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Kirk Elliot PHD Review – Scam or Legit?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Sovereign Advisors, or maybe even Kirk Elliot PHD.  Both names are used to describe the same company, so it’s possible you’ve heard about them at the same time.  The founder of Sovereign Advisors is Kirk Elliot PHD, and today I’ll share with you an investigation I did about this company to shed light on if you should think twice before doing business with them.

We like to educate the masses with our own reviews of investments, financial schemes, and anything that could HELP you grow your money.  Let’s dive in.

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Who is Kirk Elliot?

Doing business under Sovereign Advisors, Kirk Elliot PHD helps people manage worth.  Their consulting firm primarily focuses on helping people diversify their assets and achieve financial growth over the long term.

The approach they use is one of people are more important than profits, and they attempt to achieve this in their work environment.

They have operations in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • New Mexico
  • Virginia

If you don’t reside in one of those states, you won’t be able to do business with Sovereign Advisors.

Further Details on Kirk Elliot PHD

Their website shares the basic information you’d find from a local investment advisor.  A Raymond James, Merrill Lynch, something of that nature.  They speak about growing your financial future, diversifying your portfolio by investing in precious metals like gold and silver, and they really preach relationships.  (As a financial advisor should, it’s paramount in my opinion.)

Again, just like sitting down with any financial consultant, Kirk Elliot PHD wants to learn about yourself and your goals.  After getting the necessary details, they draw up a plan for you to help you achieve your goals. They cite they “take into consideration” the current economy, which seems pretty obvious, but it’s good to know they cover every base.

They like their clients to be actively involved and engaged during their relationship.  They feel involved investors will have the ability to make better choices when it comes to investing, and this also makes them feel empowered.  Personally, I don’t care if I feel empowered, I just want a return on my money no matter who I work with!

They have an array of asset classes they can put you in, including:  stocks, bonds, precious metals like gold and silver, real estate, and even storage.

After you get invested, Kirk Elliot PHD keeps you informed of events happening in the economy, assists in wealth management, and looks to help you pass on your wealth to future generations.

They strive for an ongoing relationship that can be carried on by generations.

Kirk Elliot Pro’s and Con’s


  • They offer precious metals investment options (we are huge fans of metals)
  • Qualified economists
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating


  • Small footprint online
  • Limited working area

Is Kirk Elliot PHD a Scam?

No, I don’t think Kirk Elliot PHD is a scam. While it may be lesser known when compared to some of the bigger brokerages out there, it’s a real company that has people experienced in a variety of investments you can plug yourself into.  While I can’t speak for Kirk Elliot reviews by actual customers, since they are limited, I can say this is NOT a scam.

I do believe that if there were an abundance of reviews online it would help.  However, that could be the regionality of their business hurting them.

Some reviews were found on Facebook, but they talked about friendships with Kirk Elliot, so who knows.

Final Thoughts on Kirk Elliot PHD

I have no doubt there’s knowledge here. I’d just like to get more information on what customer reviews say about Sovereign Advisors and Kirk Elliot PHD say.  I will say that since he’s got a focus on precious metals, I can say that he definitely has his pulse on what’s happening in the economy, which is a big thing most people are blind to.

If you are looking for precious metals to put in your IRA, I recommend Goldco.  You won’t go wrong using them to diversify your portfolio.


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