Gaudens and has a face value of $20. The coin is made up of gold and copper alloy, and the nationwide website does not include a description of the date of this rare coin.

nationwide silver coins

Silver Coins

There are only four silver coins mentioned on the nationwide website, and here we are including some of them.

Kennedy Silver Half Dollar

The coin was created to commemorate President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The coin is made out of 90% silver. This currency was approved by Congress to be made to shorten the run of Franklin Half Dollars. The currency was issued in 1964, and the obverse side depicts the late President’s left profile.

Mercury Dimes

This stunning silver coin was minted in 1923. Though the coin’s name reflects the deity Mercury, it was primarily intended to portray youthful Liberty. In this portrait, Lady Liberty is wearing a Phrygian hat.

The American Silver Eagle

Nationwide Coins has a collection of the 2018 version of the Silver Eagle. Lady Liberty glides during the sunset while holding an olive branch on the reverse side. And the reverse side depicts the bald Eagle, representing the strength of America.

The Team

Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve have a strong team of professionals in several fields, and Nationwide guarantee their service.

  1. Trend Analyst: Based on the present rate and observed data, trend analysts forecast the rate of future stakes.
  2. Economists: Economists have numerous alternatives, such as evaluating data, conducting surveys, anticipating market trends, and so on.
  3. Precious Metals Consultants: They demonstrate how one should invest in precious metals.
  4. Numismatic Experts: Comprises coin researchers, expert dealers, and general rare coin collectors.

Payment and Delivery Options for Precious Metals

Nationwide, Bullion Reserve provides a plethora of alternatives for its customers, and they frequently offer bargain pricing. The price of the items varies with the market value.

Choose the amount and put it in your shopping basket to order the coins and bars. Proceed to the checkout once you’ve chosen your things. At checkout, you may be required to enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. You must also pick a payment method. You can use a visa, master card, American Express, or wire transfer to pay. Before you check out, please read the privacy policies and note your tracking number.

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Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve Review

Different third-party websites have reviews on the site.


Trustlink has favorable reviews Nationwide and several complaints about their shipping policy and higher price.

Better Business Bureau

BBB(better business bureau) has low ratings and negative reviews on the site, and Nationwide coin is rated a D+, which is pretty low. The most customer began complaining regarding the management of the company. The company also seems to use deceptive sales tactics to blindside its clients and lacks customer satisfaction.


On this Nationwide coins site, the firm has a rating of 4.6 stars. There are almost 600 reviews on this site, and 75 percent of them evaluated the nationwide as outstanding. The majority of the complaints were about customer service on how they dont provide a straight answer, have fewer merchants bonding, and the excessive coin and bar rates. The company offers a free welcome kit to their customers, which has extensive claims, to begin with, and sales reps do the same thing.

Final Thoughts

Is the Nationwide Coin and Bullion Reserve a Massive scam? No, the answer is no. The corporation has lately experienced some difficult years, and as a result, there has been a slew of adverse reactions to its products and management. However, the organization has been established for a long and does not engage in any scams or fraudulent activities. As a result, the corporation may be called to be loyal to its word. You have to be mindful and analytical before purchasing the precious metals.

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