Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Precious Metals

Indigo Precious Metals has been in the business since 2014, with David J Mitchell managing director. Though the company is relatively recent, the company’s founder has been in the industry since 1986. So the company began with years of experience at its feet. The Indigo Precious Metals Group is based in Malaysia and Singapore primarily. But they are also attending in Europe, the United States of America, and Canada. They help their customers purchase and safeguard physical golds, silver, and other Precious metals.

Precious metals are one of the most persistent business categories and a great opportunity if you are looking for a medium of investment. This is also famous for being a medium of retirement investment. Metals are regarded unassailable as they do not inflate or disintegrate over time, unlike other sorts of properties. They are regarded as portfolio diversifiers as they do not accumulate all of the cash in just one position.

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If you are not sure why precious metals are called one of the unchanging physiques of investment, we are here to break it down for you. Not just for the metals themselves, in the case of the Precious metals industry, the metals are purchased and traded in the form of coins and bars. Precious metals like gold, silver, rhodium, palladium, and platinum will not decay, and their price will only expand with time, and most competitive pricing is always a great opportunity.

There are some rare coins known as bullion coins, these collectors’ coins are reserved to be sold in the future, and the rate of the metals gets loftier than the initial investment. It is noted that the price of gold has doubled over the last decade. And the same thing can be considered for other metals like silver and platinum.

Metals are a steady source of investment as if you are investing in a stock market, the prices of stocks might go up and down quite rapidly. And you can just lose all of your totalities in a blink. The same thing can go for Real Estate. The rate of the property will alter with any casualty in the region. And if you are trying to invest in art and sculptures, they will fade and need constant restoration to keep up the quality. Metals also control how much the capital gains tax.Visit SiteBut the metals do not lose their authentic rate, and it’s great when you require urgent cash at once. You can use the liquidity rate of the metals in an instant as institutional investors. But it can not be done with real estate properties or any other piece of art. Most financial advisors advise that a person invest 13% to 15% of their entire investment in precious metals. Most people are pretty sceptical about the process as it doesn’t provide any revenue or interest at the end of the year, and you might need to pay for the custodian and storage fee. But when the stock market is going down, the price of the metals goes up linearly.

Buying precious metals from Indigo Precious Metals

Now that we stated why metals are important as a source of investment, let us add a reference of such precious metal dealer who will assist you in choosing these metals and even storing the product for you in storage with remote access doors. There are multiple reviews on the Indigo Precious Metals Website and other sites. With Indigo Precious Metals, you can purchase gold coins and bars, silver coins and bars, platinum, palladium, rhodium, rare earth, bullion coins as collectable coins. They will also include a chart of up-to-date met prices that you can choose from on the Indigo Precious Metals Website. They will help you purchase rare metals and will entitle you to store the product in their facilities in Singapore. But if you want, they will deliver the product to your place to keep it yourself. But on recommendation purposes, their depository facility is considered one of the safest in Singapore Freeport.

How to Buy Precious Metals from the Indigo Precious Metals Website?

Here we include how you can purchase your gold and silver coins from the Indigo Precious Metals dealers on the website. The steps are pretty straightforward, and you just have to be sure of what you want and how much you desire.

Choose the product

First, choose a product from the price tag on the website or choose from the title under bullion products. You can pick any Metals, including bullion coins and investment-grade bars. And you can even shop from the rare earth section of the website as a new precious metal buyer. Then you can add the product to the basket for further processing. On the prices page, products are listed with their weight and prices. The prices are also included in grams and ounces and the buyback price.


You can always checkout as a guest, but you can have your data saved for future purchases by registering. Once you have added your products to the basket, click on view basket, and then you can proceed to check out. But for checkouts, you might have to register to the secure bullion credit account. The registration process is free, and you can shop at multiple addresses. Put your last name, first name, email address, and passwords to create an account.


You can pay in two ways. First, you can pay the total quantity right away on the checkout process. Or you can select the deposit option to pay in two separate courses. But you might have to pay 10% advance, and then you can pay the 90% later from the free trade zone—capital gains tax from the storage facilities. You can pay cash or bank transfer for payment methods or store credit. Cash on collection had to be done in Singapore’s Indigo Precious Metals showroom.


