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LCR Coin Reviews: Is It a Good or Bad Investment?

As the precious metal market continues to flourish, it presents many investment options for those looking to invest in gold, silver, bullion bars, and platinum coins. 

However, with so many options, it can take time to determine which offers the greatest returns on your investment.

That’s why it’s essential to conduct thorough research before committing to any bullion purchase. 

One reputable company to consider is LCR Coin, which provides quality, precious investment options.

This review will provide an in-depth look at LCR Coin to assist you in making an informed investment decision.

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What Is LRC Coin?

When searching for a reliable coin dealer, look no further than LCR Coin.

With over 30 years of experience in the collecting and investing industry for NGC and PCGS, it has established itself as a trusted and licensed dealer company in the field. 

Also, it is a member of ANA and PNG, which adds to its credibility.

Furthermore, the LRC Coin deals in a wide variety of coins, including American Silver Eagles, Graded Rare Coins, Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles, Signed Ed Moy American Silver Eagles, and Certified Modern Coins, gold, and silver bullion.

It also has an extensive inventory of collectible gold and silver coins and certified modern coins, such as the American Silver Eagles. 

LCR Coin is greatly-known for its reasonable prices, fantastic customer service, and high quality.

This firm’s ultimate goal is to provide its clients with high-quality rare coins at the greatest possible prices. Moreover, the LCR Coin family is an entrusted name in the industry of coins and has been around for over three decades. 

Moreover, it is dedicated to offering its clients fast, free, and secured shipping for their purchases, and there aren’t any minimum purchase requirements.

Therefore, if you’re interested in the collecting and investing markets for high-quality coins at excellent prices, LCR Coin is the name to trust.

It is a reputable and experienced dealer in the field and is committed to providing the best service to its customers.

LCR Coin Gold IRA

LCR Coin Gold IRA is a type of individual retirement account that allows investors to hold physical gold as an asset. This can include coins, bars, and other forms of gold bullion. 

The main benefit of investing in a Gold IRA is that it allows investors to diversify their retirement portfolio and potentially protect against inflation.

Additionally, LCR Coin offers its customers guidance and assistance throughout the setup process and handling all necessary paperwork, making it a smooth and effortless process. 

Once the account is established, customers can buy physical gold and have it shipped to a trustworthy IRS-approved depository, allowing them full ownership and control of their gold assets.

As a bullion investor, allocating a portion of your assets to gold is recommended, usually between 15-25%. One effective way to do this is by incorporating gold into your self-directed IRA.

The gold self-directed IRA of LCR Coin gives you complete control over your investment choices, allowing you to diversify your portfolio into precious metals. 

With LCR Coin’s gold self-directed IRA , you can take advantage of the potential benefits of gold investment while maintaining control over your retirement savings. 

LCR Coin offers a wide range of physical gold bars, and coins to choose from that can be securely stored in a great IRS-approved depository.

This gives you the peace of mind that your investments are protected and safe.

LCR Coin Gold IRA - Benefits

LCR Coin Gold IRA

There are several benefits to investing in a Gold IRA through LCR Coin, such as:


Adding gold to your IRA portfolio can help diversify your assets, reducing overall risk and potentially leading to greater returns.

Hedge Against Inflation

Gold is often seen as a hedge against inflation, as its value tends to increase as the value of paper currency decreases.

Tax Advantages

Investing in a Gold IRA may offer tax advantages, such as potential tax-deferred or tax-free conversion.


Gold is a liquid asset that can be easily bought and sold.


LCR Coin is a known, trusted, licensed NGC and PCGS dealer. The company is also a member of PNG and ANA. 

It has over 30 years of experience in the collecting and investing industry.

100% Gold Ownership

You can own physical gold when you invest in an LCR Coin Gold IRA. Once your account is established, you can purchase gold and have it shipped to a reliable IRS-approved depository of your choice.

This means that you will have full ownership and control of your physical gold assets.

High-quality Coins (Rare Coins)

This company deals with Graded Rare Coins, American Silver Eagles, Certified Modern Coins, Ed Moy Signed American Silver Eagles, Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles, and Silver and Gold Bullion.

Also, it has a large inventory of collectible and certified coins.

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Quality Service

LCR Coin is well-known for its fair prices, excellent customer service, and the best possible quality. It provides quick, free, and insured shipping for their coin purchases.

No Minimum Purchase Requirements

LCR Coin has no minimum purchase requirements, making it easy for customers to buy coins according to their budget.

Effortless Transfer

The firm simplifies transferring gold assets into a Gold IRA by guiding customers through the process and handling paperwork.

Moreover, LRC Coin makes the process easy and efficient.

LCR Coin Services and Products

At LCR Coin, you’ll find a wide range of precious metals to choose from, tailored to meet different budgets and investment goals.

Remember that coins may carry a higher price tag than bars, but the options available at LCR Coin are diverse and worth exploring. 

Products at LCR Coin

Here’s a list of products to consider:

Gold Bars

gold bars

This product has gained widespread popularity among investors due to its ease of purchase and sale and its ability to act as a safeguard against inflation.

With options for different sizes and purities, it is versatile and caters to various budgets, and it’s a top pick for many.

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Silver Bars

Silver Bars

Silver is renowned for its endurance and stability as a precious metal.

Throughout history, silver bars have been valued for their ability to hold their worth, and LCR Coin provides a selection of these sought-after bars.

Each bar has a certificate of authenticity and is composed of 0.999 pure silver. 

Opening a gold or silver IRA account with this company is smart if you want to expand your portfolio.

