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Missouri Coin Company Review

Are you looking to invest in precious metals like gold and silver? are you looking for a reliable and highly rated company to put your money in? Then you are in the right place. Missouri Company is a coin dealer, with Des Peres, as a retail base in Missouri from where they also sell and buy precious metals.

Missouri company is the best company which is not only selling metals but also offers you a great opportunity to open a precious metal IRA. However before you could even think of investing with them, you should consider reading this review to find out whether they are legit or scams. or you should opt for an alternative.  

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What is Missouri Coin Company?

Missouri coin company

Based in Manchester rd des Peres, The company is primarily involved in the sale of rare coins and numismatics. Missouri company has managed to diversify its offering, with the addition of silver, gold bullion coins as well as bars to its mix.

Missouri Company instructs clients interested in purchasing precious metals for their IRAs to choose from one of 4 popular IRA administrators (custodians) – The Entrust Group, New Direction IRA, Midland IRA, or Sterling Trust Company (Equity Institutional).

How does Missouri Coin Company work?

Unlike many business websites, which are online stores and feature a product catalog and checkout, They only list a limited amount of goods. You must call this site’s telephone number for an order. They list five simple steps that should help you include precious metals in an IRA.

  1. Choosing an IRA custodian such as Midland IRA and the Entrust Group
  2. Open an account and select Missouri as your Precious metal dealer
  3. Fund the account by transferring funds or rolling over from your existing IRA
  4. Placing your order by calling Missouri coin company ordering your precious metals
  5. wait for the delivery of your precious metals, Your assets will be deposited in a depository for safe storage upon completion of ordering and payment. This will be followed by a confirmation from the company.

Offers Precious Metals IRAs

missouri coin offer

A subsidiary offers IRAs for precious metals through partnerships. You can earn gold and silver and protect your retirement against economic downslopes.

Is Missouri Coin Company a Scam?

You will find many reviews online for clients who are scammed and are being ripped off for their hard-earned cash. therefore, you should do a proper investigation and compare the different alternatives before making your own decision.

So, is Missouri Coin Company a Scam or not? No, of course not. It is not a scam. It is a legit company. It got a real physical address, a real owner, that was not found on the website.

You need to be aware that “ripoffs and scams” are happening in the industry in the form of “hidden fees.”

The lack of info on the company on their website, a lack of info on the overall online, and a lack of reviews make Missouri Gold company lack the basic transparency needed by customers. most likely, you can assume that this is an option since most of its peers provide such kinds of services to their clients. But for the shipping fees, you will be left clueless, with no information on the web.

Pros of Missouri Coin Company

Experienced staff

Missouri C boasts professional numismatists with almost 100 years of combined experience in acquiring rare coins and collecting materials.

Large collection of numismatists and rare coins

Missouri company has accumulated large selection o rare coins since they are more than 40 years in business. they also claim to have every type of rare coin or collectible in store.

Offers precious metals IRA

The company will provide you with precious metals IRAs through a partnership with third-party custodians. you will therefore be able to own physical metals.


Old school website

Missouri’s website is outdated will lee details and only basic information available. You will not find any prices or price charts or any other detailed information on precious metals. only a handful of products is listed as opposed to most metal companies which have a massive catalog with detailed information on precious metals.

No information on fees

You will not find any information regarding IRA fees on their website.

Missouri Coin Ratings and Complaints

he following are ratings and reviews about Missouri Coin from the leading business directories:

BBB Rating: A+

BCA Rating: The company has a rating of B

BCA Complaints: no complaints for the past 3 years

Other online reviews:

Other than a positive profile with the Better Business Bureau, Missouri Coin’s overall online reviews seem to be generally below average, with a total of 11 reviews on CitySearch and Yelp rating them at only 1.5 – 1.6 stars. Reviews about Missouri Coin Company which have been listed on Google+ and the Yellow Pages, have not received any rating on those sites.

Some of the reviews floating around must have been from when there was a previous owner.

Missouri Coin Company Precious Metals

Missouri company is selling mainly bullion. The company claims that numismatics has over decade years of experience and concentrates on customer education. The company specializes in bullion bars which are eligible for IRA.

Whether you buy or sell gold or silver bullion or rare coins, Be assured that you will have a low profile and guaranteed pricing that is competitive. This Mo coin dealer will also assist in managing your metal IRA as well as arranging metals that are backed by retirement plans.


The company has many advantages compared to disadvantages, therefore Missouri coin company is the best company to invest in. They include experienced staff, a large collection of numismatists, and rare coins. Missouri coin company also offers precious metals IRAs.

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