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Monarch Precious Metals Review

Monarch Precious Metals was founded in 2008 when the stock market was at its lowest point. The corporation began to meet the market’s need for precious metals. The corporation manufactures and sells precious metals. Monarch Precious Metals is a metal refinery; they also have their own trade brand and stamps for the bars—they deal in silver, copper, and gold. You may also get many gift ideas from their assortment.

The refinery is located in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. The company refines metal bullion in traditional methods and prefers a “rustic” appearance for its products. The refinery’s official website is where you may get in touch with them. Simply enter your email address, name, message, and subject on their “Contact Us” page. And they’ll get back to you in no time.

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There are more than one categories of metals that the refinery works on. But the most significant aspect will be silver bullion. Gold might be added to the list, but currently, no mentioned products are on the website.

Specialty Silver

silver products

There are four different products under this title. The Egyptian Series is the first thing that is on the site. This particular Series is silver rounds instead of coins. Silver rounds are deemed for their melt value rather than their face value. So, if you buy a silver round, you’ll get the perfect price for its liquidated value. There are six different Egyptian silver rounds. The weight of these rounds starts from 14 ounces to 3 ounces, and all of them illustrate Egyptian gods, kings, and queens. The King Tut Coin has an antique look to it as it has an anti-polish charm to it as a gift bag. The price of this 14-ounce coin is around ten dollars.

Silver building blocks are different origins of design. They are not anything like bars or coins, so you can say they are souvenirs. There are thirteen different types of silver building blocks. The weight of the building blocks will start at 1/8 ounces, and you can get up to 120 ounces of blocks as well. The 120-ounce block item is a proliferation of 1-ounce blocks. The price varies depending on the weight, but it starts at $6.

Silver skulls are again different from any of the silver bullion you’ve seen. Monarch Precious Metals created these 3D art bar skulls to commemorate the Mexican holiday of Dia de Los Muertos. All of these products have 0.999% pure silver, and their weight also alters. The price of Monarch Precious Metals silver skulls is much higher than that of the previous ones, which could be attributed to the precise craftsmanship of the products.

Besides their noted creation, there are other options with rounds, bars, 3D art bars, magnet bars, etc. The 5 oz. Monarch Viking Archer’s silver bullion coin is one of the most beautiful silver bullion coins available. This 0.999% pure silver bar depicts a shrewd Viking aiming with a bow and arrow on one side of the bar. And the other side has a Viking ship with an antique patina exterior. Among the 3D bar art, you’ll be able to find the Frankenstein Monster Head with 1.5 ounces of silver. This bar will cost around fifty-two dollars. The detailing on the bar is nothing less than a work of art.

Silver Rounds

Notable items include fractional and oversize rounds, along with more options for holiday and occasion rounds and 1-ounce zodiac rounds in this category. There are ten fractional and oversized rounds in this sector. Monarch Salmon fish are 1 gram round are collectors love. The round is entirely handcrafted, and all of the cuts and strikings are done by artists with a rustic look. The coin was created to honour the company’s hometown, Oregon. The Pacific Northwest Salmon is the perfect symbol of Oregon.

There are seven occasional products on the Monarch Precious Metals site. The Poker Chip Small Blind Button of 1 ounce was mainly made like a gift box and had the details of the actual poker chip. The silver button also had the company’s logo on its reverse side. You can even purchase with customized engraving on this button, which will cost around sixty dollars.

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There are sixteen zodiac rounds. Each of the rounds depicts a zodiac sign like Capricorn and Aquarius. These items are perfect for gifts on birthdays. It was all designed with the idea of the gifts; they all come packed with a gift pouch. Aquarius, the water bearer, depicts an ultra-high relief image where the design is so clear and precise that you’ll even see the strands of hair on the zodiac sign.

Besides all the precise gifting items and souvenirs, you will still find the products worth your investment in these companies. The mixed rounds, such as Austrian Philanthropic, American Silver Eagle, Coin Britannia, Silver Buffalo, Blacktail Deer, etc., are available for precious metals investment and IRA. The price of the coins and rounds depends on the spot price of silver.

Silver Bars

There are five different silver bars featured on the website to invest in. Building block silver bars, sugar skull bars, and Monarch Poured bars are all devised and stamped with the refinery’s personal touch while preserving the purity of the bullion.


gold products

There are only four copper rounds on the website. All of these are custom-made by Monarch Precious Metals. The rounds are made without a face value, making them worth the investment. The four clover leaf gold coins are completely handwrought coins that feature a cloverleaf and the company’s logo on each side. This 12-gram gold four-clover round costs around forty-four dollars.


Copper might not be a precious metal, but you can still collect products made out of copper. For instance, the copper domino game-double nine set is not something you’ll notice in your local market, and this 0.999% pure copper domino set is Monarch Precious Metals’ yield of oxidized copper.


Aside from silver and copper, you can find accessories to protect and store your coins in. At a reasonable price, coin holders are available. Tubes, folders, albums, and miscellaneous items are available. All these are custom-designed to fit your collection adequately. You can buy the coins and the coin accessories in one place.

Monarch Precious Metals Review

Monarch Precious Metals

The products of the company are sold on websites like eBay and Walmart.

The Gold IRA Guide

The company is rated three stars on this site. The company was regarded as “good.”

Better Business Bureau

The BBB rated the company with an A+. There have been no complaints on the BBB site for three years regarding the company.

Trust Pilot

There is one review for Monarch Precious Metals on Trust Pilot. The rating is 3.7, and the reviewer mentioned the poured silver bar of the company.

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Shipping Cost

The company ships its products to different states of the USA, and the shipping cost is different along with the cost of Monarch Precious Metals.


Monarch Precious Metals is a well-known refinery that has been in the precious metals industry for thirteen years. There are no serious complaints filed against the firm, and however, their web presence is basically non-existent, which may turn off a few investors. However, the MPM is worth the reputation and attention as a retailer.

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