Is Kitco a Scam or a Legitimate?

Kitco Metals Review

Kitco Metals is a precious metals company situated in Montreal, Canada, and it may be one of the world’s oldest precious metals dealers. Kitco began in 1977 when they built their firm from the ground up.

Thus, Kitco has 40 years of expertise in the precious metals industry, making them one of the leading online metal dealers. Kitco has also played a role as a commodity media organization that provides accurate data to its clients worldwide.

Kitco Media is the company’s branch that delivers all precious metals news to national and worldwide audiences, including mining, global authority, metal rates, commodities, market insights, cutting-edge news, etc. Kitco Media information appears daily in various publications, television shows, and social media platforms.

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About KItco Inc

Kitco Metals is a Canadian precious metals trader with offices in Montreal, Hong Kong, and New York, United States. Bart Kitner created the company with a $700 loan when he started the scrap gold business.

The corporation then created its media presence with the website and offered countless individuals information for quotations, statistics on precious metals, and various metals market charts. received the Best of the Web Forbes Favourite Award in 2006 for building a name for itself in the global precious metals industry. Regardless, the corporation stuck to its brand identity by combining multiple phrases. opened an office in Hong Kong in 2007, and the terms Kcast and Gold Live were introduced to the Kitco website in 2008. As a result, the firm emerged as a pioneer in digital media and mobile application development, where you may direct various gold-related phone apps.

Kitco Media, which includes multiple digital content and commodities market news channels, was founded in 2010, and it is now known as Kitco News. And if we fast forward to 2018, Kitco Metals Inc. launched VaultChain, a digital metals trading platform made up of Blockchain technology.

Kitco Precious Metals Division

Kitco Metals has been in business since 1977 and is a globally recognized bullion and precious metals merchant. The corporation provides worldwide trade since it has offices on numerous continents, and as time passes, so does the company. The firm works with miners, refineries, distributors, and corporate and institutional investors.

Bullion Products

You may invest in gold, silver, and platinum bullion through the firm, and we’ll publish a complete explanation of the product on this website later. But let us simply mention that Kitco Metals Inc. has provided various bullion coins and bars that may be put in an IRA.


Kitco Metals will sell one-of-a-kind gold gifts and collectibles. The greatest examples are multicolored coins, silver rounds, and silver art bars.

Allocated Storage

Throughout the world, the organization provides a variety of storage alternatives. Several parties have certified the storage alternatives, and they will be given insurance, to begin with.

  1. Canada-Royal Canadian Mint Storage
  1. Facilities in Hong Kong
  1. US-COMEX approved storage

Refining and Scrap

Kitco Metals Inc. began with scrap metals and evolved into a significant enterprise. Kitco will be able to provide you with precious recycled metals.


Kitco Metals provides IRA or RSP qualified metals to various customers, and they may even be kept with Kitco. These kinds of products are the finest option to invest in tax-free.


Kitco VaultChain enables digital gold and silver purchases. The data for the metal transaction is entered here in real-time and precisely.

The metals are stored in the Royal Canadian Mint’s vaults. VaultChain is a technique that combines traditional commerce with next-generation digital solutions. This is a simple method of investing in gold and other precious metals.

Kitco Media

Kitko Mining

Kitco Media is a means through which all relevant news surrounding precious metals trading is presented regularly. Kitco Media is a multinational corporation that has endeavored to reach international audiences via web assets, the Kitco mobile application, and media outlets with gold news. Kitco media is classified into three categories.

Kitco Updates

The news channel comprises a specialized team of journalists that do their utmost to reach out to the general public with in-depth news on metal investments. This assists them in making the best selection. These channels include daily roundups, interviews with financial industry giants, and unique and extensive coverage.

Kitco Mining

Kitco Metals provides many mining and other critical resource updates. Clear perspective is essential when reporting on mining-related subjects, and Kitco delivers all of this on its channels through in-depth reporting, mining trends, breaking news coverage, etc.

Kitco Crypto

Kitco Crypto is a platform where you can learn about and receive breaking news on the two trillion dollar cryptocurrency sector. Data-driven research is used to report on everything, including market volatility. The topic of powerful reporting on underlying bitcoin developments is covered in this article.

