ITM Trading Review

ITM Trading Review – Everything You Need to Know Before Trying This Precious Metals Dealer

Investing in precious metals from a totally legit company is one of the best things you can do for your future wealth and funds since it helps you create a safety net and hedge against inflation. Regardless of the precious metals you pick, you will get unique benefits from that asset.

The thing is not all precious metals dealers are as good as they claim to be since some of them offer high-quality products or services and end up not being as reliable as you thought in the first place. Are you looking forward to buying precious metals through ITM Trading? This is the page for you!

Read this ITM Trading review to know all the features this precious metals dealer can offer and what you can ask from it! Remember you can go to this company’s website if you ever want to hire its services.

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ITM Trading is a precious metals dealer that focuses on helping its clients keep their wealth safe while teaching them how to generate more in the best way possible. You can see that in all the educational resources this company has available for its users.

Unlike what many may think, ITM Trading is not a new platform, and it’s been on the market for almost three years. Why is this important? Because it means someone with enough experience with precious metals and investments will handle your case.

This platform sells gold, silver, IRA-approved bullion products, and numismatic coins.

ITM Trading Features

Features are the main thing you should look for when hiring services from a business, even if it’s a gold-IRA company. Since all precious metals dealers offer almost the same services, the features that come along with your subscription to those platforms are what makes them worthy of your time and money.

Fortunately, ITM Trading has excellent features compared to others on the market, so here are the main ones you should know about:

Precious Metals Dealer

ITM Precious Metals Dealer

Naturally, the main benefit of this business is that it is a credible internet dealer, which means you can buy all the precious metal products you want from it without worrying about it stealing your money. The only problem with its company is that it doesn’t offer palladium. However, it still has a decent catalog of precious metals available.

First, you can buy all the gold bullion and silver bullion you want, and that’s one of the primary products investors look for when investing in precious metals. Apart from that, this company offers numismatic coins certified by either the PCGS or Numismatic Guaranty Corporation.

Most companies offering precious metals give you other features that make things easier for you in the long run. The same happens with ITM Trading since it offers storage services and educational resources.

Storage Services

Keeping your funds safe is one of the most difficult things you can go through, and even if you store them in a safe place in your house, they are in danger. Hence, we recommend going for a safer option and trying a place that focuses on storing precious metals.

ITM Trading understands that, so it works with several storage solutions you can go for depending on which you like best or fits your location better.

Here are the company’s four major storage providers:

  • Texas Precious Metals Depository

  • IDS of Delaware

  • Delaware Depository

  • A-M Global Logistics

Whether you hire Texas Precious Metals Depository for the job or not, your precious metals will be safe, so don’t worry about that. Nonetheless, in case something were to happen, ITM counts on excellent insurance policies that help you recover your financial loss even if something happens to your funds.

People looking forward to trying the excellent customer service this company offers should use its free consult option.

Custodian Services Provider

Since ITM offers IRA services, it also includes IRA-approved bullion products and other services related to retirement accounts. ITM Trading is teamed up with GoldStar Trust Company, which is the business that handles IRAs for this company.

However, you don’t have to worry about this company being less reliable than ITM trading since it’s been working for 20 years or so.

Wealth Shield Strategy

The Wealth Shield Strategy is one of the best features people can find in this ITM Trading review, and it helps investors feel safer while buying gold, silver, or any other precious metals.

This feature consists of offering clients enough educational resources to help them learn as much as they can about investments and putting them in touch with an analyst who can tell them what to avoid and the best financial moves for them.

Educational Resources

Many people love ITM Trading due to the free gold kit many users get or its Wealth Shield Strategy, but the truth is that one of its main features involves all the educational resources it has available for its users. As mentioned before in this ITM Trading review, the main goal of this business is to help customers how to trade and invest, and this feature proves that.

Since this company specializes in educational solutions, it includes videos, blog posts, and guides on how to trade and understand more about the market. Why is this important? Well, it’s useless to have a lot of gold sent to the Texas Precious Metals Depository if you don’t know how to use that gold in the future.

Are the Coins from This Company Graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service?

The thing with offering numismatic coins is how tricky it is to get some of them ready to sell. However, in case you were wondering, the answer is yes: the coins ITM Trading offers are certified by the PCGS or the NGC. If you have any questions about specific coins on the company’s stock, you should contact the business directly.

ITM Trading has an excellent customer service record, so don’t worry about its customer support team not being polite or something similar.

