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Iccoin, or International Coins & Currency, began its operations in 1975 and has been in the industry for more than three decades. The firm has hundreds of thousands of consumers and claims to have one of the largest mail order and coin selections by 2022.

There are over a thousand-coin dealers on the market, but if you want to buy precious metals or bullion, you should invest in a firm that will offer you accurate items and a guarantee card.

Iccoin is one of those firms that has been around for a long time and is well-known for its gold and other metals collection. International Coin & Currency is a coin and collectible company, and here we are, including everything that you might need to know about the company.

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Why Invest in Gold and Other Bullion?

Bullion is a high-purity item standardized by the government and numerous other well-known organizations. Gold and silver are the most common precious metals used in bullion.

Because most currency is constructed of copper and other metal alloys, the bullion coin is no longer accessible for public circulation. Before bullion is marketed, its purity is tested, and one of the most well-known ways in this area is the fire assessment method.

Bullion coins are one of the greatest investment options. Prior to its usage as an investment, the majority of bullion was used as a currency. For instance, the Krugerrand was used as a currency in the twentieth century. Currently, bullion is available in proof and striking variants, and collectors can also purchase uncirculated bullion coins.

Silver and gold bullion bars and coins can be used in conjunction with exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and gold-backed assets. Precious metals IRAs, often known as gold IRAs or silver IRAs for silver bullion, will be one of the most crucial investment sectors for gold bullion. Furthermore, IRA bullion is retained as a long-term store of value or as a precious metals investment. Precious metals work against inflation and guard your entire investment against the vitality of the financial markets.

Iccoin, or International Coin & Currency


Iccoin is a precious metals dealer that began operations in 1975 and now sells its products through e-commerce or mail order. Their official app details each product, so you may select one. As the article unfolds, we will go through each of the goods in detail.

Iccoin’s product quality is consistent from beginning to end, and they also describe the coin’s quality rating. Iccoin, once again, gives a certificate of authenticity with each coin purchased.

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Despite the fact that it is an internet buy Iccoin is one of the largest websites for selling bullion coins, and their coins are now available for purchase on their official website, International Coins & Currency, Inc. is situated at 62 Ridge Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602.

Iccoin’s headquarters are primarily in Vermont, United States. However, if you reside outside of the United States and wish to buy a coin from their website, we recommend going in and checking to see if the company ships to your location.

Iccoin is well-known for its coins and collectibles with less money. One of the company’s advantages is that they will offer their customers a reasonable shipping fee for coin delivery. For local customers, delivery costs as little as $6.95.

In addition, if you’re thinking about opening an IRA or individual retirement account, the organization does not provide such services to its consumers. However, you may utilize Iccoin as a precious metals broker to purchase bullion for your account.

First, verify with your custodian about the transaction. The company’s purpose is to supply rare coins and collectibles, but it does not provide any financial prospects to its consumers.

How Does Iccoin Operate?

coin bullion

Iccoin operates in the same manner as any other e-commerce websites on the market. A range of products is mentioned on the site’s homepage page, and you may start by looking at those goods. The majority of the advertised goods on the Iccoin app are for sale.

The items can be discounted by up to a hundred dollars. You can also look at the U.S. and international coins on their app.

You may choose whatever you like, and it will be placed in your basket for immediate purchase. Simply join up or continue as a guest for the services. You will receive a free gift level 1 with your chosen bullion. If you live in the United States, the corporation will charge you a seven-dollar delivery fee on orders above $100.

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However, if you order from a foreign nation, the firm will estimate your shipping rate based on your location. You only need to enter your address, name, city, postal code, and state for shipment. Then you just pay, and the merchandise is delivered to your home in no time. There is no extra tax on gold or silver purchases.

Payment Methods for Iccoin

You can collect from a variety of payment alternative services provided by the firm. Iccoin accepts payment via PayPal and credit cards. PayPal is one of the most accessible payment methods because it does not require a bank account. You may even pay the money using other credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Furthermore, if you are an overseas customer, we urge that you check before purchasing the item.

