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GoldCore Review 2023 – Is It A Legit Company Or A Scam?

  • Are you planning to invest in precious metals, including gold and silver?  If yes, you’re in the right place. There are many providers of what you need, so you should carefully choose the best one to reach your standards and expectations for your investment. Make sure to deal with a reliable provider that can provide you with comprehensive support for your gold or other metals assets.  Is Goldcore Legit?  Continue reading to see what our team of analysts uncovered in this full review.

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What is Goldcore?


Goldcore is a company founded way back in 2003. It has a full title of Goldcore Ireland and is the first-ever Irish gold broker. Meanwhile, the business is not only in Ireland. They also operate Goldcore UK office and clients from more than 130 countries. Thus, they want to extend their services to satisfy people who need gold and other valuable products.

Their CEO is Stephen Flood, a person who has been with the organization for about 16 years. He said that his job is to deliver the best to their clients. Their products are internationally acclaimed silver and gold bullion bars and coins. These include British Sovereigns and Britannia coins, American Eagles, South Africa Krugerrand coins, and Canadian Maple Leafs. You can also have access to buy ten ounces, one ounce, and one-kilogram bars from Perth Mint.

The company has more than a 7,500 client list and handles over $260 million of assets. Goldcore LTD can provide individuals with savings, and plans for financial specialists, trusts, and more. They also come with great storage for gold bullion. Moreover, they can deliver the bullion to you. You can have an investment through Perth Mint Certificates.

Even though they are a credible company where you can buy precious metals, they can’t provide you with precious metals IRAS. This is something many Americans are taking advantage of today, and we urge you to look into it if you are worried about inflation and what the impact could do to markets, including your retirement portfolio.  For this reason we suggest you check out our list of the top gold ira companies we recommend for doing a gold ira or 401(k) rollover.

What Goldcore can offer to you?

goldcore reviewed

Goldcore offers the following:

  • Silver bullion
  • Gold bars
  • Silver coins
  • Gold coins
  • Silver bars
  • Gold bullion

Goldcore Ireland also offers different places for the storage of your precious metals. While other brokers provide palladium and platinum products, Goldcore LTD sticks with gold and silver. So, if you want platinum and palladium products, Goldcore is not for you.  (On the other hand, Noble Gold investments handles these products.)

In this review, we will also provide you with the benefits and drawbacks of Goldcore. With that, you can decide whether the company can help to meet your needs.

Advantages of Goldcore

goldcore advantages

The following are the benefits of choosing Goldcore for your gold and silver investment.


One advantage of Goldcore limited trading is its user-friendly website. Goldcore website is professional and easy to navigate. With this, you can have a hassle-free experience as you search for precious metals. You can easily look for what you need.

Easy to find ‘spot’ prices

Unlike other companies in the industry, Goldcore Ireland allows you to easily find the current spot price of silver and gold. You don’t need to worry because Goldcore Ireland can provide you with the prices on their official website.

Different storage locations

Another reason why you should choose Goldcore Ireland is that it can provide you with multiple locations for storing precious metals. They can give your precious metals an excellent storage that can minimize risk. The company has allocated storage for your silver bullion coins, gold, and other precious metals.

Excellent customer support

You can receive excellent customer service during Goldcore Ireland trading hours. You can call Goldcore Ireland phone number if you have concerns about your bullion holdings. They have a responsive team that can help you with your specific needs.

Disadvantages of Goldcore

Like other gold and silver services, the company also has its disadvantages.

Doesn’t provide products for US citizens

Goldcore doesn’t offer IRA’s that most US citizens want, so it is better to search for a company that can give you what you need.

One source of most reviews

Another drawback of Goldcore is it has positive reviews in the UK, but not in the USA. It can be a big concern for some individuals since it may feel like they don’t understand the US as well as it’s complexities.

Only provides gold and silver

It is a fact that silver and gold are among the most popular treasured metals. However, some individuals want to invest in other metals. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer these products.