How to Create an IRA Through GoldStar Trust Company

Creating an IRA through the custodian service provider ITM Trading has available for its clients is not difficult at all, and it makes it easier for investors to buy precious metals for their retirement accounts.

Firstly, clients need to open a retirement account through the GoldStar website. After that, they can fund it by either rolling over money from existing IRAs or sending a bank wire to the business itself.

Clients can start buying things from the catalog of precious metals ITM Trading has available for them as long as GoldStar confirms their payment. When customers make a purchase, GoldStar pays ITM directly for it and manages the product they bought.

What Does the Better Business Bureau Have to Say About ITM Trading?

Trusted Partner

There are many scam websites out there, so it’s difficult to know which companies to trust. Fortunately, there are many ways to know if a service is legit, and one of them is by checking its Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating.

ITM’s BBB rating is A+, which means is one of the most reliable dealers you can find online. Aside from that, other precious metals review websites have stated how good of a dealer ITM Trading is.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using ITM Trading?

While there are no perfect companies out there, there aren’t many drawbacks to using ITM trading since this company focuses on addressing any problem its users may have.

The only cons this company has are a matter of taste, so don’t worry about it showing any major red flags. ITM Trading, for example, doesn’t sell palladium, but that will only be a problem if you are specifically looking forward to buying that asset.

Apart from that, ITM Trading price plans may be a bit expensive for some people depending on the specific product they want to get.

Is ITM Trading a Scam?

Although you may already know the answer to this question by reading this ITM Trading review, the answer is no. ITM Trading is not, by any means, a scam; on the contrary, it’s one of the best precious metals dealers you can find online if you are looking for a reliable and legit website.

Regardless of how expensive ITM trading price plans are or how it helps you understand the complex economic systems around the market, this business focuses on helping its clients, so no one should expect it to steal their money from them overnight.

How can people be sure this company is not a scam? Well, some green flags can help you tell reliable platforms from scams.

One of them is their customer support service since scams don’t often have a functional one. Apart from that, this business works with popular and reputable storage providers such as International Depository Services and A-M Global Logistics. Those businesses won’t work with scams or companies they don’t know are fully legit and committed to helping their clients.

Who Runs ITM Trading?

ITM Trading

ITM Trading is a family business, and the current head of the company is the son of its founder. Eric Griffin is the current president and CEO of ITM Trading, and he has focused on transparency and education as the main goals of the company.

Eric is not working alone, though. He gets help from Chief Technology Officer Carl Fredrikson, Chief Growth Officer Ryan Deegan, and Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang.

Is Owning Gold a Good Idea?

Whether you choose to store it in International Depository Services or A-M Global Logistics, owning gold is an excellent way to fight inflation since its price tends to stay where it is when other currencies fall.

Historically, gold has been the way governments and organizations have fought economic global crises, so it’s never a bad thing to have some of it as a safety net in case you ever need money for an emergency.

What About Other Precious Metals?

While gold is the most mainstream precious metal you can find out there, others such as silver or platinum can also give you excellent profits. Silver is the runner-up when compared to gold, but it’s a less volatile alternative that many investors love trying.

Are Other Assets Better Than Precious Metals?

It’s not like some specific assets are better than others, but you should know which ones are better for specific situations. If you, for example, want to make a short investment that gives you profits as soon as possible, you should buy bonds or silver. People who, on the other side, want to make wiser decisions to save money for retirement can trust precious metals and other longer-term assets.

Where to Store Physical Gold

The best way to keep physical gold safe from robbers or from getting lost is by paying for storage services. This may seem like a waste of money in the first place, but it’s better to spend money on storage services than lose all your investment because you lost your gold bullion.

We recommend you hire storage services from companies such as International Depository Services since they work directly with ITM Trading.

Why Should I Go for ITM Trading?

Clients should try ITM Trading Inc. due to how much this company tries to teach its customers the basic of how to invest or understand budgets. This is ideal for newcomers in the precious metals industry, and it can even help experienced investors.

Apart from that, its wealth safety features are ideal for keeping people from making a bad choice that makes them increase their financial risk.

What Makes ITM Trading Different from Other Precious Metals Dealers?

The main difference between ITM Trading Inc and other investment companies is the rare coins this company has available while also offering IRA-approved bullion products since most businesses focus on one of the two only.

Bottom Line

ITM Trading offers guaranteed delivery, a low long-term financial risk, and valuable metals you can easily buy online, which makes it the must-go option for both investors looking for a casual hobby and pros.

Sign up for ITM Trading if you want to diversify your portfolio with precious metals!

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