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The Kingdom Trust Company: An Individual Investment Advisor

Kingdom Trust Company is one of the leading self-directed IRA providers in the United States, as well as an independent investment advisor. The firm has a reputation in the sector of self-directed IRAs rather than inexpensive brokerage accounts, and it has kept its promises throughout the years.

Kingdom Trust Business is a public trust company and an independent qualified IRA custodian. The organization provides a variety of account kinds and investment options alongside its investment sponsors and advisers. The company’s attitude and overall progress have also proven noteworthy. In this review, we will break down every characteristic of the Kingdom Trust Company and why it is a reliable company.

Location: Murray, KY 42071, United States, 1105 State Route 121 North Suite B

Choice IRAs by Kingdom Trust Company has been introduced to cryptocurrency because they provide a low fee and maintenance-free self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts or IRAs.

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Kingdom Trust

The Choice IRA is a low-cost IRA account that allows you to invest digital assets according to the investment advisers act of 1940. Although the firm has developed rapidly, its track record is modest. The firm will not charge startup costs, but you must pay to acquire the cryptocurrency. They will allow you to invest in stocks and ETFs. Choice IRA by Kingdom Trust Company is an attractive deal if you’re experienced in IRA investment.

Kingdom Trust Company allows you to invest in a variety of assets and will function as an individual investment advisor and IRA custodian to assist you in investing in:

  • Precious metals
  • Real Estate
  • Private company equities
  • Promissory Notes
  • Equities
  • Mutual funds
  • ETFs
  • Gold-backed equities, etc.

The company was founded in 2008, and they have been around for almost a decade as investment advisers. Kingdom Trust Company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2012 and is a Kentucky-based investment adviser and non-depository trust company.

The companies launched Choice in 2020 in the state of South Dakota, which was their rebranded version for individual investors. Choice IRA currently holds eighteen million dollars of traditional assets, 125,000 self-directed IRA accounts, and almost twenty thousand different assets.

The Executive Team of Kingdom Trust Company

Matthew C. Jennings, CEO

The company has one of the largest executive teams providing self-directed IRAs and individual investment advisors. Kingdom services have been featured in several prestigious lists as an independent qualified custodian, which we will also include in this segment.

Matthew C. Jennings, CEO 

Matt Jennings is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of the Kingdom Trust Company. He stated the company would evolve more diversely as they added cryptocurrency to their investment list.

He is the co-founder of the Kingdom Trusts parent company, SBG 1320. Jennings is the team leader handling all the alternative assets and owns a multi-million dollar real estate company. The company was built on the shoulders of Matthew C. Jennings and Charles Ives.

Charles Ives, President 

Charles Ives was instrumental in starting the Kingdom Trust Company, and he has worked in the field of self-directed IRAs and individual investment advisers for almost fifteen years. He’s a key figure when it comes to handling all the processes that the company goes through. Ives is also the owner of the President, along with Jason Anderson.

Jason Anderson, President 

Jason Anderson is another figure of Kingdom Trust Company, and he’s been an accountant for almost twenty years. He’s an expert on corporate tax, white-collar crimes, and business valuation.

Lisa Tabers, Chief Operating Officer 

Lisa has been with the Kingdom Trust Company for almost ten years. She has been managing the operations and transactions since the very beginning of the Kingdom Trust Company as an independent qualified custodian. She’s experienced in the sectors of client services, billing, and other managerial services.

The other team members are:

  • Tim Kuhman, Chief Compliance Officer, VP of Finance and Legal.
  • Clinton Nicholson, Director, Business and Development
  • Amberley Rose, Service Manager
  • Laiken Tabers, Service Manager
  • Kristin Andrews, Client Service Representative
  • Amber Bucy, BSA/AML Analyst
  • Arista Teodozow, Marketing Coordinator,
  • Chris Allen, Culture Coach
  • Ryan Radloff, Chief Executive Officer

Lists Featuring Kingdom Trust Company

Here we include a shortlist that features Kingdom Trust Company and Choice IRA.

  1. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Alumni Founded Companies
  1. Crowdfunding Companies in the Southern United States
  1. FinTech Companies in the United States
  1. Crowdfunding Companies, etc.

Types of IRA Accounts

The company offers a selection of Individual Retirement Accounts, or IRAs, to start with. They will start from the very basics and have started with the most recent and demanding ones on the list.

