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Money Metals Exchange is an excellent start while investing in precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, and Palladium. The establishment trades with its clients directly and has a competitive approach that ensures its existence in the market. They are precious metals dealers and have IRS programs that let people invest in precious metals as their retirement investment (IRA). The company was recently added to the “Best Overall Metal Dealers” list by Investopedia. Their strategy as a company is pretty forthright, and they value their customers no matter the size of their account.

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Best Overall Rating (Where I Invested)
#2 American Hartford Gold
Best Buyback Program
#3 Augusta Precious Metals
Most Educational ($50,000 Minimum)
#4 Red Rock Secured
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#5 Noble Gold
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About Money Metals

Money Metals

The company has more than twenty thousand investors and is also awarded the “Dealer of The Year” prize. They are recognized by the Bullion and often regarded as one of the best precious metals dealers in the country. The news services of Money Metals have more than five hundred thousand active readers.

Stefan Gleason founded the company in 2010 for investors who wanted to fend for their precious metals freely. So, the company has been in business for twelve years now. The company started so that the clients could purchase precious metals according to their melt value rather than their bullion value.

Stefan Gleason is one of the reputable names as he owns multiple marketing and publishing companies and is a representative of financial establishments. He even had appearances in several famous broadcasting shows and has published articles in the Wall Street Journal. Other co-managers are Mike Gleason and Clint Singer, who also play an essential part in editorial and core management. There is a podcast about precious metals that Money Metals hosts.

And if you check through the privacy policies of Money Metals, you can quickly get a clear idea of how the company operates. All of the rules here demonstrate that the company is very collective about their client’s privacy, and you can confine them from using your information. You can even ask them to show you a copy of the information they hold about you. And if there is any concern, you have the right to hold the company liable. With such flexibility on hand, it is pretty clear that the Money Metals are legit on their grounds.

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Why Invest in Precious Metals?

Precious metals like gold, silver, and other metals have intrinsic and melt values. They have no credit risk helps to diversify your investment portfolio. You can invest in different market sectors with precious metals IRA like mutual funds and metal mining stocks.

Precious metals hold onto their value even when the monetary state is inconsistent. Unlike bonds, real estate, and equity that do not keep stable rates, precious metals stick to their bargain. Most people invest in metals as they want a sound investment. Financing is pretty easy as Money Metals exchange accept online payment option like PayPal.

Money Metals Exchange

There are several options available in the case of Money Metals Exchange products. Silver and gold hold the most significance for clients, and the metals are dealt with in eclectic patterns. From coins to statues, everything is marketable here. And with so many alternatives available, it is easy for the customers to pick.

Money Metals Exchange


Gold is the oldest source of investment. Even the past civilizations even dealt with gold for trade. Gold is invested and traded in Money Metals exchange order in coins, grounds, jewelry, vaults, and bars.

Gold Coins

There are eighty-four different gold coins enlisted on the official website of the Money Metals. Though not all of the coins are currently available, the availability of the coin depends on the date. Most of these coins are American with different mints. But besides that, you can also have Mexican and swiss coins on the list.

American Eagle Coin is pretty common on this list. The coin has Lady Liberty on one side and the Eagle on the other. The bald Eagle here is a representation of America’s strength and security. The American Eagle Proof gold coins are available in four sizes with limited mintage.

The Gold Buffalo Coin was designed in the 1900s. One side of the coin shows a native Indian, and the other side has an American Bison. According to their monarchs, the British Gold Sovereign coins changed the design and are one of the precious European gold bullion. King William to Queen Elizabeth, the images changed over time. The other side has the print of St. George slaying a dragon.

Gold Rounds

Unlike the other coins we mentioned before, round coins have no face value. There are four round coins on the Money Metals website. Lady Liberty Gold Rounds and Donald Trump Gold Rounds are one of them. These coins have the mintage finishes of the USA, and there is also the purity marking and the weight. Rounds are traded according to their melt value rather than their bullion value.

Gold Jewellery

This type of exchange is pretty rare for precious metals dealers, but sixty-two different options are available for gold jewelry. This type of Bullion is wearable and can be found in bracelets, cufflinks, pendants, hoops, earrings, rings, bangles, charms, etc. This jewelry has different finishes and has the weight and purity included on the list, and they have historical precious metal prices as standard. Most of the Jewelry here comprises pouches and boxes along with assay certificates.

Vault Gold

Money Metals exchange sell prices alter with these gold bars, and it is only available for depository rather than delivery or shipment. Here 11 kilograms of gold are allocated in the vaults. Coins are rounds or bars that are hard to find where you can quickly cash out the vault gold by liquidating it. Most customers do not want to keep their precious metals at home, so vault golds are an easy way out. But if you want, you can pick up the gold from the depository of Money Metals.

Bargain Bin Gold

It is an inexpensive way to purchase gold where you can buy precious gold metals that are second-hand or purchased from other customers by Money Metals. Here the price of the gold is as much as its melt value.

Gold Back

There are seventeen gold back series available on the official website of Money Metals. Gold backs are used for barter transactions, which are spendable voluntary currency.

Gold Bars

There are twenty-seven options for gold bars with different mintage weights and purity. Gold coins are smaller, and their layouts are also tiny and are purchased physical metal. And this is why multiple investors try to invest in gold bars instead of coins. They are much more cost-effective and come in different sizes. The Money Metals make sure that the clients know every detail of their gold bar from the beginning.


