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GSB Gold Standard Group was founded in 2011 and is a global pioneer in developing innovative blockchain protocols and digital G999 cards that let investors and traders interact on the same platform. The organization assists customers in investing abroad in precious metals and minerals. Their international business blockchain platform (IBBB) aided in the facilitation and accessibility of precious metals trading. Apart from their trading platform, the firm has a relationship with a gold standard bank and works as a worldwide gold merchant. The firm is headquartered in Germany and has pioneered several cutting-edge technological innovation for the world of precious metal trading.

Since 2014, the firm has developed significantly and has established itself as a well-known precious metals dealer worldwide with blockchain developers. They simplified, and storage hassles metal investing. They transformed metal trading by combining physical and digital metal trading on a single platform. Along with their G999 cards, their software invention revolutionized the metals trade.

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The firm began in 2011 in Germany to connect metal refineries to investors and dealers to cut productivity, production, and shipping costs. The platform was termed the GSB Goldinternet. They began developing the IBBB in 2012 with in-depth research and blockchain solutions, intending to connect everyone involved in the precious metals supply chain, from miners to investors. All transactions were transparent and accountable. After using Blockchain technology in 2014, the firm began connecting everyone on a single platform. In 2018, the corporation launched its custodian bank and management company. GSB dedicated its outcome to over 100 countries has created an easy exchange of precious metals via software solutions.

Josep Heit is the GSB Gold Standard Group’s board of directors chairman. The GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG bought three influential German newspapers to grow its blockchain technology and information technology services. The company’s growth is predicted to be equivalent to that of many of the country’s major businesses. Their trading processes are transparent due to their software and blockchain technology in the financial industry. Not only does the program link investors, but it also connects third-party organizations such as financial management firms that have a GSB license.

Additionally, the organization employs financial consultants who engage with individual investors. Their platform’s versatility makes trading far more dependable and accessible. Their IT crew is constantly on hand to guarantee that operations run smoothly.

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How does GSB Gold Standard Group operate?

The GSB group began with the GSB Goldinternet platform and evolved into a leader researching and offering unique services with cutting-edge technology and marketing experts for precious metals trading. IBBB’s use of Blockchain technology provided one of the most flexible and transparent sources of leverage while also increasing the speed of trade and transactions.

Managers of Assets

Asset Manager

The GSB Gold Standard Group reviews are outstanding as they offer better services. E-wallet function providing accurate data to customers to access the gold market and withdraw funds in a currency of their choice. The GSB gold card is linked to an online banking API, where cardholders may access their accounts and savings. Money transfers and withdrawals are simple with the new technology. Additionally, their GSB Visa card offers seamless transactions and all of the additional benefits of a credit card. You must register on the site and verify your identity to open a banking account. Additionally, you may transfer your digital gold to the International Business Gold Market. Acquired or transferred gold may be held in an E-wallet that is solely available to the owner.

FinTech Startups


These startups need approval from the BaFin or the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority for unchartered markets. Each FinTech has a unique and diverse business plan. Businesses use technology to handle banking, data analysis, capital markets, and transactions. If we look at Germany, over two hundred FinTech businesses are on the rise, each with its own unique structure and accurate and reliable information. GSB Gold Standard Group reviews remark that the company assists people in starting businesses and incorporates virtual currency into their endeavors.

Brokerage companies

The company’s primary business is as a precious metals dealer. They offer both digital and actual gold. Physical gold bars ranging in weight from 0.1 grams to 1 kilogram are available for trade. You may acquire gold bullion using their e-commerce website, using the GSB pay interface to complete the transaction. Additionally, the organization provides the means to redeem and collect gold from merchants or shops.

Gold Standard Bank (GSB)

The GSB Gold Standard Bank is an A-class private bank specializing in storing real and digital gold. Along with the ramifications for conventional banking, there are repercussions for FinTech and cryptocurrencies. Earnings may be saved in this account and used for any investment. Additionally, cash withdrawal and order transfer are accessible at this location. The bank will never disclose an account holder’s information or balance to a third party.