Traditional IRA

The most prevalent type of IRA is available. This is a tax-deferred investment option in which you invest in an IRA with pre-tax income. You’ll be assessed taxes on your payouts as soon as you retire.

However, because the revenue is reduced at that moment, so is the income tax. This is the ideal answer if you believe your income will not rise after retirement. If you withdraw the amount before 59 1/2, you’ll be charged a 10% penalty. You must pay redistribution charges if you don’t receive your account after 70 days.

Roth IRA

This is the more self-sufficient form of the IRA. The method and criteria are nearly identical to those of a traditional IRA. A Roth IRA is a retirement account in which you invest your post-tax income. You will not be charged any taxes on your payouts. The yearly contribution maximum is the same as other IRAs: 6,000 if you’re under 60 and 7,000 if you’re over 60. A Roth IRA is a tax-advantaged option to invest in, and you will get innovative custody solutions
with Kingdom Trust.


A SEP IRA is for those who own a business of their own. Here, the contribution limits are much higher, and the investor has an obvious benefit. The taxation is the same as the traditional IRA in this case. You invest your pre-tax funds.


This IRA is for employees and is offered by employers, and kingdom trust specializes in such IRAs. This is similar to the 401(k), but here you’ll be able to invest in more diversified assets like precious metals and others. Employees can receive up to 3% of the total contribution stated by the employer in this case. The incentive opportunities and certain features are better with SIMPLE IRA, but the core factor will be the employer’s eligibility.

Choice IRA

The Choice IRA is administered by the Kingdom Trust Company, which acts as a financial asset custodian and even holds the asset for the investors. According to the SEC, they are qualified custodians.

Ryan Radloff is the CEO of Choice Holdings and co-founded CoinShares, a digital asset management and strategy firm. The Choice Platform was launched in 2020 and allows retirement investors to hold crypto with all the tax advantages of an IRA account.

Choice Holdings has also partnered with Anthony Pampliano, one of the biggest crypto influencers in the industry. With Choice IRAs, you’ll be able to mix up your traditional IRAs with alternative asset investments like cryptocurrency with custody solutions for individual assets, precious metals like gold and silver, ETFs, and equities.

The cryptocurrency trading of Choice IRA occurs through Kraken. And currently, Kraken has more than 60 cryptocurrencies on their list. But Choice IRA does not offer all of the cryptos as they have listed only 25 of the cryptos for IRA investment. These are:

  1. Aave
  1. Bitcoin
  1. Bitcoin Cash
  1. Basic Alternative Token
  1. Chainlink
  1. Cosmos
  1. Cardano
  1. Dogecoin
  1. Dash
  1. EOS:
  1. Litecoin
  1. ICON
  1. Ethereum
  1. Ethereum Classic
  1. Maker.
  1. Ripple
  1. Polkadot
  1. Monero
  1. Solana
  1. Tezos
  1. Uniswap
  1. Stellar Lumens
  1. USD Coin
  1. Yarn Finance
  1. Zcash

Self-Directed IRA Pricing

IRA Pricing

The company has offered different products and is often considered the best-cost IRA in the country. The most common asset categories for the company are precious metals IRA, annual statement, crowdfunding, single-member IRA LLC, real estate, and private equity. The company is different from all other alternative asset companies as innovative custody solutions, and the pricing sets them apart.

The company has three sets of fees for custody solutions for individual investors. The first listing is for the one listing the fees for alternative assets. The other two lasting prices are for digital currencies, crowdfunding, and market lending.

Standard Fees

The Standard Fees of the Kingdom Trust Company were set with a competitive tone. You can submit your application online, which will cost you around $25. And if you want a printed copy of the application, you’ll require an application fee of sixty dollars.

For real estate transactions, you have to pay almost two hundred dollars for each one as solution for individual investors. Trades in security costs are 25 dollars, but miscellaneous activities are not covered by the dees and will require an account representative. For an account representative, the rate is $150/hour.

  • Account Fees = $25
  • Holding fees of 0.25%
  • Account setup fees = $25 for online application, $60 for paper application.
  • Check Distribution = $5
  • Wire Transfer = $35 for domestic transactions, $75 for international transactions
  • Digital asset sale, Purchase, or Exchange= $150 per investment route.
  • Transfer Out: $100 per asset
  • Annual Fees (Due at setup and every year afterwards)=

$0-$50,000= $195+ 0.31% of asset value

$50,001-$100,000=  $195+ 0.26% of the asset’s value

$100,001-$150,000=  $195+0.23% of asset value.