Kitco Media presently has about 4.7 million monthly visitors, and there are 116 million people, which is growing every year. Almost four million individuals rely on the Kitco smartphone app for regular news.

Kitco Metals Inc. Executive Team

Kitco Metals’ president and founder are Bart Kitner. He started the firm with only $700, and they now have millions of dollars in income. Bart Kitner ultimately established offices in New York and Hong Kong, and the firm has grown steadily since then.

Kitco Metals’ human resources director is Carmela Tutino. She began working for the firm in 2015. Kitco Metals’ media director, John Dourekas, has worked with the company since March 2008.

Ali Kiani Tallaei has worked with Kitco since 2018 and is in charge of the company’s service-oriented architecture, e-commerce apps, and the Internet. Nizar Tabet joined Kitco Metals as a chief financial officer in 2019.

Executive Teamwork

Precious Metals Company-Kitco Metals Inc.

The firm began as a metal scrap company but became a precious metals trader. So, aside from all of the information about Kitco Metals, they are one of the world’s largest precious metal hoarders. We may not be able to list all of the metals available from the firm, but we will put the most relevant ones here.

Cool Silver Gold Collectible

Kitco Metals has a large selection of collectibles that are not accessible elsewhere. The spot price of gold determines the value of these coins, and the weight and cost of the items and the product rating are provided.

  • The Silver Signs Of The Zodiac Coin
  • The Silver Faces Of Gotham The Joker Coin
  • The Catwoman Coin From Gotham’s Silver Faces Series.
  • Gollum LOTR Coin
  • Superman Coin
  • Hgan Solo Carbonite Coin In Silver
  • Tarot Card Lovers Silver Coin
  • Star Wars Grogu Silver Coins
  • Coins For Building Blocks
  • Fender Heavy Guitar Pick In Sterling Silver
  • Yellow Gold Mini Sideways Cross Necklace.
  • Silver Bitcoin Round
  • Bitcoin Round In Silver And Gold Plating
  • Year Of The Tiger Silver Coin
  • The Batman Coin In Silver
  • Silver Chibi Warrior Samurai Coin History
  • SILVER, Grand Canyon Coin, Etc.


As a gold bullion investment opportunity, the corporation sells gold coins and gold bars with exemplary and excellent service. Gold is one of the finest methods to invest in precious metals, and it is also permitted in IRAs.

Gold Coins

Kitco Metals provides a variety of gold coins from various mints. Kitco sells a variety of gold Canadian Maple Leafs with varying mint dates.

  • 2021 Gold Maple Leaf
  • 1 Gram Of Gold Maple Leaf
  • 1 Ounce Of Gold Maple Leaf
  • One Gold Maple Leaf (12 Oz)
  • American Eagle In 1 Oz Gold
  • Gold American Buffalo
  • A Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coin.
  • Klondike Gold Rush Coin In Gold
  • American Eagle Diamond Cut Bezel
  • Gold Maple Leaf Diamond-cut
  • Superman In His Prime
  • Gold, South African Krugerrand, Etc.

Gold Bars

If you want to avoid the costs and have no intention of collecting and are just looking for an investment in pure gold, gold bars are the best option. Gold bars are collected from different mints.


Fine Silver rounds, bars, and coins are available at Kitco Metals. These products are diverse and include a lot of collections.

Silver Coins

As a form of bullion, silver coins and signature products are a great way to invest if you don’t want to splurge a lot at a time. Silver coins are more diverse than gold coins and even affordable for a college student.

  • The Silver Maple Leaf
  • Silver American Eagle Coin
  • The Silver Eagle Monster Box
  • The Silver Faces Of Gotham The Joker Coin
  • The Catwoman Coin From Gotham’s Silver Faces Series.
  • Classic Superman Silver Coins
  • Best Wishes On Your Wedding Day In Silver Coins
  • 5-gram Silver Coin
  • Silver Welcome To The World Coin.
  • White Rabbit Coin In Silver From Alice In Wonderland
  • Silver Faces Of The Empire’s Imperial Stormtrooper Coins
  • Silver Tarot Cards, The Empress Coin
  • Pluto-shaped Silver Coin
  • The Silver Green Lantern Coin
  • Silver Space Jam 25th Anniversary Coin, Etc.

