Goldco Reviews

Trevor Gerszt founded this establishment to protect the investment and retirement plans of the clients with precious metals IRA. They even offer a rollover of the retirement and investment accounts and help clients open new IRA accounts to buy precious gold, silver, and bullion coins. Goldco was founded in 2006 and had over a thousand five-star reviews, and they were also granted Company Of The Year in 2021. They were five times the winner of the INC500 and are AAA customer-rated. With time they even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Beuro.

Trevor Gerszt founded this establishment to protect the investment and retirement plans of the clients with precious metals IRA. They even offer a rollover of the retirement and investment accounts and help clients open new IRA accounts to buy precious gold, silver, and bullion coins. Goldco was founded in 2006 and had over a thousand five-star reviews, and they were also granted Company Of The Year in 2021. They were five times the winner of the INC500 and are AAA customer-rated. With time they even earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Beuro.

The company has several high customer reviews, which proves the business’s legitimacy and trust point. But here we are, including how the company functions and how it can change the entire scenario of your financial and retirement account. The Goldco corporation offers Gold IRAs in the United States of America and offers crypto IRAs via a sister company. For the IRA, you can contact them via their website’s main or phone number. They have options for physical IRA applications as well. The minimum Precious metal IRA starts from twenty-five thousand dollars.

Goldco started its journey in America to educate the masses regarding precious metals investment and how important it is to safeguard their financial and retirement investments. The precious metals like gold IRA, silver IRA helps to stabilize the investment flow as they do not lose their value even when the economy is unstable or stock market volatility.

If you invest all of your money in a stock market or any financial company, you put yourself at high risk. As the stock market is never really stable, you don’t have any backup plan for that. Any kind of calamity, let alone economic or regional, changes the prices of stocks. The stock market crashes in 2008 and 2009 were so huge that many people lost their total revenue at once. The stock market crash in 2007 was so huge that it was considered the worst time for the USA since the significant depression era.

Why Invest in Precious Metals IRA?

If you are planning a financial investment or even a retirement investment, it is always helpful to divide your sum. The stock market might be considered one of the most belligerent and influential investments, but the gold IRA or silver IRA is the most sturdy investment method.

Gold and silver are precious metals that hold on to their value over time. And as gold and silver IRAs have specified stock, they are high in demand. And for gold and silver, metals can be stacked in different physiques, such as bars, coins, or simply jewelry.

As the metals are precious, there will be several consumers. And when you might need to liquidate the gold or silver or any precious metal, you get the cash almost immediately. The client can not withdraw the capital almost present in the stock market or other investments. Even when you are in a real estate investment, you will still need time to get it in cash.

The rate of gold and silver has risen to almost twice its value in the last twenty years. And if you are preparing your retirement at the age of twenty-five, at the time of your retirement, the rate will be double of what you’ll be investing now, when you are investing in precious metals IRA.

Gold IRA and Silver IRA​

You can hold precious metals in IRA, and one of the two most famous ones is the gold IRA and silver IRA. The Taxpayer relief act in 1997 allows you to hold precious metals like gold, silver and platinum, and palladium, as well as bullion coins.

Even with several skeptical opinions, metals are one of the most stable sources of investments till now. The metals are always treated as a sort of financial being since the beginning of the economic system in the world. The metals do not disintegrate or alter drastically, and they hold on to their value if appropriately kept. The metals must be pure, and you can hold and buy them via IRA custodian. And for such investments in precious metals IRA, you can easily roll over your general IRA to a precious metals IRA.

You can defer taxes and subtract some yearly investments through the Retirement Savings Credit with precious metal IRAs. The precious metals IRA can even be passed down to the benefactors if the account holder perishes.

The value of the gold or silver bars or coins depends on the current rate of the metals. In the case of bars, the gold must be 99.9% pure, and coins must be at least 99.5% refined. And the rare coins hold their value when they are much older, and their market value is always higher than the remainder.

Services Offered by Goldco

Goldco offers various benefits and options regarding financial and retirement investments, including the precious metals-funded IRAs. All of them take the tiniest time and requirements from the client. And the guidance of the IRS is regulated highly with the gold and silver coins.