$150,001-$250,000= $195+ 0.21 of asset value.

$250,001-$500,000= $195+ 0.19% of the asset’s value

$500,001-$1,000,000= $195+ 0.18% of asset value

$1,000,000 and more= negotiable with Kingdom Trust Company.

Digital Currency Fees

Digital currency fees are listed as monthly fees. The application fee for the IRA process is the same as the standard fee, 25 dollars online and 60 dollars offline.

  • Fees for Accounts = $20
  • Holding fees of 0.05%
  • Holding fees for alternative assets equal $12.50/asset.
  • Account setup fees= $25/$60
  • Check Distribution =$5
  • Wire Transfer = $35 for domestic transactions, $75 for international transactions
  • Digital asset sale, purchase, or exchange = $150 per investment route.
  • Transfer Out= $100/ asset

Precious Metals Fees

If you’re looking for an alternative way of investing, the first name that will appear is Precious Metals investment. Kingdom Trust Company offers different IRS-approved physical metals and a suitable investment depository. Precious metals with firms that provide STAT at-home options.

Preferred Storage: Delaware Depository, IDS  

  • Account Opening Fee = $50
  • Annual Fees= $75
  • Transaction Fees= $40
  • Storage Fees= $100 ($1.00/$1000 of assets)

Crowdfunding Fees

The fees associated with this sort of investment are pretty unique, and there is no unusual amount, but you will require a $500 minimum cash to do the transaction and obtain the special services. The fees include charges for every document and a separate one for real estate transactions.

  • Account Establishment Fees= $50
  • 1 asset Account = $100
  • Additional Account = $50
  • Minimum Capital/ asset= $350
  • Transaction Fees= $50
  • Processing Fees = $40
  • Termination Fees on 1st year= $100
  • Termination fess afterwards = $50
  • Check Distribution =$5
  • Wire Transfer = $35 for domestic transactions, $75 for international transactions
  • Digital asset sale, purchase, or exchange = $150 per investment route.
  • Transfer Out= $100/ asset

Marketplace Lending Fees

This is a very unusual sort of investment compared to other IRA custodians. But as we mentioned, Choice and Kingdom Trust Company offer different authentic options to sell investment products in ways far more precise than conventional ones.

  • Account Opening Fees = $50
  • Annual Fees= $100
  • Transaction Fees= $25
  • Termination Fees= $50
  • Check Distribution =$5
  • Wire Transfer = $35 for domestic transactions, $75 for international transactions
  • Digital asset sale, purchase, or exchange = $150 per investment route.
  • Transfer Out= $100/ asset
  • Cashier’s check = $40
  • Asset Re registration =$25

Choice IRA Fees

Choice offers three different options to invest in digital assets for their clients. The fees will depend on how you are storing your assets.

  1. No Annual Fees: These are for the assets in motion where the company will lend the money for profit as an investment sponsor.
  1. Cold Storage Fees: Here, the digital assets will be stored with Fidelity Digital Assets.
  1. Individual Storage: Here, you can hold the key to your locker and use a multi-signature storage solution offered by Casa.


  • Minimum Balance = $0
  • Setup fees are $0.
  • Annual Fees= $0
  • Deposit Fees = $0
  • Traditional Asset= $0
  • Brokerage Fees = $0.005 per share
  • Digital asset custody= $0/1%/$500-$245
  • Asset Trading=1.26%

Why Choose Kingdom Trust Company or Choice as an Independent Qualified Custodian?

Here we are including some advantages of investing in Kingdom Trust Company or Choice IRA.

  1. The company started with MyRa, considered a new addition in 2009.
  1. The company was the first to offer Bitcoin custody in 2017.
  1. They offer plenty of options like real estate, equity, precious metals, and cryptocurrency.
  1. They have educational resources.
  1. The customer support is pretty upfront and transparent.
  1. Their custodian fees are considered one of the lowest in the IRA investment market; that is $75.


The company has reviews on third-party websites.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)  

They have a rating of B, which is poor for a financial company. There were 56 complaints closed in the last three years.

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

The overall rating is D, which is pretty low.


Is Kingdom Trust Company trustable? They are one of the key places in the IRA investing industry and have been endowed with several possibilities, and are renowned as an independent qualified custodian and investment sponsor. The company is authentic, but there are no web reviews, which might be a substantial red flag. However, they provide low prices and a variety of alternatives, which is ideal for you.

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