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Trusted Management Company

All physical commodities are LBMA-certified since GSB Gold Standard Group reviews are also impressive for this reason. The company has an LBMA-certified refinery. In Sweden, GSB has developed a trust management provider. As a result, they offer merchant services to all IBBB-registered and validated accounts.

GSB Gold Standard Group Blockchain Technology


Blockchain solutions are utilized for payment and transaction processing in cryptocurrency systems with software solutions. Digital storage is used, in this case, as a secure platform. In the case of blockchain, Stablecoin is utilized, and banks have sped up and reduced the cost of transactions. In the case of foreign payments, these transactions have evolved significantly. Moreover, blockchain is incorporated in the case of removing any manual financial processes, thus altering a business’s architecture. The GSB Gold Standard Group launched a blockchain school to teach consumers about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies thru online video lessons and a blockchain certificate.

G999 Coin

This is a system in which electronic currency may be traded rapidly between peers. It also incorporates micro fees and large transaction throughput. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, G999 does not need authorization, decentralization, or the involvement of external parties. Additionally, the G999 currency is impervious to assault and hacking.

GS Lifestyle Credit Card

In 2021, Josip Heit launched this lifestyle card. This card is crafted entirely of real gold and is widely regarded as one of the most precious in the world. It lets users spend bitcoin and convert it to fiat cash in a matter of seconds. The card is valid worldwide and has a higher exchange rate. This GSB Gold Standard Group Lifestyle card is available in aluminum, steel, or gold plating.

Trading Precious Metals

GSB is a solid company that trades in both actual and digital gold. It connects the two, but it also enables gold redemption thru the GSB platform.

You can distribute gold to finance and conduct transactions. The solid gold bars are 99.99% pure and 24 carats in weight. Blockchain technology safeguards investors’ money and ensures the transaction process is transparent. After registering with the GSB Gold Standard Bank, you may buy gold to save in your electronic wallet. Additionally, transactions may be traced. The firm sources gold bars from LBMA-certified refineries to ensure the finest quality.

The gold standard unit is measured in terms of gold’s current price, and the gold account balance is shown in grams of gold. Digital transactions are used to deal in gold standard gold. Additionally, consumers will get a monthly transaction statement.

Financial Transactions

There are a variety of approaches for obtaining and paying for gold and other precious metals. The most efficient route will be through the GSB (Gold Standard Bank Ltd.).

  • Purchases of standard gold may be made via a wire transfer, bitcoin, or another cryptocurrency. Payments may also be completed online using a GSB pay account at a trading convenience increasing its overall rating.
  • If you register for GSB pay services, you will obtain a Mastercard, Visa, or GSB Gold Lifestyle card. Additionally, this may be used to finance actual or digital gold.
  • Globally, the GSB users’ API links them. As a result, you may make payments from any location.
  • Any digital device, such as a computer or a smartphone, may be used to conduct transactions as a free service. Money transfers and order transparency are also feasible with GSB digital bank accounts.

The GSB Standard Bank now provides a 6% interest security rate if you’re trying to save money.

GSB Gold Standard Group Review

Before you contact the company, take a look at some of the GSB Gold Standard Group reviews and ratings.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB does not accredit the business, and there are no GSB Gold Standard Group reviews or ratings.

Trust Link

GSB Gold Standard Group does not have a review or rating.

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

There are no ratings or reviews available.

Trust Pilot

There are no GSB Gold Standard Group reviews or ratings on this site.  We do have ratings for other companies, such as the – Is SD Bullion Legit article, and more.


There are no reviews or ratings for GSB Gold Standard Group on well-known websites like BBB or BCA. This might be since they are a privately held German financial industry and app. Additionally, the company’s website is devoid of testimonials. However, if we look at the GSB Gold Standard Group reviews as a whole, we can conclude that they are one of the most sophisticated worldwide platforms for precious metals trading. Before proceeding, ensure that you understand their terms and conditions.

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