Goldco vs Noble Gold

Goldco VS Noble Gold: Two Giants of the Precious Metals Industry Go Head-to-Head

We’ve been big advocates of precious metals investing and in our continued mission to provide the best resources for investors, here’s a quick comparison of two industry titans.  Enjoy this Goldco vs. Noble Gold Investments article and hopefully it helps you choose one or the other if you are widdling down your decision to these two highly recommended companies.  

Goldco and NobleGold are two of the best gold IRA companies, and each has something to offer. The following guide compares the two to determine what one comes out on top and why. Anyone considering investing in precious metals and opening a gold or silver IRA should read the goldco reviews of both for a clear comparison.

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#1 Goldco
Best Overall Rating (Where I Invested)
American Hartford Gold
#2 American Hartford Gold
Best Buyback Program
Augusta Precious Metals
#3 Augusta Precious Metals
Most Educational ($50,000 Minimum)
Noble Gold
#4 Noble Gold
Best Metals Selection
What Is a Precious Metals IRA?

Before we get started, here is a quick reminder of what it is that gold IRA companies offer and why.

In short, precious metal IRAs are self-directed IRA accounts predominantly for retirement savings. Account holders can use their gold IRAs to invest in gold and other precious metals to diversify their retirement portfolios and protect their assets. Investment options include gold and silver bullion, various coins, and other regal assets.

Gold IRAs often have tax benefits and are preferable for long-term saving options that can protect against the changing value of the US Dollar. Historically, when the Dollar goes one way, gold goes the other way, so investing some wealth in the precious metal is an intelligent way to diversify and retain wealth in the long run.

A reputable gold IRA company helps people open these accounts, transfer funds, and manage their precious metals investments. Finding the right one can make the entire process easier and more manageable.

Goldco and NobleGold are two of the biggest names in the industry, but let’s see how they fare side-by-side. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each- including a closer look at the costs, services, and overall reliability of each provider.

Introduction to Goldco


Goldco is the fastest-growing gold IRA company in the US right now. It is based in California and was established in 2006. The company not only helps people plan and manage their retirement savings through a selection of silver, palladium, and gold IRA accounts, but it also facilitates the purchase of physical gold and other precious metals.

Founded by Trevor Gerstz, the online web-based retailer has shot to the top of the industry and is praised by its many satisfied clients and investors.

Introduction to NobleGold

noble gold

NobleGold is another industry leader in US-based precious metals IRAs. It launched in 2016- also from California- with the goal of providing a more honest, transparent, and valuable service than it claimed to see from the other companies around it.

The much-loved gold IRA company offers a range of retirement accounts and provides financial guidance to those looking for the best way to invest their savings.

What do Both Gold IRA Companies Have in Common?

There are many similarities between Goldco and NobleGold– which makes sense, considering they are both at the top of the industry. Both companies are based in California and follow similar business models- opting for flat fees as the bases of their pricing structures and putting a heavy focus on the importance of customer support.

Of course, they both specialize in gold IRA, but they also have the shared benefit of offering a wide selection of other account options- including silver, platinum, and palladium. They each have a stellar reputation backed by the Business Consumer Alliance and Better Business Bureau and help clients purchase precious metals and transfer their existing retirement accounts to the new setup.

What Are the Advantages of Goldco?

  • Goldco has the advantage of a track record spanning a decade and a half: ten years longer than NobleGold.

  • It provides in-depth guidance and support in finding the right retirement accounts and helps people understand what IRA rollovers are all about.

  • The company offers excellent deals and incentives for new clients.

  • There are no high-pressure sales tactics- instead, Goldco takes a hands-off approach and lets people explore their investment options at their own pace.

  • Generally speaking, the overall long-term costs are lower than a lot of the competition.

What Are the Advantages of NobleGold?

  • NobleGold has a maximum-security storage facility in Texas- something Goldco does not offer.

  • There is no setup fee, and the annual fee is very low.

  • The minimum investment requirements are much lower than Goldco and other leading competitors (including Augusta Precious Metals).

  • Investors have the option to invest in rare silver and gold coins.

  • Royal Survival Pack customers have the option to store their physical gold at home.

What Are the Disadvantages of Goldco?

  • It doesn’t provide a custodian service.

  • Customers can’t open an account online- they need to order a free gold IRA guide and manage the account with the help of an advisor.

  • The minimum investment amount is much higher than the competition.

  • Goldco’s website doesn’t share a comprehensive offering of products for people to buy- they need to speak with someone in many cases.

What Are the Disadvantages of NobleGold?

  • It is still reasonably new in the industry.

  • The website does not display the coin prices- they need to be requested.

  • All the storage options are in North America, which limits international options and makes the overall storage fees more expensive.