The Grading of Coins


Iccoin has provided a list of coin grades according to the standards of the American Numismatic Association, or ANA.

  • Good
  • very good
  • Fine
  • very fine
  • Extra fine
  • About Uncirculated
  • Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Choice, Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Uncirculated Near Gem Brilliant
  • Gem: Brilliant Uncirculated
  • Brilliant Uncirculated Super Gem
  • Uncirculated Perfect Brilliant
  • Proof?

Before selecting bullion, make sure that you verify the coin’s grade to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.

Timely Manner

The firm has the most extensive mail order and website. As a result, the delivery time for the coins is relatively short. The firm also provides free delivery on orders of $499 or more. So, with a $500 transaction, shipping and taxes are free. Orders from Canada and other countries may take up to 3–4 weeks to arrive.

However, depending on the processing period of your payment cards, the order time might take up to 6 weeks. As a result, PayPal services are generally suggested as the most convenient and safe form of payment.

Iccoin Coin Selections

world coins

When you visit the Iccoin website, you will see a plethora of coin possibilities. U.S. coins, International or World Coins, Supplies, Collectibles, and the Bargain Vault are all accessible on the app. We’ve shown you a sample of the things available for purchase.

U.S. Coins

This category has more possibilities and services than the main category. This one is divided into thirteen separate categories. Cents There are nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars, half dollars, proof sets, and tiny sets to choose from. The United States Mint produces the majority of these coins. On this website, you may also discover a collection of rare United States coins.

Early Coinage

Because the majority of these category date before 1933, they are classified as rare or collectible. Franklin Roosevelt prohibited gold and silver hoarding in 1933 in order to stabilize the country’s economy. The majority of the coins in circulation at the time were liquidated. As a result, the Iccoin provides you with a plethora of early coinage to pick from. There are a total of twenty-five uncommon coins mentioned. Among them are:

  1. Seated Liberty in Silver, 1875
  1. 1860 half dime, Seated Liberty
  1. seated Liberty half dime, 1853-1855
  1. Half-Dime Capped Bust


The category of cent is a one-hundredth subdivision of a currency and 1/100 of a monetary unit in general. On their website, Iccoin is priced at 324 cents. From the 1800s until the 2000s, every conceivable cent was for sale. Here are a few more from the list.

  1. S Lincoln Cent Proof 2002
  1. 1941-1945 Lincoln Cent
  1. Flying Eagle Cent, 1857-1858


This is a five-cent coin produced by the United States Mint and made of copper and nickel in general. One nickel is worth 0.05 US dollars, and the three-cent nickel is one of history’s most well-known coins. On their website, Iccoin lists 200 distinct nickels.

  • Liberty head nickel 1884
  • Buffalo & Jefferson Nickel Pair Circulated, 1938
  • Hobo buffalo nickel


This category of dimes is ten-cent coins with a face value of 0.10 US dollars. Prior to 1965, dimes were made of silver, and it was later manufactured of copper and nickel. On the Iccoin app, there are 216 dimes listed.

  • Mercury silver dime from 1941-1945
  • Roosevelt dime coin set


This is a twenty-five-cent coin, and the quarter will be worth 0.25 dollars. The quarters were manufactured of silver from 1932 until 1964. On the obverse side of this category of coins is a portrait of George Washington. There are more than four hundred quarters listed on the Iccoin site.

  • National Tuskegee historic site
  • Washington silver quarters

Half Dollars

There are three hundred and sixty-four half dollars category listed on the Iccoin site. A half dollar is equivalent to half of a dollar.

  • P & D Kennedy uncirculated
  • Silver half dollar Seated Liberty 1839- 1891


The Iccoin list now includes silver and gold one-dollar coins. Even rare gold and silver dollars have been included for your viewing pleasure. There are 875 gold and silver dollars on the market.

