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Money Metals Exchange Review 2023: Investing in Precious Metals Products the Smart Way

As the global economy continues to struggle ever since we emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic, many shrewd investors have started looking for alternative ways to invest for the future.

Investing in precious metals products has emerged as one of the favored options for investors across the world.

In response to the growing demand for precious metals products, many exchange platforms have begun to emerge out of the woodwork.

While this offers investors a lot more opportunities for investment, it does make choosing the right platform a lot more complicated.

This is a problem I encountered when I decided to diversify my portfolio by investing in precious metals. The benefits of investing in gold and silver coins were clear, but choosing a safe and legitimate company proved to be an uphill task.

I quickly realized how easy it would be for investors, especially those still new to the industry, to make the wrong choice and risk losing their hard-earned money.

Money Metals Exchange reviews, such as this one, were a great help in guiding me in the right direction. If you are in a similar situation and would like to learn more about Money Metals Exchange, you are in the right place.

I’m sure you will have a better understanding of what Money Metals Exchange is all about and why you should consider investing in this platform in 2023 by the time you finish reading this article.

Before you read my full MoneyMetals review, I do recommend that you look into the providers I personally endorse for precious metals IRA investing.

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Brief Overview of The Money Metal Exchange Platform

Money Metals

The purpose of this review is to teach you more about how the platform works so that you can decide whether it is a good company for your needs.

However, this is a company that has been doing plenty of business since 2010, and there is a lot more to cover than I can fit in a single article.

What you need to know first is that Money Metals Exchange is an online precious metals exchange platform that specializes in helping investors gain access to bullion products.

Its list of products is diverse, and investors can invest in gold bars, silver coins, platinum, palladium, and many other precious metals.

If you are more interested in selling the bullion products that you already have rather than buying from the company, Money Metals Exchange allows you to do that as well.

When I decided to invest with this company, I found it surprisingly easy to sell some of the European gold bullion I had and was very pleased with the spot price that Money Metals offers.

This platform offers a lot more services than simply buying or selling precious metals. As a Money Metals Exchange investor, I enjoy direct access to loans and referral plans that the platform reserves for all those who invest with it.

One of the things that helped me decide whether this was the right company for selling or purchasing precious metals was to draw up a list of the pros and cons of investing with Money Metals Exchange. Here is what I came up with:


  • This platform will not sell your information to any third party or the government under any circumstances.
  • Money Metals Exchange offers live pricing and real-time updates whenever I want to buy or sell precious metals.
  • Using this online precious metals exchange platform is one of the most convenient ways to invest in the industry.
  • The platform has pre-packaged portfolios that are designed to help beginners take their first steps into the world of gold and silver investments.
  • Money Metals Exchange has competitive shipping costs, with free shipping on orders over $500+.
  • Customers are free to use various forms of payment.
  • The selection of bullion products is very diverse.
  • You will have unlimited access to many helpful educational resources and customer service support channels.
  • As an online platform, Money Metals Exchange is always available, meaning you do not have to worry about business hours.


  • Money Metals Exchange transaction fees can be high, depending on your choice of payment method.
  • The customer support services are not always available when you try to call the support team.
  • There are some payment method restrictions, such as having a cap on your minimum and maximum amounts.

What Is Money Metals Exchange?

When I checked out this company, I found that there is more to Money Metals Exchange than meets the eye. It is, primarily, a precious metals exchange platform that deals with the buying and selling of bullion at competitive prices.

However, as this MoneyMetals review will highlight, the company also goes the extra mile to provide direct storage options to investors who purchase gold and other precious metals on its platform. It also guarantees affordable shipping costs and delivery of your products in a timely manner.

With so many precious metals companies to choose from, I found that the following is what makes Money Metals Exchange a worthy investment partner:

  • A top-tier management team
  • Phenomenal custom service tailor-made for the customer’s individual needs
  • Some of the lowest premiums in the US

Speaking of the management team, the founder and president of Money Metals Exchange Stefan Gleason works with dedicated and highly experienced industry experts running the show.

He was president of a national newsletter publishing company before deciding to follow his passion, and he started a precious metals exchange platform in 2010.

His experience and knowledge, combined with that of the team around him, have helped grow Money Metals Exchange into the reputable company it is today.

Clint Siegner, for example, is the co-manager of the platform and is in charge of many crucial aspects of the day-to-day running of the company, such as loan underwriting, employee training, and overseeing core company operations.

Siegner graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in business and has been a pillar of strength since helping start Money Metals Exchange in 2010.

Also part of the team is Mike Gleason, who helps Siegner with the day-to-day operations of the platform.

Mike brings an impressive sales and logistics background to the company, and he usually directs his efforts to maintaining the highest level of service and integrity throughout the organization.

Ratings and Reviews From External Sources

Whenever I want to get a clear picture of how a company operates, I prefer searching for information from third-party sources.

