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JM Bullion is one of the country’s most well-known online precious metals suppliers. The firm has been in contact for over two decades and has various accomplishments. The company’s website is a precious metals dealer, but it also has a large selection of gold and silver bullion for sale. JM Bullion is well-known for its collection of actual metals and will deliver the gold to your home.

The company’s statements and the product’s quality are genuine, and working directly with mints and manufacturers is the best method to attain such opportunities. Additionally, JM Bullion supervises their distributor network, ensuring the purity of the precious physical metals from head to toe. JM Bullion has been approved by the Dallas Star, federal distributors, and the government. Another point worth mentioning is the company’s customer service.

JM Bullion looks for the greatest possibilities to find and connect to its consumers. Any inquiries concerning a product, purchase, measurement services, or ordering status, for example, are saved on their high-security server.

They have a phone number associated with their website once you have access to it, and you may contact them personally. You may also just search the internet for things and add them to your shopping basket. In addition, for urgent inquiries, we recommend using the live chat option.

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When we think of precious metal investments, the first thing that comes to mind is real metals such as gold and silver coin or bar. As a result, why do we continue to fund such metals? Physical metals will not generate any form of distribution for years, and you will have to pay storage fees that can run into hundreds of dollars every year.

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver will protect your money against monetary inflation and economic distortions. In a nutshell, precious physical metals act as a haven or hedge against inflation and economic downturns. Aside from investing in real metals, precious metals investments may be of several sorts.

You will be able to subsidize gold-backed securities, gold-mine stocks, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, and so on. However, you will only receive a portion of the payments with this type of investment and will not own the metals.

Alternative precious metal investments will be far less expensive than owning physical metals. You must pay additional storage, measurement services, and insurance fees to possess precious metals. Even if you are storing the gold in your home, you must still handle the precious metals insurance coverage.

Aside from the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing metals, the next issue that arises is, “How can I purchase physical metals?” The solution may be found in the article. Precious metals can be purchased from metal merchants. And JM Bullion is a great name for a firm like this and if you want, check out their Facebook products before visiting the official JMB sites.

About JM Bullion

About JM Bullion

JM Bullion is one of the most well-known precious physical metals traders in the United States. The firm was founded in 2011. JM Bullion’s corporate headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, and the company’s warehouse is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm is entirely online, and all-metal and currency transactions take place there. To begin with, JM Bullion is an entirely online retailer. 

Address: 1813 Olde Homestead Lane, Lancaster, PA 17601.

Unlike many other metals dealers, JM Bullion sites do not provide significant IRAs, measurement services, and storage services. As a result, their business is rather basic. However, the firm excels in the field in which they are concerned. JM Bullion provides their customers with a huge gold and silver metals selection, and they even sell different rare and international coins and bars via websites and employees.

They will also aid you in obtaining their standard items and will advocate a quick and straightforward technique for purchasing gold and other precious physical metals on their sites. They have reasonable prices, rapid delivery, a safer experience, and excellent customer service. Contact JM Bullion Advisors for a thorough overview of their services if you plan to subsidize precious physical metals. The BBB has accredited the firm.

JM Bullion as an Online Retailer

Most online shops offer a variety of items on their websites, which they gather and deliver to their clients. JM Bullion includes goods that are exclusively accessible at their Las Vegas warehouse. Here are some of the benefits of JM Bullion as an online store.


If the order value exceeds $200, the firm waives the shipping fee. However, if your order is less than $200, you must pay an $8 shipping fee, less than other metal merchants in the United States. JM Bullion does not ship their items outside the United States, but they provide unique insurance coverage for your physical metals and measurement services.

UPS and USPS deliver the packages. The shipment may be monitored from the account for which you are placing the order for a safer experience in every other way email will also be sent with the shipping status. If the items are damaged during shipment, you can request a complete refund or swap the product. The insurance covers the shipping.

Payment Options

JM Bullion has launched a plethora of online payment options. You can use credit or debit cards, PayPal, paper checks, eChecks, wire transfers, or Bitcoin as the possible other ways. If you pay by paper check, eCheck, or bank transfer, you will receive a 4% discount.

You will also purchase things worth up to $100,000 with eCheck. The highest quantity of merchandise purchased using Bitcoin and wire transfer is $25,000, and Bitcoin gives a 3% discount on the full transaction.

