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What You Need to Know About a Home Storage Gold IRA

Here’s what you need to educate yourself on before you get into a home storage gold IRA.

When you think about a long term investment plan, you need to have a plan that includes a wide range of diversity.  Allocating savings into precious metals has long been considered a solid retirement investing strategy that can reap huge rewards. Gold, silver, and other precious metals have been hot investments among wealthy individuals for this reason.  When it comes to putting your money into gold IRA’s, there are a few choices you can make, and one of them is the home storage gold IRA, a program that allows you to store your precious metals in your residence.

Prior to reading this article:

We understand that there are many factors that come to mind when making any investment decision.  For this reason, we created a page that compares various gold IRA companies and makes recommendations based on many factors.

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Purpose of This Article

Before you go ahead and decide to go with the home storage route, you need to know all of the information about what comes into play when you store your own metals.  There are risks associated with this decision and we pride ourselves in not just promoting this huge tax and inflation hack, but also in being entirely transparent about any downsides.

ALERT:  The IRS has now banned home storage gold IRA’s. 

Internal Revenue Service

This means that this type of account is very hard to organize and could result in penalties if you attempt to circumvent any systems.

Why The IRS Has a Stance Against Home Storage Gold IRA

Prior to 2009 a lot of consumers purchased gold instead of the more traditional paper certificates for their retirement IRA.  Then, a decision came down and a warning was issued that if you own any physical gold in your retirement IRA you could face penalties.

The reason for this is that the IRS doesn’t deem gold as a “permissible investment” for retirement IRA purposes.

What is a Gold IRA?

Mentioned very often on this website, the gold IRA is a vehicle that allows you to hold gold and silver coins in your retirement account via a rollover process.  This type of investment helps people save money without paying taxes on their gold investments until it becomes time for retirement withdrawals.

This gives a perfect investment vehicle for investors to acquire and hold assets for the long term without having to be severely impacted by a rocky market or daily changes of value.

Investors also escape many tax rules and keep profits safe (retirement accounts are protected from lawsuits).

The idea behind them is simple: They provide investors with a way of holding valuable assets long-term without worrying about market fluctuations or daily valuation changes.

When you invest in precious metals like gold through a Self Directed IRA account, the value is separate from any investments made into the stock market or other asset classes.

What are the Potential Penalties?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the penalties can be rather stiff if you decide to own physical gold in your home for your IRA.  The penalty can be as high as 100% of the value of the investment, in fact!

The IRS isn’t messing around here, or anywhere for that matter, and if you don’t set up your account properly, they could come after you.  The law was edited in the year 2000 since it didn’t consider gold to be an investment that was permissible, and due to that it wasn’t allowed into an IRA.

If you had a home storage gold IRA prior to 2010, you are in the clear!  

Issues With Security

The first thing we think of when people want a home storage gold IRA is WHY?

It’s extremely risky to have anything of value in your home, and we’re talking about GOLD here.  So many things can go wrong, just think about it.  There are zero regulations about types of safe needed or proper vaulting that many people just simply don’t store them in a safe area.  When this happens, they could find out the hard way how dumb this idea really was.  Always use a custodian to store your gold.

Other Issues (Legal)

When you consult with one of the companies I linked you to above (click here in case you missed it) you’ll find out that the IRS law on owning gold in your retirement is that you need to have a third party agency in between you and that asset.  Much like your 401k or IRA plan goes through someone, you can have someone act as a gold IRA custodian.  The companies we vetted will help you do that rather easily.

Why The Self-Directed IRA With a Custodian is the ONLY Option

We’re obviously big supporters of the gold IRA and continue to urge people to examine that strategy.  However, it’s important that you use only a reputable company that INSISTS you set up a Self Directed IRA for the sole purpose of storing your metals.  This is the only LEGAL way to do it, matter of fact.

You can also use the Self Directed IRA to buy into other asset classes like real estate, cryptocurrency, and more.

There aren’t any rules about how many asset classes you can dive into and use to diversify your portfolio, and for this reason the Self Directed IRA has become a huge hit among active investors.

Go ahead and contact one of our recommended vendors today for more information.



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