This is why external Money Metal Exchange reviews played a huge role in helping me form an opinion about this company.

To see what other investors had to say about Money Metals Exchange, I turned to two of my favorite company review platforms: Facebook and the Better Business Bureau.

On Facebook, I found that Money Metals Exchange had received an impressive 4.5-star rating from 235 votes, which shows that the majority of customers were satisfied with the services they received.

The same sentiments were echoed on Better Business Bureau, where Money Metals Exchange customers gave the platform 4.2 stars out of 150 real customer reviews.

Whenever I see such numbers on two of the most reputable review platforms online (unlike other platforms that use fake reviews), I know that the company in question must be doing something right.

Many of the customers used phrases such as “fantastic company,” “everything was as expected,” and ” I’m very pleased and satisfied” when talking about Money Metals Exchange.

Considering the amount of money required to invest in precious metals, the risk associated with making gold purchases online, and the increase in the number of fraudulent gold dealers, hearing this about Money Metals Exchange makes me a lot more comfortable and willing to recommend it to other investors.

Products Money Metals Exchange Offers

Money Metals Exchange

One of the most important things to remember when investing in precious metals is the importance of a diversified account portfolio.

This is why I always take a long, hard look at a platform’s precious metals selection before committing to any investments.

When I browsed through, what I found was a platform with a very impressive list of bullion products for investors to choose from.

Customers are free to browse that platform and then make a purchase order directly from the Money Metals Exchange website using credit card payments or any other preferred payment method.

In cases where you do not want to keep your precious metals at home, direct storage options are easily available.

Money Metals Exchange is the perfect environment to buy silver and gold bars or sell any precious you may have as close to the spot price as possible.

The following are some of the precious metals products that Money Metals Exchange has on its website:


Gold is the most popular precious metal used for investment purposes, and you will find a lot more gold than you can imagine on the Money Metals Exchange platform, such as:

  • Gold Eagle Coins
  • Gold Australian Coins
  • Gold Jewelry
  • Gold Canadian Coins
  • Gold Perth Mint Lunar Series
  • Gold PAMP Suisse
  • Gold US Coins
  • Gold British Coins
  • Gold Rounds
  • Gold Kangaroos
  • Gold Chinese Pandas
  • Gold 99999 Bullion
  • Gold Eagle Proof Coins
  • Gold Other World Mints


Next to gold, silver is another very popular precious metal option that you will find well-represented on the Money Metals Exchange platform. The list of products includes the following:

  • Silver Bullets
  • Silver British Coins
  • Silver Junk Silver
  • Silver Australian Coins
  • Silver Geiger Bars
  • Silver Canadian Coins
  • Silver Building Blocks
  • Silver Buffalo Rounds
  • Silver Statues
  • Silver America the Beautiful
  • Silver US Mint Eagles
  • Silver Fractionals
  • Silver Walking Liberties
  • Silver Rounds
  • Silver Bars
  • Silver Other World Mints

Other Precious Metals

There are times when the precious metals market is so huge that both silver and gold may seem unattractive as investment options.

In such cases, Money Metals Exchange offers investors a way to diversify their portfolios even further. Consider the following alternative precious metals to invest in:

  • Platinum and palladium coins
  • Platinum and palladium bars
  • Platinum jewelry
  • Rhodium bars
  • Copper Peace Round
  • Copper pennies
  • Copper President Trump Round
  • Copper We The People 2nd Amendment Round

Purchasing Precious Metals From Money Metals Exchange

Choosing your precious metals is the fun part, but after you have made your selection, it will be time to get down to the serious business of payment and providing shipping instructions for the delivery of your products.

There are many payment methods you can choose from, but you need to remember that some of them have restrictions and may affect how much you can purchase, as well as how long the delivery will take.

If you need your precious metals to be delivered as quickly as possible, pay close attention to the payment method restrictions.

With that in mind, Money Metals Exchange offers the following payment methods to all its investors:

  • Cryptocurrency for payments of up to $200,000, with a maximum waiting period of just two days
  • A maximum of $25,000 money orders, with an expected wait of up to 10 calendar days
  • Wire transfers for purchases of between $3,000 and $50,000, with up to two days waiting period
  • ACH transfer with a maximum of $575 per purchase and an expected wait of up to 10 calendar days (has to be more than $500 to avoid shipping costs)
  • Personal checks for payments of up to $25,000 and an expected wait of up to 10 calendar days
  • PayPal with a maximum of $575 per purchase and a maximum waiting period of just two days
  • Debit or credit card payments of not more than $575 and a wait of up to two days

Money Metals Exchange’s Prices

If you are planning to sell rather than purchase gold, silver, or other precious metals, you will find that Money Metals Exchange offers investors some excellent buy-back prices.

