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Adam Bergman established IRA Financial Group in 2010 with the belief that modern technologies applied to the IRA field will ease the process for potential clients. Like many other IRA firms, it helps clients finance real estate or gold as an IRA.

Though it’s just twelve years since the company began operating in Florida, and right now, they are one of the largest organizations in America. Their retirement funds are worth more than 4.6 billion dollars with sixteen thousand loyal customers.

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About IRA Financial Group

IRA Financial Group will work as a fund administrator to look after your retirement funds and assets. The company’s expertise in financing the self-directed retirement plans to alternative acquisitions like cryptocurrency, p2p lending, real estate, gold IRA, business stocks, etc.

The company was first founded by former attorneys who started this establishment to implicate modern technologies onto the investment market. The company has a YouTube channel with seven thousand subscribers and almost one million views. Then they have blogs regarding every term of the retirement investment, from the basics like “self-directed IRA” to “financial success.”

Before we get too far into the IRA Financial Group review, it’s worth pointing out that we’ve been analyzing the precious metals industry for many years.   Find out which companies made our top five gold IRA companies list to see if IRA Financial Group was mentioned among the elite companies.


So even if you are uncertain about anything, you can read about it in detail or ask the tax and ERISA experts. Moreover, there are examples regarding the reports, so it’ll be easy for you to break them down. The IRA Financial Group is also one of the contributors on Forbes as the CEO Adam Bergman is a Forbes Council Member.

You’ll find articles written by Adam since July 2011, and there are more than thirty articles. So this makes it clear how much influence the company has. The IRA Financial Group is also associated with the IRA Financial Trust Company, works on different scales of retirement account funding and investment.

IRA Financial Group offers Gold IRA as well as gold IRA transfers. The company is IRS-approved and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+. And if you are not curious about reading all the books and articles, you can easily switch to their regular podcast on IRAs on SoundCloud with more than three hundred tracks.

Though the podcast section is relatively new, you’ll get an apparent idea before beginning your relations with the company. And this is also worth mentioning that the founder and CEO of IRA Financial Group also wore eight books regarding self-directed IRAs. And their dedicated support will always be present.

Products of IRA Financial Group

There are four products enlisted on the authorized website of IRA Financial Group. Here we are breaking down each one of them so you’ll get a clear idea of everything. Self-directed retirement plan Solo 401(k) is one of their main areas.

Self-Directed Retirement Plans (SDIRA)

The IRA Financial Group will work as a self-directed IRA custodian in this case. Self-directed IRA consists of three parts: a custodian, a depository, and a financial institution, all approved by the IRS. You can fund diverse assets from mutual funds to precious metals with self-directed IRAs.

Private business stocks and tax lien certificates investment and alternative assets are also authorized. Self-directed IRA is much more individual, and as an investor, you have much more control over your funds.

Though there is a constraint on how much you can finance if you violate any of the laws here, your IRA account will be distributed, and you have to bear the retribution.

The payments regarding the self-directed retirement account are higher than the traditional one as it includes establishment fees, annual fees, and renewal fees every year. The custodian, or the Financial Group, will not offer any advice to their customers. With this, you can only spend up to six thousand dollars a year under age 50.

Another option is the self-directed IRA LLC or the checkbook control that permits the investments to be much quicker. Here the custodian offers full-time services to their clients, and they can react or invest in a branch without wasting any time and losing any money.

The investment in this method is much more affordable and convenient. For an LLC account, the Financial Group will help you transfer your IRA fund to a bank account, and with checkbook control, they will help you invest in opportunities more promptly.

Gold IRA

Solo 401(k)

There is not much variety in the case of solo 401(k). Both the employee and the employer can invest in the retirement funds, which pushes the sum of the contributions with direct and unlimited access. The taxes of the retirement funds will be shelved until the client withdraws the total sum.

