Govmint review

GovMint Review

If you are looking for an online marketplace to buy coins, Govmint is a place you’ll want to get to know. Being a web-based platform, Govmint makes it easy for clients to closely view and purchase coins from the comfort of their own home.  The company was founded in 1984 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Govmint offers a wide variety of coins, including some very rare collectible coins that serious investors tend to seek out. One of the most critical aspects of the firm is that you will be able to purchase pre-33 coins, which are considered rare by the majority of bullion coin collectors. GovMint also delivers hard and paper money. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited the firm and given it A+ figures.


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About GovMint


GovMint was founded in 1984, and the company’s current income is roughly $25.2 million. The firm employs more than a hundred people. GovMint features coins from around 120 nations in its collection. They are one of the world’s leading coin dealers, with four distinct locations in the United States. In addition, they are a crucial distributor for seven foreign mints.

Employees of GovMint

GovMint’s vice president is currently Richard Bauer. Brian Larson is a vice president in the sales department, and he specializes in marketing and sales. GovMint’s headquarters are located at 14101 Southcross Dr, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337, USA.

The firm deals in bullion coins from the United States, as well as global currencies and coin collection, rare coins that are not accessible elsewhere, and commemorative coins. They also provide a low delivery charge for any amount of merchandise.

Asset Marketing Services, LLC

GovMint is the government’s official service brand for AMS, LLC. They are the mother distributor for coins and currency and are a private company not affiliated with the United States Government. On behalf of the GovMint, the corporation states that they have no influence over the value of the coins and currencies or in the coin collection.

GovMint Products

govmint products

The firm collects and sells rare and difficult-to-find coins. So, if you’re seeking something unique and a series of collections, you may locate them all on their official GovMint website.

They have a selection of metals, but they also have a variety of other options, and we’ve included all of the criteria in the store so you can find the ideal fit for you. They also have a return policy to ensure the customer is comfortable. So you can select a product and change it for any default.

U.S. Coins

GovMint has a collection of several coins, service and they are one of the most considerable retail distributor of some rare coins. The Eagle Coins are made of gold, and the dimes, quarters, half-dollar, half dimes made of precious metals are available. Amongst the rare coins, penny and half cents are also available on the site.

Gold American EagleAmerican Buffalo, American Silver Eagle, Commemorative Coins, and Proof sets are available for the modern U.S. coins. And for the Uncirculated coins, Kennedy $1, Presidential $1, and others are available.

U.S. Gold Coins

There are more than a hundred coins in this segment for regular sales. You’ll be able to find coins from 2022 and also from the 1800s. So the variety of gold coins is huge on the site, and even the sizes of the coins are available.

So just set on the filter mode to find the coins that suit you the most. 1906 $10 Liberty NGC will cost around four thousand dollars.

1849 $1 Liberty Type 1 will cost around three hundred dollars. The 2021 version of the same coin will cost around four hundred dollars.

U.S. Silver Coins

There are 986 silver coins available on the website. The 1932 silver Washington Quarter is one of the best-selling coins on the site. The rate of these coins starts from ten dollars, and the 2022 silver Eagle will start from forty dollars. The proof sets will cost more than all of these. The 1964 50-cent Kennedy dollar will cost around twenty dollars.

World Coins

The segment of these sorts of coins is pretty huge, and there is undoubtedly some massive collection on this part. As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to find at least 120 countries on their list for world coins. And the mint date for these coin goes up from 1773 to 2022.

International Gold Coins

The 2022 Great Britain £100 Gold Royal Arms coin costs around twenty-three hundred dollars for its size and elements. 2022 Australian $100 Wedge-Tailed Eagle Ultra Higher Relief coin is available for sale. The 2022 Cook Islands $5 Gold Titanic Proof coin will costs around $77. You can save the links for future purchases too.