Precious Metals Available at JM Bullion

JM Bullion Silver

The primary products of the corporation are gold, silver, platinum, copper, and palladium. Although not a valuable metal, copper is a new addition to the precious physical metals collection. There are some rare copper coins with minimal distribution and a limited quantity available, and copper coins are valuable when they are thus scarce.


The JM Bullion website has several gold goods and facebook products to choose from. Various gold coins, bars, jewelry, notes, and so on are displayed here.

Gold Coins

The company claims to have twenty thousand products listed on its site. And if we are to check out the gold, we might add that they have half of the total amount. The gold coins featured in JM Bullion are:

  • American Gold Eagle 
  • American Gold Eagle Proof
  • Certified American Gold Eagle Proof
  • Commemorative Coin
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Pre-1933 Gold Coin
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic
  • Maple Leaf Gold
  • Commemorative RCM Gold Coin
  • British Gold Britannia
  • Gold Tudor Beast Coin
  • Queen’s Beast
  • Gold Sovereigns
  • Perth Mint Lunar Series
  • Gold Kangaroos
  • Mexican Gold Coin
  • Chinese Gold Panda
  • Gold Francs
  • Gold Coronas
  • Somalian Gold Elephant
  • Disney Gold Coin
  • World Gold Coin

Gold Bars

JM Bullion offers several sorts of gold bars to fund in, and if you want, check out their social media collection and help improve facebook products. Seasonal and long-term precious physical metals investors often prefer gold bars, which are great for their melt value and IRA.


Silver is the second most valuable precious metal detail and has more options for the JMB service. The JM Bullion website sells silver rounds, coins, bars, sculptures, and bullets. If you look at the JMB collection on their official website, you’ll see how large it is. They provide both US bullion and international coin, and the JM bullion response will be based on such claims.

You’ll also find JM Bullion compared to Apmex.  

Silver Coins

There are around thirty different categories and services on silver currencies from which to pick silver coins in other ways. Some of them are included here.

  • American Silver Eagle
  • American Silver Eagle Proof.
  • PCSG & NGC Certified silver Eagle
  • PCSG & NGC Certified silver eagle proof
  • Silver Eagle sets.
  • Silver Maple Leaf
  • British Silver Britannia
  • British Silver Tudor Beast
  • British Silver Landmark Series
  • World Silver Coin
  • America the Beautiful Series in Silver
  • Perth Mint Lunar Silver Series
  • Perth Mint Silver Koalas
  • Perth Mint Kookaburra
  • Chinese Silver Panda
  • Mexican Silver Libertads.
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonics
  • Caribbean Silver


Platinum is much more expensive than silver and gold in general. The one-ounce Valcambi Platinum Bar is one of the featured products in JMB with similar technologies and among their facebook products as well. Besides that, the company also offers several platinum currencies to choose from. These are:

  • Platinum Eagle
  • British Platinum Coin
  • Canadian Platinum Maple leaf
  • Australian Platinum Coin etc.


JM Bullion sells copper rounds, bars, coins, bullets, and other precious physical metals. The wheat pennies are among the most well-known copper coins on their site, as far as the JM bullion response.


Palladium bars and coins are available on the JM Bullion market intended for long-term investment. Palladium is a valuable metal that is 25% rarer than any other. As a result, they are significantly more expensive to checkout and note than the other items.

Services Offered By JM Bullion

Customers can make use of a variety of services provided by the organization. Some of them are relatively new to the company. For example, relatively recent IRA metal services, information controls, and safer experiences. JM Bullion offers the following services.

Straightforward Pricing

There will be no sales tax or additional delivery expenses on your ordered items, and it involves a tracking term for the job. As previously said, they also provide various types of discounts with multiple payment alternatives. Metal prices fluctuate concerning the current price, and the current spot price determines the rate.

Customer Service

JM Bullion’s response received a Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year for their excellent customer service and analytics intended for several tools as a brand. For inquiries, the firm is available throughout all workdays and hours, and they even offer a live chat service on their website to improve content.

Popular IRA

Customers cannot open an individual retirement account with the firm. However, they will undoubtedly serve as a metal dealer for your IRA like other companies. They have listed their goods with IRA Services, which will assist you in selecting the appropriate one.

If you are looking for a gold IRA, here are the best businesses in the U.S.A.