Gold IRAs

Goldco ensures that you stay in line with IRS regulations when buying a gold IRA or any precious metals IRA. They can help you set up an account for both Gold IRA and silver IRA or combine each of them if you need. They will even help you identify the precious metals appropriate for you. They have inputs while you purchase the coins or bars and help them accumulate them in a depository. Goldco has Equity Institutional as a custodian and the Sterling Trust as a depository or storage.

Silver IRAs

Goldco helps you to select and purchase silver coins or bars as well. They will be within the guidance of the IRS and will also have the Sterling Trust as a storage company. The Sterling Trust is one of the IRS-approved storage facilities for silver coins. Goldco helps the clients with shipping the precious metals to the depository. IRS-approved

Cash sales

Goldco arranges the right kind of metal for you. They even assist you in buying the perfect metal at a competitive price in the precious metals industry. And you can accumulate the coins in your place or the depository of high security. There is no lousy deal with cash sales, and the buyers settle the payments at once. Though Goldco only offers cash sales for the citizens of the USA. There is no sort of cash sale available internationally.


Goldco offers digital currencies as other precious metals. They will help you select the correct currency for you and help you set up a crypto IRA account. But unlike gold IRA and silver IRA, you can not incorporate precious metals IRA with the crypto IRAs.

401(k) rollover

Most private companies offer 401(k) plans to their employees. This is included in their benefits package and is one of the most famous retirement plans in the USA. With this kind of plan, you can only invest money in mutual funds. And if you are interested in other sorts of investment, you can change to an individual retirement account without any tax. However, there are some limitations when rolling over your 401(k) IRA plan to the precious metals IRA, as you can only rollover one account each year.

Goldco offers rollover of your IRA to precious metals IRA. Though the 401(k) IRA is a tax-free investment plan, the gold or silver IRA is done to defend your funds from stock market volatility. The 401(k) rollover process takes two to three weeks at most with Goldco.


The simplified employee pension or SEP IRA is used for employees’ retirement plans. Here almost 25% of the employee’s income is deposited, and they can be used as a conventional IRA. In the SEP-IRA system, the client can invest pr store silver, gold, palladium, platinum, and bullion coins in a savings account. Goldco offers assistance to those eligible for SEP reserves and even educates their clients on the eligibility and constraints of the accounts.

Simple IRA plans

Savings incentive match plans for employees is known as SIMPLE. When the company is small or has less than 100 employees, those kinds of companies offer Simple IRA plans for the employees’ retirement. Usually, the company invests a small cut in the employee’s accounts, and there are several constraints where the Simple IRA can be invested. But with a simple IRA, you can invest in paper gold, such as buying stocks for a gold mining company. Such you are investing in gold indirectly. Goldco will help you understand the procedures and rules relating to the Simple IRA and even help employers invest in such plans.

Traditional IRA plans

Goldco helps its clients rollover from the traditional to precious metals IRA. You can not directly invest in gold or bullion coins with traditional IRAs. You can invest in a mutual fund related to gold mining stocks. Such paper gold is a relatively subtle source of revenue. But the relationship between paper gold and owning real gold is quite different, and both of them are disproportionate to each other, and the stocks price tends to go high and low quite dramatically. So, what will be best if you subsidize a gold mining company for indirect investment in gold?

Roth IRA plans

Goldco offers education and consultancy regarding the Roth IRA plans and helps roll over them to the precious metals IRA in no time.

Investment Options with Goldco Precious Metals

If you are planning an investment plan with Goldco, more than one investment opportunity is listed here.

One of the first pages in the Goldcos official website is regarding the Goldco precious metals IRA, and there is an option for both gold IRA and silver IRA. In the case of the gold IRA page, there are statements on why you should buy a gold IRA at first. Then they offer three simple and easy steps for opening a gold IRA account with their company. Or you can request a free kit for detailed information. A chart also describes the gold prices for today and in previous years. You can quickly investigate if the prices are high or down.

In the case of a silver IRA, you can get a self-directed IRA as you can rollover any of your assets or investment fund to this precious metals IRA or gold IRA. On the page of silver IRA, the first thing Goldco added is that silver is related to the growth potential of the economic system. Some charts show this page’s current silver, palladium, and platinum rate.

There is also a section for the kind of coins used as precious metals IRAs. And if the free kit that they sent you is not enough, you can quickly check the FAQ portion for your answers.

