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Legacy Precious Metals Review 2023 – Is This IRA Firm Legit?

Legacy Precious Metals is a unique precious metals investment firm that provides clients with the opportunity to diversify their investments while taking advantage of the price appreciation of actual gold, silver coins, palladium, and platinum.

As one of the leading new precious metals dealers in the nation, Legacy Precious Metals serves a wide variety of clients, ranging from individual investors to small businesses to large financial institutions.

As the world of investing becomes increasingly complex and volatile, many investors are looking for ways to protect their hard-earned wealth. Legacy Precious Metals IRAs provide a secure and reliable option for doing just that.

They are a great choice for investors looking for an alternative way to diversify their portfolio and hedge against inflation, as legacy precious actual metals are often more stable than their more modern counterparts.

Legacy precious gold may have a higher cost at times, but they often have the added benefit of being more liquid than newer metals, making them a great choice for investors looking to turn a profit quickly.

Legacy Precious Metals is one of the most reliable and highly sought-after providers of precious metals trading and alternative investment solutions. For decades, they have been providing investors and consumers with a safe and secure way to buy gold, sell, and store precious metals.

Their services are ideal for those who are looking to diversify their hedge retirement portfolios, hedge against economic uncertainty, or simply get into the precious metals market for the first time.

With its long-standing commitment to quality, Legacy Precious Metals is the perfect partner for all of your precious metals needs.

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The top way to safeguard your retirement is to open a precious metals IRA. Check out the below providers and request a free kit.

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New Gold IRA Account is a special type of account that provides investors with the ability to invest in physical gold, and other holds real precious metals. This type of investment metal is popular among those looking to diversify their entire portfolio and protect their assets from market volatility.

Before investing in a Gold IRA company, it is important to understand the basics of how a Gold IRA works. Gold coins, such as the American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf, and gold bullion, such as bars and rounds, are two popular options investors use to diversify their hedge gold retirement account portfolios.

When you invest gold, it is essential to understand that the gold must be stored in an IRS-approved depository.

Once you purchase gold, it is the responsibility of the custodian to securely store the gold until the owner decides to take delivery or liquidate it. Investors should research the types of gold that are allowed within a Gold IRA since there are a variety of gold products available.

Legacy Precious Metals Online Investing Platform

Legacy Precious Metals online investing platform offers the easiest way to purchase gold online and have access and control at your fingertips.  Follow these steps below and you’ll be able to browse their inventory in minutes!

1)  Use the form below to create an account.
2)  Once your account is created, you can choose how to fund your account.
3)  Browse, buy, or sell gold and silver online!

Legacy Precious Metals Services is a leading provider of gold IRA investment-grade bullion coins, bars, and rounds.

With a commitment to providing a secure, transparent, and cost-effective service, Legacy is committed to helping its customers build and protect their wealth through precious metals investments.

Legacy Precious Metals is a leading provider of gold IRA rollover services. With over a decade of experience in the gold and precious metals industry, they provide access to physical gold and other precious metals that can be used as part of a retirement portfolio.

Legacy also offers secure storage solutions, which include both insured and segregated storage. Their expert staff is available to assist customers throughout the investment process, from selection to delivery and storage.

Benefits of Investing in a Gold IRA

Gold IRA Benefits

Investing in a gold IRA company has many benefits for individuals interested in diversifying their retirement portfolio.

From providing a hedge against inflation to potentially increasing the overall value of the portfolio in the long term, investing in a precious metal IRA is a sound financial decision for many. Below are just a few of the major advantages of investing in a Gold IRA:

Hedge Against Inflation

Investing in gold helps protect against the effects of inflation, as gold is a finite resource, and its value tends to rise when the value of other financial assets decreases.

By investing in gold, retirement assets are preserved even in an inflationary environment.

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Tax Benefits

The Internal Revenue Service allows individuals to save money in a Gold IRA, providing tax advantages that will help your retirement savings grow.


Gold is considered a safe haven asset, meaning it tends to remain stable in times of economic uncertainty. Investing in gold can help diversify your portfolio, which can help protect your wealth during market downturns.

Legacy Precious Metals Review is an excellent choice if you are considering opening a self-directed IRA account. This innovative platform offers you the flexibility to diversify your retirement portfolio with a wide range of diversified investment options.

Low Volatility

Gold is a relatively low-volatility asset and is not subject to the fluctuations of the stock market. This makes it a great option for those who are looking to protect their savings from inflation and general market volatility.


Gold is a safe-haven asset and a reliable store of value, making it a highly secure investment. Gold prices are not affected by market fluctuations, making it a low-risk option for individual retirement accounts.

Range of Precious Metals Offered

Legacy Precious Metals is a leading provider of precious metal products and services. They offer a wide range of precious metal products, including gold, silver coins, platinum, and palladium.

They have an extensive selection of coins, bars, rounds, and collectibles available in a variety of sizes, designs, and denominations.