International Silver Coins

There are 634 silver world coins available on the website. The 2021 South Korea Taurus Medal will cost around forty dollars to begin with. The 2021 British Virgin Islands $10 coin Silver Morgan Dollar will cost around a hundred dollars; this one is proof of celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the coin. Several sales products are added to the descriptions.

Precious Metals

Precious Metals are not just gold coins and covers; and the bars and rounds are also included in the catalog of these metals. Precious metal bars are mostly traded for investment rather than a collection to protect against inflation, and all of them are added to the website so you can access them with your browser. You can request a phone number or mail from the catalog or store parties.

Gold Bars

The PAMP Fortuna 1 gm gold bar will cost around a hundred dollars. And the 2.5gm PAMP Suisse bar will cost around two hundred and thirty dollars on display. additionally, there are other content and matter available as well.

Gold Rounds

The 2020 Germany 1 ounce gold Germania will cost around three thousand dollars for the subject. The 2013 France 1 ounce Gold Washington Diplomatic Medal is worth approximately five thousand dollars.

Silver Bars

The 5 Oz Buffalo Bar with 128 Encrypted NFC costs around one hundred and sixty dollars. The SilverTowne 1 oz Firefighter Red Line Flag Nar costs around fifty dollars.

Silver Rounds

Let’s start with the Silver 1878 Morgan Dollar Tribute Gem Intaglio Mint. This silver round costs around ninety dollars and the Golden State Mint 5-ounce Aztec Calendar Round will cost around two hundred dollars.


GovMint provides many types of gold and silver certificates, which are redeemable for gold and silver coins. Federal Reserve Notes can also be purchased. World Banknotes can also be purchased. This website also sells stock certificates and bonds.

The 1934 Smithsonian 100,000-dollar 24k gold world Certificates will cost around twenty-nine dollars, and a Nevada Gold Back Aurum 24k Gold Foil will cost approximately seven dollars for their availabilityCoin and currency issues are filtered by their date and mintage.

Shipwreck Coins

The Shipwreck coins may not be something you hear about on a regular basis, but these coins hold a melancholy hint of sorrow. GovMint sells shipwreck metals, notably the Shipwreck Coin from the S.S. Republic, which also had a fascinating past as a gunship. Onboard the ship, there were almost 400 coins.

Pop Culture Coins

Yes, you read that correctly! The firm presented a variety of pop culture coins ranging from Harry Potter to Star Trek. The 2022 Silver Star Wars Mandalorian Colorized Proof retails for about $100. The 202w Silver IT-Pennywise Chibi will cost roughly $115 a piece. A $2 Silver Faces of Batman Colorized coin will likewise cost approximately $100. 2020 $2 Silver Chibi Harry Potter Hagrid Colorized Proof costs about $97.

Shipping Costs

Shipping rates vary depending on the company. If the coin’s worth is up to fifty dollars, the delivery fee is seven dollars. The delivery fee for a hundred-dollar coin will be roughly ten dollars. And the delivery fee will be twelve dollars for a coin worth one hundred fifty dollars. If you order up to fifty dollars worth of metal, delivery is free.

Along with the shipping expenses, an extra ten dollars will be applied for Canada and forty dollars for any other regions. You can set up your account on their site and order directly. And if you don’t want to go for an account, sign up with your phone number request.

GovMint Review

There are 910 reviews on the site. And most of them are five stars from the past customers as they shop from GovMint.  

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Better Business Bureau

The company has an A+ rating on the BBB site. The company has been accredited with BBB since 1986 and thus making it one of the recognized websites in that process.

Is GovMint a Scam?

On the BBB website, the firm presently has a rating of 2.1 stars out of 5. However, just 26 reviews are loading. GovMint has been in operation for almost three decades. So, no, the firm is not a scam, and the website is entirely genuine.


The company’s web presence, review, and business are lacking with their service. However, the corporation has a strong presence because it has been in business accurate for many years. So we can agree with confidence that before getting into business, make sure you have all of the appropriate paperwork and reviews. Contact the company as necessary.

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