Types of Silver and Gold Coins

Here we include some different kinds of silver and gold coins from the twenty-nine used for the Goldco precious metals IRAs.

Gold British lunar series:

This coin is produced by the Royal Mint of the Uk and has twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac signs. And this is why they are called the lunar or Shengxiao collection.

Silver Brittania lunar series:

This series of silver coins also features the Chinese lunar signs from the Royal Mint.

Silver great barrier reef:

This is structured by the Perth mint of the UK and is paying tribute to Australia’s great barrier reefs. It contains pictures of marine wildlife.

Silver 20th anniversary Brittania:

This coin is made by the Royal Mint to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Silver Britannia, which has a special rim around it. Thus, it is included in the Goldco gold IRA.

Silver military guinea:

This was produced by the East India Company, and this is one of the most well-known and acceptable coins in the world.

Gold military guinea:

This one is also produced by the East India Company and was created to show the UK’s power and an authorized coin worldwide.

Silver World War II victory:

This presents the victory of allied forces in World War II and is made by the Perth Mint on the 20th anniversary of the triumph.

Gold American eagle type 1:

This is quite similar to the gold American eagle type 2.

Silver American type 1:

This is the silver version of the Gold American eagle type 1.

Silver American type 2:

This is the silver version of the Gold American eagle type 2.

Silver American type 2:

This is the silver version of the Gold American eagle type 2.

Five principles:

This is made by the New Zealand mint and has five chuck noises principles depicted. This one comes in a wooden box and is one of the IRA precious metals.

Advantages of Goldco

Goldco is famously endorsed by former president Ron Paul and martial artist Chuck Norris. It is also included in the fastest growing business by the Los Angeles business journal. It was rated five stars by the Trust link and 4.7 by the Google reviews.

Goldcos representatives get involved with the clients, and they believe in long-term consequences. They are all favorably experienced and will direct you to the right course, starting from the rollover IRA and precious metals IRA.

They handle all the paperwork related to the IRA account. Their account set up charges about fifty dollars and thirty dollars for wiring. You need to pay eighty dollars annually, and it will be one hundred and fifty-nine dollars annually for storage. And you don’t have to handle your custodian and depository accounts of yours.

They can observe each customer personally, and the advisors even act individually. They try to acknowledge your requests and eligibility to help you go in the proper direction.

Their free kit is one of a kind. You can have an unlimited phone consultation. Besides that, you get unlimited resources regarding their business and accounts.

They have low annual fees, and the transportation of precious metals like gold and silver to the observatory is free of charge.

They give 10% free in silver to the new eligible accounts. New customers with fifty thousand dollars and above get a discount of 5% extra. And if the investment amount is a hundred thousand dollars and above you get a discount of 10%.

The Negative Side of Goldco

Most of the negative items you’ll read of Goldco is regarding the bullion coins. They don’t have a personal custodian and storage company. Instead, they have partnered up with two other companies in the gold investing industry. You need to purchase new precious metals IRA via Goldco. They do not accept the metal you already own. Their crypto services are not very common. They have no international cash sales.

Goldco Reviews

On average, at least ninety-three percent of the Reviews regarding gold are positive regarding precious metals IRA. And as such, the positive Reviews are pretty high compared to the other sites. In consumer affairs, Goldco is rated with 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Setting up an Account with Goldco

You can start by calling or just an email application and start at Goldco with the self-directed IRA. You can even visit their site in woodland, California, for the physical precious metals or precious metals IRAs.

You need to bring your necessary identification papers to start an account. A representative of the company will ve assigned to you. They will be in charge of your account and further investments.

You can rollover any of your IRA accounts to the precious metals IRA. Rolling the accounts might require some time. Tax is not usually implicated in this process.

You can then purchase your precious metals IRA, and they will appoint you a custodian company and inform you about the depository. And while you are eligible to buy precious metal, the company will contact you themselves with a snail mail. They will even direct you on how you should cruise.


Goldco is one of the most trusted and prevalent platforms regarding the precious metals IRA like gold and silver as well as other precious metal IRAs, which is clear from the Goldco reviews. They offer very low-cost accounts, and you can get several features with the investments once you are involved with them. Both the repository and custodian destinations hold their details about the IRAs. If you are darting for a long-lasting acquisition, precious metals IRA and Goldco are synonymous in this matter.