  • Morgan silver dollars uncirculated
  • Peace pair

American Silver Dollars

Sixty-one American Silver Eagles have been added to the Iccoin list. The American Silver Eagle is a popular bullion coin in the United States.

  • Silver Eagle proofs 1986-2004
  • Type I Silver Eagle certified

International Coins

More than a thousand coins have been added to the globe or international coinage of Iccoin. Included in Mexico, Germany, Australia, the British Virgin Islands, the Philippines, and other countries. We’ve included some of the coins that you might be interested in below.


On the Iccoin website, you may purchase sets of Australian silver coins. The Frasers Dolphin Silver Dollar is one of the most well-known collectible coins. The Perth Mint produces the majority of these coins.


On the Iccoin website, there are 22 Canadian currencies mentioned. There are also silver and gold Canadian Maple Leafs, and the $20 Iconic Maple Leaves Proof coin is also available.


Four distinct German coins are offered on the site, and even pre-1933 coins are still accessible.


The Mexico 1980 1 Onza Silver Peso and seven additional silver and gold coins from Mexico are available on the site.


Iccoin, or International Coins & Currency, sells a variety of various coins in quantity. As a coin supply, you may purchase bezels, capsules, tubes, albums, folders, boxes, booklets, and so on.


Before the general coins, you may choose from a variety of collector items such as banknotes, certified coins, rounds, medals, stamps, miscellaneous, and so on.

Bargain Value

The bargain worth of the coins also covers other possibilities such as U.S. coins, U.S. silver dollars, international coins, and so on.

Privacy Policy of Iccoins 2021

Iccoin is one of the well-known companies for having the greatest privacy policies for all purchases. Your purchasing information will be kept private and will only be shared with you if absolutely required. The Icoin price may even be rated online if it does work properly. The information you provide on the website will not be shared with a third party. Iccoin offers an email newsletter, but you will only receive it if you subscribe.

Extra Money: Coupons

Once you click on the shopping basket, you’ll see a promo/gift certificate or Iccoin coupon code applicator on the customer list. So you may just go to an online coupon store and receive free discount codes to save money. If you’re planning to buy from Iccoin, HotDeals is a coupon site where you may find a variety of coupons. The extra savings will come in handy when purchasing things.

How to Purchase Precious Metals from Icooin?

We’ll walk you through the process of buying coins from Iccoin step by step. The company will supply its merchandise through the mail. So you must go to their website or app to place your order and choose your things for it to work properly. Make sure you have a payment method open for Quick Buy and take a note to deal.

  1. Log on or sign in to or the official website with your browser or app of the company to shop.
  1. Then select the item that you’re looking for and the one that fits your budget. If you’re buying coins for an IRA, make sure to purchase bullion coins with discounted prices.
  1. Just click on that cart sign after you’ve added your iccoin products to the cart, and you’re ready to check out.
  1. If you’re not a first-time buyer from Iccoin, you can log or sign in to your account. If you’re someone new, we recommend logging in with your Gmail account and setting up a password. This will save all your buying information. And if you’re in a hurry, you can just sign up as a guest with your email address.
  1. Click to Checkout, and the Iccoin site will take you to the billing section after sign in.
  1. Then fill in your address with your name and all the information on the boxes.
  1. As a last resort, you’ll be putting in your payment method and selecting the payment option.

And with such short steps, you’ll be able to purchase coins and bullion from Iccoin.

Iccoin Reviews

The Iccoin, or International Coins and Currency, has received positive feedback. All of those review sites are included below.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

On this website, Iccoin gets an A+ rating. This is a financial company’s top rating, and the BBB has accredited the firm.


This website has five reviews. On the site, Iccoin has a rating of two stars.


Iccoin has a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 on this review website. However, there are just 14 votes.


Is Iccoin a Massive scam? Definitely not. International Coins & Currency has been in business for a while and offers one of the most diverse gold and silver bullion selections on the market. So, by all accounts, the firm is legitimate and might be a good source for bullion purchases. Just make sure you understand all of the company’s terms.

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