CFC Gold and Silver Loans

JM Bullion provides gold and silver loans alongside more options to use through the Collateral Finance Corporation. You may apply for the loan on their official website, and the response time is five minutes. The loan amount can be up to $5 million, and financing will occur within ten days.

Why Invest in JM Bullion’s Physical Metals?

JM Bullion Products

Michael Wittmeyer founded the firm in 2011, and it has been operating throughout the United States for over a decade as a company. So, if there is any doubt about the company’s validity, we claim they are 100 percent genuine and provide a wide range of items.

  1. The company is currently a part of A-Mark Precious physical Metals, a leading bullion distributor in the USA. Thus, they seem to be building one of the largest platforms online for selling precious physical metals.
  1. The company currently holds around two billion customers and transactions to improve content altogether, and the Facebook products are a good example of that.
  1. In 2020, the company surpassed three billion dollars in total sales since operating in 2011.
  1. In 2019, they were ranked 96th out of 500 top Internet retailers for their certain features.
  1. In 2019, Michael Wittmeyer was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by EY.
  1. The company has stocked over two thousand products online, and they are even sorted out like a billion collections. Once you purchase an item, the receipt will be e-mailed.
  1. The company is listened to among the Inc. 500 while ranking 40.
  1. In 2017, JMB was rated 73 among the top 500 e-Retailers in North America.
  1. There is no commission or extra charge involved with their charges.
  1. Military discounts are available.
  1. A buyback program is available, and JM Bullion response rate is high alongside their certain features.

JM Bullion Customer Reviews

The firm has an extensive following and review, and as a result, they have been flooded with evaluations on many third-party websites for quite some time. Some of them are included here.

Consumer Affairs

This website has sixty-six reviews. JM Bill has an overall rating of 3.2/5. The majority of the reviews on this page are relatively recent, and we must also agree that the most recent reviews are generally given four or five stars for their information controls.

Most of the evaluations are about their delivery service, which portrays the organization as a double-edged sword due to numerous errors in their review and rating.

And on the negative side, most of the concerns were about a delivery, and the company does not seem to help its customers with refunds and damaged goods.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

JM Bullion has been BBB-accredited since 2014. The Better Business Bureau has given the firm an A+ rating. On this website, there are over a thousand reviews for certain features. JM Bullion has a rating of 4.68/5. In 2021, the company resolved 87 complaints.


This site offers a 4.5/5 rating for JM Bullion. Trustpilot has received almost 900 reviews. Approximately 78 percent of all clients assessed the firm as “great,” while 14 percent ranked it as “poor.”

Again, all of the company’s concerns were related to their delivery method and the similar technologies mentioned on their site. Most clients stated that while the organization claims to provide outstanding customer service, quality products, and certain features, they frequently leave their merchandise unattended and are irresponsible.


JM Bullion has more than a thousand reviews and advertisers on Facebook as a retailer company, and most customers highly recommend JM bullion. The company also seems to add Facebook products for sale and advertising to improve Facebook products. Facebook products provide an insight into the company’s certain features and information controls. Some of the Facebook products for purchases are:

  • Chinese Silver Panda, 1 ounce
  • Samoa Silver Harry Potter Notes, 3 grams
  • 9/11 20th anniversary Dawn to Dusk Silver Rounds
  • St. Patrick’s Day Silver Proof, 1 ounce
  • Royal Wedding Note $5
  • Blackbeard Silver Round, 1 oz.

Suppose you are hesitant to visit JM Bullions’ official website. You can look at their Facebook products, LinkedIn, or other social media to shop for any gift or accessory rather than a sound investment. Also, level reviews to improve Facebook products and similar technologies and improve content overall.


JM Bullion has received over 250 reviews on Sitejabber. The website’s reviews give the company a grade of 4.81/5 and there is also a mention of their measurement services and guarantee
of products. Compared to other precious physical metals merchants, the rating and reviews appear to be rather significant as tools to buy metals via browser and the internet. The company has received the top grade for its customer service and pricing transparency. JM Bullion has received five-star ratings and reviews from over 2,000 customers.


For a long time, JM Bullion has been one of the most reputable firms and precious physical metals merchants in the United States, solely responsible for their customer service and product verification. On their website, there are no storage or foreign shipping choices.  In 2022, the organization seems like a realistic alternative for investing in metals. The cost and buying processes are straightforward, and you get a wide range of metals to choose from.

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