Silver is much more stable than gold, and Money Metals offers several kinds of options regarding silver. Silver coins, bars, rounds, statues, junks, bullets, and vault silver is available.

Silver Coins

One hundred two silver coins are enlisted on the official website of Money Metals. Silver coins are accumulated not merely for their melt value but also for their historical significance.

US mint Silver Eagles are pretty standard in the list of bullion coins. These were first struck in 1986 and are still one of the most well-known silver bullion coins. One side of the coin portrays walking Liberty, and another side has a bald eagle representation of America’s strength. America the Beautiful has designs of five or six distinguishing landmarks in America and Liberty on the other side.

Silver Krugerrands is a South African coin representing the productivity of their gold mines, and the other side carries the image of Paul Kruger, South African President. Silver Cougar Coins was minted by the Royal Canadian Mint that depicts the image of a cougar lunging for an attack. The reverse side has the picture of Queen Elizabeth.

Australia’s Perth Mint minted the silver Kangaroo Bullion Coin, depicting a kangaroo hopping on its legs. The reverse side of the currency has a side profile of Queen Elizabeth. The Queens Beast Silver Coin is one of the important British silver coins first released in 2016 by the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint. The beasts here represent her majesty’s royal ancestry.

Silver Rounds

There are twenty-six silver rounds available on the list of Money Metals. Private mints make these rounds, and they do not carry currency or date. These rounds only offer their melt value rather than their mint value. With silver rounds, you get more silver than the coins. Walking Liberty and American Silver Buffalo is one of the best ones that you can purchase.

Silver Statues

Though we can not say much regarding the silver statues, they hold high potential and value. There are ten silver statues enlisted on the website. Soaring Eagle has 0.925 pure silver, less than a 0.999 pure silver bar or coin. Apart from the metal, the statue also holds an exceptional value as the Eagle has a historical background from Roman History and America.

Silver Bars

If you are thinking about stacking silver, silver bars might be the best option for you, and you can easily find them in Money Metals exchange’s prices. And if you are skimming to diversify your retirement fund investment, these bars are a staple. The lowest price of the silver bar can be twenty-five dollars, and the highest price can go up to thousands of dollars. And you can even customize the weight of the bars by choosing different weights.

Junk Silver

Junk silver coins do not accumulate any mintage fees, and here copper is added with silver. But these coins have face value. About 10% copper is added to junk silver coins, and most of these coins are collectible ones.

Silver Bullets

Money Metals offers an imitation of original bullets made out of pure silver. Most people collect bullets to showcase them, and it goes perfectly with America’s traditions. Different types of silver bullets are available from 0.46 Cal to 20 millimeters on the site.


Platinum bars and coins are available for exchange in Money Metals. Platinum is considerably rare than gold, and many investors prefer Platinum over Gold because of its prospect. Platinum works as a diversification from traditional gold and silver, and the demand for platinum as a metal is increasing as they are much more sustainable.

Platinum Coins

There are eight different platinum coins available on the site. An American Platinum Eagle can cost up to twelve hundred dollars, and one side of the coin depicts Liberty, and another side has an eagle in flight. These coins were first started in 1997 by the US Mint.

Platinum Bars

Money Metals exchange work with a secure package and certificates for their weight and purity. Nine platinum bars are listed on the website. The prices of a platinum bar can go up to twelve thousand dollars and can start from eleven hundred dollars.


Palladium bars and coins are available for trade. Russia and South Africa are some of the leading producers of Palladium, and this metal is outstanding for diversifying your investment portfolio. A single Palladium American Eagle coin can cost up to twenty-six hundred dollars. Purchasing precious metals like Palladium bar is occasional as they are very costly.


Rhodium is considered one of the rarest metals on earth, and the scarcity of this metal makes it one of the highest prices in the market. A single Rhodium bar can cost up to seventeen thousand dollars for 28.3 kilograms.

Retirement Accounts with Money Metals

Contact Money Metals exchange to open a self-directed IRA account and easily invest in the precious metals of your preference. Money Metals can also work as your depository option, and you can choose other companies as your custodian. Money Metals exchange accepts Gold IRA as one of the primary retirement investment accounts in the company. Their depository program is insured by Money Metals exchange’s Lloyds of London. And to open an account,

  1. You have to choose a custodian and open a self-directed IRA account. The Money Metals exchange recommends the New Direction Trust Company as a custodian.
  2. After funding, you can start looking for the precious Bullion you want to fund. You will receive payment confirmation from the company once you are done.
  3. After completing your transaction, the metals will be delivered to the depository or Money Metals exchange Safe.

Money Metals Exchange Reviews

The official website of Money Metals exchange review holds twenty-nine positive reviews. But besides this, other pages also rated the company.

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Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The company has accreditation from BBB, and they gave them a rating of 4.7 in October 2020. Money Metals review here is mixed, and they have more than seventy-eight customer reviews on BBB.

This site has eight reviews on Money Metals. Though most of the ratings are positive with five stars, the most recent rating will be a negative one as the customer complaint about the condition of a product.

Trust Pilot

Money Metals reviews in Trust Pilot are primarily negative. Money Metals are rated with 2.4 and had eighteen reviews. 78% of the reviews rated it as a bad experience.


The company deals with precious metals and copper, pre-made portfolios, gifts, and vault metals. There are so many assortments that it’s difficult to catch up on all of them. But if you are skimming for a company that helps you in every aspect of precious metals, Money Metals is the suitable place for you. Money Metals exchange rep will give you every option available and help you choose the suitable derivative. But make sure to read out everything before investing.

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