This retirement plan is much more notable as it increases the annual investment funds than the other IRA. With solo 401(k), the employee can spend up to 20% to 25% of their yearly revenue, and the average investment can go up to $61,000.

Solo 401(k) plans give you opportunities for diversifying your investment, and thus, you can spend on rentals and tax liens, and the income or benefits of the acquisition are tax-free. More notably, you will not need your custodian’s approval for such investments.

ROBS Solution

ROBS is something completely new that stands for Rollover for Business Startups. Here the owners pay for their startups with the help of their retirement funds. And if you want, you can also use the ROBS for your current business.

With ROBS, first, your retirement funds will be rolled over to a 401(k) IRA. This IRA investment will be used to purchase stocks from the Corporation. Then the benefits of the stocks can be used to invest in your business or startup. With ROBS, there is zero obligation.

Thus, the process retains no interest paybacks for the banks. With this kind of investment, you might have to be an employee of the “C” Corporation, and you will get a paycheck without even involving in any agreement. ROBS is simply a way where you are investing in yourself. But there can be tax liabilities involved when you withdraw the 401(k) funds before they mature.

Payment System

The company offers two different kinds of payment packages. If you opt for self-directed payment services, there will be a primary option with $199 and a premium option with $500. You get a year of consulting services and all the relevant accords with both services. But only with the premium account, you might get expedited IRA support and one-on-one consultation with the CEO of IRA Financial Group.

For the Solo 401(k), there is also a premium of $500 and a basic with $199. With both the prices, you will get a free consulting service for a year, and they will arrange all the forms and restatements of the IRS requirements. The filling of IRS form 5500-EZ will be only done for the premium package holders.

Investment of Retirement Funds

The IRA Financial Group offers several tax-free investment possibilities, all of which the company looks after. The professionals in the firm will help you invest in anything that you want as long as you have the minimum account balance requirements.

Real Estate

You can invest in domestic or foreign real estate with the company. The options include raw lands, apartments, rentals, tax deeds, liens certificates, residential and commercial property, etc. This term of investing is known as real estate IRA.

Investment Funds

A self-directed IRA can subsidize traditional and alternative investments funds as there are multiple tax advantages in this process with minimum investment amount. Here you can invest in hedge funds and equity funds. But it is recommended that you look after whether you are investing on a prohibited term or not.


You can invest your self-directed IRA funds in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can support cryptocurrency investment with custodian controlled or checkbook controlled method. The Gemini Exchange has partnered up with the IRA Financial Group so anyone can invest in cryptocurrency with the digital retirement app.

Precious Metals

Here you can invest in precious metals like gold, silver, and palladium with a self-directed IRA or the solo 401(k). This kind of investment can easily be turned into cash.

Tax Liens or Deeds

You can invest in mortgages, tax liens, notes, and mutual funds here. The self-directed IRA LLC is one of the best ways to support such documents. Though this investment is low, it is undoubtedly an uncomplicated way to make money. If you are not sure about this, you can ask your tax lawyer.


You can start by paying $360 annually or $999 at once for a self-directed IRA LLC.

For Self-Directed IRA, you can start by paying $360 annually, and the Gemini Exchange platform will be incorporated in this one.

For solo 401(k), you can pay $199 annually or $999 at once. The payment will only begin in the second year.

For ROBS, you can provide $2,500 at once or pay $100 a month. This will also ensure a salary for you.


The company has A+ Review from the Better Business Bureau, and they have been accredited since 2011. The Glassdoor rated them with 4.2 stars. The company’s overall rating is 4.2, and there are 34 reviews altogether. Most negative reviews are regarding the transparency of the company and even people who have been in business with them for a long time have similar complaints.


What sets the institution apart is how they operate regularly- they provide you books and manuals, so you understand every bit corresponding to the self-directed solutions. They have a customized app to help you with your IRA or self-directed account in safe circumstances. IRA Financial Group is a legit and trustworthy organization, but before funding, you might want to make sure that you settle with all the terms and conditions.

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