Their experienced team of precious metal experts is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality products and services. They strive to provide the best prices, product selection, and customer service so their customers can enjoy their precious metal investments.

With a commitment to bringing the highest quality of products and services to the market, Legacy Precious Metals is the perfect choice for anyone seeking to purchase or invest in precious metals.

Depth of Knowledge of Staff

The staff at Legacy Precious Metals possess an encyclopedic knowledge of the precious metals market. Their expertise is evident through their comprehensive understanding of the history, value, and industry trends of these valuable commodities.

Their dedication to providing customers with the best possible service has made them a trusted source of information and advice. Their team of specialists is highly experienced in the field, having served clients across the globe for many years.

They not only provide up-to-date analysis of the precious metals market but also offer insight into the future of the sector.

Customer Service Support

Trusted By

Legacy Precious Metals is a company that provides quality precious metals to both individuals and businesses. Customers can expect excellent customer service support when engaging with the company.

Legacy Precious Metals prides itself on providing excellent customer service in order to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. Their knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to answer any questions and provide assistance with the entire purchasing process.

Customers can contact the customer service team via phone, email, or live chat to get fast and friendly support. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, ensuring that all customers are met with an exceptional experience.

Legacy Precious Metals is committed to providing customers with the best service and quality precious metals.

Shipping and Handling Policy

Legacy Precious Metals has established a clear and concise Shipping and Handling Policy to ensure the utmost satisfaction of its customers.

All orders are carefully packaged and shipped via insured mail or courier service, depending on the size and weight of the package.

In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, Legacy Precious Metals takes extra steps to ensure the safe delivery of orders. All packages are tracked and insured for their declared value, and the customer will receive a tracking number for their order.

Payment Options Available

Legacy Precious Metals is a reliable source for purchasing gold, silver, and other precious metals. They offer a variety of payment options that make it easy for customers to make their purchases.

Bank Wire Transfers

This payment option is fast, and secure, and allows for the convenient transfer of funds directly from the customer’s bank account to Legacy Precious Metals.

Check Payments

This type of payment is safe and secure and can be used to purchase products in larger quantities. The check payment option is also convenient and efficient, as it eliminates the need to pay with cash or a credit card.

Details of Storage Options

Legacy Precious Metals is widely renowned for its secure storage solutions for clients looking to store their precious metals. The storage options offered by Legacy Precious Metals are designed with safety and security in mind and are some of the most sought-after in the industry.

Clients can choose from a variety of secure storage options, including allocated and segregated accounts, offshore vaulting, and insured domestic storage. Allocated and segregated accounts provide clients with the ability to keep their individual metals in separate accounts, ensuring that each metal is completely separate from other metals stored in the same account.

Customers can choose from two different storage options to keep their precious metals safe: onsite storage and offsite storage.

Onsite storage is a secure storage option, offering customers the peace of mind that comes with keeping their precious metals stored in a secure facility. This option provides 24-hour monitored access to the facility, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter.

Legacy Precious Metals also offers offsite storage for select customers, providing extra protection in the event of theft or damage.

Security of Transactions

Legacy Precious Metals is a trusted source for precious metal transactions. Their customer service and physical security are top priorities. All transactions are conducted in a secure environment and with strict confidentiality.

They ensure that all personal information is protected and never shared with any third party. The staff at Legacy Precious Metals is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the precious metals market, making them a great resource for all types of transactions.

Legacy Precious Metals offers a variety of precious metal products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They have a wide range of options available, from coins and bullion stock to jewelry and watches.

With their secure online ordering system, customers can easily and securely make purchases without having to worry about their personal information.

Reputation in the Industry


Legacy Precious Metals is praised for its transparency in all facets of the business. From their product listings to their ordering and shipping process, customers know exactly what they are getting when they purchase from Legacy.

Their commitment to honest, timely communication has earned them a stellar reputation in the industry. Legacy Precious Metals is a well-respected name in the industry of precious metals.

With over a decade of experience in buying and selling gold, silver, and other precious metals, they have earned a strong reputation for providing quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive rates.

The company has a wide selection of products, including coins, jewelry, bullion, and more, which makes it a great choice for individuals looking to purchase precious metals.

They also offer storage solutions and a secure online ordering system. Customers can depend on Legacy Precious Metals’ commitment to providing an honest and transparent experience when dealing with their precious metals investments.

Overall Experience of Customers

Legacy Precious Metals have earned a reputation of excellence among customers in the precious metals industry.

Many customers have reported positive experiences with the company, citing their wide selection of products, competitive pricing, and knowledgeable staff as key reasons for their satisfaction.

They offer a variety of coins, bars, and bullion, as well as other rare and exotic precious metals, making them an ideal choice for those looking for quality and value.

Customers have also noted the fast and efficient order processing and shipping, as well as the helpful customer service team.

All in all, Legacy Precious Metals IRA provides a reliable and trustworthy experience for those looking to invest in precious metals.

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