Usually high net worth clients and investors

Goldcore offers its services to different client types. Meanwhile, most of them are in institutional investor or high earner category. It can be a major concern for a little gal or guy. Usually, their focus goes into customer service for their biggest customers.

In this review, you will also know if the business is a scam or not.

Is Goldcore a scam?

is golcore scam

Are you curious whether Goldcore is a scam or a legit company? Read more. Well, even though the company has some drawbacks, like lack of variety of precious metals and not having North America offices, it is a legit service.

The company has been serving the industry for almost 20 years with excellence and honesty. You can trust Goldcore if you want to buy gold or silver coin. The company can be your perfect partner for your investment. They are easy to reach and have strong reviews from their clients.

Meanwhile, before signing up with them, you should consider if it fits your needs. Don’t decide because of its good qualities. Make sure that it can benefit you.

USA citizens worry that it doesn’t provide IRAs. However, it is understandable since their main location is in the UK. If you require an IRA, you can search for a USA company.

What is the best alternative for USA citizens?

read about GoldCo

Americans who wish to buy precious metals IRAs, there are companies which are based in the United States that can provide them their needs. One example is Goldco. It is USA’s highest-rated gold company. It is the best service for people interested in IRA metals.

It can be helpful for your business and portfolio diversification. It can enhance your metal investment and create excellent precious metals IRA. Goldco offers IRAS for silver and gold and has attractive storage.

Why choose Goldcore?

why goldcore

GoldCore is a fully insured provider where you can buy gold and silver coins and bars at competitive rates. You should choose them for the following reasons.

High-security vaults in the safest jurisdictions

The bullion has secure storage and is in the safest jurisdictions internationally.

Award-winning research

The Ireland provider already won many awards. They are already interviewed and quoted on CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, and more. They educate the community and their clients regarding precious metal and their part as essential safe haven diversification.

Fast payments and withdrawals

GoldCore Ireland Monday to Friday operations can give you fast payments and withdrawals. Your funds will be delivered to your bank account in 3 working days after the liquidations.

Deal in different sizes with liquidity

They have a team of professional precious metal advisors that will offer you the best advice for any precious metal.

Dedicated precious metal advisors

The business has more than 14,000 clients. They also have high net worth clients who invested more than $10,000,000.

Investment-grade gold silver

All silver, gold, palladium, and platinum are LBMA-approved bars. These are government-mint legal tender bullion bars. You can buy gold and other metals during their normal business hours.

Lowest rates for buying and selling

The precious metal provider also has competitive value for bullion coins and bars for secure storage.

Express international fully insured delivery

They can provide fully insured international deliveries. The bullion is packed in unmarked envelopes with no label for increased security.

Buy and sell with your currency

The best about the metal provider is that you can buy and sell in your currency. They use major currencies including pounds, euros, Hong Kong dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs, New Zealand dollars, and Australian dollars. In addition, their wholesale rates can help clients save from foreign exchange charges.

Daily reconciliations with vault providers

Their products are reconciled daily. So, your bullion holdings will be reconciled to their vault providers allowing you to confirm your holding on their website.

Legit provider

If you want to deal with a legit gold provider, choosing them is the right decision. They are not scams, so they can provide a good value for your investment.

How to buy precious metals for the first time

precious metals

If it’s your first time to buy precious metals, you can follow the steps below.

1. First, you should open an account.

2. Lodge funds.

3. Buy order online or through UK phone.

4. You can decide on storage or delivery.

You can review your asset in your account.

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Final Words

To sum it up, the Irish-owned Goldcore is a legit business you can trust. It can be your perfect partner to buy and sell gold coins and bars. However, apart from its advantages, it also has some red flags. For UK citizens who are first time buyers, buying gold silver from this provider is a good decision.

With the help of these reviews about the Ireland metal provider, we hope that you already decide if it’s best for your gold and silver coins and bars investment. The overall rating for this review about Goldcore is 3.5/5. Is this review helpful for you? Feel free to give your opinion in the comment section below. We hope that you have the right idea on how to improve your experience in the industry.

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