Silver Bars

You’ll find different sizes of silver bullion bars in Kitco Metals Inc., and here we mention some of them except those listed as sold silver.

  • Asahi Silver Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars
  • PAMP Suisse Silver Bar
  • Valcambi Suisse Silver Cadt Bar
  • Good Delivery List Bar In Silver
  • Set Of Silver Accessory Building Blocks
  • The Silver Frankenstein Head Bar
  • Commemorative Bars
  • The Silver Ace Of Spades Bar
  • The Silver Queen Of Hearts Bar
  • Fender Heavy Guitar Pick In Sterling Silver
  • Silver Bar, One Beer, Etc.


Platinum coins and bars have been added to Kitco Metals’ bullion portfolio.

Platinum Coins

Compared to silver and gold coins, the collection of platinum coins is relatively small.

  • Maple Leaf Platinum
  • Maple Leaf Platinum Tube
  • American Eagle Platinum

Platinum Bars

The collection of platinum bullion bars is much more sparse as platinum is much rarer than the other two metals.

  • Valcambi Suisse Platinum Bar
  • Platinum Bar From Credit Suisse
  • 1 Ounce Of Platinum


Kitco has mentioned several Palladium products in their list. But palladium is almost 25% rarer than all the other metals.

  • Palladium 10 Oz Bar
  • 1 Kilogram Palladium Bar
  • Palladium Bar 1 Oz
  • Palladium Maple Leaf 1 Oz.


Kitco Metals does not have a listing of Rhodium items. However, you may contact them if you have any questions.

Kitco Metals: Pros and Cons

Kitco had some strong signals of being a spectacular precious metals store, but as the firm evolved, it also appeared to have serious weaknesses in various areas. They are included here.

Pros of Kitco

  1. User-Friendly Website: The website has been a part of the company for many years as they are an online bullion dealer. The website works as a news portal and works like an e-commerce site. The website is well sorted and maintained regularly.
  1. The price of products: the rate of bullion is pretty reliable even with physical delivery, as it follows the spot price of metals. There are no hidden charges, and you can transfer the money with bank wire to purchase bullion online.
  1. Customer Service: Kitco is famous for its customer service, and they do not disappoint its clients as kitco reps told and advised several clients regarding metals. The company also includes an educational portal with different ideas and articles, and rare coins.
  1. The Versatility of Products: the company offers a vast range of products. The mints of Kitco are also diverse.
  1. Regular Updates: The company’s live chat is updated regularly for Kitco products, which is a good reference point for most clients, and you can access it with your pool accounts.

Cons of Kitco

  1. Not Ideal for Numismatic Collectors: Kitco offers various coins on their web page, but they do not include rare or pre-1933 coins.
  1. Lack of Customer Reviews: the company might be in business for 40 years now, but they have poor reviews and have no reviews on different third-party sites, and often people call them out as a terrible place. This makes the company look like a rookie as exclusive fabricators create such impressions on this online store.
  1. No Live Online Support: Kitco Metals Inc. does not offer any live chat or message support. You have to call them or just write an e-mail and wait for a reply.

Kitco Review and Accreditation

Here are some reviews of Kitco Metals from different sites.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB does not accredit Kitco. The overall rating of the Better Business Bureau of Kitco is A+ with positive reviews, and there are only eight Kitco reviews here. Two Kitco reps were mentioned in the reviews.


There is no mention of Kitco on this site.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

BCA does not have Kitco listed.

Ripoff Reports

There is no mention of Kitco Metals here.

Is Kitco a Scam or a Legitimate Precious Metals Company?

The answer will be no. Kitco Metals is not a scam, and they are legitimate businesses that provide services to countless clients globally with reliable marketing experience. The company has a poor web presence, but they are not satisfied with the term “scam.”


Every year, Kitco is one of the world’s leading corporations, supplying many items such as precious metals to its clients. They are also a prominent commodities information partner to several well-known organizations, providing real-time information, data, insights, and best-in-class news. Is Kitco a scam? Certainly not.

Thousands of people visit Kitco Metals’ official website, “,” every day to check the statistics in real-time. The organization provides various analyses, data, and services regularly.

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