Investing in a Gold IRA

How to Invest in Gold Online

When the times get tough and the stock market is making your blood pressure boil over, it’s time to look for an investment that provides somewhat of a safe haven.  That asset, is gold.  With inflation out of control and the stock market boasting crazy highs, many investors are looking to put money into gold since it has the historical prices to show it’s a safe asset to put money into.

Both “dooms day preppers” and casual investors like gold for a lot of the same reasons.  It’s status as a rare commodity makes it a perfect end cap to investments in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  Gold is perceived as a store of value, and while it doesn’t produce any cash while you hold it, many people view it as a hedge against inflation.  With the Fed stimulating the economy and printing money like never before, inflation could continue it’s crazy ways in 2022.

Five Ways You Can Invest in Gold on the Internet

#1:  Gold Bullion

Gold brokers all over the world sell physical gold bullion.  Simply search for “gold bullion brokers” and you’ll see many.  But, beware, many of them have poor reputations.

It can be very satisfying holding a physical asset like gold.  You can look at it, touch it, and appreciate it at your own desire.  Of course, the thought process is that gold will always increase in value or at the very least, hold it’s own in down markets.

Gold bullion is purchased around the “gold spot price,” which is something you should familiarize yourself with prior to buying physical gold.  Of course, you can buy gold off another peer or even at a pawn shop, but buying through a reputable dealer online such as APMEX or JM Bullion is the safest way to protect yourself from scams.  Always look to buy gold bars, and not coins.  Coins, like gold quarters, have a collector’s value which can hurt your investment ROI.

The risk with holding gold bullion is that you could have it stolen, so it’s very important to keep your assets protected.  

#2:  Gold Futures

Investing in futures is a sort of speculative way to bet on the price of gold, whether that means the price of gold rising, or falling, and you can do this through gold futures investing.  You can take physical delivery of your gold if you wish, but that’s not what most speculators seek out when they invest in gold futures.

This sort of investing uses leverage that you can use to invest a smaller amount of money into the trade and reap huge rewards if the gold futures move the way you predicted, and the money can get quite handsome of some big swings happen.

gold futures
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Of course, the risk here is that you could bet the wrong way and lose just as fast as you made your futures investment.  You’ll have to put up a lot of money if the bet doesn’t go the way you called it, just to maintain the contract (in margin investing) or you will get stopped out by your broker and therefore you’ll take a loss.  Be very careful with gold futures investments.

#3:  Gold ETF’s

Don’t want to handle physical gold or have the desire to play in the risky environment that is gold futures trading?  Have a look at gold ETF’s, which is an exchange traded fund that tracks the performance of the commodity.  There are many ETF’s in this space, including SPDR Gold Shares, which has a ticker symbol of (GLD), iShares Gold Trust, which you can find under symbol (IAU), and many others.  Have a close look at any gold ETF’s expense ratios before investing.

One thing that makes an ETF investment clean and simple is that you can trade them on any day the stock market is open.  This makes this investment much more liquid than owning physical gold, and you can trade these from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

examples of gold etfs

Just like investing in stocks, gold ETF’s can be a risky investment and move with market turbulence.

#4:  Invest in Gold Mining Stocks

These businesses are in the trenches every day, mining gold and selling it for a profit.  This is one way you can profit off of gold and it’s rising prices.

This can be a risky play as mining rights are a global issue, and mines are being opened and closed often.  Take a serious look at any business that is in the mining industry and really understand their core values, mining operation, and personnel before making any investment.

gold mining stocks
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#5:  Gold IRA

This has become a sexy play in the last few years, especially ahead of tax changes by Joe Biden.  Many Americans are fearing for their 401k balance, and they should be, because inflation is making it even more difficult to find somewhere to live comfortably in our golden years.  Check out the list of the best gold ira companies that we’ve compiled, and fill out the form on their website to get a follow up call. This is a move many people are making since they have sizable retirement balances that they want to protect, and rightfully so.

This last way to invest in gold online is not going to be open for much longer, so act soon and start your gold rollover process immediately.

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