  • NobleGold’s customer service is great but not as great as Goldco’s.

Side by Side Comparisons

Both gold IRA companies have plenty to offer, but how do they compare on the most important points? We put the two under the microscope to learn more about their pricing structures, reputations, services, and customer care for a better idea of where each one shines brightest.

Costs and Fees

Both of these providers are excellent value for money in their own ways. It is hard to what one is the best gold IRA company in terms of cost since they both have their benefits.

Overall, Goldco is the best choice for big investors, but Noble Gold offers a better cost structure for first-time buyers and small investors.


Goldco charges annual fees of $175 for accounts with less than $100,000 of investments and $225 for those that exceed that amount.

The minimum investment required is $25,000. Storage fees vary, but the company offers a refund incentive of one-year worth of fees for every additional $25,000 deposited.

Unfortunately, Goldco doesn’t offer a custodian service, so account holders must pay for this externally.

Noble Gold

NobleGold only charges $80 annually plus an annual storage fee of $150 for all accounts- it doesn’t change no matter how much a person invests. As an incentive to sign up, the gold investment company waives all fees for the first year, so all new clients get a free year of services and storage.

There is also a custodian fee structure, which varies from account to account. Noble Gold’s custodian is an internal source, which some people find preferable.

The minimum investment requirement is only $5000- one of the lowest in the industry!

Reliability and Reputation

These are two of the best gold IRA companies in the business- and they both have reputations to match. All the sites and trusted sources reviewing gold IRA companies rate both very highly.

Based on the length of time the service has been around, Goldco has a slight edge when it comes to having a solid reputation people trust and believe in.


Goldco has served well over 3 million people in the decade and a half since it launched. It has impressive consumer ratings averaging 4.87 stars, and the Better Business Bureau gives it an A+.

Additionally, it gets a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance and has no outstanding disputes or complaints filed.

Noble Gold

NobleGold also shines brightly in the eyes of consumers and business review experts. It comes in just behind Goldco- which is not bad, considering it is 10 years younger than the other gold IRA company.

It gets 4.8 stars from consumers and an A+ BBB rating- plus a perfect score of 5/5 from Consumer Affairs and TrustLink. The BCA gives is an AA rating.

Customer Support and Service

Both of these gold IRA providers stand out in the industry for their customer support and services. That said, they take pretty different approaches. Goldco has a more rounded customer service platform with personalized support, while Noble Gold’s take is more about its robust educational support- featuring interactive customer engagement and encouraging people to gather personal knowledge to get the most out of their accounts.


Customer support is available around the clock via email and chat. There is also a phone number people can call to speak with someone directly. It also provides some training on compliance, rules, and understanding of how investing in precious metals works.

Noble Gold

NobleGold shares a free learning and investment kit that educates customers on how they can take charge of their gold IRA journey. The company supports users as well through email support, but not as efficiently as Goldco.

Accounts and Services Offered

Both of these gold IRA companies have great selections of accounts and services for their clients, but Goldco has the edge. They both offer gold and silver IRAs and direct purchase of precious metals, but there are some differences in the specifics.


Goldco excels in specialized IRA accounts for all purposes. The list of possibilities includes SEP IRAs, 401(k) rollover accounts, simple IRA, Roth IRA rollovers, and various silver and gold IRA options. The advisors also offer retirement planning services.

Clients can buy bars, bullion, and coins through the website whenever they want, although not all options are listed online, and the best deals often come through direct contact with the site’s representative team.

Noble Gold

NobleGold has a more selective service- focusing primarily on gold and silver IRA rollovers and retirement accounts. Two things this company does have over the competition are the rare coin selection and the partner service- Noble Bitcoin- which works with cryptocurrency.

Also, NobleGold has a Royal Survivor pack (Goldco does not) that lets eligible investors buy and store physical gold and other precious metal as a source of emergency funds, rather than in saving accounts for long-term planning.

Goldco VS Noble Gold: What Gold IRA Company Comes Out on Top?

Overall, it is easy to say that either of these companies would be a great choice for any prospective gold IRA investors. That said, one does come out on top.

Goldco is the best gold IRA company of the two, predominantly because it has been an industry giant for so long and has perfected its way of working to benefit clients across the board.

It has an excellent reputation, a wide array of services, and plenty of cost-effective incentives for users. Overall, it is a top choice for savvy retirement investors looking to diversify from traditional assets.

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NobleGold is a newer player, and it probably needs a little longer to catch up with the major names in the industry. That said, it is already a highly rated, sophisticated, and versatile brokerage and has earned its space beside the industry experts.

Anyone considering purchasing precious metals and exploring the possibilities of gold IRAs is in good hands with either Goldco or NobleGold- but Goldco is today’s clear winner.

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