There are three Shipping options available with the Indigo Precious Metals dealers. They will ship your products internationally with an insured courier service with a seamless ordering process. If you are a local buying from the IPM website, you can easily choose the collection options. Or you can collect the product from their showroom in Singapore on Amoy Street. Or you can pick them as your storage facility and save the product in a high-security vault, Le Freeport.

Get your Indigo Precious Metals products

The Indigo Precious Metal buyer claims that your product will be fully insured even when you can not receive it primarily. If you are not present at the time of the delivery, the product will be returned to the facility, but you can arrange for re-delivery of the product. If you choose to store the product in Le Freeport, you can check out the products yourself.

Products to purchase from the Indigo Precious Metals Dealers

Here we include all the products you can purchase from the Precious metals, gold and silver bars and rare earth metals. These are easy to choose from and buy online.

Gold bars

There are sixteen gold bars enlisted on the website. Here the bars are 99.99% refined, and you are fully insured. You can get products from one gram to one kilogram. And the price of the products also varies as such. Argor Heraeus Gold Bars are minted in Argor Heraeus Refinery in Switzerland, and the weight of the bar here is 2 grams. There is AH on the front of the bar with a circle. There are no tax options except if you store it in Freeport.

Gold Coins

There are twenty-four items available on this list. The lowest amount for a coin will be 7.8 grams and the highest with 38.8 grams. The Australia Gold Lunar Tiger series 2 is one of the coins on the list. This coin is one of the notable gold coins that the Perth Mint of Australia minted. This is designed based on the Chinese lunar tiger sign.

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Silver bars

There are fourteen silver bars listed on the Indigo Precious Metals Website. The highest price will be around twenty thousand USD. The weight of the bars starts from 311 grams to 31 kilograms. The LBMA silver cast bar is one of the bars listed on the website. These are regarded as bullion bars and are produced from the JBR & BRAID & Co. In the United Kingdom.

Silver coins

There are forty-four items listed on the website, and the weight of the coins will be starting from 31.1 grams to 1 kilogram at most as a value-added expert investment. Australia Silver Lunar Goat is one of the silver coins listed online. This coin is also insured and was minted by the Perth Mint of Australia in 2015.



There are twelve products available in the state of bars and coins—the weight of the platinum stars from 31.1 grams to a maximum of 1 kilogram. The highest price of platinum will be around thirty thousand dollars. The Queen’s Beast is one of the bullion coins listed on the website, with a purity of 99.99%. This is prescribed as the Yale of Beaufort with horns adorning its head. This is inspired by the Margaret Beaufort of the Tudor Dynasty and designed by the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint.



Only three products are available on the Indigo Precious Metals Website, and there are two bars and one coin. The weight of the metals starts from 31.1 grams to 155.5 grams. The highest price will be eighty thousand dollars. Tuvalu Rhodium Coin is one of the collectable and bullion coins listed. Baird Mint minted the product in the year 2019.



There are two bars and three coins listed on the Indigo Precious Metals site. The highest weight will be 500 grand, around thirty-five thousand dollars. The Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin is one of them with a purity standard of 999.5%. This was produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in 2005 and is one of the first Canadian coins minted with palladium.

Indigo Precious Metals Review

Indigo Precious Metals has a lot of sound reviews online and even on their website as the most trusted bullion dealer in Singapore and Malaysia. If you are considering buying precious metals, make sure you view our recommended companies as well.  Here we are including some of the essential parts.


They rated the company 4.9 out of 5 stars, and both the customer and products rated 4.9. Most of the customers added five stars, and the company appreciated their client management and the Indigo Precious Metals products.


Thirteen reviews are documented here, and the site rated them with 4.1 stars out of 5. Most reviews are positive, and 85% of them were deemed excellent.


The Indigo Precious Metals Dealers have years of experience and in-house experts who help consumers buy suitable metals. They can also help you with your product’s insurance and storage facilities. The Indigo Precious Metals Group is easy to deal with, as you can open an account with just a few prerequisites. The company will provide any information you might need regarding the investment. So if you are looking for something pristine and diversified in your financial acquisitions, you can quickly go for the IPM group.

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