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Goldworth Financial was founded in 1999 and has been involved in the gold market for almost two decades. The organization is considered one of the best gold retailers and financial management firms with its current track record.

Not only does the company sell precious metals such as gold and silver, but it also offers a wide range of items in many industries. And, if you are new to the investing sector and want a reliable name to safeguard your money, Goldworth Financial is the name for you.

The Goldworth Financial began as a supplier or dealer of precious metals such as gold and silver. Previously, the company’s focus was on the quality and availability of gold and silver items.

However, as time passed, the company began to do business in international markets, providing the greatest experience with cost-effective measures along the way.

This was what set Goldworth Financial different from the throng. Many traders and investors flocked around them with high expectations as they began their worldwide operations.

Goldworth Financial maintains its original rate with international clients, thus changing foreign exchange rates. The most noteworthy fact related to the company will be that the clients will not require any foreign bank accounts for investments. The company is a member of

  1. The international precious metals Institute (IPMI)
  1. CCE stands for Certified Coin Exchange.
  1. The Industry Council of Tangible Assets (ICTA)
  1. The North American Collectibles Association (NACA) is a trade organization based in the United States.

With such international fame and organizations behind it, the company had a solid portfolio and name, making it one of the biggest financial institutions in California and the United States.

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What is Goldworth Financial?

goldworth financial logo

Goldworth Financial was founded in 1999, and the company’s offices are located at 325 South Tower in Woodland Hills, California. The firm began as a trader in precious metals such as gold and silver.

Later, they expanded their reach into international trade and made investments more accessible to both international and domestic clients.

Until now, the Goldworth Financial has 32 employees. The company’s revenue is estimated to be around $7 million. The organization has a solid reputation as a precious metals dealer as well as a financial management firm.

They are Better Business Bureau accredited and have an adequate rating with Business Consumer Alliance.

What are Goldworth Financial Products?

Precious metals are regarded as among the greatest economic factors for IRA funds or general cash. Most financial gurus advocate investing 10%–13% of your money in precious metals.

Gold and silver bars and coins are regarded as a hedge against inflation and economic volatility.

Several market players provide precious metals for savings and IRAs. The IRS requires that the majority of gold and silver rare coins and bullion in the United States adhere to specific criteria.

According to these standards, gold items must be 99.99 percent pure. The majority of the gold coins are one troy ounce in weight. And when it comes to gold bars, there are a variety of weights to pick from.

Precious metals bullion and precious metals IRA are two different kinds of precious metals investments. The products are included with Goldworth Financial.

Precious Metals

The Goldworth Financial started as a precious metals dealer and later expanded their precious metals industry abroad.

The company trades in gold, silver, and platinum, and Goldworth Financial simplified its entire process of purchasing metals. The product catalog is present on their official website. So, you can start searching for the products right on the site’s landing page.

You get a direct selection of national and foreign gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins. For example, they have different gold coins, such as American Gold Eagle and American Eagle Gold Proof.

There is also a wide selection of gold bars on the Goldworth Financial site. The company also offers a selection of rare or collectible coins. You can click on the available products to consider their current prices and situations.

Goldworth precious metals

IRA Services

As the firm expanded, Goldworth Financial began to offer IRA services to its consumers. The organization makes it simple to create an IRA or individual retirement account. However, the Goldworth Financial only provides ordinary IRAs; the Crypto IRA and Gold RRSP are not offered on the website.

Because the corporation claimed to undertake foreign business, they dodged RRSPs, which were only available to Canadian citizens.

A Gold IRA is incredibly beneficial to folks who are attempting to save for their retirement. Aside from that, an IRA provides tax advantages as they offer a free gold IRA guide. A standard sum, up to $6,000 to $7,000 each year, can be spent on a traditional IRA.

However, the tax will not be imposed on that sum. When you withdraw your precious metals IRAs, and your overall income is less than it was before, you will also have to pay the tax. As a result, an IRA is an excellent method to save money on taxes.

Goldworth Financial offers several other services for IRA services. They offer depository options. And you can easily choose from their preferred custodian list.

Preferred custodians of Goldworth Financial:

Equity Institutional

Equity Trust


Sterling Trust

IRA’s New Direction

Preferred Independent Depositories of Goldworth Financial:

First State Depository

Goldworth Financial advisor does not offer crypto IRAs or gold RRSPs. The minimum amount for an Ira purchase will be $5,000. And you can go up to ten thousand dollars per account. But the amount you pick depends on your preferred custodians and competitive prices.