In general, you will find highly competitive prices on the platform, even though the selling prices may be slightly higher than those of its competitors.

The following prices apply for investments made on the platform:

Buy Prices

When we looked at some of the prices of bullion products on the platform in 2020, we found that, for example, an ounce of American Eagle coins was being sold at $1,867.70.

This is quite close to the spot price we expected, although it was $4 more than the price of Golden Eagle Coins and $25 more than JM Bullion.

However, this is only a slight difference when you are dealing with precious metals exchange platforms and should not be enough to sway your decision.

What you should be more worried about is the quality of service and the transaction fees that you will incur based on the payment method you choose. PayPal, for example, will exact a 4% charge on top of the cost of the precious metals.

Sell Prices

Where Money Metals Exchange blows its competitors out of the water is with its buy-back prices. We found that the platform was willing to pay up to $1,776.70 for an uncirculated American Eagle, which is more than the $1,750.75 on offer from Golden Eagle Coin and the $1,752.21 offered by JM Bullion.

Key Features of Money Metals Exchange

One of the most important parts of this Money Metals review is the analysis of some of the key features of the exchange platform.

The following features are what set Money Metals Exchange apart from other platforms in the industry:

Buying Metals

If you want to buy silver coins, gold bars, or other precious metals, the exchange offers you a safe, secure, and highly efficient way to do so. You will only need 10 minutes to set up your account before you are ready to start purchasing precious metals.

Currently, the platform only allows customers to buy one silver and gold product at a time, which may be time-consuming for those who want to make large purchases.

Once you select the precious metals you want, you will be directed to the checkout page, where you can choose your desired payment method. Restrictions do apply to certain payment methods, as mentioned earlier in this Money Metals Exchange review.

In cases where you cannot afford to buy the precious metals you want but still want to start investing in gold and silver, Money Metals Exchange offers you a monthly accumulation plan. From as little as $100 per month, you can start contributing towards your precious metals payments until you have enough to buy the coins or bars that you want.

Selling Metals

If you have some bullion that you want to sell, you can do so through the buyback program offered by Money Metals Exchange. Its buyback price is very attractive, and you can negotiate directly with the platform for a better price.

You will need to provide an email address where the exchange can send you its purchase order, which will also contain its shipping instructions and other details you may need, such as when you can expect to receive your payment in full.


Some investors prefer to store their precious metals at home, but if this seems too risky for you, Money Metals Exchange has a secure storage option that you can use. Depending on the size of your purchase, you may be charged a flat fee of as little as $96 per year for storage.


Once you have bought gold and silver products from the Money Metals Exchange, you can take out money loans based on the value of your bullion. The advance rate that you qualify for is usually about 75% of the collateral, which will be kept secured and fully insured throughout the process.

Referral Plan

As a way to reward customers who bring more business to Money Metals Exchange, the platform offers bonuses for each new customer you refer, which is usually in the form of a one-ounce Silver American Eagle coin.

If the customer you referred spends up to $5,000, you will get an extra Silver American Eagle coin. This means if you refer a lot of new customers, you will be able to grow your own portfolio much faster.

Money Metals Exchange Privacy Policy

Money Metals Exchange is very strict about safeguarding the privacy of all its investors. Unless presented with a valid search warrant, the platform will not disclose any of your information to government agencies or law enforcement officials.

All transactions conducted on the platform are handled with the highest level of discretion and anonymity as a way of protecting the identity of all investors.

What Is the Customer Service Like?

Looking at the many reviews on platforms such as Yelp and Better Business Bureau, you get the impression that the majority of customers who use Money Metals Exchange are very happy with the way it handles business.

My own experience leaves no doubt that these reviews are accurate. The customer service offered by this platform is top-notch, and investors will find a lot of great things on the website.

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Does Money Metals Exchange Accept Returns?

Yes, if you initiate a return request within three days of purchasing your precious metals, Money Metals Exchange will honor it. The platform can be contacted at +800-800-1865, and you will need to return the product in its original packaging.

However, you may be charged a stocking fee of up to 5%, and you will be responsible for any shipping costs and market losses that can occur.

Is Money Metals Exchange Safe and Legit?

Is Money Metals Exchange a reputable company? Is Money Metals legit and safe to invest with? These are the questions that were buzzing in my head when I decided to check out this exciting investment platform.

However, as I conclude this Money Metals Exchange review, I can confidently say that this is a legitimate and safe platform for all investors who are interested in investing in bullion products. All its transactions are transparent, and the platform has been operating for more than a decade, with a lot of happy customers served along the way.

If you are considering investing through Money Metals Exchange, you can go through the many positive reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau to help you make your decision.


Money Metals Exchange/moneymetals exchange is a growing bullion exchange platform that offers investors a lot of precious metal products and specialized services in the investment industry. If you are ready to take the future into your own hands, consider investing with Money Metals Exchange today.

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