Gold and Silver Bullion Bars and Coins (ex. Mercanti Signed Silver Eagles)

At this firm, you’ll find an array of gold and silver coins, each crafted from the finest .9999 pure, stable precious metals.

Also, to ensure authenticity, every coin is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of precious metals, LCR Coin has the option to suit your needs.

Platinum Coins and Bars

platinum bars

This company provides a selection of platinum bars and coins available in various sizes, including 1000 oz, 100 oz, 10 oz, 5 oz, and 1 oz.

Each coin and bar is crafted from the purest .9995 platinum, making them an excellent option for collectors and investors looking to add platinum to their portfolio. 

Services Provided by LCR Coin Include 

Any investor should consider LCR Coin’s services in addition to the company’s wide range of products. 

Check out the extensive range of services offered by LCR Coin below:

  • Estate Privacy and Liquidity

  • Certified Modern Coin Sets

  • IRA Kits for Gold and Silver Rollover

  • Silver and Gold Bullion Bars and Coins

  • New Coin Collecting Portfolios

  • LegacyWealth

  • Proof Gold and Silver

  • Rare Coin Auction Consulting

  • Portfolio Coin Collections

  • Rare Collection and Coin Liquidations

  • Rare Coin Acquisitions

  • Submitting Coins for Grading

Why Should You Put Your Gold in an LCR Coin Gold IRA?

When it comes to finding the right investment firm, authenticity can be a tricky criterion to navigate.

Fortunately, LCR Coin emphasizes integrity, openness, and tangible gold investments that customers can hold in their hands.

Thus, why choose LCR Coin? Here are a few reasons to consider:

Protection from Market Volatility

Gold is a fantastic way to safeguard against market volatility.

With a history of being a safe-haven asset, gold tends to increase in value during economic instability and market uncertainty.

While the stock market may experience dips and crashes, gold’s value tends to rise, offering a buffer to your portfolio.

Conversely, gold’s value may decline during periods of stock market growth, but it still provides reliable protection.

Investment Portfolio Diversification

An LCR Coin gold IRA offers a significant benefit – diversifying your investment portfolio.

By investing in gold, you are investing not only in the precious metal itself but also in a gold-backed IRA.

Additionally, this is crucial as it allows you to spread your investments across different assets, reducing the likelihood of a single investment or sector negatively impacting the rest of your portfolio.

LCR Coin Storage Options

LCR Coin Storage

It sets LCR Coin apart from other precious metal companies’ wide range of secure storage facilities in multiple countries.

This allows customers to store their precious metals in various locations, making it a standout choice for collectors and investors looking for safe and convenient storage solutions.

The countries where the LRC Coin company is located are: 

  • Hong Kong

  • London

  • Zurich

  • Switzerland

  • Singapore

  • Sweden

While storing your gold and silver bullion in an online vault is an excellent option for keeping your precious metals safe, LCR Coin’s physical storage vaults are incredibly secure. 

These vaults are designed to be impenetrable, and all bars and coins stored within them are insured for added protection.

In addition, LCR Coin allows you to keep your precious metals wherever you prefer, whether in one of its vaults or your secure location – the choice is yours.

Can LCR Coin Buy Back Gold and Silver Coins?

At LCR Coin, you can purchase rare coins, modern coins, and bullion, and the company offers the option to sell your own collection. 

It sources its NGC and PCGS-accredited inventory from greatly reputable and trusted dealers across the country.

When it comes to selling your LCR coins, there are several options available to you. 

You can use direct payment as a credit towards a new purchase order on the firm’s website or apply it to future purchases.

The process of selling to the LCR Coin family is straightforward, consisting of the following three steps:

#1 Submit a List of the Coins You Wish to Sell 

Ensure you include all necessary details such as type, grade, condition, quantity, and service. This can be done through their website, by emailing, or by calling 800-830-5578.

Moreover, LCR Coin will provide an initial offer based on the information provided for all modern and rare coins.

After receiving the precious metals, LCR Coin will verify the condition, grade, type, and authenticity to determine the final price.

#2 Send the Inventory Through a Shipping Company

Send your inventory through a secure shipping method, choose from options such as USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex, and ensure your coins are insured during transit.

Furthermore, LCR Coin will provide you with an insurance label and packing slip with the initial offer.

#3 LCR Coin Needs to Verify Your Information

Once LCR Coin gets your package, it’ll conduct a thorough assessment to verify the information provided in the package slip.

When the process is complete, LCR Coin will contact you to verify the purchase.

LCR Coin Reviews - Pros and Cons

Welcome to our LCR Coin reviews section, where we look closely at some of the most famous graded rare coins on the collecting and investing markets.

Here, we’ll cover the pros and cons of each coin:


  • LCR Coin is highly trusted and respected, with over 30 years of experience in the precious metals industry.

  • It carries many silver, gold, and platinum LCR coins.

  • The shipment is highly safe and insured. 

  • Converting or transferring to an IRA is tax-free.

  • A wide range of payment alternatives is available.

  • There are numerous storage vaults in various countries to choose from.


  • High fees for purchasing silver, gold, and platinum LCR coin products.

  • The shipping costs are higher than those of other precious metals suppliers.

  • Shipping is free, although it takes some time. 

  • The spot pricing is tough to determine on its website.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to precious metal investment companies, LCR Coin stands out as a dependable choice. 

With a solid reputation and a skilled team, it can cater to its clients’ diverse needs. 

Moreover, this LCR Coin review shows that it offers numerous precious metal options for purchase and investment, including exceptional gold IRAs.

If you’re looking to buy rare coins online with free insured shipping, this company might just be the right investment option for gold IRAs.

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