Goldworth Financial offers an IRA rollover. So, you can roll over your current 401(k) account to a gold IRA. The rollover time is thirty to forty-five days maximum. You can also opt for the wire transfer process, for which the time will be up to fourteen days.

First, for IRA setup, you have to choose your selected custodian. With the obligatory paperwork, you will have your IRA services started, and you can choose your precious metals from the Goldworth Financial page.

The precious metals will be transferred to your gold IRA account in less than fifteen days. The company offers a depository system with the First State Depository. The Gold Ira services will include an annual custodian and depository fee. Only physical IRA services are available.

Goldworth Financial IRA Fees

You may begin with $140 to $290 in start-up Goldworth Financial’s fees. The start-up cost is determined by the custodian you choose and the size of your transfer. The yearly custodian charge ranges from $75 to $275, depending on the size of your investment account.

Storage costs are calculated based on the weight of your kept precious metals. The yearly storage cost is 0.6 percent of the weighted metal. Goldworth Financial waives the first year’s storage and setup expenses. The company does not charge any fees for Traditional or Roth IRA rollovers.

Shipping Process

shipping process

The Goldworth Financial provides free shipping on precious metals regardless of weight across the United States as a precious metals company. This may differ from other gold dealers in the industry, and the majority of them send gold for a flat charge based on the average gold weight.

The Goldworth Financial provides things to be delivered free if they have reached a particular limit. The firm also provides insurance for the products and follows a strict code of conduct.

Foreign Markets

Goldworth Financial is worth citing because they provide precious metals to clients without the need for a foreign bank account or a high foreign exchange rate as they had direct access to foreign markets.

Foreign Bank Accounts and Exchange Rates

The Goldworth Financial’s USP, or unique selling price, is based on the fact that they have direct access to foreign markets, and thus they can offer precious metals at a spot and competitive price on Goldworth Financial’s website.

And with that, the clients will not have to worry about the high foreign exchange rates altogether. The gold or silver that the Goldworth Financial offers are based on the spot rate of the metals, and compared to other sites; their offers are pretty low.

The International Precious Metals Institute

The International Precious Metals Institute is a member of Goldworth Financial. The institution provides numerous pricings for precious metals merchants, and members receive a listing in the institute’s Member Directory.

The institute provides its members with many conferences, seminars, webinars, networking possibilities, and participation that impact its international trading.

Furthermore, IPME provides counseling and training to different individuals in the case of the bullion industry for improved production.

The institute’s publishing section is an important element of worldwide ties between numerous precious metal deals. This precious metals buyer guide is also very important as a checklist dealing with precious metals.

Certified Coin Exchange

This exchange first started in 1990 for rare coin dealers to strengthen their trading partnership and workforce. The CCE offers several numismatic coins, tangible ass, and 600 members. The exchange customers have to pay an annual price that permits them to enlist their coins and bullion on the collectors’ list of the CCE.

The North American Collectibles Association

North American Collectibles Association

This association was created in 1980 to benefit coin and bullion dealers. Members can be counted here, as they can be certified for various discounts such as FedEx, premium safes, and insurance fees.

The association was started to identify the metal traders and expose new ideas for the welfare of the fellow members.

The Goldworth Financial Review

The Goldworth Financial review is all over the internet and in several international sites, which identify their presence in the bullion market.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Better Business Bureau has accredited the Goldworth Financial since 2009. The company is rated an A+, the highest possible rating for any financial company.

The company has received no negative BBB ratings in the last three years. But there is also the possibility of a lesser web presence. So, there is nothing much to include regarding the company.

Though the company seems to be off the gold business for a while, BBB still has no official statement or reaction on such matters.

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

The Goldworth Financial has been a member of BCA since 2009 and has an AAA rating. So, here the rating is also high. The current statics show no presence of Goldworth Financial, and there have been no complaints or reviews on the site of BCA for three years.

Business Consumer Alliance doesn’t provide any information regarding the company’s sudden backout and silence. Nor does it state any possible grounds.


Goldworth Financial stopped their work and company website without any explanation as a precious metals firm. And they didn’t even provide any official notice to their loyal customers. Most people suggest that the company faced mismanagement, which led to an abrupt downfall. Some even suggest government scrutiny.

Some even believe that this is an advertising stunt. But whichever the reason may be, the Goldworth Financial previous reputation has been solid for years. So, there is reason to think that Goldworth Financial is a scam.

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